The question may be ‘who’ is in charge. If you do not agree with the above title then perhaps there is a ‘belief’ there, that says ‘it’ is not perfect and ‘I’ am not in charge.

If you choose to be a victim, then who is it that made the choice? Even ‘that’ choice is a choice. Who is making these choices that are not liked? And the subtlety here is, the not so subtle ‘chooser’ that chooses to be a loser, but refuses to acknowledge the choice made (apart from Perfection).

Most of us do not want to be labeled as a ‘loser’. Ideally, we realize that we Are before, during, and after any labeling, unless we prefer the labeling and the faux choice. Even ‘good’ labeling has a limitation to the wearer.

When there is a realization that ‘everything’ is Perfection, then we honor, by our actions and commitments, Perfection Itself. This realization prompts any attempt at a ‘staid negative labeling’ to a situation, as unnecessary; in addition to giving unnecessary argument against the richness and the Presence of Perfection Itself.

To argue ‘imperfection’ when things do not go as planned, we undermine the Perfection, implicit in giving Us, the experiencing of the need to make substantive change. ‘This’ Is Perfection talking to Perfection (Us). This need for ‘change’ is a clue, from Perfection Itself. Perfection is also pointing to a ‘belief’, that is central to the seeming distaste of the appearance of what we term as ‘undesirable’.

Often, our kneejerk response to this undesirability, is to blame ‘Perfection’, despite ‘Perfection’ Being instructive ‘Perfection’. ‘Perfection’ is telling Us that we have not gotten the memo on ‘Seeing’ the belief that is responsible for the frustration and angst that is commonly present (when Life is seemingly dealing Us unwanted cards).

We, subsequently just compound our situation of problem-making, by making more problems. The solution is not to add more direct resistance to Life, but to See our resistance to what Life is telling Us. As soon as we lable the Perfection of Life as the culprit, we displace blame away from ourselves as the progenitors of all the problems. This is not the way ‘responsibility’ ideally operates.

When we clearly label Life as the problem, we clearly argue against Perfection Itself. We cannot have it both ways. We Are Life Itself unless we demand otherwise. ‘Life’ has ‘that’ power. We can disallow Perfection by labeling It ‘imperfection’. Our choice.

When we accept the ‘situation’ as Life playing Perfection, we do not insist on the ‘seeming’ imperfection ‘as a problematic imperfection’ but as Perfection playing and informing Perfection. The situation then allows for the messaging and consideration to take place, to move past the ‘stuckness’ of the ‘less ideal’. This Is the Perfection of honoring the Perfection.

Arguing with Perfection gets us nowhere. Inculcating Perfection Is Everything. When information serves Us ‘it’ serves Us. A negative belief is ‘believed to serve Us’ until we See that it does not serve Us. Perfection gives Us the clue to ‘See’ that. This Is Perfection.

When we See that a belief is identified as not serving Us, we subsequently liberate the unserving belief. Ideally, even a negative belief has perfection, in that it serves Us to see the necessity of losing that belief. Discovering the utility or dis-utility, of how a belief serves Us, precludes the harboring of dysfunctional behaviors. The (-) belief serves Us when scrutinized and made invalid. Until then, ‘stuckness’ will prevail.

An understanding that Perfection Is always Perfection, liberates Us from the ‘stuckness’ that prevails when we otherwise solicit Life as ‘imperfection’. The fallback position is always Perfection. Belief cannot change ‘that’ Reality.

Everything Is perfect unless We say it isn’t. We have the power.

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