Of course, one does not need to stop clinging if ‘clinging’ is the limitation you prefer. The question is, is that what you really prefer?

Clinging itself is a very dependent action that in no uncertain terms, is a dramatic dependence on a structure, person or thing, that subsumes the independence of Being to a belief that has no ultimate reality. This action is essentially made from our immutable existence to a lesser vehicle i.e. illusion. Illusion or pretence, has no enduring continuity.

Beingness, a nonstop existing, is used to suspend the unconditional Love that is always Present, for the option of ‘believing’ in something that has no basis in Reality. It is Reality giving permission for Us to be as unreal as possible without really losing Our eternal essence. Additionally, there is implicit in ‘this’ unreality, a distinct lack of Love, contrary to Reality Being Reality.

Our eternal essence, has no ‘stop’ in It, except ‘seemingly so’. Clinging, as an action, is a defacing of Reality to a non-reality, because the ‘Fullness’ of Everything is no longer (seemingly) made available to Us by Us. ‘This’ is the freedom ‘We’ have. The power to create a separation where there is no separation, is the power of Reality Being Reality, even to the degree of a ‘seeming’ Self annihilation.

The clinging to a ‘me’ represents our innate ability to create anything without limitation i.e. when using our implicit powers of unconditional Reality (our true identity). ‘Having’ a ‘me’ is having a faux limitation while Being limitless. The limitless-ness is never really limited except seemingly so. Creating and believing in a ‘real me’ is a hallucination that is being iterated continually by our belief system. Clinging to ‘it’ is a re-upping of the faux personality moment by moment.

Part of the hallucination is the imposition of forgetting. ‘Forgetting’ is our seeming choice unless we ‘think’ it isn’t. ‘Remembering’ is ultimately our choiceless choice of Knowing Self. Yet ‘This’ Presence is beyond concepts of forgetting/remembering. ‘It’ just Is. Going to linear concepts is not the ‘Knowing’ Knowing Itself.

The act of surrender is the full unabridged surrender of Whom We Are to Whom We Are. There Is no ‘other’. There is no effort to Be Aware. Making an effort to Be Aware is not Awareness. We cannot not Be Aware. The ‘surrender’ is the unreal to the ‘Real’.

The act of ‘clinging’ and the appearance of a ‘me’ have no endurance. These mis-directions serve Us in pointing to ‘What Is’. ‘What Is’ is effortless. Effort is the masquerading of effortless-ness.

Invoke formless over ‘form’, Awareness before thinking, and Love as the effortless clinging to Itself, as ‘It’ Is only Love.

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