There is nothing ‘to do’ because It Is already done. ‘Time’ is in the movie we call ‘our life’. The ‘movie’ is temporary in that it only is a created reality using time to see the Perfection from the imperfection. The basis of the imperfection is Perfection. Perfection is behind everything. Ultimately there is nothing but Perfection. Timelessness holds everything, to include ‘our’ movie, with perfection.

The movie is already completed but not according to the character. Until the character sees the credits, the movie must go on. The character can never get out of the movie, even when the movie ends. Heroism may be compelling in the movie but has added no real ability to get past the confines of the movie, if one is seemingly stuck in a movie.

If there was a sequel to ‘this’ movie, the sequel would have the same limitation on the character as did the first movie. Having ‘more’ lives as characters in movies does nothing to liberate a fictional character.

It Is the actor that ‘has Reality’ that is in the movie, and this ‘actor’ has the implicit freedom to do or not do this or that movie. ‘This’ ‘actor’ Is Reality -that is, the freedom to be able to play any character without getting lost in the role i.e. reacting to every scene as if it were real but yet not losing the eternal Reality of the perennial actor.

Implicit in the perennial actor is timelessness and perfection. If ‘time’ were a real factor then urgency would compel a different result for the actor, albeit a lesser result. Timelessness cannot wait or push in a time-based way. Permanence and perfection are reflective of the stability of timelessness. Timelessness never runs out of time because there is no ‘time’ in timelessness to begin with. The ‘perennial actor’ Is timeless.

There is no change in timelessness as again, there is no time in timelessness. What is in timelessness cannot be removed. Permanent perfection is in timelessness. ‘That’ cannot be removed because it is not a thing nor a character. There is only the infinite expression of Oneness Being Oneness effortlessly eternal.

There is no technique to the expression of Oneness/Awareness. A ‘technique’ would be an unnecessary addition to the Fullness. Effortlessness is not a technique nor a labor-saving device. Effortlessness is in the implicit nature of Beingness/Awareness/ Bliss, sans technique.

There is no practice that can give Us effortlessness. It is the losing of effort that can then afford to find/remember ‘effortlessness’ as the natural effortlessness That Is. Techniques would interfere with what Is Present.

Perfection Is effortlessness as ‘it’ underscores Perfection. What Is before/after the movie Is effortless Perfection. Techniques are for the created movie. ‘What Is’, is not created. When we remove the dross of temporary, only the eternal remains. ‘This’ then is eternal and effortless freedom to Be any ‘thing’ in any time with no diminishment whatsoever as timeless Being.

‘That’ which is boundless, timeless, and effortless cannot conventionally exist anywhere because It Is everywhere. Physical reality is not out there somewhere. It Is ‘Us’ creating Our Reality every moment. We Are Conscious Awareness effortlessly Being even while incarnating in ‘our’ so-called movie experience.

Seeing perfection in every moment, even while in the movie, allows and acknowledges the perfection of Beingness to arise effortlessly Now, Now, and eternally Now. The technique is ‘no technique’. Just ‘Seeing Seeing’.

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