Misunderstandings appear in Awareness. The effort to concentrate appears in Awareness and is perceived effortlessly. And there are no techniques to master in Awareness. Adding ‘anything’ to Awareness is an attempt to cheapen Awareness. Life lives Itself in Awareness timelessly/effortlessly without any techniques.

Effortlessness precludes the need to effort to ‘have’ Awareness. Awareness cannot be ‘had’. It is not a tool ‘to have’. And there is not a ‘person’ to have Awareness. Awareness is not even a ‘tool’ to be used by a ‘person’. It just ‘Is’ Us ultimately and simply Us.

Adding any ‘thing’ to It, is not even remotely possible despite the ‘trying’ to ‘do’ that. Awareness Is complete while being completely empty of any ‘thing’. The ‘things’ being offered to ‘It’ cannot be recognized as ‘adding’ anything to ‘It’, as ‘It’ Is already permanently full. The impermanence of ‘adding’ any ‘thing’ to a non-thing, is pure fiction. Full-ness Is as full as Full-ness can Be. Adding temporary structures to Awareness is akin to fictional ideas trying to insert themselves in a non-fictional Reality. ‘That’ would not count as Reality.

Falseness is an imagined future to become anything (from the non-view of Awareness). Moreover, Awareness Is always becoming The ‘becoming’ non-stop. There is no ‘where’ to go to as It Is all ‘becoming’ and only ‘becoming‘. The only ‘stop’ is ‘no stop’. When the ‘person’ is ultimately a fictional idea we project, seemingly obscuring Awareness, we seemingly ‘stop’ the becoming. The ‘person’ being projected can never ‘wake up’ in the future, as the ‘person’ and ‘time’ are only ‘projections’ of Reality.

‘Becoming’ never actually ‘stops’ as ‘Becoming’ Is always ‘Becoming’. Contrarily, the ‘person’ never actually wakes up. Illusion and projection hide Reality from Itself as Itself. Yet there is nothing but ‘Itself’. Illusions and projections Are Itself hiding from Itself.

Source Is emptiness that is always full of Source. It Is a field of Consciousness. The ‘trying’ and ‘conceptualizing’ are a pushing away from Source. Source is effortlessness and ‘that’ is not to be taken like a concept. Thinking about ‘It’ unnecessarily complicates ‘It’. Being ‘It’ is concept-less and thought-less.

Feeling the presence of space-like space, apart from the structures in the space, allows more Awareness to Be present, minimizing thinking. Thoughts cannot get there because there are no things/concepts to process. Feeling the Presence of Nothingness is accessing Awareness directly. Awareness never leaves Us as we Are ‘It’. The ‘Being’ of ‘Being’ is before concepts.

Beingness is always first/last timelessly Present. Access cannot be granted through perseverating on the temporary physicality of objects/concepts. Awareness/Beingness Is life Itself ‘life-ing’ through us as ‘What Is happening Now’, without stopping to collect the dross of stuff, that complicates our impicit freedom to Be. Life actually never stops life-ing. The appearance of a stop is a hallucination.

Everything Is perfect unless we believe in the falseness of ‘stuff’. The imperfection can be accepted as a clue to see where the stickiness resides in us. Freedom is not an effort unless we inject that belief of effort. What Is Present Is always Present. Emptiness absorbs everything as everything ultimately Is Emptiness. Being ‘Empty’ Is as full as We can Be. Emptiness Is perfection moving through as perfection.

There are no techniques or obstacles Here. ‘It’ just Is. This Is Life living effortlessly.

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