There is no content Here. Conceptualizing and trying to ‘get Here’ through ‘content’ cannot be achieved; at least not by the person/character -aka more ‘content’.

‘Person’ is a projection of Consciousness. ‘This’ projection has about as much meaningfulness as the projection from a movie projector. ‘Person’ is a character we play –not an identity we Are.

The problem for the ‘person’, is a problem for an imaginary character; unless we believe otherwise. So then, what holds this ‘person’ together? Can this ‘person’ ever get past the mis-identity? Experience as a ‘person’ does qualifies Us to answer the question of essential fulfillment. That is, can the ‘person’ ever give Us the ultimate fulfillment we (everyone) are looking for?

When we use the ‘person’ (as the prop it is), to get past the ‘person’ (that never was actually existing), we can use ‘the’ opportunity to realize Be-ing before/during/after the ‘idea’ of a person. The ‘person’ then becomes a useful foil to access Being by Seeing the futility of identifying, or more accurately mis-identifying, Self as self. Self is found to never have been self ‘the person’. What has endured the ‘always’, Is Self, not person.

Content is temporary. Emptiness Is content-less. ‘Person’ is content. Content, being temporary, points to the ever-present un-temporary, or the ‘Emptiness’. Emptiness has everything to actually include the content. However, the content is imaginary in a way because it has no ‘existence’ per se. Emptiness can have a ‘seeming’ content but ‘that’ Is Emptiness playing with emptiness in disguise. ‘Person’ and ‘content’ can actually be synonyms given their mutuality, as a transitory seeming condition that never had or will have, any permanence.

Source Is always awake and the ‘person’ never wakes up. There is nothing that a ‘person’ can do or learn to wake up. ‘Waking up’ is always Source awake (timelessly) as no-thing-ness/no-person-ness i.e. Emptiness.

The effort to ‘Be’ is unnecessary when there is just Being. Adding a grosser and heavier frequency, in pursuit of a much finer frequency that already Is Ising, is undermining that seeming effort of finding. Presence/Emptiness is inherently and simply not available as a denser frequency i.e. of a thing/person. Implicit Is It’s Presence as the subsuming Presence of Everything.

Feel the resonance of pure emptiness. ‘It’ Is Us and only Us existing formlessly forever Now.

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