The anxiety of discomfort is distinct in its presence. Clearly, it is unwanted. It is a motivator for change to trade for something different. Maybe less discomfort. Perhaps, almost no discomfort. It’s ubiquity is accepted as a part of our daily desperation for something better.

We look past this moment to some future moment, thinking, perhaps the discomfort will not be so egregious when ‘this’ happens or ‘that’ abates. And with some fortune, all that positing for a future with less discomfort, may actually occur. But wait, there is more -discomfort -almost always returns.

So what does discomfort tell us? Can ‘it’ tell us anything, given our implicit resistance to it?! Can the impact of discomfort be made more useful as well as, let us say, a comfort? Maybe? The discomfort does tells Us that the ‘person’ having the discomfort is a false choice. But first anxiousness awaits a rethinking.

The anxiety of discomfort does not have to be anxious. Adding ‘anxious’ to discomfort is a choice. If we just sit with the discomfort, adding absolutely nothing else, we default to ‘nothingness’ as what shows up in this field. Nothingness is always present lest we overrun its subtlety with anxiousness. Nothingness never needs to be added as It Is implicit in everything. Discomfort can be useful when viewed from Nothingness.

The discomfort, without anxiety, does not have to be pushed away because it Now has a a clearer message for Us. We now can sit with the discomfort, as discomfort can Now message Us with relevant information that allows Us to adjust what needs to be adjusted, resulting in a smoother flow of energy. The turbulence of adding unnecessary anxiety does not have to be accepted unless we ‘believe’ we must endure this option.

The presence of discomfort is a sitting with what shows up as discomfort
(sans anxiety). Again, a knee-jerk reaction would only confirm/affirm the continued power we give away to a mere discomfort. Discomfort does not need to be uncomfortable (unless we demand it). Since we have possibly eliminated anxiety as an addition, we can see more clearly, that a mere positional change can often yield a quick relief to some of the discomfort that may show up. Now, routinely, we do not push away and attempt to dunk discomfort, when it Now can serves Us to reveal useful content information.

Typically, when we process discomfort, it is processed through the ‘person’ rather than the openness of Awareness. It is the ‘person’ idea that resists and amplifies both discomfort/anxiety. The ‘person’ is a fictional representation of the character We are playing. Through the fiction of the ‘person’, there will never be any complete long-term relief of anxiety and the overt discomfort with anxiety, as the ‘person’ has no capacity to change the script.

The ‘alleged person’ is not real. But in the fiction created, shows up as alive and well and perennially anxious. Eliminating anxiety can change perspective on suffering and even further reveal/find an ‘alleged person’. What we do not want to receive as a ‘person’ i.e. anxiety/discomfort, is one thing. It is yet another deeper unresolved discomfort and obstacle, to realize that it is a ‘person’ that clings to imaginary fears and consequently obscures a fearless Reality. Eliminating the anxiety of discomfort alone and not seeing the fictional representation of a fictional ‘person’, still begs for an ultimate solution.

Clearly, it is the ‘person’ that is uncomfortable and not Awareness (of the person). Awareness is never in the frequency of discomfort/anxiety. Discomfort resides in the frequency and the pretense of the ‘person’. Discomfort tells Us directly that the ‘person’ is a false choice because it affects the ‘person’ and never the Awareness.

Ergo, acceptance of discomfort is also often still an acceptance of an indigenous imaginary person carrying this fictional luggage. Dropping anxiety is a start and perhaps a prelude to dropping the idea of a ‘person’. The ‘person’ however, often does double duty in supporting both anxiety and discomfort. Seeing the fictional ‘person’ is a two-for-one sale on liberation.

Acceptance is a Seeing the willing proliferation of both anxiety and discomfort by a separate self. Seeing that ‘these experiences’ can be obstacles in revealing Self, does not preclude Seeing ‘the person’ as the biggest facilitator of this obfuscation. The ‘person’ is the distortion that can unnecessarily add and maintain a lower frequency referred to as discomfort. When there is no ‘person’ there is no problem to point ‘to’.

Accepting ‘no person’ is full acceptance of no real anxiety and/or discomfort. What Is left Is Presence effortlessy Being Present.

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