Perceiving happens without an actual ‘perceiver’, in that there is no form nor appearance of any kind to reference, apart from the act of perceiving.

And there is no ‘doing’ by a ‘doer’, regardless of our petulance and insistence that there must be some kind of “Oz” figure behind some hidden wall somewhere, pulling the strings.

‘Looking’ for a form to reference ‘the Perceiving’ is futile. There only is absolute formlessness. The ‘looking’ is often substantiated by a false belief, that there must be a form, in order to ‘do’ the perceiving. Can we ‘See’ that that is a misinformed belief?

The ‘perceiver’, or more accurately, the Perceiving, is never truly an object (form) nor appearance. Thought though continues to insist that like the ‘us’, that seemingly perceives, there must be some grand old figure, a form, doing the magic.

All ‘that stuff’ essentially reveals our own sticking point of creating an imaginary ‘hard’ form, rather than more properly defining whom we really Are. When we mis-define our own Self as ‘self’, and a doer, we immediately miss the Emptiness for the baseless conclusion of some ephemeral form as our identity. We never are not ‘spirit’ (formlessness Is before, during, and/or after any appearance of form). Identity Is in Everything/Nothingness.

The ‘perceiver’ can only be a temporary form, whether it is ‘this’ spirit or ‘All That Is’ spirit, masquerading in form. Formlessness is Us first and always Present in all forms -informing or ‘Knowing’ Itself. The ‘Knowing’ and knowing the ‘Knowing’, reveals all that needs to be Known. Perceiving, or more succinctly, ‘Knowing‘, is ever Present with or without forms.

Knowing has no ‘view’ as it is all views without preference. ‘All That Is’ is always ‘All That Is’. There is no ‘other’. Temporary form does not qualify as an ‘other’. There is only ‘this’ ‘Knowing’ which we experience moment-to-moment ad infinitum.

If the ‘Knowing’ were to stop, there would be no One to ‘Know’ it stopped, form or formless. ‘Knowing’ is the bedrock of no form Being Nothingness. Without ‘Knowing’ existence could not be existence, formlessly or not.

‘Knowing’ always exists as pure Knowing. Behind Everything Is Everything and Everything Is this ‘Knowing’. And this ‘Knowing’ Is pure fullness falling into forever Now.

The world does not perceive Consciousness, or more accurately, ‘Knowing’ perceives the universe of forms and formlessness. And there is no separation in this ‘Knowing’ Itself. ‘It’ can never be apart from the implicit love of Existence existing.

There is no ‘perceiver’ per se. ‘Knowing’ has no idiosyncratic view. Perceiving Is more accurately just ‘The Knowing’. It Is all ‘seeming’ views surrendering to infinite possibilities. Be ‘That’. ‘That’ Is All Knowing absolutely just Knowing, The Knowing.

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