Presence has no preference when It Is Everything. Everything Is Presence as there is only Presence. The appearances of ‘stuff’ happens in Presence. There is nothing outside of Presence as All That Is Is always All That Is.

Appearances appear/disappear in the fabric and rubric of Now. ‘Now’ finds both the dream state and the waking state, as moderations of the Ineffable expressing Itself as ineffable. The ‘Now’ is timelessly manifesting manifestations that appear ‘in It’. The Ineffable cannot be cornered into either of these states as It Is before/after this type of Self-limitation. And there is no before/after in the timeless Now.

The limitation is only a ‘seeming’ limitation as nothing can limit the unlimited. The inviolability of Oneness cannot be transgressed by any ‘seeming’ thing aka illusion. Nothingness is always complete as It has no transitory objects to maintain. Everything in Nothingness is a permutation of Nothingness. Completeness is perenially complete. There are no gaps to fill in Fullness. Fullness always abides as Fullness.

What is left when there is no thinking thinking? What is left has never left i.e. Presence. Presence/Fullness Abides effortlessly even with ‘thinking’. ‘Thinking’ is an appearance like any other appearance. It is non-essential to Being being Being. There is a distinct utility to thinking but there is no absolute-ness to it. Thinking comes and goes with absoluteness of ‘existing’ having a permanent seat. Being-ness Is nothing to ‘think’ about.

Thought has a dreamed existence. It is not ‘Existence’. The ‘Existing’ of ‘Existence’ never stops existing. ‘Existing’ witnesses all thought. When there is no thought, ‘Existence’ Is Present.

Surrendering the dreamed ‘doer’ is a conclusion that happens indirectly when Presence is ‘Known’ as everything that is present. There is nothing left to surrender when Presence Is ‘Seen’ as everything present. Ergo one cannot ‘do’ surrender. “The happening” Is Seeing the ‘Seeing’ and no other.

Nothingness is the only thing really happening. All else is appearance of Nothingness happening. Add nothing Be Everything always existing as the ‘Now’.

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