Existing as Presence Is Being Aware of Being Aware before, during or after any ‘seeming’ production of transitory phenomena. Presence has no ‘real’ beginning/end to start or finish with, as It Is not in time.

Presence Is ‘Existence’ before the production of ‘time’ itself. Constructs, like ‘time’, are additions/transmutations of and by Existence Itself. The non-transitory Self is not effected by the addition/subtraction of any construct (It creates). Even the seeming additions/transmutations themselves, have no effect on Presence. Ultimately Presence is playing (leela) with Itself Being Itself and seemingly hiding Itself, yet remaining purely Itself.

There is no other (existence). There is only one existence existing regardless of any manifestations and/or time. Presence seemingly surrenders Itself to infinite possibilities, accepting all forms. Acceptance of all forms is ultimately accepting Itself as the Formless in forms.

Acceptance of Presence Itself is unconditional. As anything less than unconditional is conditional. ‘Conditional’ would not reflect the permanence of Existence accepting Itself as the ‘one’ Reality. Acceptance of all seeming phenomena is acceptance of Self for Self expressed. There is no difference when ‘It’ Is all that ‘Is’.

There is no ‘becoming’ as Existence (‘What Is’) has never departed. There always has been only one Reality (Presence).

What is ‘occluding’ is Presence Itself. How could it be otherwise?! The sensational temporary phenomena is a masking of the purity of Presence Itself, by Presence. It Is all Presence.

Locking down on the masking is missing the point of Being. There is no point to the ‘masking’ except just the ‘masking’. Beingness Is Present with or without the masking. There is nothing really to lock down on because there is nothing but masking to the masking. Even Beingness doesn’t require a locking down on because there Is only Beingness.

It Is freedom available under all conditions as all conditions are the existence of Presence Being Presence. The surrender of an obfuscation is just ‘Seeing’ past it to Presence, which is available at all times. Any locking down is unnecessary in any circumstance as all circumstances are Presence Itself, regardless of appearances.

Freedom is no ‘doing’ as ‘It’ Is already free. There is no ‘doer’ as there is no ‘other’. No ‘doer’ means there is no surrend-er. What Is left is just Being. The un-doing of ‘doing’ leaves what cannot be undone -Existence Itself.

Seeing past the glitter of sensational phenomena automatically connects to the existentiality of the purity of Presence Now. Existence Is an effortless fullness as ‘It’ Is all Existence.

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