Exhale Love. It becomes You. There is no ‘in’ or ‘out’, just Isness being Being. There is no ‘finding’ because there is no ‘looking’. Love meets Love as there Is no other.

What is first? Pure Love is implicit and without apology or justification. Love is the full allowance of full acceptance of What Is. Love is first and last with no interruption. It is the ground we walk on. It is the water that connects Us.

To not ‘See’ Love is to miss the essential dynamic of the universe. Love is the connection connecting mother to child, father to mother, and infinity to finiteness. It is the connection of humanity to kindness, and kindness to everyone and everything. The aliveness of Love overtly states its movement and the continuity of its implicit divine nature. Love Is boundlessly Here. See the sea of Love existing as ‘Us’ before any thing or concept.

Love Loves Loving Itself i.e. pure Love. Every breath is Life living Itself through everyone without preferences. It is undiminished regardless of circumstance or standing. To not See It, is to miss Everything that Is nothing but the essence and frequency of Love loving. The vehicles for Love are only temporary transport devices using form to carry the formless. Love is implicitly Here with or without carriers.

Become one with the immediate breath of Love, without the ‘becoming’. It Is ‘Us’ already explicitly/inplicitly Love Itself. Ergo, there is nothing to change/transcend unless we ‘believe’ there is. Meeting Love Is simply Being Love. Meet every moment as Love Being Love. The ‘effortlessness’ of Love confirms it’s Presence. This ‘existence’ Is always Love.

The air in the atmosphere and the air in us, is the same. There is no ‘other’ source of breath. We are essentially breathing Love continuously. Our breath is seemingly air. But what Is before/after the appearance of air? Our life source Is Love Loving Itself ad infinitum. The on/off appearances i.e. air, are metaphors for Love Itself. The permanence always counts more than the appearance.

Heart space is love-centered. Love rules as It Is all Love. Being Love Is Being natural. Being natural is Being effortless and free. The only binding in the heart is the bond and connection of Love to every thing and everyone.

Inhaling every breath as Love is affirming the essence of whom we Are always. Love binds Us as Love Itself. Be Love every moment as ‘that’ Is all there Is.

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