The need to tell ‘my story’ is over. The story is truly just a story, a script that was played, and over and done with, like it never existed. To continue to perseverate about what was clearly meant to be temporary, is to mis-understand the value of the Moment.

The value of the Moment is to never lose sight of what ‘Is’ happening right Now, lest we allow distortion to seemingly perjure the purity of the ‘Now’. The ‘Now’ tells us unerringly, that there can only Be ‘the Now’. Specious arguments of time are merely argumentitive, with absolutely no merit, when justifying anything but the existential ‘Now’. By It’s absolute structure, the Now, cannot be argued with, as It’s integrity is always unfailing i.e. not giving any ‘time’ to be tested.

Presence Is ‘The Now’. We are not separate from Presence unless we use the distortion of belief to believe we are separate. The ‘seeming’ separateness is the overlay of belief distorting the eternity of the Presence of Presence forever being Being. Uncluttering the unflattering veiling commonly surrounding eternal Presence, is seeing the unnecessary attempts of pushing the ‘Now’ into finite boxes of mere pretending (of linear time). We Are this Presence Now.

‘Pretending’ is the activity of essentially making verbs into nouns, i.e. dumbing down the aliveness of Beingness into conceptual frameworks. Even the ‘person’ we play is not real because we are just ‘playing’ this person. Very young children get this affect more effortlessly than over-conceptualized adults.

Becoming a ‘better self’ is tantamount to create a ‘story’ where there is no ‘story’. And of course, we would use ‘time’ to ‘do’ this. Enough distortion added into the mix creates a more compelling ‘story’. Enjoy the story -to the point of it being just a ‘story’ and not an ‘identity.

Meet every moment as Truth by aligning with what is happening in ‘this’ eternal moment. And not trading with faux ideas of time to distort what is appearing, for a story of pure fiction, that has no real standing in Reality. Belief is an overlay that is not Reality. Stories have no independent existence and/or aliveness. Rather the compellingness of Being Is always Present Now.

The uncluttered frequency of pure Now is always free and unbound to any ‘thing’. Even ‘this’ Now can have no clinging as It Is effortlessly Here. Independence from the moving and changing is Being the moving and changing changelessness. The seeming ‘changing’ is ultimately the changeless-ness playing in form.

Self is Self playing Self through seeming self. ‘This’ is formless impersonal Self before the personal form. Form and the appearance of time are temporary structures for the performance of the moving/changing and not the overindulgence in the perseveration of form over formless-ness.

Formless-ness has no need for achieving as It Is All That Is. Presence can never leave. It Is ‘this’ Presence Now without any doing.

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