Bio: "Be The Moment: A Practical Guide To Being". I am the I am. After ‘that’, is only an appearance. Be the Be, then do the do. You cannot ‘do’ the ‘Be’.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sai Ram, Ed- I enjoyed the website and the discussion. Really wonderful!! Also it was great seeing you and Lynn in Chicago lat week end. Thank you for let me know about this website.
    By the way I just listened to an interview of a Russian Sufi Muslem gentleman on RadioSai- great discussion on his experience related to everything being ENERGY– ENERGY–ENERGY. “Tryst with Divinity – 154 – Conversation with Mr. Imram from Russia part 1”–> Take a look at this

  2. Seeking to talk to you live — your phone doesn’t answer! Call or write. I could send you a postcard! Happy winter holidays from Lou Chukman!

  3. I am and I am not at the same time. Sometimes I feel a different person. Sometimes I don’t feel at all. But I think. And my thought is energy. My heart is energy. And I give my energy to the wirld every day.
    Glad to know you Edward 😉

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