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"Be The Moment: A Practical Guide To Being". I am nobody doing nothing. Be the Be, then do the do. You cannot ‘do’ the ‘Be’.



Allowing is not a controlled process. Typically, allowing is often mis-applied as a ‘doing’. And this is because the mind and the ‘me’ is still in charge trying to get past all that and become the Becoming. 

Of course, the problem is that the venue of the ‘me’ has not changed. The change is coming from the ‘me’ because the ‘me’ is not in the comfort level it ‘needs’ to be in. The ‘me’ is looking for relief as long as the ‘me’ can remain the ‘me’.   

The ‘me’ is ‘doing’ it’s best. However, the romanticism of becoming something greater than the little ‘me’ is being viewed, still, from the ‘me’.  Until all ‘that’ changes, no change in view will occur. 

A change in view needs to occur to preclude the ‘doing’. Until that time , un-doing the ‘doing’ remains a ‘doing’. The ‘doing’ is a direct representative action of the ‘me’. This limitation cannot see past the narrowness of its confines. The result can only be a virtual prison with no hope of release.

The ‘struggle’ is being someone we are not. We are not an illusion. Control is the illusion in the illusion. ‘Doing’ from the view of ‘me’ is the hunkering down to gross limitation. Whenever we have to have it ‘our’ way, that is expression of limitation. The ‘Openness’ is then closed. Control from the ‘me’ goes to density. There is no ‘allowing’ here.  

How can we change our view?

The ‘View’ is not ‘our’ view. The Seeing is Seeing and then the compromise comes in to artificially create a ‘view’, aka the ‘me’. There is no noun called a ‘view’ Here. The un-atttached ‘View’ is a verb more accurately stated as ‘Viewing’, with no specific stop to say ‘this’ or ‘that’ view. The ‘Viewing’ never stops verb-ing.

The ‘Viewing’ Is effortless Being. There is no ‘doing’ Here. There Is no-one Here but the Formless. Being the Formless Is Being Being. It Is Here that ‘allowing’ abides without preference. Allowing ‘allowing’ Is Being Being. 

When we allow allowing there is no ‘me’ to check up on things. Full acceptance has no need to control. It Is everything Being everything. ‘Doing’ and even ‘not doing’ have aspects of control. Accepting has zero control.

When we accept everything exactly as ‘it Is’ without argument, we are in direct alignment with the ‘Isness’. There is no qualifying of seeming dysfunctions and/or distortions. Even here, Consciousness is seen as the leela of Consciousness.

Control is wanting to have it our way. Control is very invasive as the ‘me’ is attempting to survive.

Acceptance of ‘allowing’ is effortless. Any effort is a ‘push’ that then mis-directs and changes ‘allowing’ into something else more in alignment with ‘me’ energy. ‘Allowing’ Is Openess with no artificial obstructions. A clear field of nothingness. It cannot not be otherwise lest we birth backdoor obstructionism.

The point of allowing ‘allowing’ is nothing Being nothing. Everything naturally unfolds. Control is illusion and therefore there can be no ‘me’ controlling.

Until we own our thoughts, they are not our thoughts. We own nothing nor control anything unless we choose to be in an illusory state. Seeing ‘that’ from the view of ‘no view’ is choosing the open field of no stops to ‘having’ anything. 

When there is only Oneness, what else can there Be? Allowing is the un-doing of doing. Allowing allowing Is just Being.    



Who is the one having the ‘having’? If there is someone ‘having’ anything, who might that be? In order to ‘have’ some ‘thing’, then a ‘haver’ must show up. Who is this ‘haver’?  

Is the ‘haver’ an experience or maybe a grouping of ideas that is interpreted as ‘someone’? And when we ‘create’ this ‘someone’, how can we sustain this identity through time?  The ‘haver’ cannot really sustain itself, can it? It is just an imaginary perception that was given an imaginary life.

This life that was created is superficial, in that there is really nothing to support its sustenance. This is demonstrated through struggling and effort-based existence that shows no signs of getting out of its not so quiet desperation.

Looking forward or looking back on this artificial life does nothing to change the limited circumstances of this desperation and artificialness. And god forbid if we looked at this poorly constructed structure from the Now. The Now would certainly reveal the precarious and iffy nature of this grouping of a flimsy conceptual framework.

The Now would certainly reveal the specious mechanics of construction that depend deeply on constructs that are historical/futuristic. Only in the reimagining dependence on the ‘dead’ timezones of past and future, can we birth this lifelessness. The Now will not allow this turbidity and belief to exist. Only in the Now can true ‘aliveness’ abound freely and effortlessly.

The falseness of the ‘haver’ is seen through in the Now. OK. But where do ‘We’ abide? Do ‘We’ live in ‘this’ moment or some other less viable structure?

The Now never stops being the Now. It can never not Be the Now. However, dreaming the illusion of past/future and believing it, seemingly trumps the Now.

What ‘was’ or ‘what will be’, has nothing to do with ‘What Is’. Existing beyond our conditional story is true existentialism in action in the Moment called Now.  

There is no ‘haver’. Having a ‘haver’ is having a limitation. We handicap ourselves with the straight jacket of having a ‘haver’.

Things do not stick in the ‘Openness’. Things are appearances and appearances are always destined to come and go. The ‘Openness’ holds nothing and that is why It Is the ‘Openness’. There is nothing there but the aliveness of ‘Knowing’. Openness is having ‘not having’. ‘Not having’ is freedom, unconditional love, spaciousness, silence, stillness -all things not sticky or binding. In other words, formlessness.

Formlessness or Openness is purity. Purity is clean of the stickiness of ‘having’ as there is no-one there to have. Having a ‘haver’ would mean having a form. That clearly would obviate Oneness from being Oneness.

The forms that are seen, are present in the Oneness as a permutation of Oneness. There is no ‘having’ Here. The coloring of Oneness into forms is simply the appearance of Oneness in forms. Staying with the Oneness is staying with the stability of forever. Staying with forms is separation from Oneness.

We Are Consciousness, with the form of the body appearing in Us, Consciousness. There is no ‘other’ than ‘this’ Oneness. Oneness Is having this ‘not having’, as it is the play of Nothingness.

Being nothing Is everything.



If a river is constantly stopping for needy tourists, does it really represent river-ing? More accurately, the ‘description’ sounds more like a boat on the river. Is our identity with the river (river-ing) or the boat? 

River-ing is what defines a river. Removing the flow with added starts and stops is more representative of a boat. When a river stops it no longer is a river. 

If there is an obstacle, the river goes around it. The flow is what defines the river. The river and its river-ing metaphorically represent our Self. Self flows as a clear definition of Itself. If Self is not flowing then it is not the Self. ’Not’ flowing represents the artificial ‘me’. ‘Me’ cannot get out of the way of ‘me’. ‘Me’ cannot flow while being the ‘me’. Starts and stops are representative of the ’trying’ of the ‘me’. 

Smooth energy does not have starts/stops or does it? We ‘know’ un-conceptually when ’It’ feels right. There is no artificial-ness to ‘It’. Effortless-ness brings Us home. There is no start/stop of Nothingness (Being-ness). 

The ‘Flow’ cannot really be stopped except seemingly so.  This smooth energy is smooth precisely because ‘It’ Is an infinite ride into infinity. The limitless-ness of infinity cannot ever stop otherwise the limitless boundaries would then be definable. And that would then make ‘It’ definable limited phenomena.  

The smooth-ness is a characteristic of effortless Being precisely because of our innate connection to whom we really Are. The connection is always Present as ‘It’ could not be otherwise. Our in-consistencies are representative of mis-placed identity with phenomenological occurrences due to a chronic reinforced programming.  Belief systems matter in this case, as they provide a continual reinforcement of separation from Being-ness.    

The question then requires a further inquiry into Being-ness about Being-ness. Does Being-ness have or need a belief system? A belief system would be a ‘construct’ or limitation of the unlimited and ‘that’ cannot stand. There is no hurry to understand or divine the Divine. It just Is. To throw any belief system on it, is to thoroughly mis-understand the ‘river’.

‘Smooth-ness’ does not ever ‘need’ definition. Period. Experiencing river-ing Is experiencing without the ‘need’ for ‘experience’. The ‘stop’ called ‘experience’ is ‘not’ to be stopped for at any time. Experience is essentially a product of river-ing. It is a temporal message that is seen and read but not kept. Hanging on to experience aka messages, is not nor can be the river-ing. 

Smooth-ness abides in the open-ness of the freedom of flowing through every thing. Stopping and hanging on cannot Be this smooth-ness.

The ‘smooth’ energy of Self Is without understanding nor a need to understand. ‘Understanding’ in this case would throw limitation on the un-limited. Being It, Is the ticket to Being smooth and flowing down the river of life. The river-ing does not need to be explained by a lesser vehicle. 

There is not someone Being the river-ing. It Is just the river-ing smoothly flowing through the turns and ups and downs of life Itself. The Smoothness Is Knowing ceaselessly, our true identity as having no stops or starts. This Is our Self and there is nothing here for the ‘me’.

The journey of the river is river-ing. River-ing is being Being. There is no ‘other’ trip. Smooth energy is this ‘Knowing’ always ‘Knowing’. 



Everything has nothing. There is no conflict between these statements. What experience is, is nothing. Experience does not last. Nothingness lasts. The content is temporal while the movement of consciousness Being consciousness plays on timelessly. Experiencing experiencing and/or experiencing phenomena is ultimately just consciousness Being consciousness.

Experience can be a developmental tool to self-educate ourselves in regards to self-imposed limitations of not Being Everything/Nothing. The limitations are always sponsored by an idea called ‘me’. ‘Me’, the artificial construct, cannot get out of the way enough to perceive its own futility. Limitations will always persist in this shallow idea. ‘Experience’ is a ‘stop’ and is then owned by the ‘me’. Limitation cannot leave this infantile expression.

Conversely, experiencing never stops. 

There is not enough ‘space’ in the ‘me’ to ever get out of limitation. In other words, ‘me’ is limitation. There is no room in the ‘me’ to even ‘See’ more limitation being manufactured when we try to suppress this ‘me’, especially when striving to be a better or more spiritual person.

The ’striving’ itself is a limitation, in that, that activity automatically denies the existence of what is always Present. The ‘me’ striving is essentially an illusion wanting to be a better illusion. Thoughts and ideas are ineffective vehicles to realize what is not a thought, idea, or illusion.

Using fields of limitation to find no-limitation is a fool’s errand.  Losing the ‘me’ does not interest the ‘me’ as it would be the death of ‘me’. And of course that would be unacceptable to the ‘me’.

The death of ‘me’ would change identity and limitation radically. What is left is no identity and no limitation. Nothing and Everything then shows up as clearly Present and as having never left.  

What got eliminated was limitation and a very parochial view. Spaciousness ‘Sees’ the artificial-ness that was imposed by holding on and stopping ‘experience’ to define self. Patterns of limitation cannot be clearly seen when they define our ‘seeing’. ‘Seeing’ (clearly) is always unobstructed by no holding and/or stopping for any thing.

Beliefs and concepts invite illusion (stops). Access to Self cannot be found by these devices.

’Nothing’ tells us we are a zero. There is no 2nd or a ‘me’. Personhood  and/or identity, are artificial constructs. There is only the ‘Oneness’ expressing Itself as Everything/Nothing. We are in control even when we are seemingly demonstrating acts of being out of control. The answer lies in who the ‘we’ Is.

Experience is there not to get involved with it, but to expose the limitation of hanging on to it. When the ‘me’ identifies and stops to dance with the idea called ‘me’, it is losing freedom to be so much more i.e. Everything.

What We Are is ‘experiencing’ not experience (except ultimately). Being ‘Nothingness’ is the spaciousness that allows everything. Locking in ‘things’ and ‘ideas’ is not the freedom of no limits.

Being ‘Nothing’ Is ‘Everything’.



What is ‘experiencing’  is not what is ‘experienced’. These are two different realms. Not losing sight of ‘experiencing’ while at the same time having the ‘experience’, is staying in everything. However, if there is a switch to ‘experience’ (noun) over ‘experiencing’ (verb), this  preference, essentially butts out ‘experiencing’. Too much liking of the experience will result in ‘having’ the experience and being ‘taken’ by the experience. 

The outcome of misplacing identification to ‘experience’, is ‘this’ thing called forgetting. Forgetting the ‘experiencing’ is forgetting true identity for false identity. 

The perseveration of occluding our True Nature countless times during our day, results in a separation and an unfamiliarity with Self. A fictitious self arises, made up of repetition, memory, imagination, and time. Triggering these elements creates a conspiracy of self that has no reality. It is so convincing ‘we’ often never find out we were operating our lives from the fictional section of our personal library.

On the other hand, the repetition of ideas, the creation of imaginary self, and the belief in the element of time, never were part of ‘experiencing’. Timelessness, emptiness, and unacquired knowledge are the parts of ‘experiencing’ that never change or disappear. ‘Experiencing’ attaches Itself to nothing while at the same time Being everything.

Breaking down the artificial distancing from Self can be illustrated by a couple of examples.

Not knowing some thing or some memory can get us lost in pursuit of information that can easily cause us to flip the switch completely to ‘experience’ mode. This is a trivial example yet it often results in an undesired separation from our True Nature. 

Not remembering what I thought I should remember and then getting lost in trying to remember, to the full exclusion of ‘experiencing’, happens frequently enough. That is the ‘experience’ overriding ‘experiencing’. ‘Experiencing’ does not get concerned about not remembering. ‘Experiencing’ has no need to remember. 

When you ‘Know’ you are ‘experiencing’ first and always, you don’t walk that off and go exclusively to the ‘experience’. The ‘experience’ is always limited.

The trickery of the mind convinces itself to trade the ‘experiencing’ for pursuit of the ‘experience’. Bad trade, especially when no trade is necessary.

‘Experiencing’ never leaves yet has everything and more. ‘Experience’ alone is missing the point of ‘experience’. ‘Experience’ is nothing to hold captive or pursue exclusively. It is the play of Consciousness. ‘Experiencing’ holds nothing yet is aware deeply of everything. When we realize there is nothing to capture we relax in the awareness of just ‘experiencing’.

Another example. ‘Having an epiphany’ turns out to ‘not having an epiphany’. The epiphany, by ‘having’, is no longer an epiphany except in the past tense (time-based). The epiphany doesn’t last. What lasts is ‘experiencing’-staying in ‘experiencing’ as ‘experiencing’. The epiphany then doesn’t matter because ‘that’ is an event in time (that is over).

What matters is ‘What Is’ and that Is ‘experiencing’. Everything after that is to be let go as unnecessary fodder often used to create some illusory and unnecessary piece of identity.

We are always Knowing we are only the ‘experiencing’.

‘Experiencing’ makes no stops. It is just ‘experiencing’. Stopping anywhere for anything would seemingly interfere with the purity of experiencing ‘experiencing’.

Experiencing ‘experiencing’ Is the Fullness. When ‘It’ Is all Here where else could we go?!



There is no question, the answer is only the Oneness. There cannot be an ‘us’ or ‘them’. There cannot be a ‘you’ and ‘me’. There is only this Oneness.

Separation from the Oneness is still within the Oneness. ‘It’ is simply an appearance in Oneness. Separation is not separate from the vastness of everything. Seeming separation is merely a permutation and coloring of Oneness. 

Separate ideas of subject/object indeed have no permanence or longevity except in a conceptual framework. ‘Not two’  is a remembering of permanence and a deliberate forgetting of imagining ‘separate’ to having any ‘real’ relevance.

There is no ‘who’ pointing to a ‘whom’. The ‘person’ is a temporary phenomenon self-sustained merely through false belief. Everything is always ‘one’ thing expressing Itself. The expressions are after true identity. True Self requires no belief system. Belief systems and false identities sustain themselves through time, as there is nothing really there except belief.

There is no separation in the Oneness as it is only the Oneness.

All points point to the Oneness. The starting point is nothing. The starting point is the endpoint. There is no difference. Everything falls into place when Knowing ‘this’ starting point. There is nothing to hold on to and nothing to get. The only thing gotten is freedom to Be. All the expressions and phenomena are just that. There is really nothing to hold on to here. The freedom is in letting go. Being Is just Being. 

Having space for ‘nothing’ requires infinite space. The ‘me’ is phenomena incapable of containing the vastness. The ‘me’ is an artifact projected in the construct of time. 

When the ‘me’ is suddenly not ‘me’ then the veil of illusion falls flat. The Oneness has always been present Seeing all experiences without needing the illusory me and its commentary. The Oneness is the One that lives life, ultimately making all decisions as there is no-one else to make them. 

There can be no-one looking for this Oneness. There is no looking/searching. Looking is doing. There is no ‘looker’ and there is no ‘doer’. There is just ‘doing’ by Being. What gets done by Being is receiving. Oneness is the infinite space for allowing everything to Be. 

We Are ‘that’ everything and only that. Starting from everything is the shortest distance to Being everything. Love the fullness of loving everything. There is only the Oneness.



Knowing is elemental and existential. If there were no ‘knowing’ this blog could not be read, seen, or understood. Knowing always comes first before even any sentient gate. The five sentient gates are pathways for ‘knowing’. The ‘known’ all ends up at the ‘knowing’.

Strictly speaking, this ‘knowing’ is not equivalent to intelligence. It is intelligence like it is everything. ‘Knowing’ is the unacquired knowledge that cannot be taught. In a ‘classic’ sense, intelligence is something we acquire and learn. Neither of these characteristics fully defines the depth of ‘knowing’.

The ‘knowing’ itself is limitless and undefinable. To fully define it is to fully limit it. Moreover, the lack of a ‘hard and fast’ definition reflects the inability of a lesser vehicle (mind) to define and contain something that cannot be conceptualized. Like the mind, ideas too, cannot grasp the vastness of no limits.

The temerity of passing phenomena divining existential ‘Isness’ is a common practice among most of our population. It is the malpractice of using insufficient tools to render opinions that have no basis in Reality.

The ‘knowing’ is not an experience. And ‘knowing the ‘knowing’ is not an experience. The ‘knowing’ cannot be funneled into an experience. And yet ultimately even experience is only the ‘knowing’.

The ‘knowing’ never leaves and yet the ‘knowing’ leaves no trace. Emptiness Is the ‘knowing’. All there is to experience is experience. The ‘knowing’ allows and knows all experience yet no experience can touch the ‘knowing’.

‘Knowing’ cannot be limited by any experiential happening. The ‘knowing’ dominates and integrates every experience without interfering in any way. Without the ‘knowing’ no experience can be known.

The feeling of ‘not knowing’ is knowing ‘self’ as pure openness. This ‘not knowing’ is the emptiness of the ‘knowing’. ’Not knowing’ is the movement into ‘knowing’. The acquired knowledge is let go as ‘that’ knowledge has inherent liabilities in reaching the ‘knowing’. The ‘not knowing’ is the allowing of ‘knowing’ more overtly. Acquired knowledge cannot alone bring us to our true unacquired nature. Acquired knowledge has utility, certainly. It’s limitations prohibit its exclusive use for Knowing Self.

‘Knowing’ ‘not knowing’ is ‘knowing’ forms and formless. The identity with ‘knowing’ is the ‘not knowing’ of self alone. The Self we are is elemental existence before form. Over-identification with form is a pretense that disallows ‘not knowing’ and ultimately ‘knowing’ Knowing.

Knowing ‘Knowing’ is everything. This is the language of unconditional Love. Know Thyself. Love all. 



Reliably, space does not move. Reliably, Here and Now does not change.

What changes constantly is what is in the ‘space’ here and now. That ‘change’ is reliably changing. Without the definition of a clear un-occluded space, our thoughts, sensations, perceptions, things, concepts would not be available to discern. 

Space is always Present in untold volume, Here and Now. And that space is not quantifiable as it is nothingness.

There is only ‘one’ space. It has no quantity that can be measured. A small space is not really a ‘small’ space as it can never be diminished. It is always the same space regardless of our housing of space in jars or buildings.

Space can be seen as essentially performing the same task whether it is in the waking state or dream state. Even when there is seemingly nothing anywhere, like the void, there is space Present. Space Is Presence without form engaging with forms and/or without forms.

If there is a task, that task cannot be completed anywhere but in space Itself. Space is the limit because it is limitless.        

Space is operating in timelessness and in the seeming construct of time. Space is unaffected in either situation. It Is Present. It Is always the same space. 

A compelling characteristic of space is that it always is in receiving Itself and/or everything. There is no discrimination in space as there is only ‘one’ space. Additionally, Everything is already ‘space’ Itself.  For this reason, space does not have to move.

Here/Now does not move as ‘it’ too is ultimately space.

Space is the beginning and space is the end. But then, there is no difference as the difference is the addition of time.  

The relationship of space to the body is there is no ‘real’ relationship. It Is just space. Seeing the body at the keyboard is seeing ‘one’ field. Experientially we are seeing and experiencing things in ‘one’ field. The ‘owning’ that we ‘do’ with our bodies does not then make two fields or two objects (subject/object). Thinking we are separate does not make it so in Reality.

Categorical divisions are much ‘after’ the experiencing of reality. Making a division itself is by its nature divisive/arbitrary. Our experiencing comes first with division subsequent. Having a typology has nothing to do with Reality.   

Space is ‘spacing’ in that It Is alive and timeless. There is no inertness Here. Feeling Self as ‘space’ is a letting go of ‘stuff’ that is in space. The heart space is perhaps a clearer emptiness where the aliveness can more easily be felt.

Space is infinitely generous. ’That’ can also be called un-conditional Love. There is no holding here. There are no stops in emptiness otherwise it would not be emptiness. Love thrives in an empty unconditional  milieu. ‘It’ welcomes and accepts everything/everyone always. That is the nature of space and Love.

Give space, Be Love. Love always everywhere, every time. There Is only one space and only one Love.    



I am not a bad person. I am not even ‘a’ person. There is too much  limitation in any of all ‘that’. 

Identity with an idea about whom we are is limiting Self to a ‘thing’ or just another idea. The ‘idea’ of Awareness is not Awareness. That would be too much limitation as well as making ‘Awareness’ an object.

Awareness cannot limit Itself to some such characterizations as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The Everything has everything to include those ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ‘ideas’. The Unbounded-ness cannot be bound and still remain unbounded. 

When we put ourselves in any category we limit ourselves. Categories are subsets of possibilities. To suggest one possibility over another is to make a preference for that possibility. ‘Preference’ is a synonym for limitation i.e. one over another. No preferences is ‘spaciousness’. Ergo, ‘spaciousness’ has no preferences because there are no limitations.

We Are the Spaciousness that is ‘before’ everything.  Being ‘good’ is not a requirement for Spaciousness to Be. Spaciousness, Stillness, Silence, Is ‘before’ the ideas of ‘good’, ‘bad’, and ‘ugly’. If our identity is at the endpoint of creation, we miss the substance of being Being. 

We are not static and un-alive things. We Are Life Itself giving animation to everything. Being-ness is seminal existence. It Is the Prior-ness, the life that Is, without memory, projection, and/or especially ideas, all of which come subsequently.  

The indulgence in ‘things’ or ‘ideas’ is a trading of ‘no view’ for a particular view, e.g. “I am good”. Owning and resonating with a point of view is connecting with ideas at the expense of our True Nature. It is a pursuit of duality. It is an opening for a ‘doer’ to separate from just Being. And the ‘doer’ is not right/wrong. It just isn’t. 

“What Is” just Is. Nothing, not even ideas of ‘good’ can be added to It.

Any point of view is a distillation of “What Is”.  A distillation is a separation from the whole. No point of view equals no expectations.

‘No expectations’ releases any binding to allow more freedom and unbounded-ness. Even expectations of being ‘good’ are binding because there is a limited parochial definition of ‘good’. What was ‘good’ in one place at one time is no longer ‘good’ at this place and at this time.

Moreover, when definitions come from ego/doer, these definitions are not from a primary source. The ego/doer is a real illusion that is not real. The illusion of the ego/doer will inquire as to its own validity -“Am I getting this?”  

When we See that we have a ‘point of view’, we can also See we are indulging in limitation and narrowness. See the ‘point of view’ as an opportunity to See the narrowing of Spaciousness Itself. Seeing ’that’, Is Spaciousness.

Awareness, Stillness, Spaciousness, Silence, and Unboundedness are not bound by ‘any’ point of view. All points of view are present in Presence. Oneness Is merging into Oneness.

Things are just as they appear without any conditions. There is no real good or bad, essentially meaning that we Are Awareness with nothing between us. The ‘us’ is not even there as ‘this’ Is all Awareness.

I am Awareness. That is enough. Expect nothing Be Everything.


The ‘illusion’ that  is ‘seen’ is actually seen. There is reality to an illusion. What the illusion ‘misrepresents’ is part of the illusion. There is a deliberateness in the evoking of unreality in the reality of illusion. Illusions are fakes just as ‘fakes’ are real. Is that Rembrandt real or a fake? 

The central issue of ‘reality’ is Seeing the substance of life before making any conclusions about the certainty of forms (matter). It can be argued that all forms and appearances are fake. That does not alter the obligation ‘to play the game’ and participate in its dharma. 

‘How’ we play the game is what is imperative. If we do not recognize the fact that it Is a game (aka illusion), then we respond with a faux ‘ground’. Creating a fake ground means we really believe in the illusion and miss its ‘falseness’. That stops flow (seemingly). 

The real ‘ground’ is being Being.  And ‘Being’ is the groundless ground, meaning It Is before all the Leela (divine play) and form.  

If we create a false ground and ‘believe’ in it when we play the game, we lose Ourselves. Losing Ourselves is not the object of the game, ideally. Conversely, when we never lose our ‘real’ reference point (groundless ground), we understand the illusion and not take the game too seriously. 

Our Being-ness is always referenced and never lost in playing any role or game. What ideally is lost is belief in the ‘role of personhood’. Who is playing before, during and after the game, e.g. “Fortnite”?

If we win the game or if we lose the game, it matters not to our ‘ground’ if we maintain the ’Seeing’ and ‘Being’ of Knowing Self ceaselessly. When our ‘ground’ and ultimate reference point is veiled, we subjugate Ourselves to illusory characters not really any different than those in the game we are playing.

Coming from the point that ‘everything’ Is ‘Knowing’, we then Know We are always the ‘Knowing’. The illusion is ultimately the ‘Knowing’ taking the form of illusion itself. The ‘Knowing’ is in the illusion Itself. If ‘everything’ Is Everything, then even the illusions know the Knowing.

The deliberateness of illusions are part of the perfection of perfection. From the view of ‘no view’ the obstacles are not obstacles. The obstacles are inherently pointers to the formless Knowing.

Illusions are found in finiteness. Finiteness is a contraction of infinity. Infinity has zero finiteness or illusion. The separation from Self is illusion.

See the illusion from the ‘Knowing’ central to the heart space. It Is all sourced from Our Being-ness, effortlessly Now. Everything Is Knowing the Loving. ’That’ Is real.