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GP2C1969What a thought! Is the protection of the heart not necessary, lest we personally break?

GP2C1924.jpgGP2C1922.jpgGP2C1916.jpgGP2C1925.jpgOur ability is strained, to tolerate in a ‘normal’ way, the breaking of our heart. That is not something that is looked upon as an opportunity, to progress. Our true heart, for the above reason, is often not revealed, so that some protection is afforded.

GP2C1965.jpgSubsequent life events are often affected in the recovery from a ‘broken’ heart. A contraction, a closing up, of the heart is generally the conditioning we find necessary to persist in finding our way back to some utility in expressing the love within us to the outside world.

GP2C1967.jpgBut this conditioning, is a compromise. What is compromised is Self. We clearly lose our child-like freedom to express ourselves and our unedited feelings, in our rapprochement back to normality.

GP2C1966.jpgContraction is not freedom. Contraction is not ‘unplugged’. It is a sanitation of feelings and expressiveness. We have adapted to a lesser, more limited idea of self. The ‘new’ normal is not really normal.

However, the ‘idea of self’, whether improved or defiled, is still conceptual. Conceptual is in fact, removed from reality in that ‘it’ is an artificial construct. Constructs surely are not alive and clearly cannot tell us much, as they are an abbreviation of the infinite bandwidth of experience and experiencing.

The point being, that to ‘improve’ a concept (self) is not tenable due to artificially limiting Self to an idea, no matter how improved. Conversely, to be able to ‘hurt’ a concept (self) is equally foolish, in that ‘that’ illusion cannot really have consequence. The illusion of self remains an idea, no matter the degree of pain we seemingly feel.

All that drama around the heart is truly ‘what’s not happening’. Feelings, thoughts, physical perceptions/sensations, say otherwise. Our belief system compounds the illusion cementing further separation from Self and others.

All ‘that’ emotion is happening in ‘what’s not happening’. But in ‘what’s happening’ aka Reality, none of that stuff is really going on.

“Happiness is the absence of resistance to what is. It is the highest spiritual practice. However, it is not a practice of the mind; it is the ever-present nature of Myself, Awareness.” -Rupert Spira

The ‘high’ bar is ‘what’s happening’. There is no illusion in the moving verbiage of ‘what’s happening’. Conditioning does not have a say in ‘what’s happening’. The refresh rate of ‘what’s happening’ is too fast in that it’s speed is prior to illusion.

The broken heart has the advantage of being cracked wide open with subsequent accessibility not available otherwise. Accepting the openness, is availing oneself of unprecedented Love behind all the crashing. The contraction has played out to nothingness. There is nothing to hide, cover up, or to protect. The ‘rawness’ is the Truth that needs no defending.

Our instinct may be to defend self but our Truth is waiting and has been waiting to be Seen. And can be Seen when accepting the ‘what’s happening’ in this golden opportunity.

There is no pushing in Awareness. 

Accepting the depth of pain is moving past thoughts, ideas, and perceptions, into the holding of nothing, falling effortlessly into a depthless Love. The groundlessness of this Love is unbounded and eternally Present, as It Is Presence. The ground of thoughts, ideas, and perceptions is as meaningless as it is illusory. When falling fearlessly and holding nothing, as nothing is needed, Love’s groundlessness and freedom catches us by the heart.

GP2C1954.jpgThe unchanging undefended Self is found in the heart, ever present. It teaches yes, yes, and yes to even  ‘what’s not happening’. The ‘what’s not happening ‘ has essentially taken us to Us. 

Self has nothing to defend. It Is the freedom of fullness accessed through the nothingness.

There is no dictator of Love. Only the self tries to dictate Love. 

The felt sense of longing for completion resides in the heart. The solution of a full acceptance of everything, opens the heart and sates the longing.

 The open heart realizes it is home as it always has been.The longing was ‘Us’ reaching out to ‘us’.GP2C1958.jpg

Now available, in the heart of hearts, is the unprecedented unrestricted connection to “What Is”. Heart Acceptance is constantly happening in every Moment. This view is no view.GP2C1962.jpg

Love the Love, Daddy’O 



GP2C1907Putting these two words together creates an automatic dichotomy. It doesn’t feel good. One word compromises the other. Both words together create conflict that neither word presumably wants.

And what is ‘it’ that wants? The craving or the contentment?

GP2C1898.jpgContentment does not want. It is not in the nature of contentment to plead or bleed over ‘things’. Contentment is an ultra-balanced security of Now.

Craving is missing some presumed essential piece. A piece that ‘one’ cannot do without. The pushing is self-evident, especially in attempting to secure the ‘idea’ of a lack, due to some missing temporal object (thing).

GP2C1895.jpgCraving will go past peace, love, and happiness to secure this conceptual need. Rationality left this wanton idea long ago, in some past lack of fruition, now carried into the future. The Present was/is summarily skipped over, without a thought.

It, craving, does not exist in the Present. Only the past and the future. In Presence, the insanity of going to an imaginary place, would be more obvious. And by ‘Presence’, it is not to conclude that we can ‘know’ Presence by a momentary glimpse, and then back to the insanity.

GP2C1897.jpgOnly by resting in Presence, can we make anything close to a conclusion, about not being Present. Proportionally we must be living in Presence to secure any feeling of Presence. To lurch back and forth between the urgency of falseness and peace, cannot be defined as peaceful or Present.

And then there is the ‘doing’ of Presence, which by definition cannot be Presence. There is no doing Presence. There is ‘being’ Presence and being Present.

GP2C1905.jpg‘Doing’ Presence is tantamount to ‘pushing’ Presence. And there is no ‘pushing’ in Awareness or Presence, ever.

Craving is extreme ‘pushing’. Intelligence and discrimination are even held hostage to assert this irrational craving. The results yielded -only the pillaring of Presence/Awareness can occur under these circumstances. Presence is seemingly forced out of one’s life to appease desire and/or fear.

The other outcome in this craving madness is never arriving at the object of craving. Craving never delivers.

What ‘was’ and what ‘will be’ are never actually happening in this yielding to craving. The happening, in this case,  died with the craving. The ‘aliveness’, is certainly missing as a result of this choice.

Experience of the past cannot be carried forward to Presence. Presence has no space for the falseness of the unreality of ‘over’ to be in the Now. Exceptions occur only in the ‘non-happening’ of ‘happening’. Happening, Us, gives seeming reality to the unreality, without compromising Reality. That is non-happening, an artifice in time.

Craving abides only when Reality gives the space of non-reality for this activity to seemingly go on. What’s happening remains the only real game in town.

GP2C1892.jpgContentment recognizes the Fullness of Now and contemporaneously the futility of leaving contentment, for some foolish unbalanced errand. Understanding contentment is understanding that. There is really nothing outside this understanding of Fullness, that can make one any more Full. Knowing ‘that’, why would anyone leave the full integrity of ‘this’ space?!

GP2C1893.jpgSo contentment is an experiential understanding. The pointlessness of ’seeking’ or ‘craving’ is glaringly obvious. To ‘crave’, is to mis-understand. To go outside the Now, is to unnecessarily burden Ourselves with the patently false. To indulge in ‘what’s not happening’ , is to automatically lose the aliveness of the Moment. Where is the fun in all that?!

“Be neither the knower nor the known; be only the knowing of experience, and you will find your self as everyone and everything.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1901.jpgThere is no improving the false ‘me’. The illusion cannot get the message. Trying to ‘know’ the “Not Knowing” is futility incarnate, as we Are the Knowing and the “Not Knowing” of the Knowing. Craving or effort cannot secure the “effortlessness” We already Are Now. Be the contentment.

Love the Love, Daddy’O    




GP2C1889.jpgAre we done? Understanding won’t help. And how can we get anything when there is nothing to get, literally.

GP2C1876.jpgTo get something presupposes that we do not have that ‘something’. Is the presupposition correct?!

GP2C1882.jpgBut why does everyone seem to be looking for that something that is missing in their lives e.g. peace, happiness, and/or Truth?

Looking for something, that is clearly and experientially present, would be spinning our wheels for no good reason with zero movement on the pavement of progress towards a lofty goal.

GP2C1880.jpgIf ‘Its’ right in front of our nose, why can’t we see it?

We are looking from a view that is not a valid view. But we and our conditioning believe ‘it’ to be so. But, but have we looked at how we have been looking? Or, more probably, have we acquiesced to the “tornado of me” and resigned ourselves to believing our current view has got to be right?

GP2C1890.jpgIf its got to be right, why hasn’t ‘it’ yielded results after a lifetime of effort?

The current view is essentially lame. It cannot yield the results we are looking for precisely because it is an incorrect and/or faulty view. Success here is assuredly not going to happen.

We are trying to kick the door open when in fact the door can never open because the door is not made to open in the direction of our travel.

GP2C1879.jpgThe fact is the door is already wide open. More essentially, we are already ‘there’. Our searching and looking has not succeeded because we do not even See where our standing is. Often, our standing is more illusion hiding as discrimination.

GP2C1891.jpgOur standing Is groundlessness. But we clamor for ground. Importing ground only grounds us in the muck of suffering and limitation. The view of ‘no ground’ is a view we resist because we not only want the ground of whom we think we are but also the myriad ideas, hopes, aspirations of hollowness that is this seeming ground we so pine for. When we hope for a status that is currently present, the ‘hope’ becomes unreachable.

GP2C1888.jpgWe need a u-haul truck to drag all the narrative, beliefs, and identifications we have, to seemingly feel complete, from one moment to the next moment. 

Completeness is already Present without the hoarding of ‘stuff’ we ‘think’ is necessary. The density that is necessary to carry all that garbage, is precisely the ‘stuff’ that precludes us from Being ‘Us’.

Instead of ‘looking’ for what cannot be found, we would do infinitely better, to allow ‘the Looking’ to find us. Just resting, just not pushing, but being with the Openness, to allow “What Is” to make the movement, to merge with the ‘Us’ in us, is enough. 

GP2C1884.jpgThe vast openness and spaciousness is not freely associated with rat pack mentalities. Freedom is not the storage of any ‘thing’ but the liberation of ‘things’. The Priorness is the Fullness, Is the infinite potential, where all ‘things’ eventually arise from. To focus on ‘things’ is to completely miss the point of Being.

“The greatest form of Seva/ Service is the humility to receive all of life and see through the illusion of separation.  When we let go of serving the individual which is all about getting ‘my’ needs met we let go into something so much greater, the Self.”  -Clare Blanchflower  

The ‘Priorness’ is accessible when being Being first in all Moments. Then phenomena comes second as ‘it’ is a created ‘after’.

GP2C1885.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O   



GP2C1874 (1).jpgThey are both a stretch. The illusions have to out of timelessness and in time, in order to be illusory. The reference to a past and a future cannot coexist in the Now-ness of timelessness. 

In Reality, the ‘was’ and ‘will be’, immediately disallows the immediacy of the experience of Now, as neither distortion is  permitted in Presence. To compromise the ’Now’ with these false presences of non-existence, is absolutely and unequivocally, to seemingly leave the Now. If the Now were to entertain these distortions, then the Now would cease It’s Now-ness.

GP2C1850.jpgThe Now is absolute. Absolute-ness cannot be moderated even for a nanosecond. Time is a false belief if believed to be true. There is the appearance of time which can be experienced as distortion or a modulation of timelessness. That is an appearance, not a Truth.

GP2C1873 (1).jpgThe “I Am” is in timelessness. It can be no other way. Timelessness is not conceptual like time. Timelessness is time removed. Timelessness is free of time. The ‘I Am” abides there, which is nowhere and everywhere; no point and all points.

When 90+% of our resting is in time, then time consumes Us. When We Are timelessness, we consume time and all other appearances. Consciousness is always primary even when obscured.

GP2C1871.jpgThe “false I Am”can only reside in the apertures of past/future, which are both aberrations of Reality. They are the ‘dreaming’of Reality with only an appearance of nouns or things. Reality is never compromised as the ‘dreaming’ never really ‘nouns’. 

GP2C1864.jpgThe ‘nouns’ that appear are really not permanent. Their temporariness is the give-away appearance of non-Reality. They cannot exist as Reality. These ‘nouns’ have as much permanence as a dream.

GP2C1859.jpgSo when we say to ourselves or others, about what ‘I was” and/or “I will be”, we are overriding the overriding principle of whom We really Are. What Is existing Now, can never stop existing, even for a second, except in ‘time’which is a distortion of timelessness. To not ’See’ the Truth of Self, is to pretend to be the mind/body before the ‘Prior-ness of Self.

GP2C1861.jpgTime appears to trump timelessness. But timelessness cannot be trumped except in an illusion. See the illusion and See the truth of what we Are not.

Again, what can be perceived cannot be Perceiving. What Is Perceiving cannot be perceived. There Is no noun in Perceiving, ever.

GP2C1865.jpgResting in Priorness or Awareness, Is always, as the always never gives way to time. Time is distortion/illusion. 

The ‘was’ and the ‘will be’ are ‘doings’ that have departed from effortless acceptance of ‘What Is’always, that is, Beingness (no-thing verbing).

Consciousness has things. Things are not conscious. Time is a thing that is perceived.

Falling into the Moment of Now has never stopped It’s Nowness. Nowness catches everything.

GP2C1854.jpg“I, Awareness, cannot be known as any kind of an object such as a thought, feeling, sensation or perception yet in all of these it is I alone that am being known, just as the screen is never found in the movie and yet is all that is truly seen.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1856.jpgRest in the falling where there is no-thing or no-noun. Crashes only take place when we distort non-permanence into seemingly permanent ‘was’ and ‘will be’. The falling never stops falling. Find rest ‘there’. Be Free.

GP2C1853 (1).jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O 



GP2C1834Mind, that is, the mental process of thinking and sense perception, is an activity that assigns and defines our identity as whom we ‘think’ we are. It is a process that is incessant in constantly defining and claiming falsely, our doing, thinking, seeing, and experiencing.

It is like the clown following an exquisite performance by a ballerina, who bows before the audience to receive the accolades that rightly belong to the dancer. It’s falseness is gross and misleading, but apparent, if one does not get caught by what just happened.

GP2C1846.jpgGP2C1844.jpgThe whole process must be taken into account. If we left the show before its incipient conclusion, and the clown showed up to take the bow, as we returned, we may be convinced that the clown’s bow was deserved.

Only seeing parts of the performance and not seeing or understanding the whole process, leaves one to making conclusions that have no experiential validity.

Believing that only the clown is untenable, as ‘it’ had nothing really to do with the performance, is a start but not a finish. And at the same time, the clown is not to be resisted, as ‘it’ is part of the show to be enjoyed. No good reason to hate (resist) the clown. 

Seeing the clown as a clown relieves us of any real threat to the enjoyment of the entire performance. Not seeing the clown properly can create a bad evening. Yet a greater understanding is the knowledge of the dance as the progenitor of the movement and all the subsequent characters and their development.

GP2C1838.jpgThat knowledge is prior to any show.

The mind is stagecraft, not dissimilar to a carnival, where trickery is part and parcel of the charm. Seeing through the craftiness kinda ends the fun of it, as well as the thinking we can ‘honestly’ win.

The mind is a one-trick pony that rules us like a carny, getting our chump change and making chumps out of us.

The one-trick is one good trick, working in keeping us imprisoned in a little box that is pure illusion. 

GP2C1829.jpgThoughts cannot be controlled or determined by the illusory ‘us’.  Controlling thoughts or attempting to control thoughts, is always futile. If the thought of whom we are as identity, tries to control thoughts, then that is one thought trying to control another thought. How silly! Good luck on that endeavor.

Before thoughts is Silence. After thoughts is Silence. Silence never leaves and is never affected by thoughts.

GP2C1845.jpgInstead of giving attention to thoughts and content, give attention to Silence and context. The deafening noise of thoughts is a result of giving our undivided attention on thoughts rather than Voiceless Silence. 

Thoughts trick us. Silence Is always first. Thoughts arise when thoughts arise, in Silence. Mind claims thoughts with ‘m’ and ‘y’, creating identity and personal narrative through memory. After identification with thought, reaction is spawned. The illusion of identity is now bonded to thoughts that affirm/deny the quality of the identity. The identity is needy, in that affirmation must extended by more claiming of thoughts, ad infinitum.

This process must be seen so we will no longer be victimized by it. It must be Seen by the Seeing. The process, to be seen by the process itself, is not to see the process. The Witness must witness the process. 

The problem comes in again, with the mind claiming the Witness, then falsely making the mind the witness, which is the one-trick pony. Not Seeing ‘it’ victimizes the illusory self as really feeling like it is the illusory self (again and again) despite the claiming of witnessing .

It’s a cute trick that works like magic. Except suffering is never really abated. Mind claims everything after it happened. The Happening just happens, always happening. The stopping by the mind is just ‘not happening’ and the creation of an illusory state.

The mind cannot stop the Happening. Mind creates the appearance of ‘happened’ to the ‘me’. There is no ‘me’ and nothing ‘happened’. Time, when there is only Now, is created, in order to create the ‘happened’. Illusion is in mind with ‘my’ thoughts aiding and abetting. Hence, we believe the mind in accepting the hijacking as a normal part of life.

”The eternal now, when seen through the narrow slit of the mind, appears as time. The infinite here, when seen through the narrow slit of the mind, appears as space.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1830.jpgThe real normal is just happening, period.

Fear/desire and past/future are not extant in the Now. The Now can receive anything/everything and never be affected/effected. Fearlessness and desirelessness are found in the Fullness. Time is a permutation of mind. Timelessness is part of the Nothingness of Being choiceless effortlessness.

There is nothing to understand and there is nothing to do. To ‘do’ seemingly precludes ‘Being’ which already Is forever Prior. Be the Prior not the afterthought, as ‘that’ thinking is NOT happening.

GP2C1833.jpgLove the Love Daddy’O 




GP2C1820.jpgOmnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence is ‘space’ metaphorically. 

GP2C1827.jpgIf there were no space, where would we be? Where would we put everything? Can we find room somewhere else? Is ’space’ really that important?

How can space be so useful when we can’t even nail a peg on it? Precisely so.

But, really, we don’t even give ‘it’ a whole lot of consideration. Is that too, it’s usefulness?

GP2C1811.jpgAlso, does ‘space’ hold so-called other frequencies or dimensions of light, vibration, sound, matter, et al? Can we consider this breadth as another signature of space?

Buildings come and go but space remains. Does space ever need to be renewed? 

The earth’s orbit is changing it’s location in space, moment-by-moment. With all this space changing on earth every second, are we ever concerned that the different space we get, is not going to be good enough? Or perhaps it is not a concern because space is uniform and unchanging, no matter where we go in the solar system?!

GP2C1826.jpgWhat about the amount of space? Is it unbounded and infinite? Does space even have an edge or an endpoint? How does space feel? Have we ever been able to feel space?

We certainly have felt density and lack of space. Apart from the ‘external’, how is our space internally? Do we feel we have the analogue to external space, that being ‘no edge’ and ‘infinity’? Or are we bunched up with no room, crowded by our excessive thoughts, wants, and demands on others?

GP2C1802.jpgAnd is there really an experiential difference between external and internal space, aside from the ‘thinking’ and ‘believing’ that brokers that separation? Can we truly see the edge of our internal awareness and our presumed external world? What happens when we close our eyes? What happens when we dream? Does space disappear?

GP2C1819.jpgThe space that is labeled as internal and the space that is labeled external, are those distinctions enough to say that the space is really a different space? 

GP2C1817.jpgWhen we say “we are holding space”, does that mean that the space is then a ‘thing’? Can we see a photograph of someone holding space and a pic of someone not holding space?

If space is not a ’thing’, what are it’s characteristics?

Perhaps if we measure space, or count space-lets, or research space itself, we can find a more efficacious way of using space? Not! 

When there are no objects in space, how would we measure space?

GP2C1810.jpgAre we actually separate from space? What is separate, space or us? If the presumed ‘us’ is only conceptual , then perhaps what is more real, permanent, and unchanging is space. If space is us, but without the ‘us’ as identity, what is left?

What always remains is space.

Do we have to struggle to see space? Would it be more useful if we saw space? Do we need to really intellectualize and understand space? Would space care if we did? Is space tolerant of anything and/or everything we put in it?

Omnipresence (infiniteness and presence everywhere) is space.  Omniscience (infinite knowledge and always ‘knowing’) is space. Omnipotence (powerfully Present) is space. ’Space’ is the metaphor pointing to the Ineffable, unquantifiable everything/nothing that Is.

Much like ‘space’, Beingness (existence of the “I Am”), has the ’no-thingness’ of space. All ‘space’ does in this context is point to what can not be thought of but only experienced by Self aka Awareness.

Every one of us accepts and allows the ubiquitousness of space to enter our lives without a thought. There are no issues with space, ever. Not having space is inconceivable.

If we can so blithely accept this ‘space’ non-thing, why do we struggle with accepting ourselves as Ourselves. The capital Ourselves is just as Present and eternal as the same space that allowed the universe to be birthed into manifestation.

“The belief that the mind perceives or is aware, doesn’t make sense. Mind is perceived; it does not perceive. Only Awareness is aware.” -Rupert Spira

Appearances in our life are specious and temporary and meritless, relative to our identity to be ’that’, rather than ‘That’ that cannot be Seen or described despite it’s ubiquity. 

Presence (space) is context that never changes. Content is what is contained. There is no containing Presence.

Be ’That’ always, as ‘always’ is what It Is.

GP2C1812Love the Love, Daddy’O 




Not knowing what you do not know, will often yield a learning experience that may take a moment or perhaps as much as 40 years or more, to figure out. The penalty of ineffectiveness (of not knowing) could be very punishing when not knowing the pitfall of not knowing.

GP2C1788.jpgAs an example, going into an unfamiliar culture and transacting inappropriate/unacceptable behavior, per cultural norms, can result in incarceration or worse. North Korea, Saudia Arabia, and/or Afghanistan have severe consequences for non-compliance with their particular societal expectations. Not knowing the perils of prescribed behavior can be a painful lesson.

Our own personal examples of a past faux pas, usually has enough historical grist, to underscore the importance of knowing what we don’t know, but probably should know, to preclude diving into a situation without due preparation. The reduction of unnecessary suffering is a great motivator for most of us.

GP2C1785.jpgIn spirituality, the very first step we take on our path can be ‘that’ important. 

Usually, the first thing we do is to try to become more spiritual in order to reduce our clinging and previously futile efforts to attain stability/happiness.

GP2C1796.jpgWhat we don’t probably realize when we take a step in this direction, is that ’that’ direction of ‘looking’, is usually ‘looking’ in the wrong direction. So our subsequent efforts will all be pointing away from the desirable outcome we expect. 

GP2C1791.jpgConsequently, the success rate of going in the wrong direction will yield almost sure failure. And if we are feeling lucky, then we often double down on that bad bet.

The numbers generated from this type of effort should be a shrill call to check for missing information, to wit, not knowing.

It would be much better as a starting point, to come from pure ‘not knowing’ then ‘knowing’. ’Not knowing’ at least is open to change and suggestion. The false confidence of presumed knowing, will often lead us to the epiphany of “ugh, oh!”

Starting with the concept of “Looking for awakeness”, we surely misstep into the pit of illusion. 

GP2C1795.jpgWe start meditating and we essentially look for an altered state that releases ‘us’ from ‘us’. Having a goal in meditation clearly takes us away from Us. ‘Us’ does not need a goal to Be ‘Us’.

Only self, illusory self, needs a goal to get peace and happiness for self. That is an illusion. The illusion of self and the illusion of doing the bidding for self, compounds the mis-identity.

Being ‘Being’ is not  a ‘doing’. ‘Doing’ to try to be ‘Being’, is undermining ‘Being’ at the outset. False references are clearly part of the “stuckness”. 

Meditation, as a goal-orientated activity, is contrarily, to move away from the naturalness of the immediate-ness of Presence and Being. There is no goal needed to meditate. It is like adding junk to Fullness. Fullness needs no embellishment. The meditation process is tainted from the outset by ‘doing’.

Being Is. Meditation Is Being.

Being is not a ‘state’. ‘States’ are appearances in Being. 

Being Is First, without the needing of ’states’.

Looking for a shiny object called a ‘state’is just another ‘thing’. This type of looking is subject/object based. Contrarily, ‘Looking’ is just a verb never looking for a noun. ’Seeing’ Is just ’Seeing’without a seen. The verbing of Being does not stop for an object, ever. 

Achieving a ’state’ would be stopping for an object (duality). Stopping for an object would be the eternal becoming finite and creating permanent separation. Being, to remain being, cannot shift  It’s resources into things and other appearances, else It stops Being. Being is ‘happening’. “Happening” is a verb.

There is nothing to achieve because there is nothing to be achieved. The Fullness always remains the Fullness.

To try to achieve something in meditation, for instance, would be to completely ignore the Fullness and falsely ‘believe’ in non-fullness. Belief has no Reality. Having a goal in meditation is concluding that the ‘Infinite Eternal Self’ is not Present, at the outset, while‘It’ Is actually Us Now with no before or after.

There Are no requirements necessary for Fullness to Be Present in every Moment, period.

The Fullness can never be found as It was never lost. If ‘one’ believes to have found it, then the finding by that ‘one’is clearly not the One.

One cannot know ‘It’ from what you are not. A ‘one’,  using Awareness to Seek Awareness, is too involved in the ‘one’ as illusion, to realize Awareness. That ‘one’ is  submerged in illusion and can’t know what it doesn’t know, i.e. that ‘it’ is in illusion as illusion.

“The mind that seeks awareness is like a current in the ocean in search of water. Such a mind is destined for endless dissatisfaction until it comes to rest in its source or essence.” -Rupert Spira

The starting point, the very first step, is the most important, due to determining what view is subsequently being taken.

What is perceived cannot be perceiving. What is perceiving cannot be perceived.

That is all, all the time. Know ‘That’. The   that ‘that’  isn’t  never was.

Love the Love, Daddy’OGP2C1789






What does 70,000 thoughts per day, do to a person, when only a fraction is needed to transact life? What could all those thoughts be doing? And for whom do they solicit?

GP2C1764.jpgThen ask, is there a real need to entertain that much traffic in our minds? What is fueling this seeming need to think these thoughts and these quantities of thoughts?

GP2C1776.jpgIt is not as if we lost 90% of our thoughts, we would go awry somehow. In fact, losing that much, would certainly give us great relief from recycling meaningless bravo sierra.

GP2C1775.jpgThis tornado of massive nonsense, that mostly goes nowhere, is really about the ‘me’. It is the ‘me’, due to the true nature of this ‘me’, as being a fictional/illusional concept. 

GP2C1768.jpgOur direct experience can never locate this ‘me’ except as some idea or story. This ‘idea’ or story of ‘me’ has no sustenance. ‘It’ cannot stand on it’s own. ‘It’ is only a story and not unlike a screenplay. ‘It’ has pathos and drama and is sometimes charming and beautiful, and perhaps as compelling as a Star Wars tale. ‘It’ (the ‘me’) cannot be found. ‘It’ is an illusion we believe in with clearly more assumption than testing.   

GP2C1771.jpg‘Reality’ is being given to this ‘story’ to sustain it’s appearance in our day-to-day life. One single viewing could never sustain something that is not real. Only an ongoing iteration of thoughts and streams of thoughts are enough to keep it broadcasting it’s seeming reality.   

GP2C1773.jpgThe large number of thoughts we attach to ourselves through ‘m’ and ‘y’, are making sense. That is, the more thoughts we have of giving support to a falseness, the more we feel secure about the falsehood being true. 

Hence, the necessity of the tornado of ‘me’.

GP2C1767.jpg“All experience is seamless and intimate. It is only thought that divides it in two thereby creating an imaginary inside self that experiences and its corollary the outside object, other or world that is experienced. But at no time does this division of experience actually take place.” -RUPERT SPIRA

With ‘this’ type of thinking, we establish ourselves as the center of the universe. Clearly, there of more thoughts of ‘me’ than anything else we think of in our typical day.

Having ‘me’ as central to life is tantamount to making everything appear as an object, thereby evoking great unnatural separation. The ‘me’ is an object, period. It is not even alive. It is a dead concept. 

Evoking a subject/object relationship, is evoking the dead to come alive with just a call to more objects. 

In the above pattern,  ‘Aliveness’ is now clearly obscured by this weather phenomena of the tornado of ‘me’.

The ‘Aliveness’ remains, but access is vastly reduced, due to the bandwidth being marginalized by the ongoing project of asserting the identity of ’me’.

GP2C1780.jpgBeingness is just a receiving, with no projection of judgment or opinion. The ‘me’ is nothing but judgment and opinion. Although Beingness or Awareness cannot be removed, It can be occluded, especially by mis-identity.

Beingness however, is receiving the occlusion and the iterations of ‘me’, as It Is the virtual container of Everything and every thing.

Looking for the ’Seeing’, is only the ‘me’ or illusion, looking through illusion for illusion. The ‘me’ can never find what it is looking for as the ‘Looking’ was never lost nor ever an object.

GP2C1781.jpgWe Are the ‘Looking’ and can’t be found, regardless of the idea that there is a tornado of ‘me’  looking.

The ‘Looking’ is not an object. The ‘Looking’ is an alive verb that can’t be found as It Is not object-based. 7 billion tornadoes with 70,000 thoughts per capita, cannot find this ‘Looking’.

It (Awareness) Is Present always, with no thoughts necessary. The tornado is an illusion.

Love the Love, Daddy’O



GP2C1751.jpgThere Is no ‘there’ there. The ground we seem to have, is very seemingly present and always temporary, never permanent. But we persist in ‘believing’ in the stability of ‘this’ ground. Isn’t that a cognitive disconnect?!

Our experiential testing tells us something different. When we look for the ‘ground’ we can never really find it as stable and unchanging. The presumed ‘ground’ changes like everything else that is in ‘form’. Even the sun is not permanent, as emptiness was there for it’s birth and emptiness will be there for it’s death.

GP2C1747.jpgThe nature of form is impermanence and change. Form is a proverbial ‘thing’. Things are endpoints and not sources of Being. There is no immortality of form and/or other things, despite our belief and futility with all that.

The ‘groundlessness’ of formlessness is a signature characteristic of existence or ‘Being’. That ‘nothingness’ is so empty that it epitomizes the act of saying yes, yes, and yes to everything. No thoughts, no conditioning, no preferences, and no things are in this starting point and all are allowed entry. Moreover, there is no one point although all points are It.

GP2C1754.jpgThe groundlessness Is the ground. Even the seeming ground is groundlessness from the view of ‘no view’.The freedom ‘to Be’ recognizes this turf as an inherent ability to go in any direction and still maintain It’s groundlessness and omnipresence. When ground does show up, there is still no ‘there’ there. The always-ness of Being never stops Being.

The organizing principle of separateness is claiming there is a ‘hard’ ground, which then allows separateness to creep in. Conversely, allowing the infinite space of ‘everything’ to be the arbiter of Reality, leaves conceptual
ideas as reductive phenomena, that is, ephemeral as any ‘thing’ else. Ideas are endpoints that are extremely distant from Reality.

GP2C1750.jpgBeingness is not an idea or concept in time. It Is Our actual existence before and beyond time. The power of thought does not come from thought. It comes from ‘Us’.

Pure Knowing is a part of every thought i.e. groundlessness. There is no belief in Being Aware. It Is just Being Aware. Being Aware does not appear or disappear. It just Is. ‘Knowing’ never leaves Us.

Groundlessness is not in things as things are not prior to Beingness. Groundlessness is the ‘there’ in there.

“Don’t go out towards the objects of the mind, body and world but rather remain as Awareness allowing everything to come to You. You, Awareness, never go anywhere or do anything.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1755.jpgBe free with the freedom of starting and ending with no ground. Having ‘ground’ is contrary to having ’nothing’. Having ‘nothing’ Is having ‘everything’. That is the ground with the most stability and permanence. Abide there effortlessly.

GP2C1754.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O



GP2C1726Can an illusion really ruin our life?! More succinctly, an illusion can undermine our aliveness if we don’t understand the constant mis-identification with the illusion.

The problem is we don’t ‘believe’ that we are functionally an illusion, given certain beliefs. That’s a problem. More importantly, it is the trap that diminishes our fullness and infinite potential.

The trap is happening when we don’t realize that we are in a trap and then act as if we are not trapped. Still, we are trying to get something better for an illusory character, but we never really understand that ‘that’ keeps us in a trap, as well. The getting something ‘better’ is always undermined by the misunderstanding that our ‘Priorness’ actually never left the premises, despite placement in a temporal vehicle with an illusory driver.

GP2C1736.jpgImproving our situation is good but not at the expense of over-identifying with things, goals, and thinking as the thinker. Improvement can be best optimized when we are not caught in the illusion. It is futile to get a better illusion.

To try to improve the illusion will always be illusory. Good luck on that. Because then we are trying to leave the illusion as illusion. That is going nowhere fast.

GP2C1732.jpgIt would be like going to San Fran from Chicago via a treadmill. One would definitely not encounter much traffic on that road.

For instance, can we stop our perennial thinking? Why can’t we stop our thinking? ‘Perhaps’ needs to butt in and say, “Because we are not doing the thinking”. If we, as the ‘thinker’, were really in control, then our ‘thinker’ would know what our next thought would be. Albeit, there is no ‘thinker’. (Don’t think about that.)

GP2C1731.jpgGP2C1738.jpgThoughts create the story of ‘me’. The tornado of 70,000 thoughts we think about in a day are clearly about reactions, opinions, plans, conditioning -just a whole lotta ‘me’.

The ‘story’ is as real as a screenplay is to a Hollywood movie. Whom we ‘think’ we are is only a temporal and illusory character that never really had a life.

We believe we need to have a life in order to try to become someone. ‘That’ is being stuck in a character. It’s a pretty good illusion. More correctly, Life has us in Reality. The character was never in charge of anything.

To get out of the illusion we need to challenge and test out some basic presumptions that keeps us glued into the illusion. If we do not allow any questioning of these assumptions, we do not have a chance of seeing our ‘stuckness’ and exiting the futility.

We are not the thinker, doer, or character in this movie. The fact is that we are just using ‘this’ incarnated vehicle as a vehicle. The vehicle never comes alive with some identity like a Disney cartoon.

The character in the movie never has a real problem, because it is only a movie with an illusory, made-up character with ‘seeming’ problems.

When we source The Source as our primary energy (versus thought), then this becomes the witnessing that can ’See’ the illusion. As JC said, we are in the world but not of the world. Amen to that.

The ‘Aliveness’ of Being ‘Is’ always before, during, and after any association with a form. This ‘Formlessness’ never left the scene because It is the proverbial screen of the movie we ‘think’ we are in. The movie is in time. The screen is forever without schedule or time.

The false character is always trying to control and yield a self-supporting result. Stuckness personified and illusion created.

Watching, witnessing, and Being the experiencing of phenomena is Us. Getting something better is only available by leaving the illusion for Reality. Reality is unchanging Peace, Love, and innate happiness, regardless of circumstance. There is no seeking as there is not a seeker and nothing to seek.

GP2C1740.jpg“As the witnessing presence of Awareness, we stand in the background of experience; as the light of pure Knowing, we stand at its heart.” -RUPERT SPIRA

The illusions are seen through when the character stops trying to be the screenwriter, using the unreality of the script to serve his/her character. The character is not real but it is a real role. Play the character, never forgetting true Self. When you Are ‘It’, then there would be no need to seek ‘It’.

GP2C1737.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O