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Holding on to a thought, any thought, is bondage. In order to sustain the faux identity of whom we ‘think we are’, we, by default, have to hold on to the thought, which is essentially a binding idea. 

0005Identity is a grouping of ideas we have about ourselves. “We like ‘this’, we don’t want ‘that’, we have to have ‘this’. We should never get ‘this’.” Our preferences as identity aren’t even stable as we may modify them given changing circumstances. Some preferences though are projected from ‘birth to death’ with nothing seeming to get in between them, e.g. gender identity, politics, religion.

When we attach ourselves to something that appears to be nailed down but isn’t, we indulge in a narrowing of whom we Are. Limitation is the result of bonding to concepts and conceptual frameworks. 

0006If the universe, which is perennially expanding on a physical level, were to stop expanding, what would that outcome look like? The nature of life cosmically and the nature of life in our particular situation, is not different as far as how life operates. 

0009If the universe thought it had a great idea, braked for the idea to ‘hold it’, would that even sound right?! In life everything is subject to change as ‘change’ is an inherent operating principle of the universe. To ‘hold’ any ‘thing’ would be heresy to the basic operating principle commonly called ‘change’, in the universe and/or in our particular life. 

0002Bondage is clearly the outcome when identity is not fluid, i.e. stopping the moving and verb-ing as everything and anything. The yelling begins in ‘letting go’ of this hard definition of identity, because ‘letting go’ is taken to be a threat to a seemingly ‘stable’ existence.

0007The universe is not in chaos. An undefinable intelligence is implicit in its operation. Planets have their measured course and generally are not colliding into each other. When ‘we’ let go of the ‘me’, we too, do not default into chaos and self-destruction. But the fact is we are very secure in holding on to some central thoughts involving ‘me’. And we fear letting go of the idea of ‘me’, despite the bondage and suffering found in our daily grind.

Additionally, the fact is that the concepts of identity came after our implicit freedom -not before. Freedom is always before bondage of self. Awareness never holds on to ‘any’ thought ever. We Are Awareness first and before any establishment of a faux identity.

0004There is an identity for ‘us’ that is present in the physical world. But ‘it’ is like an address on our house. The address on our house is not our house. Who we are is not limited to our name or form or any other concept we may want to add to it. Concepts are fine but they do not define ‘us’ except when we allow that limitation (seemingly). 

0008Who we Are is not limited to being some ‘thought’ or ‘thoughts’. By the act of ’trying’ to ‘Be’ we automatically default to a conceptual base. ‘Being’ is not a concept nor is ‘Being’ accessible through concepts. ‘Being’ is before concepts and ‘trying’.  

The universe is not ‘trying’ nor does ‘it’ look for concepts to define itself. It just ‘Is’. We just ‘Are’. There is a felt sense in our own localized existence (that concepts have no play in). Our unacquired knowledge of ‘Knowing’ informs Us experientially and unequivocally with no ‘trying’ necessary.

0001Thoughts do happen legitimately. Holding and identifying with thoughts is problematic. Trusting in thoughts is bondage because then thoughts use ‘Us’. Trusting life is trusting the universe which is trusting Self. The ‘energy’ does not need direction from a temporary thought. When ‘Everything’ Is already running everything, why trust lesser vehicles that are limited, certainly temporary, and have a trail of failure? 

0000Be free. It Is Our nature. Awareness has ‘Us’. We do not have ‘Awareness’. Let go of thoughts dominating our lives unnecessarily. See the ‘existence’ we always Are Now. Feel the space around ‘this’ existence as ‘that’ Is real, unchanging, still, yet alive and awake. 

Unconditional Love Is here Now. It Is before thought. The heart Knows this Love always. Love all in this universe of Us. Daddy’O0000 copy



0008What claims the message is not here and now. If what hears the message, claims the message, then linear time comes into play. Putting time into this equation invalidates the message because the message is not ‘in time’.

0002The ‘message’ comes from timelessness to timelessness. Timelessness is always Present even when it seems to not be the case. Timelessness is essentially everything everywhere with no ‘time’ present.

Life Is a series of ‘Nows’. ‘It’ Is never not ’Now’ except seemingly so.

0005When ‘time’ is seemingly present then the illusion of dreaming a separate self expresses itself in phenomenal reality. There is no ‘here and ‘now’ access from this venue.

0004At the same time, it is all ‘here’ and ‘now’ regardless of illusion seemingly obscuring Reality. Reality is never really obscured. When ‘time’ comes into play there is an acknowledgement that something is missing. This prompts a search to follow-up on finding a way to get ‘that’ fullness back (that cannot be present in time). The separate self is created and is itself phenomenal. The ‘fullness’ cannot be located in the phenomenal by the separate self due to its own phenomenal limitations.

0007The problem is exacerbated by the utilization of the construct of time to seek a solution to our faux uncomfortable emptiness. Just the act of using ‘time’ is enough to stall any immediacy for getting to the ‘fullness’ we desire and Are.

0003Any use of ‘time’ to search for the missing piece is failure compounded, with relief stubbornly evasive. ’Time’ cannot contain what is ‘timeless’. ’Timelessness’ contains ‘time’ (more accurately). To go into ‘time’ is to go away from ’Timelessness’. ‘It’ cannot work any other way.

0006‘Presence’ is only and always ‘Here’ ’Now’ and that is the ‘timelessness’ that never changes Itself aka ‘eternity’. Constructs like ‘time’ are forms that are unstable. They exist in the grand illusion. ‘You’ cannot find ‘Yourself’ in the illusion. Our ‘You’ sustains Itself perennially despite the ‘dreaming’ of the dream.

0009There is no adding of anything to the simplicity of pure existence. To do so is to put limitation on the unlimited. The solution is that there is no problem. A problem would invoke ‘doing’, ‘adding’, or ’stopping’ to get something to get something. All ‘that’ is running around “What Is”.

0000Being ‘Aware’ ‘Here’ and ’Now’ requires no effort. Beingness Is ‘aliveness’ without trying.

0010The familiarity of struggle has a natural remediation by letting go of time and falling back to landing on ’nothing’. ‘Here’ ‘nothing’ Is Everything because there is nothing blocking Everything.

0001Falling back is Love returning to Love. The ‘Fullness’ Is Love Loving Itself. Being Love Is effortless. Daddy’O0000 copy


0011Our person (or identity) is the overlay for the light to shine through, in every single moment. We, a la the person, are not actually the overlay. It just appears that way. We Are the ‘are-ing’ of Being. The overlay is the noun used by the light to project through its verbing. 

0000Metaphorically speaking, an overhead projector has a bright light that either shines through the glass or the additional media placed on it, and that filters the light. The media changes constantly while the light is the stable feature.

0009The light enlivens the media and messages its message. Without the light, the media is irrelevant to the presentation. The light is essentially verb-ing through the noun -it’s message. The ‘noun’ is not the message.

0008Or in other words the context (the light) is the backdrop that allows the content to even exist. Content is useful but certainly not whom we Are.

0010Our tendency, clearly and doggedly, is to be thrilled with content that orbits around a central idea called ‘self’. Creating a ‘self’ is creating a limitation on the verb-ing that is being coursed through us. A ‘self’ is essentially a ’stop’ that is put upon the verb-ing.

Any ’stop’ of the perennial verb-ing that is coursing through this noun of a mind/body, is a dis-allowing of Fullness to be at maximum bandwidth. This of course is limitation. There is no need for the Fullness to be limited as ‘It’ Is naturally ‘Full’ and complete. 

0004The ‘verb-ing’ and the overlay of the ‘person’ are wholly compatible when everything is ‘true’.  It is only when there is a perceived ‘need’ to stop the ‘verb-ing’ to seemingly give life to a un-enlivened ‘me’, that there is a kink in what is normally a perfectly natural process.

0006The un-natural-ness is the ‘stopping’ of the flow of ‘The Energy’ by altering the stream into an artificial blockage called ‘me’.

When ‘we’ start owning ‘The Energy’ through the ‘doer’, the ‘thinker’, the ‘feeler’ (all nouns), we create dams. We Are life flowing through the media of a ‘person’. We are not the ‘person’ letting life flow through us. When we ‘think’ we are the person then we ‘own’ the person and we try to control life. At this point the problematic ‘nouns’ start showing up.

This position or view is faulty as it trivializes the unlimited brilliance of Source unnecessarily. We own nothing as we are ‘nothingness’ which owns nothing but Is everything. Nothingness is our basic basis. Not some ‘thing’ or some ‘idea’ that  forces some illusory will. 

0002The ’stopping’ is facilitated by a ’stuck-ness’ of energy in a closed system often called ‘me’. This ‘field’ is very restricted as it dis-allows the natural ‘aliveness’ to be fully expressed. The ‘stopping’ is allowed in order to protect/defend an illusion that we created and continues to persist despite a failed history of futile efforts at remediation.

There is no escape from this ’stopping’, as what wants to escape is the ‘me’. In reality the ‘me’ has nothing to say about it because it does not exist. 

0007True Nature is before any construct or illusion of ‘me’. True Nature has no stops as It Is always verb-ing. There is no destroying the ‘me’ because ‘it’ is an illusion. To try to destroy ‘it’ is to acknowledge ‘it’. To acknowledge ‘it’ is to create ‘it’.

Seeing from ’Seeing’, where no stopping or creating of any noun is being made, facilitates ‘See-ing’ the illusion as never having existed.

0005What Is existing right Now Is the ‘Isness’ that has no stops. ‘It’ has nowhere to stop. ‘It’ Is the nothingness of undivided openness in the undefinable context of just ‘Being’. Falling into this vastness is a constant falling. Where would you stop? It Is just ‘Falling’.

Falling back is going from content to context. Staying in ‘content’ is not Seeing ‘context’ in any meaningful way. Staying (effortlessly) in context Sees the unchanging and the changing together as the play of consciousness with no divisions between the seeming two. It all Is the expression of Fullness.

0003Abiding in the ‘Knowing’ of the known is always effortless. Abiding exclusively in the shallow waters of the ‘known’, is wrought with effort.

Constantly falling back into the aliveness of falling with no stops, is true freedom from crashing into artificial constructs that aren’t even real. Living as Life Itself in the full openness of whom we really Are is living fully and freely Now. There is no ground. Fall fearlessly as there is just falling.

0001We fall back to the prior-ness that is always before thoughts, ideas, sensations, and perceptions. This Is Love unbounded and un-conditioned. Be Love. See Love always free.   Daddy’O    


IMG_0542.jpegWhen we are in love with someone, we snuggle up and ‘relax into’ this love. Any pushing would certainly not be parked under this rubric of ‘love’.

This is a ‘soft’ approach that eschews any ‘pushing’ or even active ‘doing’. It underscores the implicit truth of literally everything being ‘perfect’ right Now. No resistance can legitimately exist if we actualize this deep understanding of complete acceptance of “What Is”. When things are ‘perfect’ why would any alternative be better? This is despite the seeming contradictions of dualism e.g. right and wrong. 

The ‘softness’ is also present due the allowance of an unbridaled authenticity of acceptance and a complete ‘openness’ to all phenomena. The ‘allowing’ comes from the open unprotected heart where ‘Love’ abides fully, as this is our direct connection to Source Itself. All of creation, to include all creation from our heart center, starts from the fullness of unconditional Love.

IMG_0539.jpegLetting all the Love in, in this Moment, requires ‘nothing’ to be present. If the false self is present, then the ‘doer’ is also present. The ‘doer’ is a fraud and illusion that was birthed ‘after’ the ‘doing’, and the five senses. Just looking at the timing of the ‘doer’, the ‘thinker’, or the ‘see-er’, and we can only logically conclude a complete and fabricated falseness. These ‘labels’ or ‘nouns’ occur only ‘after’ the events of ‘seeing’, ‘hearing’, ‘smelling’, ‘tasting’, and ‘touching’.

IMG_0538.jpegThis is all to say, that the idea of ‘me’ is only an idea and only ‘thinks’ it has control. Control is vested in the ineffable vastness of the ‘verbing’ of Life. There is no real stopping for any fictional nouns to include the false self.

So, where does that leave Us?

Can we allow something/anything to occur without any ‘doing’ on our part? Or how does Life work for Us?

We are NOT separate from Life. We Are Life (moving). And there is no ‘other’ to steal Life’s accomplishments. The little ‘me’ does not exist, period. It Is only Life manifesting Life. 

When ‘this’ is understood deeply, then there is a Knowing of the ‘Knowing’. ‘Knowing’ automatically surrenders any idea of ‘knower’, doer, thinker, see-er, et al. ‘It’ Is enough.

Finally, we all become virtual ‘nothings’, as ‘Life’ Is fully living ‘Life’ through the vehicle that was always meant to be a vehicle. The ‘driver’ of the vehicle is virtually another mechanical element on and in the road of Life. There is really ‘nothing’ driving the vehicle. It ‘Is’ as it should Be.

IMG_0530.jpegThe vehicle is parked wherever it is parked and driven wherever it is driven. There is no angst or trepidation, or regret. Identity is in Life freeing the vehicle to get serviced, driven, or used as needed. Perfect never looked so good. ‘Nothing’ allowed everything.

IMG_0540.jpegThe effortlessness of Being results in a zero-effort from the vehicle as the vehicle allows all the effort to be transmitted through it. Everything happened on the road of Life and the driver was not even needed, ever.

IMG_0349.jpeg“The great secret of spiritual science is allowing something to happen without doing it. It needs great understanding and awareness to allow things to happen.” -Osho

Relax into the Love of Being. This Is ‘coming home’ effortlessly. The ‘Fullness’ is reached. This Is the ‘home’ we have always been looking for, right Now. And ‘Everything’ is perfect.

IMG_0350.jpegThere is no stopping the Love You Are. Love Is Loving Love and there is only Loving. Daddy’O


0002Why? ‘Why’ is an aggressive question. The ‘why’ is more of a defense of ‘what isn’t’ than an affirmation of “What Is”. The ‘why’ is defending the vulnerable heart that has survival of the ‘idea of self’ as its main starting point. ‘This’ starting point is not recommended due to its inherent frailty and falseness.

0006Defending an illusion is always a problem (delusion). Seeing where we are currently abiding in, as far as identity is concerned, is imperative. Just acknowledging and losing the untenable-ness of our current position is a better starting point.

We would not be looking for a better plan if our current modality was optimally functional, would we?!

0000Pointing to the failed system we are enjoining in constantly (24/7), can even be more affirmed when we see our activity as futile, upon just a glimpse of our success rate. ‘Seeing’ our failures more completely aids and abets more success, contrary to popular belief.

In order to move past the failed system we knowingly or unknowingly support, our starting point shifts out of thinking we ‘know’ to ‘not knowing’. ‘Not knowing’ opens naturally to spaciousness and unlocks us from binding of previous beliefs and patterns of conditioning.

IMG_0255We essentially give up our false start by seeing our tendencies behaving in a knee-jerk fashion to what life presents. We see the binding that is attached to ‘our’ reaction to phenomena internally and externally. We see the casting of identity, ‘our’ manufactured identity, to thoughts, ideas, sensations, and perceptions.

IMG_0242What is teased out upon this scrutiny is the false-ness of beginning with a false self. This is not an easy task as everything we think we know has a false-ness to it when viewed from an illusion. The illusion of self has layers of deep conditioning that keep popping up. Any suppression of the false self only supports the false self. Suppression cannot be the answer.

IMG_0263What Is always Present regardless of circumstances is the non-conditional Self. Our higher Self is not entangled in the hot mess of phenomena aka content. Self or Beingness Is forever prior to all that content. The addition of ‘time’, a concept, punishes us when we attach ourselves to content. Time is used by false self to become false self with a past and future. Without time, the fraud of self is revealed to be unreal and the value of content to be hollow and transitory. Identification with the ‘after’ robs Us of Presence (Now) (seemingly).



What Is Present Is timeless or in no time, as It Is the permanence of unshakeable background, allowing content to manifest and un-manifest itself. The always-ness of It cannot be regulated by a concept of time. Prior-ness and After-ness of Presence just ‘Is’.

Starting with full abundance is not in time. Starting with full abundance is not phenomenal in that it is not created in time. ‘It” just ‘Is’ effortlessly the aliveness of nothingness that Is Everything always Now.

Starting with full abundance is not conditioned on any phenomena. The felt sense of existence, prior to any condition or thought or sensation, Is this ‘Isness’. Nothing can be added to It. Adding anything is subtracting from It (separation).


When we get that there is nothing and/or nobody ‘get it’, we ‘get it’.

There is no one there to have a thought. There is nowhere or nobody to load the experience on. There is just experiencing. When you load up on experience you then stop the ‘experiencing’. It Is just the ‘experiencing’. No one is there to collect it unless we create a collector. Do we need a collector when it Is all just Knowing? ‘That’ is the crisp aliveness that is exceedingly Present without the necessity of going back into any form or construct of time.

The Fullness is timeless. Be the Prior-ness of everything, always right Now. Being the Source has no start or finish. Starting with full abundance is pure Being Being pure Being.

Everything Loves everything as everything is always Love. Daddy’O


Knowing-ness is a much finer energy than the quality of tightly conditioned thoughts. Knowing-ness Is a subtleness that is always Present but clearly not obstructive to Seeing. Thoughts are much cruder in their presentation in that they can obscure the subtle, especially if given enough allowance to perseverate. However, Knowing-ness is behind every thought and sensation.

0001Recognizing thoughts to ‘See’ their density and inherent ability to obscure, is a non-attached ‘looking’. Conversely, ongoing engagement in conversation with thoughts, is the implicit allowance to obscure context. Acknowledgement of thoughts but not full engagement to thoughts, is the ticket to freedom from being ‘lost’ in thoughts.

IMG_1445When a thought comes with a steaming neediness and unrelenting demand, its nature is revealed to be extreme, hard, and untenable. Untenable especially when viewed in the vast and open spaciousness of whom we really Are. Sometimes the demands by thoughts are merciless, resulting in inevitable suffering if allowed to persist in content.

IMG_0853It does not really matter as to what the thought actually is (content). It matters that the density of the thought is so wrought with unreasonableness that it is easily exposed as extreme. The ‘thought’ is really more of a message to Us about us. It is a pointer to our freedom.

IMG_2003This ‘thought’ is telling on us about our commitment to some dead-end desire that is upending our freedom to Be. It is not to be dreaded. It is beautiful in that it is an exceedingly clear message about our commitment in going to some counterproductive arena i.e. suffering.

IMG_2751Too much thought can be recognized as demanding more content than context. Or, more phenomena and less non-phenomenal Formlessness. And again in other words, more separation versus a unity of consciousness.


Experiencing this exposure and contrast, spaciousness shows its own freedom to us to be in this spaciousness versus the constriction of false self demanding more of false self via ‘thoughts’.0000

Upon the recognition of the deepest Self of Knowing Itself without thoughts, the connection is thus made to access this ever-present field of aliveness that is the context for everything. This ‘openness’ is the actualized freedom from ‘self’ to Self.

IMG_0797The disturbance of heavy dense thoughts, when they do manifest, becomes so obvious in their glare of extremeness, that they can be easily dismissed, if ‘Seen’ from the subtleness of Being Being. The choice then becomes either an engagement in a deep abiding peace or a waging of war via a disturbed ‘me’ and the subsequent embrace of ongoing suffering and separation.

“It is all alive Being.” -Purna Clare Blanchflower

IMG_4770The disturbance of thoughts shows us where we can go deeper. The Self is ever-present and available at all times and/or places i.e. here and now. The intention is already here as the ‘longing’ for completion/actualization. Even ‘that’ intention does not stand. The ‘longing’ is not ’It’ because We Are already ‘It’ Now. Thoughts make it a distraction. Being-ness allows uninterrupted Being (Now). There is no waiting for ‘It’ as ‘It’ Is always Present and We Are ‘It’. See ‘that’ from context not content.

There is no distance in time nor space to get to the immediacy of our ‘Isness’. Thoughts can be used, versus thoughts using us. And it Is all Us. See ‘that’.

Everything is everything and everything is love. Daddy’o


0008To have trust is to have faith in ‘Knowing’. ‘Knowing’ is the unacquired verb-ing of intrinsic knowledge. There is nothing to get in this ‘Knowing’ as it is perennial, fluid, and already ‘gotten’ (so to speak). It is as built-in as breathing. No instruction needed. 

The ‘Knowing’ is always present and always available. There is no time when ‘Knowing’ isn’t. Thereby the ‘Knowing’ elicits the faith in ‘It’. Faith is a product of the ‘Knowing’. Trust follows these pillars of absolute consistency if given a chance to trade in the failed system we ‘normally’ may abide in.

0007The phenomenal system of ups and downs, coming and going, and rising and falling, has no long-standing reliability. Additionally, this system is in ‘time’, meaning that timelessness and It’s reliability, cannot be found here. Time has at its core, a temporal quality, meaning when its over its over.

We casually use trust here even when knowing that the system is flawed against consistent reliability. We actually don’t even realize we trust so much in it. The quality of the phenomenal system presumes that it can be trusted, when in fact, it cannot be trusted exclusively. 

It is not suggested that we abandon our responsibilities and let chaos abide unabated. It is suggested that the intelligence of the ‘Priorness’ is where we should be placing our faith and trust in. To go to the source, is to go to the epicenter of everything. In other words, go to the cause and not to the effect for sustenance and freedom. The ‘Source’ is the underlying origin and integration of everything.

0002The other distinction here is that trusting the phenomenal system
(effect), essentially means we do not trust the implicit perfection of “What Is” (Cause). When looking for and not finding perfection in the phenomenal, we lament the imperfection while clearly overlooking the ‘Source’, i.e. perfection.

0003When we applaud the perfection of the imperfection in the ‘world’, we applaud the divine intelligence that ‘Knows’ Itself in the ‘world’. The activities of the ‘world’ are always sustained by the ‘Priorness’. The ‘I Am’ pervades everything. 

0004‘Doing’ alone, is doing and trusting a separate fictional self. Meaning, this is trusting an effect, an illusion. This is bondage to self.

0000Trust is the resonance of connection to Source or Causeless-ness. Freedom is before the bondage typically created by time/space. Just ‘Being’ is a profound relaxation that can integrate with the world because It’s Priorness is where the standing takes place. That perspective is integrative with the world but not of the world. 

0005Trusting in ‘Being’ is trusting ‘Life’ to flow through our body/minds without interruption. When all obstacles of self are removed by implicit trust and full acceptance, then ‘Life’ happens perfectly, as it should and not as we ‘think’ (no trust) it should. When the obstacles of doer-ship are not present, trust becomes Us. There is nothing to do. It Is just Being.0006

‘Know’ this, effortlessly. Trust the causeless Love that Is Us. Daddy’O0001 



0007I am here before thoughts. I am existing before thoughts. I am Being before, during, and after any thought or thing that may arise in the arising. There is absolutely no thing, sensation, perception, or projection that can block the Knowing/Being of Self. Self abides before any thoughts as It Is the source of everything to include thoughts and concepts and experiences.

0003Secondly, no thought (thing) is ever more precious than everything/nothing. The depth of ‘everything’ is pure existence. There is nothing ever able to override the ‘creating’ of creating. In this permanence, peace abides uninterrupted.

The epicenter of life is not in the ego mind structure of temporariness. This myopic sense of self is stolen from Self. The false self is too fleeting of a structure to contain the vastness of the uncontainable. The medium of body/mind must be seen as a tool and not as an identity. The artisan of the universe Is our Self. There is no ‘other’, to especially include the manufactured and highly conditioned thought-based self.

0006The thought structures, both conditioned patterns and randomized perseverations, have strength in their numbers and have durability when ‘time’, past and future, are used to persuade the belief system of the false self. This leveraging works to sustain the illusion (maya) of the ‘other’.

0009What can undermine this occlusion, is the divestment in thoughts as the arbiter of whom we are. Seeing thoughts as a secondary system instead of the primary system of knowing Self, upends the implicit unaware give-away of our true freedom. Value is in the ’Seeing’ not the thinking.

0000Lastly, there must be an overt acknowledgement of ‘thoughts’ being the inadequate definer of what is truly important relative to higher Self. Thoughts can never define the higher Self as ‘It’ Is not an object that can be culled through thoughts. ’It’ Is ‘before’.

0001The constant uncontrolled streaming and believing of thoughts, pivots on the ownership of these thoughts. If the stream of thoughts is ID’d as ‘mine’, then the welcome mat is cleaned and ready to accept their forceful compulsions. Subsequently, the virtual mobile prison is created. We then appear as separate needy and condemned inmates looking for an escape from pure illusion.

0002Thoughts are ‘after’ Self. What Is ‘before’ Is Self. Thoughts are an expression of Self not an absolute definition of Self. What is to be discriminated is what is ‘before’ in an ongoing fashion. This would not be a belief but an experiential reality of the ‘priorness’ of Being. The discrimination would be clearly ’Seeing’ thoughts as thoughts and ‘Seeing’ as Being.

Being ‘Being’ cannot be thought-based. ‘Being’ is pure existence and pure existence does not depend on thoughts. The ‘I Am’ existence is primary with everything else added as phenomenal. Thoughts are phenomenal and ‘after’ Being-ness.

0004I Am ‘before’ thoughts. Staying ‘here’ is effortless. Stillness, emptiness, silence, and no ‘other’ are ‘here’ timelessly. From ‘here’ everything follows while ‘here’ never changes. Self is undefinable, especially by thoughts.

What is seen is not Seeing. I Am ‘before’ thoughts.

Love is before thoughts and/or events. Love Is Us. Love ‘that’ and feel the explicit peace. Daddy’O0005