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"Be The Moment: A Practical Guide To Being". I am the I am. After ‘that’, is only an appearance. Be the Be, then do the do. You cannot ‘do’ the ‘Be’.


Reality just Is. ‘Separation’ outcomes will appear when we ‘believe’ we are ‘making’ and ‘doing’ all the decisions in life. Believing itself is not a hard fact-based reality. Beliefs often are tethered more on hope than the acceptance of ‘not knowing’.

‘Not knowing’ is a letting go of finding any current and relevant facts/ideas to solve the so-called problem of defining Reality. What is often revealed is that the reality we reference, is a mis-definition of Reality. Facts/ideas are often a limitation to Reality given timeless infinity. ‘Not knowing’ is an admission to the limitation of facts and data points.

Reality from the view of a fictional self, is a conclusion also not supported by a broader definition of the universe, both seen and unseen. When the facts available do not support our definition of self, we meander to ‘beliefs’. Beliefs and unsupported facts do not give us Reality. Mapping Self is supported by letting go of limited definitions and pre-suppositions about our true nature.

Starting from the emptiness of ‘nothing’ and the allowance of ‘not knowing’, we render an openness that truly is based on a pure and immediate ‘Isness’ being present. Less is more Here. The bottomless knowledge of Self opens to Itself. At this juncture there is no ‘other’ appearance to distract from the Isness of Self. At this juncture, even the ‘starting’ never really started or stopped.

Separation from Self is itself only an appearance in time and place. Choiceless Reality never stops or starts. It just Is. ‘Choice’ would mean ‘we’ would have power over ‘Choicelessness’ Itself. Ultimately ‘everything’ Is Choicelessness, as what else could It Be?

Often, who we ‘think’ we are is defined only by ‘thinking’. ‘Thinking’ alone, is tantamount to using a limited platform to divine the unlimited. To define Self soley through ‘thinking’, is analogous to trying to give a very limited and shallow performance a higher pay grade. And that is clearly not warranted. This results in only more separation from Self.

Life is happening but not to ‘me’. Adding a ‘me’ is an attempt to upend Choiceless Reality. The un-reality of the ‘me’ can never make this happen. The ‘me’ wants the ‘experience’ when there is only the ‘experiencing’. Having life and/or having an experience, is a stop. Life/experiencing, by It’s nature, has no stops.

This Is Choiceless Reality Being Choiceless Reality. Ignorance is finite. Appearances in Awareness cannot tell Us about Awareness. The ‘me’ is a finite appearance seemingly having a separate life appearing to it. On the other hand, Life is Us appearing to Us with no stops for a fictional ‘me’. There is no ‘doer’ nor hope for a ‘doer’. This Is Choiceless. This Is effortless. This Is Us.


And why would that matter? Is the future happening now? If we constantly bank on the future do we more thoroughly neglect the Now? Does the future, as we imagine it, really come on line as we dreamed it would be?

This is not to say that planning/preparation for the future is abandoned. Managing the future is markedly different than moving the functionality of presence into the future.

‘Hoping’ is not planning/preparing the future. It is more emotion and cheer-leading than a substantive plan. Buying hope is buying time called ‘the future’. Future, when viewed from Now, is an unreality. Hope is a wish for something different. Wishing for plans to happen has an implicit bias for and by ‘self’.

This ‘self’ cannot see through the illusion of separation because it is not really there (except seemingly). Hope is the morphine for ‘self’ that cannot get past itself and it’s aggravations of instability. Even the imagined ‘self’ cannot find a permanence of self in ‘self’.

Using time (i.e. future) to awaken Self, is a direct contradiction to the nature of timeless Self. Hope is asking separation to continue. What is ‘free’ has always been ‘free’. Effort, to include hope, to be free of ‘self’, is a direct effort for the future of ‘better’ to continue the imprisonment of ‘self’ by ‘self’.

Reality is then taking Itself to be some ‘thing’ else. The insistence of ‘finding’ Self keeps Us from Seeing the ‘Seeing-ness’ of Self. There is no ‘object’ in the transparency of Self.

The ‘self’ often says that it cannot get it. This statement can be an understanding that proves that ‘self’ cannot get it. ‘Who’ we Are is clearly not in what demands to get out.

‘Time’ is in the movie. Time is abstracted out of the Eternal. ‘Hope’ is in time in the character in the movie. There is no need for a conceptual hope that is future-based in the timeless Eternal.

Life Is happening but not to the ‘me’. There is no separation into a ‘me’. The one that has ‘hope’ is the ‘me’ that is in the movie. That ‘me’ is as fictional as the idea of the movie. Life allows the appearance and disappearance of the me and the hope of a good movie.

Enjoy the show, Now. Life Is You effortlessly Being.


Awareness is not an experience. There is nothing in Awareness to experience. Awareness is transparent. There is no thing-ness to Awareness.

There is no experience in Awareness because it is ‘just experiencing’. To ‘have’ an experience, Awareness would have to stop ‘being’ Awareness and become some ‘thing’. Also, ‘having’, as in having an experience, would require a ‘haver’. Having a ‘haver’ would then be dualism upending Oneness.

Liberation is liberation from the tangle of separate self. Liberation is not a ‘becoming’ of something that wasn’t and now is. There is no liberator that liberates Awareness. Awareness is only Awareness ever eternally present and unchanged.

It is an un-doing of ‘doing’ of the separate self that could be seen as possibly a liberation. Awareness has never been imprisoned to need liberation. To suggest that Awareness ‘needs’ to ‘do’ something, is to misunderstand Awareness.

Awareness is the eternal stability of everything. ‘This’ does not change.

Thinking and/or feeling some ‘thing’, does not change Awareness. These are appearances in Awareness.

Looking ‘for’ what we Are is vastly different from looking ‘from’ what we Are. Searching is ‘for’ what we Are. Looking ‘from’ what we Are, is ‘being’ what we Are. The ‘looking’ is always the ‘looking’ experiencing experiencing. ‘Finding’ an experience is an investment in seemingly stopping experiencing. Contrarily, ‘experiencing’ can never stop ‘experiencing’ (except seemingly so).

Awareness is perenially ‘experiencing’ without stops to gawk. There is never any holding of any ‘thing’. ‘Things’ appear/disappear. The presence of empty Awareness never fades. Contrarily, the false self can never imagine itself as absent or empty. The illusion needs the illusion. Awareness is what is nothing, and that is a complete Everything.

Needing something to change in the future is a betrayal of the present. Believing in the future and waiting for some ‘thing’ to happen and is a rejection of Being Here Now. The mind desires to be free of something that does not exist i.e. illusion. Moreover, believing in illusion is a clear rejection of Being Awareness just Being.

Realizing the constant Presence of Awareness is facilitated by seeing ‘the Seeing’ as Us. Drowning in the stasis of ‘content’ is essentially the stopping of ‘experiencing’ for ‘experience’. The ‘stopping’, the ‘holding’, and the ‘believing’ in a static self, directly informs ‘Us’ of a dead end. What Is before the dead end is Awareness Being Awareness. Awareness has actually never really been stuck in stasis. Awareness Is only Awareness.

Seeing Awareness from Awareness means we do not see from a separate and false self. This ‘Seeing’ knows the difference from appearances appearing and the perennial presence of the movement of Being Being. The Beingness of Awareness holds and folds all appearances while never being touched by any thing. The freedom that is present now is the same freedom to always be free from the struggle of liberation. See from the Awareness and not from the illusory content. It Is You.


Timelessness has a permanence that essentially disregards ‘change’. Timelessness is the stability piece that allows ‘change’ to change. Without the stability of ‘no-change’, ‘change’ would not be seen, as chaos would be the backdrop. ‘Change’ is in time and inherently not stable.

With appearances/disappearances as the movement of ‘change’, ‘change’ would be indistinct from ‘other’ changing forms without the background of ‘no change’. The formlessness of backdrop as a stable nothingness, allows ‘change’ to be seen and sorted.

There would be no up/down nor here/there, nor black/white, if a permanence of stability did not abide, ‘unchanged’. ‘Change’ needs ‘unchanged’ to differentiate itself. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Formlessness is never blatantly apparent as there is no form to present. However, the absence of a permanent emptiness of background would make any situation of forms abiding without a permanent structure, untenable, even unimaginable.

Hence ‘time’ would be a form, while ‘timelessness’ would be formless. However, ‘timelessness’ as ‘formless’ is still tenable even without any form. This speaks to a permanence that is not bound by any form and/or timeline. It just Is. This ‘You’ could have never have been different/separate/not Present.

Even with form, the ‘You’ is unchanged. Form cannot affect the formless stability. Formlessness is permanent while form has a built-in unstable petulant self.

This is to say, that what ‘form’ can do that ‘formlessness’ cannot do, is to change perspective. The background does not have a perspective (nor needs a perspective). The background is all perspectives. ‘Forms’ abiding in timelessness would need ‘time’ to change or upgrade their ‘stasis’ or lack of change, in status as a fixed form. It is through ‘time’ that ‘forms’ can evolve into formlessness.

Ultimately ‘forms’ Are ‘formless’, except ‘seemingly so’. The transmigration to ‘formlessness’ Is Formlessness operating ‘form’. ‘Form’ itself cannot initiate movement without the participation of Formlessness. Ultimately though, it never Is not Formlessness.

This is all to say that a ‘person’ is a form going formless through the direction of the Formlessness. ‘Time’ is used to change the perspective of form to formlessness. The ‘form’s’ essence was always Formlessness (except seemingly so). It was the ‘person’ or ‘form’ that was never really real.

The backdrop Is Formlessness parading as forms. All forms are the essential backdrop of Formlessness. The perspective of form is only a ‘seeming’ separation in the illusion of time. Time is used to change the view of separateness to the truth of unity consciousness of one Formlessness. There Is no ‘other’ to include the temporariness of time.

Time is ‘form’ used to seemingly transmute ‘form’ into formlessness. Ultimately though, ‘It’ Is never not Formlessness. We Are timelessness experiencing time. We Are Formlessness experiencing form through time, form and Formlessness.

The evolution of Self through self (form) is using all available means to Be the ‘Be’. Staying constantly in Self while utilizing the forms of self and time, allows Self to Be Self. That is, Self Is always exponentially present in form, knowingly. Using time is using change to Be. Know thyself fully as form and formlessness utilizing everything to Be Everything.



The ‘Knowing’ is not a thing that we can stop, put into a genre and then be done with it. It cannot be stopped because it is not a thing that starts. There is no arriving for the ‘Knowing’ because It never stops arriving as the eternal Now.

The boundlessness of the Knowing has the capacity to know all experiences. All experiences happen in the Knowing. All experiences are appearances. The constancy of appearances appearing, is constant change, essentially representing the instability of phenomena. This uncertainty can only be seen when there is a ‘certainty’ of no change.

Without a stability present to represent the inherent change, there cannot be an instability to define as unstable. The stability of formlessness underscores the instability.

What is true can be trusted as not changing. What is ‘not true’ can be trusted to change. ‘True’, being eternally present at all times.

The ‘Knowing’ is not known as phenomena. Phenomena of course would be temporary content. Temporary content appears in the ‘Knowing’. To ‘look’ for the ‘Knowing’ is to make an assumption that ‘It’ can be found and known like some ‘thing’ (or content). Only the Knowing can be ‘Knowing’. Only the Knowing can see the ‘Knowing‘.

Using content to see and/or find the Knowing is futile. This would be tantamount of using a movie to find the address of the producer. It cannot happen.

The Knowing is not known by what is in the space. ‘It’ is the space. To ‘know’ the ‘Knowing’ is to Be the ‘Knowing’ which is always Present, with or without the phenomenal.

Allowing all experiences as equally non-essential, is radical from the point of view of transitory phenomena. When there is no point of view, therein lies freedom. There is no fixing appearances. Who is there to fix appearances? The Oneness Is only the ‘Knowing’ of the Oneness. The appearance of a ‘doer’ is subsumed in the ‘Knowing’. There is no ‘other’.

The Knowing Is the moving eternal Now becoming constantly. ‘It’ cannot be known as ‘It’ has no stops in Being just as infinity has no stops. The depth of the ‘Knowing’ or Awareness cannot be plumbed. There are no dimensions to this transparency of Being. Yet, It Is always present.

There is nothing to ‘fix’ and there is everything to ‘allow’. We Are the ‘Knowing’ first and always. The movie debuts, premiers, and closes just like all phenomena. The screen remains untouched.

The ‘Knowing’ is known through phenomena being present in the non-phenomenal. The empty screen allows everything editing nothing. Be the ‘nothing’ in the ‘Knowing’.


The hardest thing is to do nothing. And at the same time ‘it’ is the easiest thing to do. When there is a societal demand to nearly always ‘do’ something rather than ‘do’ nothing, the ‘doing’ becomes a limitation. The ‘just do it’ eliminates the often proper elegance and appropriateness of letting ‘nothingness’ abide.

Doing something most often presupposes a ‘doer’ when in reality, there is no ‘doer’. Doing nothing, in this case, is not a ‘doing’. Here, doing nothing means there is noone to ‘do’ anything. The responsibility of ‘having’ a separate self is operationally eliminated. Thereby what gets done is a matter for Life. Life has no ‘doer’. It just Is.

Life lives through us through ‘experiencing experiencing’. There are no stops Here. To ‘have’ a stop is to have a ‘separate one’. Having a ‘static’ unmoving or stopped experience, is NOT experiencing. The experiencing of experiencing is endless. Attempting to ‘add’ any ‘thing’ to experience is an automatic downgrade to experiencing. There are no stops Here. There is no time Here. It Is all experiencing.

Adding stuff Here means that experiencing is essentially stopping to gawk at ‘what happened’. Experiencing cannot ever really be stopped, except seemingly so. Experiencing Is ‘what Is happening’, always.

The transparency of experiencing is matter-less. There is a transparency that is not colored by any thing. ‘It’ appears to disappear in matter but that is the illusion of matter. There is no illusion to ‘experiencing’.

Experiencing comes with nothing because it needs nothing. Adding to It is a mistake. Again, nothing can be added to It as It Is complete.

Adding something like ‘suffering’ to experiencing is akin to adding an overlay to a very bright projector. At this point, we are projecting some thing we added to the light. The projection is now no longer just light. It is content. Content and more content is not freedom. It is a projection we put on the freedom of pure light. Adding ‘suffering’ is stifling the light.

What Is the light Is the experiencing without any additions of any content. Point being that ‘experiencing’ has nothing to do with suffering or content. Life can only be like It Is. Our projections are the filters we add to the light.

The subtlety of pure experiencing is not the three dimensional movie we are acting in. Experiencing experiencing is watching the movie as we See the light more than the movie. It Is all light experiencing light.

There is no projector, content, person, or position. These are props for light and love to play in. The transparency of experiencing experiencing is finding nothing but light and love. It Is all there Is. It is not about the content. Experiencing experiencing Is boundless transparency permanently full. Be ‘that’ light effortlessly.


‘It’ Is so subtle. There is never any interference from ‘It’. Anything goes. There are no boxes. Pure freedom Is experiencing Itself experiencing. No stops anywhere at any time. This ‘Emptiness’ just Is.

The ‘Knowing’ is the emptiness of Awareness that holds nothing to include a structure. That is the point. It Is just ‘Knowing’.

Emptiness is empty providing a spaceless space for manifestation. The manifestation of people, places, and things, is not the point. Again the point is ‘knowing’ that the emptiness is full even when it is seemingly empty.

The stability of Emptiness has no equal. ‘It’ cannot have an ‘other’, as that would make two different areas of emptiness. Where would the borders be when there cannot be ‘things’ like borders?

Emptiness is still being Emptiness regardless of having content/no content. The direct experience of Emptiness is the fullness of everything while Being nothing. Being ‘nothing’ allows connection to everything. Being ‘nothing’ is not interfering, not justifying, nor allowing or not allowing. It just Is.

The resonance of Emptiness is open unimpeded spaceless and endless oneness.‘That’ is the unimpeded manifestation of and un-manifestation of all things in the timelessness of Now. Even the structure of time has no real back(past) or front (future). It is never not Now.

The ‘permanence’ of Emptiness has no structure as ‘no structure’ is It’s nature. Even this life has no binding structure as demonstrated by It’s evolving unduplicated nature. Each evolution is as different as a snowflake and unique to itself.

The play is by Emptiness and for Emptiness. Emptiness can only be accessed by Emptiness. The character in the play has a narrative for the play. The play needs to be played (but not for the character). We Are the Emptiness always Being the Emptiness. The vastness of Emptiness is always complete. The character is a fictional story-making.

Effortlessly Be this Emptiness Now.


There are no limits to Love. Limiting Love seemingly steals the breadth of infinity. Suggesting a qualification for Love, when It Is all Love, is an improper limitation.

Limiting Love is limiting the unbounded Self. To even suggest that ‘things’ are more important than the space where they appear, is to miss the point of ‘things’. Love holds ‘things’ as It holds everything. ‘It’ holds everything as Itself. There Is no ‘other’ to include ‘space’. Unboundedness is only Unboundedness and ‘that’ is called Love.

There is no dismissing anything nor getting stuck on anything. Even the seeming ‘space’ is loved by Love Itself as ‘it’ Is Itself ultimately.

Seeing Love first, before any forms or preferences, is Seeing without attachment to forms. If there is an attachment, it is an attachment to formless Love Itself. And the attachment to Love is not even an attachment when considering there is noone to have the attachment. Voila, it Is Love Itself free to Be Itself.

Love Loves Love. There is no person to love because It Is only Love. To ‘have’ a person is no make a ‘stop’ for Love. ‘That’ is too much to be added to Love, that would make ‘Love’ a lesser vehicle. Love has no preferences as ‘It’ Is all Love. There is no binding on pure Love.

Ergo, the power of attention can be a determinant on ‘Being’ Love. Attention and/or awareness of Love, is seeing the traditional background as foreground. Love Itself Is the source Awareness that Sees Itself. This is the Love loving Love. Attending to Love is Seeing the unity in the diversity without getting stuck in the diversity. The diversity is a temporary expression of Love. Love does not change, unlike diversity. Love Is the unchanging background as well as the seeming and changing foreground.

Distinctions are not present in Love. When ‘stuck’ in the foreground of ‘things’ at the expense of ‘Everything’, a shift to the comfortable emptiness of ‘Nothingness’ finds this Love that is unbounded. This shift to the uncluttered background, allows clarity to arise as the untouchable Awareness.

Love Is the expression of Awareness Being Awareness. This subtleness Is Love unchained. The spaciousness of Self has no stops for any ‘thing’ as It Is all things ultimately. To make a stop is to make a stop for illusion. It would be an illusion, as Reality can only be Reality, in Love. Love that is in Love with Itself, with no other gods to worship or stop for, Is pure Love.

Unchain the heart that is bound by things. There is no binding in ‘Love’, ever. Everything Is Love first.


Pure space is entirely aware with and/or without contents. It is never an effort to find space. Ergo, it is never an effort to find Awareness. Space is usually not a ‘thing’ that we find. Space is somethng we can see but not normally do we register it as a ‘thing’.

Awareness is naturally present. Awareness is certainly not a thing we can find with mind or other instrumentation. For purposes of illustration, Awareness/space will be used interchangeably but only for illustrative purposes.

There is no ‘I’, that is associated with the small self, to be present in Awareness. The character we play, can never ‘have’ Awareness. Awareness will be present with the character just as illusion is present within Awareness. The character (or illusion) has no control over Awareness.

To place the ‘I’ in the character, as the ‘I’ that has Awareness, is to give illusion, authority over Awareness. That is to say, there is no ‘I’ experiencing Awareness but then to still say so in practice, is to thoroughly abide in illusion.

Re-upping for illusion will always keep one locked down in illusion. This step is preliminary and yet must be seen clearly to avoid stasis in evolution. The character can never be more than an illusion trying not to be an illusion. Do not reenlist illusion.

Again, there is no ‘I’ experiencing Awareness, ever.

Secondly, Awareness is being aware of what is ‘knowing’ of all experiencing. This sentence is speaking with the ‘space’ of ‘no thing’ and before/after the presentation of any ‘thing’. The ‘thing’ is never about the Awareness. Hooking in and getting lost in ‘things’ is an attraction to ‘things’ over ‘Awareness’.

Being aware of being Aware basically is a choice of Seeing the emptiness of a non-thing (called Awareness) over getting reactive and concerned with the content of temporary appearances. The appearances of ‘things’ are temporary/secondary to the space-like Knowing, which is primary/permanent and yet has no thing-ness-like qualities.

Practically speaking, when the appearance of thinking occurs, it is thoughts typically showing up with a very narrow view that will be unconsciously espoused by the character. This ‘view’ becomes the theater of a small character clothed with rampant conditioning and narcissism, guiding decisions. The thoughts, are seemingly coming out of nowehere, they are grabbed, declared ‘mine’, and then taken to be acted upon. The view narrows over time.

The ‘doing’ of the above by the ‘me’ is a doubling down on establishing illusion as primary. If unplesant thoughts come, they do not belong to an ‘anyone’. Assignment does not need to be given.

See from the Knowing to ‘know’ the Knowing. Molesting things called thoughts only results in a perseveration on thoughts. Considering 70,000 thoughts in an average day, the task of editing all that, is really a lot of work to manage. This is especially true when most thoughts have more irrelevance than not.

Be bold. Let go of tasking thoughts like cattle into trucks. The utility of thoughts is to use them only when necessary. Beingness does not ever need to be displaced by a mere ‘thing’ called a thought. The greater vehicle is the spaciousness of everything being Everything. Limited thought cannot see this far.

Formlessness is before physicality. Being Aware of ‘what’ Is Being Aware is Everything. This ‘what’ is the ‘what’ before the landing of any content. This is Seeing the Formless first, always.



What Is ‘here’ is not a ‘what’. ‘It’ just Is. The ‘here’ that is here cannot leave, ever. It is the ‘here’ or backdrop to all appearances.

The mind and it’s chatter, is a ‘what’. The mind (or thinking) is an object pretending to be the subject. This pretense is problematic. The tool has become the master craftsman. This is the problem of making the mind the subject rather than the object. Or in other words, reversing the background for the foreground.

‘Here’ Is primary. ‘Here’ is essentially the stable foreground not the seeming background. ‘Here’ (thereby) does not move. Appearances like thought and thinking, come and go, while ‘here’ remains unmoving. The seniority lies with ‘here’. Objects like sensations, thoughts, and/or feelings are secondary and not primary.

‘Nothing’ can be added to make ‘Us’ better. This statement tells us who we ‘are’ i.e. the unchanging. In most cases, we essentially want to improve the instability of ‘instability’. And the nature of instability is instability. Nothingness has by it’s permanent nature -stability. Being ‘here’ Is fullness. There is no getting ‘here’. ‘It’ Is always ‘here’.

What Is stable is the true foreground of Being Being ‘here’ and timelessly Now. There is nothing to improve ‘here’. The foreground of ‘here’ cannot be changed.

Moreover, the appearance of a foreground/background is just another appearance. Ultimately, there Is only ‘here’. ‘Here’ Is prima facie with no division into foreground nor background.

The density of creating anything to include a ‘self’ is a density of unstable ‘things’. The freedom of ‘here’, has by it’s nature, perennial freedom, before any birth or death of a ‘thing’.

‘Here’ never moves. There is no ‘what’ in ‘here’. It Is just ‘here’. Engaging a ‘someone’ is engaging a thing that can gain/lose consciousness. ‘Here’ Is conscious Awareness.

Whom We Are is ‘here’ formlessly being everything.