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"Be The Moment: A Practical Guide To Being". I am nobody doing nothing. Be the Be, then do the do. You cannot ‘do’ the ‘Be’.



Love is effortless and unconditional. Conditional love takes effort and negotiation. Essentially one of the most distinguishing characteristics of unconditional love is ‘it’ not being event-based. There is no ”If I get married, then I’ll really be happy and in love.”  No event needs to take place at any time nor with anything. Any conditions that are added to the unconditional will merit a love that is compromised from the start.

The shallowness of conditional love reveals its very temporal nature. It is almost a lie to call it ‘love’. Its betrayal is always conditional. Bartering, strategizing, and conditioning ‘one’s giving’ on another ’s behavior, is the path of the narrow ‘me’. The ‘me’ is bottomless in its need and desire, as it needs a constant iteration to support its illusory status. The me’s love is more akin to an imprisonment vis-a-vis ‘this’ so-called ‘love’.0006

The ‘unconditional’ has no binding. We Are this ‘unconditional’ before any manifestation of ego, conditions, or any other creations, to include feelings and sensations. Because the ‘unconditional’ is prior to all manifestations, then there can be no binding ‘the unbindable’. 0007

There is no ‘trying’ to be ‘unbindable’. That would be the ‘me’ playing by the limitation indigenous to transitory phenomena. And all ‘that’ is ‘after’ the unconditional Prior-ness. 0002

All this is pointing away from the character, the ‘me’, and instead pointing to the Priorness that is ineffably permanent and unconditional. 0004

Issues with love abound when there is this mis-identity with form rather than identity with formless-ness (The Priorness). Beingness is the acknowledgement of being formless and condition-less.

Love by ‘being Love’ means that our essential unchanging nature Is Love. When there Is ‘this’ Love, no starting point or endpoint can exist. We Are the permanence of Love unfiltered, unconditioned, and unbiased as an ongoing dynamic of Being. There is no birth nor death of this Love. It Is. 0009

In every Moment, Love abides, as It Is Us.0010

The need for identity is moot as everything and everyone Is essentially Love. There is no subject/object relationship as Love Is the expression of Life itself. Oneness does not See Itself as ‘other’. The ‘other’ can only be an illusion. Love Is Life and Life Is Love. Just ‘Being’ Is Love.


The resonance of Love Is alive in the Now of every moment unabashed and full in the spaciousness that holds form and formless-ness together.

The dream may appear separate but even that is in the Formlessness.0008

Being Love Is a full acceptance of Love as It Is. There is no interruption for the dream to take an illusory hold on this continuity. The dream is Loved as well. It Is part of the play of Consciousness.

Loving by Being Love is effortless and unconditional. There is no real noun or thing, as It Is Loving Loving Itself. That Is Being Being which Is pure Loving. There is nothing to Love but Being in Love. 


The Un-manifest is pure consciousness. There is nothing here, at least not for the mind. 

This is in stark contrast to the ‘manifest’ which is flawed perfectly. The manifest is still saturated through and through with this original energy. All ‘that’ that is playing as what is real, is with the ordered order of Divine intelligence. The Un-manifest is undiminished in any way through this extension of manifest. ‘It’ has never really left the Un-manifest, but seemingly so, as to look like it was separate but all the while ultimately going back to the Un-manifest. The Un-manifest never changed during this process.

Even the manifest has to be integral to the Un-manifest as there is only one origin. That is, there is only the Un-manifest but with the expression of a multi-dimensional manifesting of things. Still, the manifesting appears as a noun but its atoms are always moving. It is more like a dynamic movement parading as a noun. It looks and appears like noun but that is only an appearance. And that dynamic movement is changing forms within forms but ultimately goes back to the un-disguised formless-ness of Un-manifest. Nouns have no real stability even when seen as a seemingly unchanging noun. Formless-ness is playing form all the time.  Not even the ‘form’ was ever ‘not’ formless-ness.

Stability is only in the Un-manifest. And ’that’ is certainly not a noun. It Is movement without moving. It Is intelligence without noun-ing. It certainly Is aliveness with or without form.

Space is always present whether form or formless, Un-manifest or manifested. Space is consistent in its emptiness, colorlessness, tastelessness, odorlessness, sightlessness, soundlessness, and formlessness. It can be accessed with eyes open or closed, sleeping or waking, and other manifestations of consciousness. 

At atomic levels of scrutiny, space appears as the predominant field relative to other dynamics. Going deeper only affords more hidden space. Is this deep space Formless-ness? Is the bottom line the Un-manifest?

If all that we ever really find is space, who are we? Are we really form or formless-ness?

Perhaps ‘Oneness’ is appearing as two? Is our existence really the vast field of ‘Oneness’ expressing itself and only Itself in all forms? If existence is expression then existence is also non-expression in non-form.

Space, as a metaphor, captures form and formless, as well as expression and non-expression. Existence is before expression or non-expression.The Un-manifest is ultimate existence even before the formless. The Un-manifest would be ‘before’ the metaphor of space as ‘space’. And ‘space’ would be a form of form.

The whole point here is having an emptiness and unconditioned openness as Self, would be the true letting go of structures. Finding nothing here, is the finding. Being openness, is having no opinion, no preference, or resistance to What Is. Evaluating is also not happening here. Seeking is no longer a project. Receiving, is all this space ever does. There is no doing.

The Un-manifest Is Us most deeply. All events and phenomena are always connected to everything else perfectly as there is no ‘other’.  Forms Are really Formless-ness moving through forms. 

Dissolve into that spacious feeling that is always present. Trust the perfection of Beingness. The formless-ness expresses Itself through every form, effortlessly. Be ‘that’ knowingly. It Is always Present.

Love Loves Loving everything and everybody.  Daddy’O


There is nothing to do or not do. There is nowhere to go or not go. It Is all Here and Now and complete. To add to ‘that’ is to subtract into limitation. Nothing can be added to ‘It’. Adding anything would strongly suggest an ‘incomplete’ Awareness.

Awareness is the complete picture.  Viewing the complete picture can only be accomplished through Awareness Itself viewing Itself. And the view is limitless as there is no point of view. A ‘point of view’ would limit Awareness. Everything Being Everything Is Everything Being Nothing. Nothingness Is Everything and Everything Is Nothingness. There is no difference. There is no ‘point of view’ per se.

Fundamental hopelessness is believing there is a point of view called ‘me’. This belief is a pawing at an imaginary structure that has no independent existence. What is creating this self of ‘me’ is none other than an imagined idea that is buttressed through repetition and belief.

This ‘me’ is then given jobs and goals that affirm a false self trying to be a ‘better’ false self. Higher Self does not need affirmation. It just Is. The affirming is undermining ‘me’ from Seeing the ‘me’. And there is no ‘me’.

The ‘me’ can seemingly only be ‘doing the doing’. ‘Being’ is not in the me’s wheelhouse. Imagination is not existence.  Because the ‘me’ has no separate existence it has no real independence to act. The ‘doing’ cannot be prescribed to the ‘me’. But the ‘me’ asserts ownership of the ‘doing’ regardless. What the ‘me’ really does is make a claim of ownership after what is ‘done’ is accomplished.

Life Itself does everything but claims nothing. The ‘doer’ is pure fiction.

This is the fundamental hopelessness indigenous to a ‘doer’ aka a ‘me’.

The ‘me’ has no independent nature and thereby has zero control over anything.

Given a deeply felt realization of the hopelessness of ‘me’, we can stop the claiming and doing by the ‘me’. When that activity stops, then the ‘me’ no longer has a false identity that perpetuates misrepresentation and misperception. What is left is what has always been. If there is no thought, who are we?

When there is no point of view of ‘me’ there is nothing to (presumably) stop the flow of Beingness. Any point of view has to be the ‘me’. All points of view and/or no points of view, Is Beingness unobscured.

The un-manifest is also the manifest. The manifest comes from the un-manifest. And not the other way around.

Surrendering the hopelessness of the ‘me’ is the only ‘doing’ that can be done by the ‘me’.

Awareness Is always present in every situation. Surrendering to Awareness is letting go of false identity and an egregious misrepresentation of having any separate view. There is no point of view except Awareness.

There is no hope in Awareness. That would be time-bound. Hope and hopelessness are creations that come and go. What is boundless, timeless, and effortlessly Being Is Us. We Are the Beingness with no stops. Boundlessness abides effortlessly with everything getting done perfectly.

See this Love Loving Loving always Now,  Daddy’O  



Where do we abide from? In 99% of all our moments, where do we move from?

If we think through the mind exclusively, we can see that we constantly touch back to limitation (mind). We then lose the opportunity to see another dimension that cannot then be accessed by the mind. We may go to our mind so often that we do not even realize that there is another avenue we could be taking. This is a limiting behavior.

Moving from an endpoint like the mind, certainly tells us we limit ourselves through a starting point that is really an endpoint. 

Using the mind is effective when it is in an endpoint situation where an endpoint decision needs to be manifested. But to use the mind to redefine Self as separate and inaccessible, is to misuse our life energy and court an active ignorance.

Feeling yourself as ‘everything seen’ is markedly different than seeing yourself as ‘separate from everything seen’. The difference lies in the proper reference point. Is the reference point unlimited and undefinable or is it limited and definable? Is there a fear of going from a comfortable definable limitation into perhaps an uncomfortable, undefinable and limitless not-knowing?  

Limiting is exclusionary and infinitesimal. It is a mere fraction of an infinity. The comparison is no comparison to the Vastness of the Vastness. 

The Vastness does not have a ‘limiting’ belief. All positions and beliefs are in the Vastness with no effect on the Vastness. There is no putting the Vastness in any position or belief. That would be limiting the unlimited. That would be taking an artificial endpoint and making the Vastness ‘be’ that endpoint e.g. “God is on our side.”  

There are no sides to be on, no positions to take, and no beliefs to bind. These endpoints are not the Prior-ness of Being Being.

The heart space does not do these calculations. When Love hits us, we move from no barriers. The Knowing has no barriers. It Is Love abiding in pure Love, naturally, effortlessly, and consciously.

Staying home in the heart is Love Loving Love. Appropriately there is no other. The ‘other’ appears only in transitory appearances of Consciousness in form while being formless. The ‘other’ is not an opportunity to separate into endpoints but an opportunity to indulge the play of Formless-ness into form.

We Are the formless-ness Seeing the seen while knowing the Knowing of it. Identity is with the limitless heart in its role as Love incarnate, even when using a form.

By pushing for a narrower view, we create a barrier and then a struggle to be right and separate. Again the issue is not Seeing the Formless as our true nature. The identification with an endpoint (mind) prompts a fabrication and maintenance of a false self, taking ridiculous energy to sustain. 

Being is effortlessly Present in all circumstances. The Spaciousness allows the whole charade to play out without being touched. Staying home is staying ‘Here’ in perfect Stillness allowing the movement to arrive and depart. 

The heart space is the starting point of something special that has no starting point. It Is concept-free. Staying home in this spaceless space releases the binding of limited ideas and conclusions and allows a maximum freedom to Be connected to nothing, everything and everyone, effortlessly. We Are ‘that’. Stay home with ‘that’. 

Loving Love Loving, Daddy’O 

When there is perfection in perfection, what is right and what is wrong?

Seemingly, we are compelled to choose sides on an issue. If we don’t choose, perhaps we just don’t care?! ‘That’ is a conclusion we naturally make, given polarities in the appearances that show up in our so-called life.

How could we do nothing and/or not care enough to ‘do’ something that certainly would make us a ‘good person’?! That ‘thought’ is compelling and dramatic and points to the compulsion that we ‘should’ be in control and then start ‘doing’ something appropriate.

What ‘that’ really points to is ‘who’ is in control and who is the ‘doer’. The seriousness of the issue is going to be there. The drama of life always has a compelling nature. There is always a story to tell. And the reaction to the story often defines the character.

However the character of the character is defined, it is not about the character.

When we make it about the character we lose our mooring to infinity. We limit Ourselves. The point is ‘We’ are not the limited character. We are the dreaming of the ‘dream’.

The structures of society are based on ideas and content and not based on Consciousness first and foremost. Thoughts and perceptions are examples of a refraction of Consciousness -a self-imposed limitation. Beliefs take this refraction and compound the importance of ideas over Reality Itself.

This ‘take’ is a significant step in the wrong direction in that separation is amplified creating an us/them dilemma/enigma.

There is no separation in Consciousness. There Is only One Consciousness playing in all the forms and appearances. This perspective cannot yield to separation by going against Itself. It Is all viewpoints, all people, all dreams and nightmares.

It Is to ‘See’ ‘this’ first. There is no ‘doer’. It Is just the ‘doing’ by Life Itself. Again, we do not have a life. Life has Us.

Accepting Life ‘living’ through our vehicles/characters is enough if the acceptance is full and complete. Completion cannot happen when the proverbial ‘space’ is occupied by stridence and insistence on a solitary unyielding view. There is no freedom in this qualified space.

Unconditional Love sets no-one apart. Unconditional Love separates out no-one from anyone else. Unconditional Love is pure Love for the everything-ness of Life. There is no pushing for or against anything, as Life Is everything/everybody always.

Acceptance occurs from the space-less space of whom We Are. Not from the character we play through. The difference is equivalent to the difference between finite and infinite. The fact is that there is nowhere to go (limitation) because We Are everywhere and everything always. What can oppose ‘that’?!

It is never about ‘reaction’. It Is about Being Being ceaselessly in all actions. These actions have no ‘doer’. The river flows freely with no ‘doer’ in sight. It travels to the Ocean to merge again and again. If there was a ‘doer’ the river would stop being a river. The flow just flows.

The ‘All-ness’ of Life is always perfect in the direction It takes. The character has fairy-tale status in decisions in the Vastness of the Vastness. The Vastness Is The All Knowing.

The river is never wrong because it never needs to be right. Love Loves Love for no reason but Love. Be Love effortlessly Now. Daddy’O


Stillness can see the mind and it’s incessant activity. Movement is a characteristic of mind. Observation of the mind, by anyone, reveals the superficiality of generating roughly 70,000 thoughts in a day. Are that many thoughts justifiable in transacting life? 

We all know that over-thinking things is common and often generates stress and a mis-use of productive time. The question we inadvertently bump into is “Is mind and thought production the most effective way of transacting our relationship to self and others in the pursuit of living?”

If there is another way, other than through mind and the structures of thoughts building ideas, where can we go to access a more direct ‘knowing’? A ‘direct’ knowing would also obviate the idea of ‘control’ that creates a neediness for ‘more’ thoughts and thinking.

‘Control’, is indeed present in the backdrop of our ‘thinking’, causing us to hold on to our thoughts as well as the imagined self that is presumably holding these thoughts

So, losing the idea of the ‘thinker’ and losing the idea that ‘thoughts’ are the only vehicle for gathering knowledge, we find ourselves pretty empty.

The emptiness is scary for the alleged ‘thinker’. The identification with the over-whelming investment made in the production of thoughts gives us pause when we consider our independence from these structures.

Stillness, silence, emptiness, and no ‘thinker’ is ‘crazy talk’ from the ‘view’ of the mind. Sure enough. But the mind will not go away quietly. It will complain and keep on showing up uninvited. And the mind says that ‘it’ wants to ‘get it’. 

There is no ‘getting it’ for the mind. The mind ‘needs’ to ‘get it’ so it can ‘control’ again and again. Control, the mind, and the thinker are colluding and ‘moving’ together to continue the charade of covering up the Stillness. The Stillness allows everything to be as ‘that’ is Its nature.

Despite all that movement and activity, the Stillness remains untouched. The superficiality of these temporary ‘appearances’ have zero effect on what is eternal and unchanging. Stillness abides effortlessly and eternally.

The mind is happening in Stillness.

To ‘Be’ Stillness is to ‘let’ Stillness. There is no control in ’Stillness’. Stillness Is. If there was ‘control’ in Stillness there would be separation and that wouldn’t be Stillness. Stillness Is everything with no movement required. Stillness allows the perception of movement with Stillness unchanged.

Being Stillness is being effortless. ’Stillness’ and ‘effortless-ness’ define each other yet cannot be adequately defined (by the mind). We Are ‘that’ which is not moving, changing, or effort-ing.

When We can See from the Stillness, nothing is present but Stillness. The appearances come and go in the Stillness. When we view from ‘appearances’ we can only see ‘appearances’. Stillness Sees Itself first and foremost with ‘appearances’ being a form of formlessness. There is only Stillness as seen from Stillness.

Being-ness is Stillness. Our existence is timeless with no start or finish. To have a start/finish is to abide in appearances only. To have ‘effort’ and ‘control’ is to have movement. There is no movement or controller in Stillness. Simple unadorned Being-ness Is abiding always in Us with absolutely no additives. 

This Is Love Loving Love endlessly. We Are ‘that’ and no more and no less.  Live effortlessly with unlimited Love and Stillness.      Daddy’O    


To make no effort contradicts our genetic code to be the change and evolve humankind. No?  

The question imperceptibly glides over a massive assumption. ‘Who’ is making the effort? The conditioned knee-jerk answer is “Of course it is me”. This ‘me’ is among the first casualties of an illusion boarding and dominating our so-called life.  And since the ‘me’ becomes the arbiter of what is clear and obvious, then all conclusions are subsequently pejorative. The basis of ‘me’ has no real substance. 

To ask ‘Life’ itself the question of who is making the effort, would be a much better question. The answer would ‘not’ consider the neediness of the illusion called ‘me’, for starters. That bias, being eliminated, opens up to a much better answer.

The answer is not corralled into some control freak. The answer is Life itself. Life just happens unpredictably and steadily. The ‘where’ and the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ happen naturally without a hiccup. No-one knows when the ‘dance’ starts, ends, or changes its rhythm. And there is no-one in particular to have some kind of accounting to no-one.

The ‘not-knowing’ is the open spaciousness of Life living. The ‘not-knowing’ can be considered the ‘un-manifest’. The ‘un-manifest’ is all-knowing. 

This seeming lack of accountability has immense accountability. There is an accountability to perfection. Perfection is implicit in the ‘dreaming’ of the ‘dream’. There is no detail left unattended by Life. Life Is ‘Us’. And there is only one ‘Us’. 

‘That’ is the perfection that orchestrates everything without effort. Life is not separate from ‘Us’. ‘It’ is not ‘Us’ and someone else.

Life is living through our body with intelligence to guide a trillion cells seamlessly in every moment in our physical life. That is no different than the perfection on a macro scale. The ‘direction’ is always from one Source and ‘that’ is without effort. The ‘Isness’ has no change. Change would require effort.

Causeless-ness Is Present ceaselessly. When we are aligned with this Causeless-ness, there is no ‘me’. There is no ‘me’ because there never was a ’me’ nor will there ever be a ‘me’.

Losing the idea of the ‘me’ means we lose the disharmony of blocking space. Space (metaphorically) unfettered allows a spaciousness to be unblocked. That space Is ‘Us’ as Source Itself. The Causeless-ness that seemingly arrives, never really left.

Life does not make effort. Life is living effortlessly as Life is the ‘Isness’ of all seeming existence/nonexistence. Life does nothing as there is no ‘doing’. ‘Doing’ is indigenous to the ’me’ or illusion. Being Being is enough for Life and for ‘Us’.

Outcomes are part of the dream, coming and going. Appearances are only appearances. The substance of whom we Are Is ineffable yet permanent and unchanging.

As ‘Life’, there is nothing to ‘do’ but ‘Be’. Be-ing is connecting to Self. We cannot ‘do’ what We Are. We just Are. Doing ‘nothing’ is essentially Being the ‘Be’. Everything gets done not unlike our bodies moving everything along without any organ being in charge of anything. The harmony of the Oneness of Life gets it all done despite ‘our’ insistence otherwise.

Seeing the ‘Seeing’ and Seeing the play of Life from the ’Seeing’, keeps ‘Us’ ‘Us’ without overplaying the illusory idea of ‘me’. Love Sees everything as Love. Be Love. It Is  Causeless and effortless.  Daddy’O



‘That’ is only a thought. Thoughts are extremely limited. They define superficialities. Their nature represents spurious appearances made in ‘time’. Things, like thoughts, being bound by time, have no endurance. Their luxury is their finiteness and their pointing. 

Truth cannot be found nor bound by mere thinking. Despite this weakness, thoughts continue to be given more undeserved merit, continuously in our lives. Something important comes up and we say that we have to think about it. Thinking about ‘it’ is ok but it is certainly not enough. It is not enough to ignore the Vastness of whom We Are and then to subsequently forgo the most important reference of Being Being.

We are not our thoughts. And thoughts are insufficient instruments to guide ‘Us’ adequately in finding Truth/Happiness/Peace let alone conclude our identity. Thoughts are tools in the toolbox and useful in solving the physicality of living life. They certainly do not define Life nor can they come to a realization of Truth.

Mental concepts, to include ‘understanding’ conceptually, are not ‘It’. ‘This’ realm is the ‘external’. ‘External’ is mind. ‘External’ is superficiality and the play (Leela) of consciousness. The ‘play’ is the dream. And the ‘dream’ is real as far as that goes.

The point being is that consciousness is what is playing the dream. ‘It’ 

Is the ‘dreaming’ of the dream.

When we are lost in the waking dream we forget that We Are the ‘dreaming’ of the dream. The ‘dreaming of the dream’ is forgotten. When we forget this unborn Knowledge, we make thoughts ‘ours’. The ‘dream’ does not have an owner called ‘me’.

This particular ‘belief’ is ground zero for illusions to prosper and ‘thinking’ to think that ‘thinking’ is enough. The enormity of the Vastness is completely ignored from this point of view. Is there enough in the ‘illusory’ to give guidance to our so-called life? 

The deeper implicit intelligence We Are is before ‘thought’. Thought cannot find it. ’Thought’ does not have access to ‘It’. Thought is limited. 

Implicit in Being is ’Nothingness’. Conceptually the mind cannot fully grasp this ‘Is-ness’ of formless-ness. But ’That’ can be found by It’s mere continuity and ever-Presence when Seen by the ’Seeing’. And there is no ‘looking for’ in ’Seeing’ because there is only ’Seeing’. 

In other words, there is only ‘Dreaming’. Pure ‘Knowing’ Is Self Being Self. Self Is ’Seeing’ the ‘Dreaming’ which is Self Being Self. End of story.

The endurance of thoughts, thinking, and other things tells us unequivocally, of a time-limited temporariness. What persists eternally is not in time. ‘It’ always ‘Is’ Present despite the seeming obscuration of beliefs, thoughts, and tireless thinking. 

Going to ’Nothing’ finds everything. Dragging concepts, understandings, and other superficialities into the ‘Nothingness’ is futile. Dream-based consciousness is limited and illusory. Nothingness needs nothing to Be. The ‘Beingness’ is there before during and after the dream is dreamt. 

Truly Being Nothing Is Everything. The ‘lasting’ is not in time. It just Is. Referencing ’This’, informs all decisions as all decisions are already being dreamed by the eternal ‘Dreaming’. Be the ‘Dreaming’. It can ‘Be’ no other way.

Love Knows Love unbounded and unlimited. Love Loves It’s Vastness. Everything Is Nothing Is Love.  Daddy’O 


A verb stops being a verb when it becomes a noun e.g. ‘moving’ becomes a ‘mover’. A ‘mover’ then moves. Action stops its purity of motion or movement if it becomes a noun. The noun then engages in movement but is not technically the actual movement. Generally the noun or ‘thing’ is engaged in the ‘moving’ yet it remains a noun. The ‘movement’, ideally, has no ’stops’. If/when ‘it’ does stop, ‘it’ is no longer a movement.



When we ’stop’ Being, we change our nature to a noun and lose our independence as ‘movement’. The created ‘noun’ in us, loses the flexibility afforded in the constancy of change. When we are consistent movement, there is no start-up, no finish, no crashing into limits or other seeming barriers. Pure movement has emptiness. It is a spaciousness that never lands as a noun. 

0006The ‘Spaciousness’ talked about here has no limits due to its eternal nature of unchanging change. Any ’seeming’ landings are mere appearances that have no permanence, longevity, and/or ultimate reality. The illusion that is seemingly created, is not the reality of ‘Reality’.

’Spaciousness’ is not a noun due to its unlimited-ness. ’Spaciousness’ has no borders, edges, or walls. If ‘It’ did, ‘It’ would be a noun. Oddly (for the mind) ’Spaciousness’ should fit into the ‘mind’ category but it does not meet a sufficiency of (noun) criteria. It is an outlier as far as typology is concerned. 

The ‘verb-ing’ of ’Spaciousness’ points to the contradiction of the words ‘unchanging change’, upon giving a description of ’Spaciousness’. This is the ‘aliveness’ of Being. ‘It’ cannot be distilled into words. And yet ‘It’ never really becomes a ‘noun’ or phenomena. ’Spaciousness’ cannot ‘land’ as It’s vastness Is everything (and ‘nothing’). 

0005The reality of ‘Reality’ is not to be treated like a ‘noun’ in a lab. ‘It’ Is the falling into the falling of Self with no nouns or stops to be found. It Is all ‘falling’. 

0007There is no effort or pain in existing. It is the landing as a noun or ‘person’ that hurts and ‘seemingly’ stops the flow of Being. Existing is always verb-ing unless we create the effect (illusion) of suffering and stopping that hurts.

0002Seeing from Spaciousness (first and always), we access resting as Awareness Itself, without the seeming need for the perseveration of an exclusive ‘person’. The ‘person’ is a noun that comes after the essential nature of Being. The noun of ‘person’ is more appropriately utilized as an expression of Being. Being-ness never stops Being regardless of noun selection.

0004In the knowing of our own Being, the ‘view’ is no longer ‘outward’ but rather ‘inward’. Outward view is conditional and noun-based. Inward view is unconditional with no stops (nouns) anywhere, i.e. everywhere. Everywhere is everywhere without being anywhere (verb-ing). This Is the Reality that cannot be coerced into a limited definition.

0001Spaciousness, Silence, and Stillness are all unlimited non-things or non-states. They Are (period). Engaging in ‘this’ Reality Is Us that effortlessly allows Being-ness first, with phenomena and the idea of person, appropriately second. Even this ranking disappears in the Truth of Reality.

We Are Reality resting as Awareness always. The pain of crashing is indigenous to believing in person-hood. Nothingness has nothing that could crash. Spaciousness has no density. 

The view of Being the Spaciousness, the Stillness, the Silence opens the vista of Seeing Everything everywhere. Freedom is Here Now without the associated pain of mistaken identity as some type of noun.

The conditions are ‘no conditions’. Love abides Here. Love seeks only Love. Be Love.  Daddy’O image 




The mind appears to inhabit our internal space 24/7. Overwrought with control, it seizes on thoughts and dances continually, changing thought partners all day. The space that is there, is most often between thoughts, with very little left unfettered and untouched by thoughts.0003

Problems appear to have a mandate that only the mind can solve. This limitation is certainly self-imposed when we don’t know an alternative and/or don’t respect ‘going outside the box’.0002

Awareness does not need the mind at all, to define Itself. The mind, conversely, cannot go past its inherent limitations to even process Consciousness. There is no ‘hard’ definition of Consciousness that the mind can come up with as Consciousness has no characteristics of phenomena or ‘things’ that can be put into some typology.

Any attempt to think our way out of the mind would be trying to get out of the mind while completely being in the mind. How’s that supposed to work?!0008

The problem is belief and identification as the mind. It is as if there is nothing else that really matters because we have this fantasy going on a la mind . The fantastical reality we create is that ‘without’ our mind we really don’t exist. At the same time, there is some doubt about the validity of this assumption. The ‘rub’ comes in when we use the mind to figure out ‘that’ doubt. Sadly,we can never figure it out with the mind.

Letting go of the mind completely is taken as a threat by the false self. Why wouldn’t it be? To dump all that dominance is a direct threat to the belief system that years of conditioning has inured in us. Letting go would mean we ‘seemingly’ are going to be out of control. And we ‘do’ a lot of things all the time so that we ‘are’ in control. Sound familiar? ‘Not in control’ is not recommended by the mind.

If we were to jump out of an airplane at 5000 feet altitude with no parachute, would we be comfortable with the safety aspect of doing that?

The metaphor asks the question, which is asking ourselves why take that crazy risk? It is a safer to do nothing and least have the appearance of safety.

When we ‘know’ Knowing, then implicit in this ‘Knowing’ we ‘See’ the emptiness of whom We really Are. The ‘Knowing’ Is right Now and always. But Its Presence is not available (seemingly) when we limit our vision with the foreground of phenomena (more or less exclusively).0000

‘Where’ we See Ourselves from, is an imperative that is not to be taken lightly. That is, Seeing reactively and/or engaging continually with phenomena, is going with the mind too much. Too much foreground.0004

When we See Ourselves not as selves but as ‘Seeing’ without the addition of the noun called self, we See clearly. ‘Seeing’ does not need a self to ‘See’ the ‘Seeing’. ‘Seeing the Seeing’ is Seeing clearly. ‘Seeing’ from this empty space is ‘Seeing’ the ‘Seeing’, the phenomena, and the seeming see-er. It is the complete picture without reactivity/control.

The ‘need’ for control is eliminated in that control becomes superfluous with separation which is no longer a factor. The ‘Oneness’ is only ‘Oneness’. Where is the fear now of letting go?

Emptiness minds nothing. Emptiness Is Nothing and then it Is Everything. But ‘that’ is Its ‘Isness’. Changeless and seeming change.0001

Instead of trying to rest in a wavering mind, we accept the limitations of the mind while falling back to limitless background that supports the entirety of Life Itself. This ‘priorness’ Is Us -all of Us. Resting in this Stillness/Silence/Emptiness is the eternal existing. It Is Presence that is felt deeply and unambiguously.

Receive ‘this’. It Is already Us Now. Emptiness means letting go of phenomena and the false control the mind/ego commands. The felt sense of deep Presence abides effortlessly in the heart space. Thinking is not necessary. Being the Silence empties the mind.0007

Seeing and being the Silence, the Stillness, the Spaciousness, and the Love that Is indigenous to this perspective only amplifies these qualities. These qualities never disappear.

The perspective of Self holds and grasps nothing. Self Is full. It Is Everything/Nothing. ‘That’ space has no walls or obstacles. It Is free and unconditional. It Is Us. It Is Love Loving Itself, the Oneness.

Love ‘That’ effortlessly. It Is Us Loving Us. Daddy’O