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"Be The Moment: A Practical Guide To Being". I am the I am. After ‘that’, is only an appearance. Be the Be, then do the do. You cannot ‘do’ the ‘Be’.


There is nothing but nothingness.

There is a felt sense of Being Here when more emptiness is present. That feeling is the emptiness of Nothingness, with nothing else added to it. Adding anything is essentially a subtraction from Beingness. Beingness as Nothingness, is having that felt sense. Adding anything is adding the unnecessary. 

The ‘felt sense’ is a reference to feeling the direct resonance versus choosing to analyze and slot things into categories and conjuring an understanding.

What is the appearance of appearances and the changing phenomena is no longer the most important thing. ‘No thing’ is realized as everything. Ergo, everything is flowing in and out of Consciousness. Everything is the offering to ‘Nothingness’ as ‘Nothingness’ is realized to be everything.

There is a resting when residing in the permanence of being ‘Nothingness’. ‘Nothingness’ is the openness to letting go of everything to include thinking we ‘know’. Knowing the ‘Knowing’ of Being is enough. ‘Not knowing’ is essentially not over-engaging in ‘thinking we ‘know’, that is, conceptualization. Cognitive understanding would then be conceptual and at a cost and distance from Beingness.

‘Here’, there is no good/bad to separate into nor is there a separate one. Doing and undoing  is part of separation and always subsequent to existence/being.

The stability of Nothingness allows appearances to freely come and go. The point being that without this stability chaos would immediately result. The importance of Nothingness cannot be overstated.

Formless-ness is a subtlety that the mind cannot grasp as there are no handles to grasp. The ‘someone’ is not a subtlety but a fleshy concept. This concept we called ‘me’ is extremely limited in that boundaries ‘there’ are unmovable. Hence, there can be no movement past them.

What truly Is Present seamlessly, Is formless-ness unbounded. There is no start or finish Here, as It Is eternal Presence. Presence, even in the density of fleshy concepts.

There is no movement to Formless-ness as It Is never not Here. In the heart space, It can be felt as a subtle knowing and longing for Peace and contentment and Love. The Formless Subtlety Is all that Here and Now.

The backdrop of everything is Nothing. ’This’ Nothing is the most compelling Nothing. All forms are in this subtle Formlessness, moving in and out of It, effortlessly.

Be ‘that’ effortlessly Now as you can Be nothing else. 


Knowing who you are and knowing who you are not, is simultaneously handled by ‘just Knowing’. ‘Receiving’ this ‘Knowing’ is knowing.

‘Not’ knowing who we Are, is not being in receipt of the ‘Knowing’. The ‘Knowing’ Is everything, literally. Not being in receipt of absolutely everything tells us we have not arrived at our true nature despite our True Nature never having actually left.

Having an idea of the ‘Knowing’ is not the ‘Knowing’. Ideas are specialists in ‘not’ knowing. Ideas cannot know this ‘Knowing’. Thinking we ‘know’ is clearly ‘not’ knowing. There is no ‘thinking’ needed, ever.

This ‘Knowing’ is before ideas. ‘It’ cannot be reached through knowledge alone as ‘knowledge’ can become a distancing from Truth. Plus the ‘priorness’ of Knowing dis-allows any ‘reaching’. Presence cannot be lost except ‘seemingly’. Self-Knowledge is our basic fundamental starting point that never ever actually ‘started’ due to time having no constraints on Self.

The ‘Knowing’ is not found so much in the content as in the backdrop. Content is what is changing relative to backdrop which is changeless. The ‘Knowing’ is part of the ‘changeless’ more so than the ‘changing’ but at the same time the ‘Knowing’ cannot be divided up. It Is all Knowing.

Reveling in the ‘Knowing’ Is knowing the ‘Knowing’. Being both the changing and the changeless Is being the ‘Knowing’. The seeming distinction of change and changeless is blurred when all ‘that’ is received is the ‘Receiving’. The ‘Receiving’ being just a moving receiving with no stops for a person or thing. And no time for distinctions and separations from the wholeness of just Receiving/Knowing. It Is all Knowing and all Receiving.

The essential take on all the above is that the esential view is receiving the Receiving while only knowing the Knowing. ‘Thinking’ about all this would be a clear distraction. This ‘Knowing’ is not a part-time gig. And there is no ‘person’ to have a gig. It Is just the ‘Knowing’.

Constantly accessing Self is a necessity, given the depth of our stuckness in the content and the false definition of our identity. Access to Self is always possible. Identifying with the ‘Receiving’ receiving the content, constantly, allows a reorientation to occur, that is, as Divine being in receipt of only the Divine. The ‘idea’ of self loosens to merely an ‘idea’ and no longer an identity.

Freedom Is in this ‘Knowing’.


‘Seeking’ spirituality is more commonly, a walking away from spirituality. Seeking something that is a ‘thing’ is not spirituality. If it was indeed a thing, we could all buy some spirituality or perhaps ‘find it’ for free. In either case, a dead end is achieved; as the only thing that can be found is a thing. That would not be spirituality.

Looking for spirituality is futile as there is noone to look, nothing to find, and a clear mis-understanding on what spirituality is. Even defining spirituality is a problem, as even that is a force-fit into a very limited concept. The ‘field’ is not conceptual. It cannot be reduced into an aphorism despite many attempts.

On the other hand there are definite distinctions to be made as to experiential verification of ‘something’ present that is before and after any mind state and/or a single experience. The tenacity of the backdrop cannot be ignored as long as the content in the background is not hailed as a priority. The backdrop is never really seriously considered as a’thing’ due to its non-interference with any ‘thing’. The backdrop is subtle yet pervasive. There is never any interference from space.

Do we often remember the backdrop in a sleeping dream as primary, in terms of what happened? Even in a waking dream aka normal life, we gloss over the background as if it didn’t exist. But what if there were no stable background or neutral ground to distinguish content?! Indeed, the backdrop does not have a running commentary on what is going on in the foreground.

The ‘nothingness’ brings a stark clarity to the presenting reality. The space allows uncluttered phenomena to be known, as without it chaos could not even make an appearance.

‘Not finding’ spirituality is literaly putting a stop to pushing right past it. No place to go is Here. No ‘next’ thing to do is Now. Movement outside of Here and Now is delusion. Only in HERE and NOW, is there clarity. Outside of ‘space’ is not really possible. Outside of Now is not real. Spirituality is constantly happening only in the Moment in the space of pure existence. ‘Trying’ would be another dead end activity. Beingness cannot ‘not’ Be Here. Believing otherwise is another engagement with delusion. As there is no need for trying there is no need for a try-er to pretend that someone is needed to help the Vastness to be the Vastness. ‘It’ Is just happening.

If Beingness feels elusive, it is seeing the foreground at the expense of the Vastness of Being Being first as the backdrop and/or the Source of everything (forward).

The person is merely the happening of an event in the Receiving. The Receiving is only receiving. There is never any lodging Here. It Is all Receiving. There is no recovery of a person because there never was person that needed to be recovered, despite all the protestations. The person is an event like any other event in the happening. It is short-lived. The eternity is in the happening of the happening which is Receiving receiving the receiving.

Letting go of all the ideas of ‘something’ being anything but ‘nothing’, is liberating. Belief in dead ends does not make the dead end viable. The ‘Knowing’ before ideas, that is indigenous to Being, is the ‘Isness’ without the unnecessary conceptual framework added.

Be The Receiving with no stops or qualifications. Emptiness Is Us, The Receiving. Finding spirituality as ‘nothing’ finds everything.


For the mind to find ‘nothing’ when the only thing it can find is ‘something’, is not to be understood by the mind. If there is ‘nothing’, the mind will still find ‘something’ conceptually and render the ‘nothingness’ of ‘nothing’ something. Concepts are barriers to experiencing true ‘nothingness’.

The mind is a thing, a creation that has limitation not unlike any other creation that has finiteness. Ergo, the mind is fleeting, temporarily providing content through a very limited perspective. It is the wrong tool to use when seeking formless existence and ultimate connection.

Presence is not content. Content, like mind, is a thing. Neither of which have existence like ‘Nothingness’. ‘Nothingness’ Is existence. Having Presence Is existence having existence. The Presence of Nothingness is Being the existence of nothing. This ‘nothing’ is something but cannot be a ‘something’. The existence of Nothingness has no form.

The direct experience of Nothingness is not an experience. It is not some ‘thing’ having an experience. It is ‘Experiencing’ having ‘experiencing’. There are no nouns or things Here. Time doesn’t even exist because it is pure experiencing. Receiving the receiving without a receiver in the timeless Now, ‘Experiencing’ abides directly experiencing everything. Experiencing has no room for content except seemingly so. Ultimately it is all experiencing.

Experiencing, clearly is not something that can be found by the mind. Experiencing is putting the mind aside in order to go directly to “What Is”. The filter of the mind would be a limitation that would distort the fullness of “What Is”. Adding a ‘someone’ through the vehicle of the mind filters ‘experiencing’ into an ‘experience’ for a ‘someone’. Of course then, pure experiencing would then not be available to a ‘someone’.

Pure experiencing does not need any one thing to add to It. Adding to It only makes It less available. The point being is that content of any kind is not at all necessary to ‘Be’ It. We already Are ‘the Experiencing’ Now. And only ‘Experiencing’ can Be ‘Experiencing’.

So, what Is always known Is the ‘Knowing’. Even when we don’t know, the Knowing Is Present. Without the Knowing nothing can Be known. Even ‘Nothingness’ is known by the ‘Knowing’. Nothingness has Knowing and Knowing has Nothingness.

The direct experience of Nothing Is nothing but the Knowing. When content is being received without interpretation, then the Receiving is receiving. Any stops for the mind and its activity can directly effect the receiving. As long as content is not a distraction, then content does not seemingly disrupt experiencing and/or the receiving. The ‘Knowing’ knows the difference.

Be the Knowing of Being Nothingness which is directly Being and receiving everything while holding nothing. That Is all.


The ‘me’ is just another thought with as much substance as any other thought. The ‘me’ is also a worn and deepened groove that subsists due to perseveration and false belief vis-a-vis thought/thinking. One thought cannot be had by another thought. Thoughts have no substance as they are all ‘things’ or objects or appearances. Their solidity is mere iteration and agreement and consensus on their illusory importance and false consequence.



In order to receive anything our hands must be empty. If we are full of concepts typically we continue to employ more concepts to plumb our understanding further. The non-conceptual Beingness becomes unqualified, by our own hand, to show It’s presence and luminance when we force fit ideas. The conceptual ‘stuff’, seemingly shades the Seeing.

The nature and essence of Self does not push through the obfuscation. There is never any pushing from Being, despite the shading. Being is imperturbably permanent and effortless.

Being Is empty, so empty. All concepts are irrelevant to Being Being. No one can do ‘this’. It is just Being.

Emptiness has no content. Any ‘content’ passes through without any stops. It, content, cannot stay due to content having no continuity of existence. Furthermore, Emptiness is pure permanence that needs no content whatsoever.

Emptiness is not special in that ‘It’ Is everywhere timelessly Being. That being said, Emptiness Is always first and last and forever. Emptiness can never leave Us as It Is Us. Emptiness can not leave anyone at any time despite the effort of ‘pushing’.

One cannot find Emptiness even in It’s eternal presence as ‘Us’. However, It Is right Here right Now. ‘Finding’ It results in It not seemingly Being here. That conclusion is clearly false. There is no ‘finding’, because It was never lost. Nor can we ‘find’ It through ‘normal’ means. How can we find ‘nothing’ or Emptiness? It Is Nothingness that Is alive and Knowing. ‘This’ Is Us. One cannot add something to nothing and then find ‘something’ when all there Is Is Nothingness.

Letting go of all concepts means letting go of the conceptual self. What is left answers all questions. Beingness is the Emptiness, is what we were looking for in life. The finding of ‘nothing’, pure nothingness, is It.

Emptiness Is first. And last. And forever. Losing the ‘me’ (conceptual self), is losing the conceptual basis for existence. We are the formless platform for all of life to take place. Losing all concepts is tantamount to allowing Life to live Life through Us without interference or shading. Clarity arises and effortlessness abides here and now.

There is nothing Here working independently from Life Itself. Any appearance is strictly limited to the cameo of appearance. Emptiness Is You. Everything Is receiving Everything and that Is Nothingness.


The Now is not special in that ‘it’ is always present. It appears to act as a backdrop in our lives because ‘it’ accepts distortion of time reflecting back and projecting forward, at ‘seeming’ will. However, it is not effected by the distorting transmutations appearing/disappearing.

The imperfection of ‘time’ is a necessary characteristic for the waking and sleeping dreams that occur. The unreality of the dream is directly dependent upon the platform of Now in order for the dream to have any standing. Without the stability of Now, the dreaming could not even occur. It is noteworthy here to point out that dramatic contrast between the ‘real’ and the ‘unreal’, that clearly represent the Now and the creation of temporary time. Reality is stretched through time, especially when dreaming in waking/sleeping states.

Before our first thought and after our last thought, the Now ceaselessly exists. The Now goes nowhere whereas time slips away as if it never existed.

Being Here Now so fully we lose the concept of time and anchor into existence (or Beingness) where stability of home is profoundly Present. When we are home there is no place where we need to go to. There is a settling, a peace, and relaxation of trying to get anywhere else. Time becomes more irrelevant as the counting and measuring is unnecessary when everything is just right.

The unreality of imagination and/or the revitalization of memories, falls back to Knowing The Knowing. The unreality is exposed through Knowing. And this Knowing Is only Now. This Is the ‘Knowing’ that is pervaded by Awareness that is complete right Now. There is nothing to grasp Here. Fullness is complete. The ‘doer’ is made irrelevant. Now everything just happens with the Now Being Now..

Connecting to immediacy is immediate. Time has no say Here. Is you Is or is you isn’t? Time is not waited upon. There is no I’ll ‘Be’ later. That would be an instruction in futility.

To ask what is real as far as time is or Now is, is futile. Our Knowing Knows without question only Now. Now abides timelessly and immediately. The Now is the substrate of the universe.

The dreaming occurs in time. The Now is before, during, and after the dream. The dream is built-in imperfection. The Now Is perfection holding the seeming dreaming. It is not a ‘special’ state. Rather It Is what ‘It’ Is. Perennially present and vibrantly alive Now abides everywhere always.

Being-ness is perfection Being Being. Time and imperfection create a seeker seeking. There is no one Here in the Now. That Is everything.


The essence of all things is Silence. Silence is not only the backdrop but also the source of everything forward. When going into the depth of Silence we find nothing -but clarity and openness. Silence Is the transcendent field Itself. It Is the ‘Allness’.

Silence is not a perception. ‘Perceiving’ Silence would be a reductive exercise. Perception through the gates (of hearing, tasting, touching, seeing, and smelling) or sense perception is essentially going through ‘stuff’ to find ‘non-stuff’. ‘Non-stuff’ is stand-alone and is not dependent on sensory channels as ‘It’ Is prior to all gates.

Silence is not an experience in that experiencing Silence would be also reductive. ‘Experience’ implies a narrow tiny view of Being that clearly cannot be the Vastness. When ‘All Is God’, there is no view as there is only One view.

What forms does Silence take? Formless Silence takes any and all forms. It speaks loudly but quietly. You cannot hear it but It speaks through words with silent resonance. The resonance is the vibration of Silence speaking loudly and clearly. It’s message Is unmistakable Love. Can one hear another message?!

Words are one of the forms for Silence. But words alone are insufficient to communicate the depth of The Vastness Silence Is. The ‘loudness’ of Silence is before any sound. Om emanates from The Silence. Silence Is first. Silence Is broadcasting 24/7/365. It never misses a beat. You hear Silence first, before any thought or utterance or birth of anything.

Silence is a frequency before, during, and/or after the waking dream/sleeping dream states. This frequency is eternally Present.

There Is only The Silence. But calling It anything is to limit the limitless. Being Silence is not an effort. It Is our True Nature. Effortlessly Being what we un-mistakenly Are is to ‘Know’ Silence as ‘no other’.

There is no ‘start’ and there is no ‘end’. Awareness of Self just Is. Hear ‘that’ Silence in the heart.



Existence is what? Matter? Where is the ‘matter’? It has not been found yet but the concept appears to make it real, due to archaic belief systems and the grandfathering in of a basic misunderstanding.

What is said about ‘matter’ or more commonly stated, ‘things’, is that there is more space there than the eye actually spies. ‘That’ does have credence due to ‘matter’ essentially then not being mostly ‘matter’ but ‘space’. Can we find the ‘space’?

We easily acknowledge the space because ‘that’ is a most essential element of our so-called life. All ‘things’ are always in ‘space’. Even ideas are in some type of space. The consistency of ‘space’ is unchanging. Everything is in some type of stable space.

Matter (or things) that are in space, are the variables that appear and disappear seemingly with the time element doing the sorting. Existence, by definition, is directly associated with these temporal things that abide in spaceless space.

Is existence then perceived? What are we perceiving when we are perceiving existence? Space? But there are things that we see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. What are our senses telling us?

Behind each of these 5 gates is the Knowing. How do we know we saw something? Will the ‘seeing’ alone tell us? No. The ‘knowing’ which is indistinguishable from any of the senses (or gates), tells us about ‘existence’. The Knowing is present in all the gates. It Is the backstop to ‘existing’ allowing awareness.

Existing is not ‘existence’. Existing is prior to existence. Existing Is the Knowing. Existing and Knowing are essentially the same as no real differences can be found. Existence on the other hand is caught in time and seemingly separated from eternity. There is an end date for all existence. It appears and disappears. Existing never stops existing.

But does ‘existence’ exist? There is a ‘reality’ to existence just as there is a reality to any illusion. When we dream, we generally believe the dream while it is happening. But upon waking we realize its fantasy, its illusion. Similarly, the common waking state that is interpreted from an illusory self, can be said to also be an illusion. Both ‘states’ do have a common hard reality that does not fluctuate, ever. This ‘reality’ is independent of any change. It just ‘Is’. That ‘Is’ is not existence but ‘existing’.

Perceived existence has no stability. No one has an ‘existence’ per se. Yet we all are existing as ‘existing’. Existence is in the subject/object realm. There are no distinctions, no doers, and no stops as being the ‘existing’. Any distinctions collapse in the pure Knowing of ‘existing’. And then there is just ‘existing’.

True nature cannot be found in superficial appearances and existences. Holding a position of ‘me’ is a stark separation from Reality. There is no holding of any position or view in Reality. Reality is not finite and/or a fixed position. It just Is. There is no stop for existence or an illusory ‘me’. Existing is a moving stillness abiding effortlessly.

Existence is tantamount to a real movie. The movie is ultimately an illusion. What is ultimately real, never started or stopped being the ineffable space where the seeming movie takes place. Existing Is knowing the Knowing. Everything leads to this Knowing as everything comes from this Knowing. There Is only the Knowing existing.

We already Are. There is nothing to do but Be the timeless existing before matter, before ‘me’, and before any stops for existence. Pure existing is always full. Abide in the Knowing.


From where do we arise? Does ‘from where we arise from’, change? Or is ‘the where’ we come forward to in this moment, really any different at any time, before, during, or after this ‘perceived’ existence? Only ‘Nothingness’ has eternal stability. Everything arises from Nothingness and returns to Nothingness.

The Source is not a ‘thing’ that can be measured by another ‘thing’. The priorness of the Source just Is. How could It be anything? How could It change into a less eternal self?

The everything that we see is truly nothing. It is space holding space that appears as something. The appearance is Nothingness in costume. Yes?

The costuming may include a density that would provoke a mis-identity as someone separate. The density is directly reflective of our attachment to the costume and the story. A greater density does not allow openness to dance the costume as a costume, versus having a firm identity with the costume. My costume looks better than your costume, is an invocation to separateness and identity. There is noone to ‘have’ any thing. It is just a temporary costume.

Nothingness includes everything because everything is essentially nothing. And Nothing is ultimately only Nothingness. The appearance of costuming is a staging of Nothingness. Costume on and costume off leaves only Nothingness.

The owner of the costume doesn’t exist because there is only the ‘costuming’. The costume never existed apart from ‘the costuming’. The ‘costume’ is an appearance and not an existence. Hence, one cannot add a non-existence to existence. Self remains Self uninterrupted.

To ‘Be’ the costuming is to just ‘Be’. Nothing can be added to the ‘Be’. To suggest that we need to add a ‘how’ in order to ‘Be’ would be adding something that would in effect be a subtraction. The Fullness would not be the Fullness if any thing needed to be added to ‘It’.

To ‘do’ anything to ‘Be’, the Fullness would require a separate ‘doer’. Truly there are only clowns taking a bow for this ‘idea’. There are no doers to be found ‘existing’. Adding a ‘somebody’ that is a true nobody and then saying,”Did I do it right?”, is a wholesale dismissal of true Self.

To ‘think’ about being nothing/everything is to immediately step away from Self. ‘Thinking’ without Awareness provokes the question of who would be thinking about being Being? Being does not need ‘thinking’ to exist. ‘Thinking’ gives the illusion of a ‘thinker’. The ‘thinker’ is only an idea that cannot be added to the Fullness. ‘Thinking’ or thoughts, will come and go without the need to place a ‘thinker’.

The essence of Nothingness is only The Knowing of It. All this ‘stuff’ is essentially ‘the Knowing of it’. The subtle resonance of this Knowing reflects the Nothingness and Openness of formless existence. There is no real density/form Here. The ‘felt’ resonance is Present without fanfare. It just Is.

Leaving the density, is favoring the Openness moment by moment by Being Being. Seeing from ‘no view’ is the view of being able to See ‘my view’ again and again, realizing there is only ‘no view’ to have. ‘That’ would be adding nothing to Nothingness. And there Is nothing else. And really, Nothingness Is You.