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"Be The Moment: A Practical Guide To Being". I am the I am. After ‘that’, is only an appearance. Be the Be, then do the do. You cannot ‘do’ the ‘Be’.


Emptiness fills Us as ‘Us’. That Is Emptiness. We are timelessly filled with Emptiness without time and without some ‘one’ to have ‘It’.

This is enough. More? Do we ‘think’ we need more?! Having ‘Nothing’ is perhaps lacking ‘something’!? Is this question then really a ‘belief’ that subsequently reveals a ‘self’ that is naturalized through the domestication of thought -yes?! Yes.

‘That’ would be an explicit addition to Emptiness/Nothingness. Can we add a ‘something’ to an explicit ‘nothing’ and then still maintain an emptiness? The question does not, in this case, need an answer due to its obvious conflict and obvious answer.

Adding content, to include the ‘me’, is not adding more ‘Nothingness’. Nothing needs to be added. Nevertheless, we feel we are compelled to ‘do’ something because of the threat of doing ‘nothing’ seemingly keeps us in an uncomfortable stasis.

The ‘doing’ by a virtual ‘doer’ is the ‘adding’ to the construction of more content, when no additional content is needed for Emptiness to Be Emptiness as completely as Emptiness can Be. Any additional content put towards Emptiness, does nothing to change Emptiness in any way, anyway. All ‘content’ is ephemeral. Content is the ‘seeming’ changing illusion. Even ‘this’ illusory content is ultimately the permutation of Nothingness, as formlessness, choosing temporary form.

The ‘me’ is not the point, contrary to popular belief. The ‘me’ has about as much meaning as one of the “Mario” brothers. An illusion is an illusion. One illusion is not any more important than another illusion (unless we ‘believe’ it does). Illusions need belief. Reality, what is happening, does not need a belief system.

Emptiness cannot be perceived. Emptiness is the ‘perceiving’. The ‘perceived’ (or illusion) cannot be the perceiving. Content (or illusion) has no independent existence. What has ‘independent existence’ cannot be content (or illusion). What is absolute permanence Is pure existing. Emptiness Is All That Is without stops for any thing.

Adding ‘some thing’ to Everything is futile. Everything/Nothingness/Emptiness Is formlessness existing without a need for form at any time (timelessly). The ‘what’ that is perceived cannot be the ‘Perceiving’. The context is ultimately never the content.

What is in an uncomfortable stasis is the ‘me’. Losing the ‘me’ is the death of illusion. No one dies in a video game nor in any illusion we co-create. The formlessness of pure existence carries no illusions about illusions.

Our Existence has always been ‘Our’ Existence. Forgetting ‘Our’ Existence does not change Our Existence. There is nothing to ‘do’ by another as there is no ‘other’ in All That Is. All That Is, Is always All That Is. Be the effortlessly Empty Being Being.


When there is ‘no time’ no one asks what time it is. When there is no ‘person’ in charge, no one is there to ask about anything to include time.

Time indulgence, i.e. pushing past and/or seeking a future for a ‘person’, is engaging in delusion. Dropping the idea of transactional ‘time’ is engaging ‘what’ Is Here. Forbearance/perseverance of time is forbearance/perseverance of imposters posing as ‘somebody’.

Creating a ‘somebody’ out of nothing is much ado about nothing. ‘Nothing’ is ok until we make more out of it than clarity can support. When we distort Presence with ‘time-binding’, we practice cancelling a large swath of Reality (seemingly). Missing the forest for the trees is imaginary content overriding the Formlessness of Nothingness.

Nothingness Is unperturbed but the ‘me’ is improperly enhanced to a ‘real’ status, undermining Our implicit Absoluteness. The birthless/deathless Oneness goes on unperturbed with this seeming separateness of ‘me’. The ‘me’ is a mere illusion that can be clearly seen from only the ‘Seeing’ (no ‘see-er’).

Oneness Is always ‘Seeing’. The ‘me’ is the one with the stuckness of preferences. Everything Is One and everything Is neutral until ‘we’ say it isn’t. Preferences are NOT indigenous to Oneness as there Is only one ‘All That Is’. Oneness does not need to hold and secure any thing as ‘it’ Is all Oneness all the time.

The neediness of ‘having’ serious preferences occurs only in the ‘play’ of Awareness/Consciousness. The ‘play’ is the imperfection of having imperfection. What Is ‘playing’ the imperfection Is the Perfection. What never leaves and can never leave, Is the perfection.

The imperfection is clearly the idea of a ‘person’ separate from ‘All That Is’ in time. The ‘person’ is the imaginary preference ‘having’ preferences. How neat and tidy. ‘All That Is’ knowingly Knows this false premise but allows the imperfection/seeming separation to hide in plain sight. To take the idea of a ‘person’ seriously, is to miss the obviousness of Nothingness Being timeless.

It cannot be any clearer. When the ‘person’ stops trying to be Present, the blockage of ‘trying’ from an illusion, defaults to ‘All That Is’. It Is as simple as simple could be. To make it any harder is to only make it harder. Losing ‘trying’ is losing ‘time’.

There Is nothing to do and/or align. Everything Is already the ‘Self’ without any ‘trying’ from the alleged ‘person’. Be ‘That’ Now. It Is You un-wanting. ‘You’ already Are ‘It’. There Is no ‘time’ to ‘do’ it.



Can ‘Knowing’ ever moderate? In other words, can the ‘Knowing’ ever change? There are four absolutes in this reality: 1) the Knowing( All that Is); 2) Being existence (the I Am); 3) output is input; and 4) everything changes except the first 3 absolutes.

The ‘Knowing’, the first absolute, never moderates as it serves as the ultimate stability for malleability or ‘seeming change’.

The three other absolutes are essentially still the ‘Knowing’ as all that Is Is all that Is. The 2nd absolute is the ‘I Am’ existence of being the ‘Knowing’. The only thing ‘I Am’ can be is the ‘Knowing’ of ‘Knowing’.

The 3rd absolute is ‘output is input and input Is output’. Whatever we put out we get right back. This is the circle of energy Being energy. Where else can ‘energy’ go when there is nowhere but Here?

Everything changes but the first 3 absolutes. This is the 4th absolute, i.e. the dream. This is the ‘real’ movie that occurs in a seeming time and place. The illusion of ‘change’ is an absolute illusion. The time and place are ‘seemingly’ present in timelessness. Change is the veil of the ‘Knowing’ seemingly not Knowing. Every ‘thing’ changes.

These are all distinctions appearing in the ‘Knowing’. The Awareness of ‘Knowing’ and what appears ‘in’ the ‘Knowing’ is ultimately the ‘Knowing’. Change therefore is ‘seemingly’ present.

It Is all absolute ‘Knowing’. The only answer to ‘I don’t know’ is The Knowing of It. To define it further is to misdefine it. It is not to be defined as ‘It’ cannot be defined.

Staying in the ‘I don’t know’, is accepting the finality of ‘not knowing’. The ‘Knowing’ is already complete. Nothing, only nothing can be added to It.

Being the Nothingness is the emptiness, the silence of Knowing ‘not knowing’. ‘Not knowing’ is freedom from the controller trying to control the illusion of the movie/illusion. There is no controller. There is no knower. It Is only the ‘Knowing’ knowing Itself.

Knowing the ‘Knowing’ is Being the ‘Knowing’ and nothing else. What else is there? “I don’t know. I only know changeless change.” That is enough. Know ‘this’ Knowing.


The thought of ‘no thought’ is a thought according to ‘thought‘. Does ‘thought’ have all the answers?! Apparently so if ‘thought’ has anything to say about it. And that would be a big lie.

We are playing in a self-imposed limitation if ‘we’ limit ourselves to the field of ‘thought’. How do we know this? The absoluteness of ‘Existence’ Itself tells us this, by the mere presence of ‘Existing’ existing with or without thoughts/thinking happening or not happening. Without an absolute ‘Existing’ thoughts do not even have a field to think/abide in.

Existence precedes thought/thinking. Existence does not need thoughts to exist. It Is prior. It’s priorness is absolute. Existence is forever while thoughts and thinking are passing clouds that may or not be present (temporarily).

Consequently, thinking thoughts or not thinking thoughts, has no effect on the absoluteness of Existence (Being). Thoughts do not have a permanent base of existing independent of Existence Itself.

The Beingness of Existence has no dependence nor consequence from any thought or amount of thinking placed on It. Thoughts and thinking have an unearned status as equal to or better than Existence Itself. Thoughts and thinking have in effect seemingly subjugated what is prior, to a lesser status.

This seeming subjugation of Beingness has dumbed down our existence to a lower quality of living. The struggle now supplants the effortlessness that is natural only to pure Existence. Decision-making, in this ‘thinking’ modality, has a totalitarian flavor that tries to ‘control’ everything to support a false self that only has its spurious fictional existence to be concerned about.

Emptiness has nothing and ‘that’ is everything. ‘Control’ would be awkward Here as the Oneness is complete as It Is. The integration Here is perfection personified by the purity of Nothingness. Adding some such ‘control’ would be imperfection chasing perfection. Nothing can be added nor subtracted Here/Now.

We cannot ‘think’ our way out of the sticky idea that we need to get out of where we are really not ‘in’. Using ‘thoughts/thinking’ to get out of ‘thoughts/thinking’ will always keep us ‘in thinking’.

The obstruction of ‘dependence on thought’ is NOT believed to be an obstruction (by thoughts). Ergo, given these conditions, can thought get Us out of thought?!

Believing in thought and believing in believing, keeps us believing the superficiality of just believing. Is ‘believing’ enough to get us out of thinking and dependence on thought alone?

‘Our’ belief then begets a believer which supplants just Being Existence. Existence has no need for believers. There is no adding/subtracting beliefs, believers and ideas to Stillness. Stillness/Emptiness Is absolute (unchanging).

There is a felt-sense of just Being Being. Know ‘That’ from the ‘Knowing’ and not from thought. Believing is thought-based. This is as simple as simple can Be. There is never anything that can be added to the perfection that always Is. Emptiness/Stillness is not bound by any thought, idea, addition, or subtraction. ‘It’ just ‘Is’. Be free in this ‘Knowing’.


The idea that truth is an idea, is just another idea. Using an idea to get another idea is going in circles with ideas and always ending up in just another idea.

To go past ideas cannot be to stay in ideas. To stay in ideas is to stay in the ephemeral change. To stay in the ephemeral change is to choose a temporary and changing vehicle that does not exhibit any stability.

Ideas change and evolve and yet they are not the source that generates them. Only an unchanging source can provide the ability to divine the changing from the unchanging.

Spiritual truth is not an idea nor a belief. Ideas, beliefs, and definitions are fluid and not eternal. Spiritual Truth Is who we Are and certainly not the stopped and clocked ‘experience’ we might of had. ‘Experiencing’ has no stops. Experiencing or Knowing never stops ‘experiencing’ i.e. Knowing Knowing.

Could there be an ‘experience’ without the Knowing of the experience? Experiencing/Knowing Is eternally on without a stop. If there was an actual stop then the eternal would not be eternal. The illusion of a stop is an illusion. Stopping for an illusory ‘person’ is also an illusion. There are no stops nor separate ones Here/Now. Moreover, the Experiencing/Knowing is underscored by not stopping nor starting, ever.

There Is a certainty to ‘never changing’ and ‘never disappearing’ that can be directly experienced even by the ‘person’ believing Self to be a ‘person’. Experiencing the ‘Experiencing’ is eternally stable/Present and accessible directly. The ‘person’ or the ‘character’ is not the ‘one’ to make that determination. That one, that is ‘Knowing’ is the ‘Experiencing’. Verification by an illusion would be investing in more illusion. Experiencing Experiencing creates space to more clearly see the illusion of person and the stop of holding of ‘experience’ by the person. The contrast of movement versus ‘the holding’ is stark.

The illusory character is then seen as illusory. The illusory character is stark because of the unending epic struggle to be whole. This perennial deficit is never present in experiencing Experiencing. Effortlessness of Being requires adding absolutely nothing, at any time, to the happiness that Is the Isness.

The Truth is just Us -the Oneness that Is all there Is. There is no more and there is no less. ‘That’ Is Everything Being everything. No stops ever. No ideas/beliefs to get stuck on. Be Life. Be Truth, Being constantly. All there is to a thought Is the Knowing/Experiencing.


A ‘somebody’, struggling to stop the mind, does not exist independent of Existence. Contrarily and in contrast, ‘Existence’ Is perenially existing, never stopping the Beingness of continual existing. What does not exist Now cannot then begin to independently exist later. Existence is always existing with no start or stop. Creating a ‘somebody’ to exist is creating a relativity to existence.

Creating a ‘somebody’ aka a character, does not transfer any permanence of perennial existing to the created character. The same status is applicable to the so-called ‘mind’. So a ‘somebody’ or a ‘person’ struggling to control the ‘mind’ is tantamount to a ‘no existing thing’ (person) trying to control a ‘no existing thing’ (mind) in Existence. Existence is the only element really existing.

What exists has always existed and will exist without end. There is no termination date for ‘Existence’. Existence just Is.

The distinction here is between ‘what always Is and always was (and will be) to ‘what is fleetingly passing through as temporary phenomena’. It all occurs in Existence. Everything is invited into wholeness as ultimately everything Is wholeness. The seeming ‘separation’ out of ‘wholeness’ into ideas of ‘person’ and/or ‘mind’, is the Reality playing the ‘unreality’.

What Is observing reality ‘Is’ the Reality. We Are the reality we once ‘thought’ we were existing in. There is no ‘in’ nor is there an ‘out’. It Is just Reality existing as Reality. An adding of ‘more’ to Reality does not make ‘more’ Reality. Reality Is complete as Reality. Reality Is. No adding/subtracting is possible to ‘this’ Fullness. Existence Is ‘this’ Reality.

Gaining/losing ‘somebody’ and/or ‘mind’, is not relevant to ‘something’ that takes no additions/substractions. ‘Just Is’ Is ‘Just Is’.

There is no choice Here. It Is just ‘What It Is’. The Reality Is Seeing Itself as Itself. If there is any ‘choice’ it Is a ‘no choice’. ‘What It Is’ can only Be ‘What It Is’.

Be the wholeness You Are because ‘That’ Is what You Are Now (always). There is no ‘doing’ in Being timeless Being. Just Being effortlessly the Reality of all realities is enough. ‘This’ Existence bypasses all other ‘seeming’ existing/non-existing. There is no actual landing into anything else but wholeness. See ‘It’ from wholeness.


When we are trapped in a ‘somebody-ness’, we may begin to realize that we are trapped in a prison of our making. We have difficulty in leaving this ‘somebody’. We have grown so accustom to constantly responding and placating our ‘somebody’, in nearly every moment in every day, we actually forget whom we really Are.

What a waste and limitation of vast resources that are available right Now, for what? A restriction that lierally chokes the life out of ‘Us’?!

The problem comes in when ‘experiencing’ is veiled by ‘experience’. ‘Somebody’ needs to become a ‘somebody’ in order to be a ‘somebody’. The problem of being ‘somebody’ is that ‘somebody’ is an unnecessary ‘seeming’ entity, that absolutely limits Our vastness of just Being. ‘Somebody’ is just an ‘experience’, and a fleeting one at that. ‘It’ never really stays. Experiencing is summarily replaced by a staid experience.

Losing ‘somebody’ is gaining clarity that was present but obscured. When we ‘stop’ and add a fleeting ‘experience’ to our fake resume, we flash on more of ‘somebody’. The investment in ‘somebody’ is so substantial that usually there is no turning back to ‘nothing’ i.e. Nothingness. Then, to ‘lose’ ‘some body’ becomes very personal and devastating.

The question then evolves to , “Can we do something else other than lose this self?” This then is the virtual prison of self-limitation we run right into. Bam!

The only ‘real’ solution is ‘nothing’. Is ‘that’ too much?! Yes it is, if ‘it’ is answered by ‘somebodyness’. But ‘nothing’ is then falsely argued for ‘something’. This is where the horse-trading begins. The problem is that there is no horse to trade!

‘It’ begins with ‘nothing’ and ends with ‘nothing’. Plus there is no time in which all ‘that’ happens. Can ‘It’ be any simpler!?

Separateness’ is trapped in ‘somebodyness’ and neither is a true reality. What a conundrum. What to ‘do’? Nothing.

That is the other problem that really is not a problem. There is no ‘doing’ this. ‘Doing’ is an ‘overdoing’ relative to ‘nothing’, which is the only real path. But then ‘nothing’ is not even a path because ‘nothing’ needs to be ‘done’. It Is all Nothingness.

There is nothing to react ‘to’ when there is nothing. Nothing matters when ‘It’ is seen from Nothingness. Contrarily, when Nothingness is seen from ‘somebodyness’ then old belief systems/programming compel an argument. There is no longer an argument when the belief and definition of Self is Seen clearly.

Clarity is ‘not’ doing anything for ‘self’. The clarity of not believing in believing in a conceptual self, releases a space for Nothingness. This allows Nothingness to live through this metaphor of space instead of ‘space junk’ that a ‘somebodyness’ compels.

When ‘nothing’ matters, it matters. Planting and constantly replanting ‘somebody-ness’ is unnecessary work. There is no ‘work’ in Being Beingness because It Is pure Nothingness. There is no easier path. Be ‘That’ and be free. Losing ‘everything’ gains a constant experiencing of ‘Nothingness’. There Is no ‘more’. And there is no ‘less’. It Is all ‘Nothingness’. ‘Nothing’ matters.


What ‘sees’ reality Is Reality. What breathes reality is the ecstatic explosion of reality Being Reality. Even before the observation of reality, Reality just Is causeless ceaselessness. Reality does not even need a witness to assert It’s Isness. It just Is.

A witness would suggest that ‘Existence’ would be based on some ‘other’ to validate It’s own existence. When there is only one value in the multiverse of universes then there cannot be an ‘other’. The number and/or quality of particular universes have no bearing on the Oneness of the multiplicity of infinite Beingness.

There is simply, as simply could be, only one type of energy pervading the synchronicity of Being everything. In It’s purest unadulterated formless form, the Energy seemingly transmutes Itself into the multiplicity of people, places, space and time. This Source is never adulterated nor breached despite belief systems that may ‘believe’ otherwise. This ‘Source’ is the perfection behind the seeming imperfection.

The ‘control’ is in the perfection and not in the imperfection. The ‘control’ is more akin to an indigenous and balanced harmony rather than some idea of things being ‘forced’. This harmony is the backdrop to everything that is truly ‘nothingness’. Seeing the perfection while being engaged in the ‘imperfection’ allows the knowing of the Knowing. Contrarily, blindly pursuing the ‘imperfection’ creates an artificial separation and fear from an implicit perfection.

Hence, the one-type of true energy, that is funneled through definitions of fear and separation, will allow the loathing of self in Self. Again, the energy is neutral until it isn’t. Energy fueled through false beliefs and specious ideas, is taking the neutral and dumbing it down to fear and suffering, unnecessarily.

This misunderstanding is unfortunately a core idea central to the misappropriation of a ‘perfect’ energy. If perfection Itself did not exist, then nothing could exist. The resonations of lower frequencies are allowed to occur when the demand is made by the false self, for ‘how it happens’ and ‘when it happens’. The ‘control’, as stated earlier, is effortless and Is Us, ultimately. To suggest that some manufactured idea of self that is in charge, is to miss the forest for the trees.

There is no reality except Our observation of It. The belief systems that undermine this Oneness, are a form of self-hypnosis. The ‘control’ is not in some ‘idea’ of self. Rather ‘control’ Is implicit in perfection of harmonic balance.

Perfection Is ceaseless/timeless existence with no cause or agenda. Beingness is more than enough. It Is everything. Reality rocks on.


‘This’ Is It. To go ‘out there’ is to deny the reality that we have created. We Are the reality we see, feel, hear, taste, and touch. All of ‘It’ is experiencing experiencing.

There is no ‘other’ place or person to cohabitate the space, that is only and truly a metaphoric space. We all Are, always. This ’emptiness’ just Is as It Is and not even the idea of ‘space’ can capture It.

The ‘experiencing’ is just experiencing what ‘experiencing’ has written down in the location-less place and the timeless Now of just ‘experiencing’. ‘We’ create the reality that is reflected back to Us.

To reject this Reality is to misperceive Reality as being separate and impositional on Us. There is no imposing anything on Nothingness (Our true nature). We cannot reject what we have had a direct hand in creating. ‘That’ would be missing the whole enchilada of whom We really Are. We could then continue to have ‘our way’ of ‘thinking’ how it ‘should be‘. Then conclusively and sadly, we would default back to a certain seemingly comfortable picture of what the false self ‘thinks’ it wanted.

‘That’ belief and definition of reality may be seemingly evoking a comfortableness, but really, that is a clear limitation on the ineffable greatness we all Are always ad infinitum. Lose the belief that limits the unlimited.

Misdefinition of Self is often characterized by an insistence of a ‘clear’ definition. Cognitive clarity, in this case, is missing everything in order to have a ‘something’, when all the while, there Is Nothingness. Emptiness cannot be defined by something.

When We create ‘something’, we create for the immediacy of Now (not later). ‘This’ Is not to be held on to by a fictional person. ‘Holding’ what is created, is missing experiencing experiencing for ‘an experience’ that is stopped and over. Experiencing never stops experiencing. Pulling over for an experience is not within the movement of experiencing.

Who We Are is not an interpretive event. Everything Is neutral until we say It isn’t. Reality Is reality with no real need for interpretation (by a ‘me’). We can create an imagined reality but ‘that’ is an imagined reality. Reality Is before imagination and/or additions.

The false self that attains a definitional reality attains an imaginary place/status. The problem then becomes the attempt to leave the imaginary place that really does not provide the succour and relief we thought it would. Cognitive interpretative reality is a misdirection of resources.

There Is no place to go as ‘places’ come and go. There Is nothing to ‘do’ as ‘doing’ never stops ‘doing’. Being Is the only real ‘doing’ as there are no stops or finishes in timeless eternal Beingness. Nothing Is before or after ‘All That Is’.

We Are the reality We Are in. What is reflected to Us Is Us. The reality that is reflected to Us is directly from Us. Love ‘That’.


We create reality. We create reality not from the character in the real movie but from the ‘All that Is’, and ‘that’ Is Us.

The movie is a creation. It Is ‘Our’ movie. This ‘Our’ is not plural, as It Is ‘All that Is’ aka ‘The Oneness’. The ‘movie’ does not create the movie. The director/producer of the movie is ‘Us’ creating the movie. In other words, we create our our own reality.

Timelessness is not created. It Is. Time, on the other hand, is created. We create time every day. First, we are in the unchanging timelessness. From the permanence of timelessness, we create the ‘reality’ of time. Timelessness still remains when ‘time’ appears but in the seeming backdrop.

Timelessness does not age. Time on the other hand, is bound and ages us especially so, if we are bound by time. When we lose track of time, for example, we do not really entertain the binding aspect of time, and fall back to the unchanging permanent timelessness of Now. The default position of not being fully in time is what? Timelessness of course.

The advantages to time is that the change that invariably occurs, prompts us to examine any possible polarizing views. When we change our monocentric view, we can open our perception of Self to a wider more vast openness that can liberate monotheistic perspectives.

This advantage of the contraction called ‘time’, thus liberates us from the proverbial ‘stuck’ position of being a prisoner in a movie. We begin to see the movie as a movie and then realize we really are the producer/director of the movie. The ‘movie’ comes out of the permanence of timelessness. Our realization of timelessness is realization of Our true nature.

The movie allows pathos/suffering to be present for the sake of the movie and not for the suffering of the actors. Timeless Beingness is who we Are. There is no suffering or drama Here.

We create physical reality and are physical reality. The personal construct or body, is in the ultimate default position of timelessness, always. Soul is not in the body. The body is in soul.

Living in the only Moment that ‘Is’, is living agelessly in the Now. The ‘now’ does not look for the ‘next’. There is no ‘next’ in the Now as it is all Now. Timelessness does not have a past nor future. Everything, to especially include time, Is Now.