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"Be The Moment: A Practical Guide To Being". I am nobody doing nothing. Be the Be, then do the do. You cannot ‘do’ the ‘Be’.



0007I am here before thoughts. I am existing before thoughts. I am Being before, during, and after any thought or thing that may arise in the arising. There is absolutely no thing, sensation, perception, or projection that can block the Knowing/Being of Self. Self abides before any thoughts as It Is the source of everything to include thoughts and concepts and experiences.

0003Secondly, no thought (thing) is ever more precious than everything/nothing. The depth of ‘everything’ is pure existence. There is nothing ever able to override the ‘creating’ of creating. In this permanence, peace abides uninterrupted.

The epicenter of life is not in the ego mind structure of temporariness. This myopic sense of self is stolen from Self. The false self is too fleeting of a structure to contain the vastness of the uncontainable. The medium of body/mind must be seen as a tool and not as an identity. The artisan of the universe Is our Self. There is no ‘other’, to especially include the manufactured and highly conditioned thought-based self.

0006The thought structures, both conditioned patterns and randomized perseverations, have strength in their numbers and have durability when ‘time’, past and future, are used to persuade the belief system of the false self. This leveraging works to sustain the illusion (maya) of the ‘other’.

0009What can undermine this occlusion, is the divestment in thoughts as the arbiter of whom we are. Seeing thoughts as a secondary system instead of the primary system of knowing Self, upends the implicit unaware give-away of our true freedom. Value is in the ’Seeing’ not the thinking.

0000Lastly, there must be an overt acknowledgement of ‘thoughts’ being the inadequate definer of what is truly important relative to higher Self. Thoughts can never define the higher Self as ‘It’ Is not an object that can be culled through thoughts. ’It’ Is ‘before’.

0001The constant uncontrolled streaming and believing of thoughts, pivots on the ownership of these thoughts. If the stream of thoughts is ID’d as ‘mine’, then the welcome mat is cleaned and ready to accept their forceful compulsions. Subsequently, the virtual mobile prison is created. We then appear as separate needy and condemned inmates looking for an escape from pure illusion.

0002Thoughts are ‘after’ Self. What Is ‘before’ Is Self. Thoughts are an expression of Self not an absolute definition of Self. What is to be discriminated is what is ‘before’ in an ongoing fashion. This would not be a belief but an experiential reality of the ‘priorness’ of Being. The discrimination would be clearly ’Seeing’ thoughts as thoughts and ‘Seeing’ as Being.

Being ‘Being’ cannot be thought-based. ‘Being’ is pure existence and pure existence does not depend on thoughts. The ‘I Am’ existence is primary with everything else added as phenomenal. Thoughts are phenomenal and ‘after’ Being-ness.

0004I Am ‘before’ thoughts. Staying ‘here’ is effortless. Stillness, emptiness, silence, and no ‘other’ are ‘here’ timelessly. From ‘here’ everything follows while ‘here’ never changes. Self is undefinable, especially by thoughts.

What is seen is not Seeing. I Am ‘before’ thoughts.

Love is before thoughts and/or events. Love Is Us. Love ‘that’ and feel the explicit peace. Daddy’O0005


ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000097The story of ‘me’ cannot bind the Unbounded with content nor time. There is no real story here (past) nor is there any future. In the recognition of this passing temporal phenomena, the residue of the permanence of Nothingness continues to light our existence without binding or stopping. When the dream is seen as dreaming, dreaming reveals not only the dreamt but the Nothingness that is dreaming the content.

0002What is primary is the dreaming. What can be found is the dreamt. What cannot be found is the dreaming. The ‘found’ content is ultimately irrelevant relative to the dreaming which is paramount and real.

0000The dreaming is Nothingness Being. The dreamt form/content is a part of the expression of Nothingness. Everything is always already Present in Nothingness i.e. Formlessness expressing form.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000046The ‘I Am’ is not in search of a noun to complete a sentence. ‘Completeness’ is intrinsic to ‘I Am’. The ‘I Am’ is as close to form as Formlessness can get. When every ‘thing’ is stripped away (identity, history, time) what remains is the ‘I Am’. Existence without any stops for any thing is enough.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000045What underlies everything is spaciousness, silence, stillness, and no ‘other’ (subject/object). The finding of ‘nothing’ is the finding of Being a priori. The ‘dreaming’ cannot be perceived.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000041When we see the unseen, we See. When we see the story or the dream, as temporal and passing, we don’t over-invest in developing an excessive ‘me’. The field of consciousness allows the images and characters to take the stage. The field is real. The story and the characters are staged.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000039Everything is enjoyed because it all is the play of consciousness. The author is esteemed because the play is so real yet unreal. The author is Us aka ‘I Am’.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000044What has been Present before the development of the ‘me’ is consciousness in It’s fullness with no limitations. The very limited ‘me’, never preceded the ‘I Am’. Dropping the ‘me’ is dropping what occurred ‘after’ ‘I Am’. The ‘I Am’ never left nor arrived. Existence allowed the dream to be dreamt, as existence Is the dreaming. Existence is always first.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000042 2The dreaming is unlimited. The dreamt is limited.

No thought needs to be believed. No ‘more’ needs to be achieved. No story needs to be dreamt. The ‘Isness’ of ‘I Am’ is enough as It Is everything. Nothingness is everything without ‘needing’ to be the content.

Everything Is Love. Start with Love and Be everything. Daddy’O


GP2C3558It Is. If Awareness were an experience it would stop and go. If we had Awareness now and then, then where would ‘we’ Be? 

GP2C3561Awareness goes nowhere but Is Here and everywhere. When we have an experience of Awareness, it does not then mean that Awareness came and now has gone. Rather it is that we have acknowledged and distinguished Awareness from the stream of phenomena. 

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000260What is normal, in many cases if not most, is that Awareness appears to come and go. The constant override of thoughts and thoughtless identification with thoughts and their content, make it appear as if Awareness is episodic. The obscuration is so thorough that only glimpses find their way through the fog of mind. The glimpses seem to acknowledge the ‘now and then’ of the presence of Awareness.

Additionally, ‘time’ plays havoc in facilitating the emergence of illusion and delusion. Illusion of past and future gives a great distraction and a seeming subtraction of energy from the Here and Now. Delusion then thrives in the past and future, raising its head to create a false time-based reality, maintained by false beliefs, about whom we think we are.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000256If that’s not enough, then we have ‘that’ profound experience of a deeper aspect of self, which only separates us further from the Truth. The Truth being that there is no-one there to have ‘that’ experience. Why?! Because there is only the Self pervading all experiences, all perceptions, and all phenomena in general.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000161Having an ‘experience’ by a ‘self’, is separation from Self (seemingly). There is only experiencing. There is no-one to experience Nothingness. Nothingness can only be experienc-ing (Knowing) Nothingness.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000166Having an ‘experience’ needs an experience-er. An ‘experience-er’ is a creation or a ‘thing’. Nothingness is formless with a ‘seeming’ creation of things of limitation by the Unlimited-ness of Nothingness. The ‘things’ created are not Nothingness except in the ultimate picture of Everything being everything. ‘Experiencing’ does not stop. Experience has a stop, creating a false self to have the experience.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000162Creation or ‘things’ cannot Know ‘the’ creating. Awakeness is already awake to Itself and It’s manifesting. Creation, being manifest, cannot reverse engineer itself to be Awakeness (Awareness). Awakeness never left.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000159The point being Awakeness or Awareness does not require experience and/or things to sustain nor acknowledge Itself. We Are Awareness without the need for any noun to include ‘experience’. Having an ‘experience’ is only a clear acknowledgement that we are separate (seemingly).

GP2C3549What is never stopping to ‘Be’ Is Awareness, precisely because there is never a stop on Being, except seemingly  so (through phenomena).

We Are always Awareness continuously, whether we realize it or not. Seeing the illusion clearly, leaves only Awakeness Being Awake.

Be the Love that has no starting or stopping. Unconditional Love Loves eternally. We Are already ‘this’.  Daddy’O  


Did we forget?

The body/mind and the idea of ‘me’ are not containers of anything let alone the True Self. And the idea of ‘me’ to contain anything is delusion on steroids. 

But how did things get so misplaced and misdirected? 

Identification with ideas rather than experiential ‘Knowing’ is the guilty party. First off, identification is a concept. The subsequent trail of mis-appropriation then begins. Identification is an ‘idea’ that we ‘added to’ what We already Are. 

0007Is there a need to employ identification? 

There is usefulness to employing identification when dealing with ‘things’. It is contraindicated to use concepts like identification, when dealing with whom We Are. Whom We Are does not need any ID-ing at any time. To suggest that we use a conceptual framework to attempt to imprison the boundless ineffable eternity that We Are, is heresy.

Is there a need to add anything to What We Are already?

The ‘Fullness’ is full as full can be. How can any ‘thing’ be added? It is not a matter of adding any ‘thing’. It is a matter of subtracting ’things’ to include identity. 

Identity is highlighted due to the fact that ‘it’ is most guilty. Guilty of attachment to a particular ‘me’. Without that particularity of our ‘me’, there is no over-caring for any particular thing over another thing. Do we ever really care about thoughts that others may be thinking? We generally only care if the thoughts concern us. Otherwise there is no salient interest.

0014All this is not to say that we don’t care about people. Actually, we care more about people because we stop the ceaseless perseveration on the little dictator called the ‘me’. Additionally, when we lose the categorization of people and self as concepts, our connection with Our reality becomes more pronounced.

Lastly, when we ‘add’ things to the ‘Fullness’, we miss an important point. ‘It’ Is Everything already. We seemingly add characteristics and assumptions as if a conceptual base can better define the undefinable. ‘Undefinable’ is an example of being another concept that keeps us in seeing the unknowable as definable only by the limited utility of mind.

0000If ideas cannot plumb the depths of Being, then what?

Being. Existing. Having a felt sense available in the heart space rather than the cognitive thinking mind. The ‘person’ that we often ‘think’ we are is not the stable ‘thing’ we believe. This ‘person’ is transitory. Every night when we sleep/dream this ‘person’ becomes someone else. What is true in both waking/dreaming is that the ‘experiencing’ Is real. The ‘Knowing’ of experiencing is always the same. Can anything be more Real?

Spaciousness. Spaciousness is the substrate of Nothingness giving space to contain all things, sensations, perceptions, thoughts, concepts, ad infinitum. There are no limits here. No walls or boundaries. No limitations whatsoever. Otherwise It would not be spaciousness.

Whom We Are Is Spaciousness?! But how can that Be?

When we can arrive as nobody doing nothing, then the ‘person’ can be a conduit for everything to include the ‘Fullness’. The ‘experiencing’ then has the space in the ‘person’ to be lived by Life. The ‘person’ never has a life except in the dreamt. Reality never stops ‘dreaming’ aka ‘Being’. Nobody (no person) was there to accumulate anything in the past nor is there anyone there to accumulate anything now or in the future. Seeing our ‘person’ as ‘experiencing’ rather than a stopped thing (concept) is monumental. Losing the ‘idea’ of ‘me’ liberates space. Nothing sticks and everything flows. Spaciousness is cruise control open-ended.

0003Spaciousness lauds everything. It Is Us. Less is more and that is everything. Less ‘me’ is more Love, is more Us. And Us Is Everything. And Everything Is Love Loving Love. Remember?! So much space, so much Love. Daddy’O


The dreaming we are in when we sleep is interesting in that the character we dream is often not the same character as in our waking states.  We matter of factly lose our personal histories like a change of clothes. The pounding in of who we are in most wakeful moments, relents. All ‘that’ mind reinforcement abates and a new character is formed.

This has a scientific parallel to the Default Mode Network (DMN). This is where our narrative runs, telling us who we were and/or are.  On LSD, the DMN flatlines allowing more experiential data in. Sleep ends up doing about the same thing but not as dramatically. Our story drops and a new script is in play.

0006The point being that the ideas of whom we are, are fluid. They are fluid because there is no permanence to them. If reincarnation is real, then that too would be a demonstration of this letting go of the character in the story.

Is there something here that needs to be gleamed? Perhaps the story of ‘me’ is not meant to be permanent and/or taken so seriously. How often do we sleep and lose the ‘idea’ of this ‘me’?

0002What this points to is the permanence of “What Is”. No story lasts. What is obvious is the “What Is”. But it is not obvious always, because the ‘story’ gets in the way, parading its importance.

Whatever character we play, we play often with too much identity. We do this despite the overwhelming evidence that any character we play, ends in the movie of fictional reality. The screen persists but we handily forget about it as the basis of everything experiencing everything as nothing.

0000Looking at what ‘me’ the character does to survive, we can see the use of time in the movie, to give credence to what is unreal to be real. Time distorts timelessness of the screen to create the effect of past and future to enliven unreality. Somebody is created with a body and a past history with an idea of a future that the character can engage in. Without ‘that’, the character is stripped of major illusions and left with the nakedness of the Now.

The Now has no pretense. The Now is full (of everything), so illusions associated with past/future cannot land in it for any duration without consequence. When we do ‘land’ stuff in the Now with the cooperation of the false self, we seemingly stop the flow of the Now. Certainly the Now never stops now-ing. But illusion/separation is allowed to occur in the Now i.e. obfuscation.

0008‘Landing’ things like sensations, stories, ideas, etcetera, when they don’t need to be landed ever, is problematic. ‘Landing’ is the attachment and asserting of how things ‘should’ be at the expense of letting the Universe play it out. It is the assertion of ideas of self with past and future having a significant prevalence over what is truly happening in this moment.

0004Timelessness is never stopping for past/future. It just Is. Timelessness is timeless while at the same time being Being or a movement without the aspect of time. Beingness is always what is happening. There is no stopping happening except when we try to land it. Landing it is still an illusion as there is no stopping timelessness.

The conclusion we can possibly make is, there is nobody here to accumulate anything in the past nor is there anyone here to accumulate anything now or in the future. But when it seemingly happens, we believe it to be real. We give the illusion legs and run with it, rather than Seeing with our Self which has nothing and is nothingness. Contrarily the false self has a lot of stuff it has landed, creating a conditioned past that ultimately must be dropped from identity. Nothingness has no identity.0003Lucid waking is Seeing the unseen that is everywhere but nowhere in particular. It is a dropping and backing away from over- engaging the phenomena that normally dominates our field of vision. The phenomena still appears, but the unseen is now seen by Seeing the Seeing rather than the seen.0001 The conventional loading up on stuff flying through the “What Is” is now moderated by the Nowness and the freedom that letting go of all that stuff naturally promotes. The ‘doing’ and the ‘doer’ and all that neediness is no longer primary.

Reality Is unbounded by time, place, or personhood. Reality Is Us. Reality Is present always in waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Hanging on to and landing any stuff, in any ‘state’, limits the lucidity of Being.

Be through Being the Being that is unadorned by any limitations, ideations, and/or hoarding of things. Letting go is falling into our seminal existence that never needed anything that we may now think we need.

The only Real is the Real. There is no ‘me’ except the temporary character. The Real is unconditional Love and unconditional happiness that is always available when we are spaciousness itself.

Love Loves the Nothingness of Self. Daddy’O GP2C3401


0000To suggest that we have some place to get to, is to push away from what is already present. To become something, is to misperceive that we are not ‘the becoming’. To get something in the future, is to ignore the fact that ‘that’ is present now.

To even go to the ‘next’ moment is too much. Where would we go? Distortion? Pretending? To suggest that ‘its’ got to be around the corner is to abide in delusion. The future does not exist. The future is conceptual playing.

0001Moreover, we are the Present. To deny our presence is to take more steps in the wrong direction, looking for Ourselves while being exactly what we are looking for. Except we are looking for the Self with the ‘me’, and expecting the ‘me’ to find ‘it’. The ‘me’ does not exist. Welcome to the hamster cage of life.

0003Time, in this case, is the distorting vehicle. With only Present extant, the seemingly large fields of historical past and presumptive future are eliminated, which eliminates the idea of being solely a person. The idea of a limited person is a feeding on the story of what happened and what will happen to an idea (you). The before, after, and will be, are eliminated by the Now. The feeding is stopped and the delusion is no longer supported.

0006With no history to limit us, with no future to suggest something different from what we are experiencing , we find ourselves in the Now, just as we Are. It Is just ‘this’. And ‘this’ is not in time. It Is in timelessness.

0008So when something is perceived to have arrived (called enlightenment) then it will depart, as ‘that’ is in time. When the realization that what is ‘Now’ known, has never left, then the permanence of Being is realized. Furthermore, the unacquired knowledge becomes available, telling Us that ‘this’ has always been, with no ‘before’ or ‘after’, yielding a constant Presence.

0009Identity has then shifted into permanence rather than the day-to-day struggle of finding oneself in the future based on past efforts, while completely ignoring quantifiable experiential existence. 

0007The effortlessness of Being is Present Now. To suggest that it isn’t, is to be occluded by phenomena obscuring the view of no view. No view is nothing getting in the way because ‘nothingness’ has no occlusion. Everything is then seen. Being ‘nothing’ is clear Seeing with no walls or boundaries.

0004Every Moment is the most honorable time to honor Self. To suggest otherwise is to misunderstand Self. The unconditional Self is free, allowing everything, accepting everyone, being all life, all the time.

Sitting in the spiritual heart space of Now, we embrace Ourselves with the light and love of unmitigated Awareness. Everything shows up. We Are nothing. We accept it all. Effortlessly.

“Start the day with love, spend the day with love, fill the day with love and end the day with love. That is the way to God.” -Sathya Sai Baba

9D49E837-1E7F-42F5-B179-820CE1260DB5There is nothing but Love. Feel It. Be It. It Is Love everywhere always Now.  Daddy’O


Causeless happiness/love Is. There is nothing to wait for because nothing is coming. It has arrived forever ago. It Is Now. 

To suggest that the fleeting phenomena will empty its riches into our proverbial wallet is pulp fiction. Phenomena by its limited nature has no duration to keep us sated. The future at best, is only Presence arriving in the Now. To expect anything outside of Now is to live boldly in illusion. The recognition of the nature of phenomena is to see the unreal story of my so-called life.

0020The Now-ness of being Being cannot be located in the presumed past/future picture book. To chase the ’story’ is to chase our tail endlessly. There is nothing to find but the story of a fantasy of ‘me’.

0017.jpeg’That’ story is only a binding of the mind into a conceptual prison if/when we limit the unlimited. The story is superficial to “What Is”. The “What Is” is what is essential to everything. The Nowness and Nothingness are the structures of stability that allow the seemingly compelling dramas to occur. It is ‘there’ where substance abides and phenomena is allowed to arise and fall.0013

“There is a humility to be grateful for all of life and to let go of the habitual tendency to go toward the ego that wants more, because it always thinks there’s something missing.” -Purna Clare Blanchflower

0018.jpegThe goldmine is found by staying in the backdrop of spaceless space within. ‘Within’ meaning ‘staying in’ what is prior to and after the phenomena has arisen and fallen, without interruption. Our True Nature is there and everywhere in this eternal Now. This placeless place of timelessness Is Now.

0011.jpegWhat is ‘Real’ is Now. It Is the permanent background that is commonly overlooked for the gloss of transient glitter aka the ‘unreal’. The fragility of the life lived in an unstable reality of past/future is exposed by the unconditional-ness of Now.

0012.jpeg0016.jpegSeeing and breathing every moment of the Now liberates Us from a prison-like environment into a permanent freedom. Nothingness never looked so good. See It from the ‘no view’ of causeless-ness. The permanence of happiness and love abide with no events needed.

Love Loves Everything as It Is Everything. Daddy’O 

0000“Suffering points to the sufferer, which then points to the illusion, which then points back to nothing. What is left is Nothingness. Nothingness cannot be touched by suffering.”

0022.jpeg“The undefended heart has no cause to fight for. It’s marker is effortless acceptance of all.”0021.jpeg“Remembering there is no one to awaken.”

0004“The movie we are in is a real movie. The characters we play are only characters in the movie i.e. fictional. The story is NOT reality. It is a compelling story for the characters. The screen is NEVER touched by the histrionics of the movie. In the “Matrix”, Morpheus suffers greatly. Laurence Fishburne is untouched. To suggest that L.F. could be helped by Morpheus in his path, would be delusional. Enjoy the movie but see the Reality of the unchanging screen.”GP2C3438.jpeg

We are ‘not’ added to. We are more zero than one. More nothing than something. More everything than just anything that could be pointed to. Holding on to something limits the unlimited. Holding on to nothing allows realization of everything.

Enlightenment is not an experience as ‘experience’ then becomes a stop. Something then has to have an experience thereby creating ‘self’. A false self cannot become enlightened. Too many stops. Being Is Being ad infinitum.

The emptiness of not holding anything is true emptiness. It is the blank screen that allows any movie to play or not play. It Is never leaving the fullness of emptiness despite the passing phenomena of leela. Everything is divine, even the ‘play’. But it is the emptiness that allows the transformation to rise and fall.


Be Love beyond concepts and limitation. Love Is without conditions or restrictions. Open the spiritual heart without thinking or doing. The felt sense is Present Now and forever. Directly ‘feel’ this Love as Love. Live Love wildly and free.  Daddy’O


GP2C3391.jpegLove Is. Unconditionality immediately shows up, as there is no preference for anything. All ‘things’ are in Love and ultimately are Love. The ‘Everything’ Is Love.

The ‘love’ that is practiced is ‘practiced’. Trying to Love is not Love as there is no ’trying’ in Love. To suggest that we ‘practice’ Love is to not Know Love. There is nothing that can be practiced. Again, Love Is. To practice Love is to pretend that we know who we are. To pretend our ‘existence’ is a very harsh interpretation of the directness and simplicity of existence.

Love Is existence in its prior-ness to everything else. Existence as Love is just that. There is nothing that can be added to the prior-ness. Adding to the prior-ness does not change the prior-ness or Love. But adding and conditioning things is not existence or Love.

Things will be added to the starting point but then that is no longer the starting point. The Formless is no longer the Formless.

GP2C3389Who we Are is not the idolatry of self, globbing attachments, reinforcements, and protections to preserve the glaring illusion of ‘me’. For the ’me’ to practice Love is to underscore the illusion that becomes the ‘me’. The presence of the ‘me’ obscures Love due to the implicit separateness that ‘me’ is.

Reality is that there is only ‘Oneness’. The ‘me’ does not agree with that supposition as the ‘me’ could not exist conceptually without the lie that iterates constantly affirming a false self. There cannot be the ‘Oneness’ and ‘me’. Saying and iterating that ‘me’ exists does not make it exist.

Knowing Love Is Being Love, unconditionally. Anything less is manufactured pretense. Existence is not thing-based. It Is. Formless-ness is part of form. Existence lies in Formless-ness. When Formless-ness leaves form, life leaves and carries on in other forms as Formless unconditional Love. The permanence Is Love, Is existence. The Love Is Us, effortlessly.

GP2C3401Know ‘this’ in the Knowing that Is present before and after nouns and things. Know ‘this’ in the prior-ness that Is existence and pure Love.

Love has no story of ‘me’ or seeking of love. Love Is Us. Love is Nothingness. Nothingness has nothing for the needy ‘me’. Love Is clothed only in Nothingness.

GP2C3395.jpegNothingness is drawing no lines. To draw one line is too much, as one line results in this and that (duality). Oneness has no duality.

“To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good, or bad.” -Eckhart Tolle

Nothingness clothes Oneness, Love, and causeless existence.

Be Love, be nothing, as there Is no other. Daddy’OGP2C3389


To suggest that we wait, is to suggest that we don’t want the present. To not want the present is to push against “What Is”. To push against the “What Is” is to refuse to be Present.

This pushing creates resistance and stress because the flow of Life is stopped by a blockage in our ‘self’. To say ‘no’ is to become the dictator of Life itself. Life does not need a little dictator to show up and take over the monumental task of Being Life. That is always what Life Is and gives us; perfectly and effortlessly putting everything together in a coherent way. No little dictator has that capacity.

Waiting seems like an innocuous activity. Waiting is more so an undermining activity of suspended activity. When we wait, we essentially ‘want’ what is present to pass so we can go to some future that is more palatable than what is showing up in this very moment. Waiting is a seeming stop to seemingly wait for something better to happen. Illusion shows up.

Waiting can never be in the Now as there is no waiting in the Now. To wait in the Now is to have the mutual exclusivity of not being in the Now. Any movement away from the Now is precisely that.

Waiting is not neutral. Waiting is a seemingly soft argument with what is happening in this moment. ‘Accepting’ certainly cannot be said to have been occurring while waiting, can it?

The connection to the Now is not extant when not Being in the Now. It is a disconnect from the Now as we have removed our home of Awareness outside of ‘Being’ Awareness, to being the phenomena of time-based existence.

The Now is not in time. Time is a derivative of timelessness aka the Now. Time has a past and future suggesting a doer, thinker, haver, meditator, et al. Oneness is not in time. Oneness cannot be in time as time is a creation that cannot hold Oneness. Time is ideal for a false self.

The Now is Oneness as there is no birth or death nor beginning or end of Oneness. The timelessness of Now is a characteristic of Oneness. Duality is only present in time. Duality is the dreaming of time within timelessness.

Waiting is also what is NOT happening. Since ‘waiting’ is a form of pushing then it means that we push away what is happening and create illusion of what is not happening. We remove ourselves from reality and distort our time and space.

When we let Life happen, Life clearly happens with no distortion and no need to bracket or check in with our likes and/or dislikes. It Is just happening, nothing added.

The felt sense of existence is in the Now. There is no time where the Now is not nor our existence, our essential nature, is ever not Present. The appearance of not Being Present is just a fleeting appearance. Now is never really in time. It Is only Now.

Do not wait for anything. ’That’ is movement away from Presence Itself. Be free in the timelessness of this Moment by fully accepting “What Is”.

“When you make the present moment the focal point of your life instead of past and future, your ability to enjoy what you do, and with it the quality of your life, increases dramatically.” -Eckhart Tolle 

It Is all We have Now. Loving Now Is Loving always.  Daddy’O