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Object-less Awareness 

Awareness is before, or prior to, any ‘thing’ or object.

Looking for objects by an ‘object’ called the ‘mind’, can only result in the mind having limited  ability to search only for objects. It, mind, is within its capacity and lane, to do this type of search.Therein lies its limitation. Objects can find only objects. Objects are locked in their capacity as ‘object’, to only be able to find other objects. Mind is an object.


These are clear limitations for the mind. It is not a stretch to find other objects, like thoughts, sensations, or perceptions, to be divined by the mind. This apparent finding, the low ceiling of the mind, is not arguable when met with more demanding examples like Awareness. Awareness is a problem for the mind given its non-thing status. 

IMG_0018.jpegParadoxes, often represent two different suppositions in one word, for example,  the “Tao”. Paradoxical words hit the limits of clear understanding by the limitation of concepts defining non-concepts. The definitions are always interpretive and murky due to these understandings not being simple objects like a cup of coffee or a donut. Awareness is also a paradox.

However, there is a problem. There is a common belief and practice that  walks past this obvious limitation of ‘objectification’. This false belief inappropriately expands the limited range of objects to define ‘non-objects’.  This is an obvious breach of capacity/ability.

IMG_0024.jpgIt is often assumed that the above, searching and pursuing of objects chasing objects, can be applied to non-objects. Non-objects are non-things that have no limitation. Non-things are not objects. Non-things cannot be found by other objects like a ‘mind’.

The unchallenged practices of minds looking for objects is so conditioned as correct, it becomes an automatic assumption that inappropriately broadens the scope of competence to searching for non-things. When there is no discrimination as to the status of object or non-object, the results beckon failure, consistently, especially in regards to non-things/non-objects. Non-objects can NEVER be found by objects. There is no capacity for an object to transcend its built-in limitation as a ‘thing’ or a noun, to include the mind, which is a bundle of thoughts.

What to do?  Nothing! Nothing can be ‘done’. It is not a ‘doing’. And there is no ’doer’ to do it. In other words, the mind cannot ‘do’ the task of finding ‘Awareness’. “Awareness’ is clearly a ‘non-thing’ and not an object. Awareness is a verb-ing happening as Knowing. A ‘doer’ is a noun (object) that is an abstract creation i.e. an illusion.


The tools needed to get the job done are only contained in Awareness. Awareness is not a thing. Only Awareness has awareness of Awareness. Finding Awareness with Awareness is the right tool. Except there really is no finding. ‘It’ can just be overlooked by the mind. Awareness is so Present It is eternally there. Awareness can find objects but objects cannot find Awareness. 

‘What is looking’ is what we are looking for. There is no noun or object or thing in the verb of ‘looking’. Awareness Is. The aliveness of Awareness never stops else the verb becomes a noun. Additionally, language starts to get in the way as language is a thing/object.

What Is Present is never found, as it was never lost. Additionally Awareness never started or stopped. Awareness is indigenous to timelessness.

The domain of the mind is thinking in the linear substrate of finite time. The mind is a collective of thoughts. The quantity and ferocity of thought and the ceiling of thinking, obscures the obviousness of Awareness. Ergo, divestment of excessive reliance on thinking, facilitates openings for the field of Awareness to be Seen. 

The false ‘me’ is an overt contraction. It chews up resources like a black hole (excessive gravitational pull). The buttressing of the false me uses repetitive thinking to support its cause.


Additionally, Awareness has the depth of continual existence versus episodic experience. There is an absolute permanence to Awareness,  whereas contrarily, even profound experiences are fleeting. However, Awareness can be experienced, with the understanding that ‘that experience’ has no lasting permanence. Awareness is the definition of permanence. 

The dependence on thought alone, coupled with a conditioned identity with thought, creates imaginary self, and attachment to body-mind, separating us from Us. This results in a denial of Consciousness /Awareness as our first source.  Conversely, the noun called ‘matter’ which actually arrives subsequently, is the fraud that we buy every day to build an imaginary world.

Objects are not the starting point nor the endpoint

“I, Awareness, can never be seen or known as an object, and yet all thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions shine with My light alone.” -Rupert Spira

Awareness is object-less. With that proviso, Awareness can be accessed by the ‘letting’ of the contemporaneous existence of the object-less-ness of Self Now (Satchitananda -Being/Awareness/loving the existence) to abide effortlessly. There is nothing to do. There is nothing to understand. There is no-one to understand. It Is the “What Is”.


Love the Love , Daddy’OIMG_0021



IMG_0039Too much indulging over too long a period of time and fast food transforms our bodies to a lesser vehicles. Conversely, a taste now and then, with no compulsion to have and/or have not, is generally un-impactful on one’s health.

Thoughts are absolutely useful and cannot be totally dismissed. However, ownership of thoughts complicates the dynamic of their coming and going.

Thoughts are given a commission of attachment only by us. The ‘my’ we immediately pronounce on the thoughts that innocently pass through us, is stopped and redirected to the maintenance of illusion. The illusion is the false self. The conceptual self is pure illusion.

Using thoughts when necessary, is not necessarily problematic. Bowing to thoughts as reality, is essentially obeisance and subjugation to transitory objects that have no life. Thoughts are using us at this point and we are demeaned. Not unlike fast food indulging leaves us spent and still hungry for nutrition.

When we push for ‘good’ thoughts or push away from ‘bad’ thoughts, we are indulging in giving false reality to thoughts. “Good’ or ‘bad’ has really not that much to do with it. It really is a matter of whether ownership of us is happening, not the quality of the thought.

Thoughts arising and the self claiming, is highly problematic for being independent of thoughts. The ‘claiming’ is the giving of Reality to unreality, by Us. Thoughts are useful only when we maintain our independence from them as being Us. In other words, putting our identity on thoughts debases our identity.

Our Identity does not need thoughts to define our identity. Our true identity is no identity. No identity means we never become a ‘noun’. The ‘aliveness’ or verb-ing never really stops even when we make it a noun and essentially become the noun.  Identity as a ‘noun’ is dead on arrival. We have separated from Being or verb-ing and began stuffing ourselves with the fast food of thoughts with the claiming process of ownership of thoughts.

70,000 thoughts a day is a lot of fast food for the mind. The excess of thinking and entertaining these thoughts only depreciates the objectless-ness of whom we really Are. The sheer number of daily thoughts reflects an inappropriate dependence on these transitory objects. Additionally the repetitiveness and hollowness of most of these objects redirects our attention to dead ends and what’s NOT happening. Life is missed, as real Moments pass by without consciousness.

Thoughts are not needed for Being or existence. Thoughts come second to our existence. Not having any thoughts leaves Beingness/aliveness to be seen/experienced directly. Thoughts do not have to get in the way of Being the ‘Being’. Thoughts do obscure the vastness of our existence upon our overindulgence in the consumption of fast food thinking.

Thoughts and other things appear in Us. Appearance is always temporary. When We make title to these passing things (thoughts), we try to make these temporary things less temporary. Doing that fractures the ‘Openness’ and forces a contraction. Acceptance is no longer Acceptance. Compromise is a lower consciousness because of the contracting. Contraction closes doors. It does not open doors.

Letting go of thoughts as far as identity makers, frees us to Be, effortlessly. Allowing ‘them’ to appear does not transfer power to ‘them’. Thoughts will disappear on their own without any effort on our part.

Staying in the Openness is accepting everything into the Nothingness. Nothingness has no sticky points to capture any ‘thing’. This is freedom from claiming/contracting.

The fast food thinking/indulging is superfluous to Being. Being Is full contentment with everything just the way it Is. Thoughts should be used without the shift to re-defining Self.

“I, Awareness, can never be seen or known as an object, and yet all thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions shine with My light alone.” -Rupert Spira 

IMG_0038.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O



Get a grip, man. Get a grip on the ‘nothing’ that you Are. And stop taking your ‘self’ so seriously. ‘It’ is getting tedious.

GP2C2189.jpgThe overwhelming need for us to control everything, to know everything, to be involved in everything, leaves ‘Nothing’ behind. Controlling our life usually means we have to be the false ‘doer’. Otherwise, if there is no ‘doer’ then how can anything be controlled or completed? And what if we seemingly lose the ‘doer’ to lose the tension, but keep on controlling? Did we really lose the ‘doer’?

Controlling essentially commands a doer, a pusher. Problem is that the doing/pushing are both contraindicated for getting to the ‘effortlessness’. But then how would/could we get to this ’effortlessness’?

By letting go. In the body, when there is doing/controlling/pushing, we can actually, easily, discern the implicit tension that is part of the occupation of false self. The feeling of space in the body is certainly contracted and tensed in the job of executing a proposed agenda. Even before the actual event of doing, there is a loading up on the body that stifles It’s Presence, relaxation, and ease. This contraction summarily, typically, is present most of our waking life and commonly plays havoc even with our sleeping periods.

GP2C2195.jpgBy letting go, what goes? What goes is the resistance to “What Is”. What goes is the false identity that expects it’s iteration to continue to exist by 24/7 doing and pushing to stay relevant and falsely alive. And ‘that’ going is enough. That ‘going’ creates the space necessary to relax the contraction of trying, not trying, desiring, fearing, and unnecessarily flying past the ‘effortlessness’.

GP2C2201.jpgWhen the controlling and pushing stop, the space that has been given to these forces becomes more apparent and revealed. But not like it wasn’t there before. ‘It’ Is always Present and cannot be occluded, except seemingly. The body subsequently softens and it’s systemic brilliance is allowed to function more effortlessly, resulting in biochemical peace. Cortisol and other stress hormones give way to an uptick in dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins (remember ‘dose’).

Relaxation prompts effortlessness. The pushing is no longer rewarded, as the immediacy of feeling this good is the ticket. Inner and outer spaciousness is seemingly revealed. Options become plentiful and apparent. The dominance of control is now more clearly seen as a hinderance to productivity and accomplishment. Additionally, the owning of everything is mediated due to the grasping and controlling nature of ‘my’ and ‘mine’ being seen through.

“The fact that the current situation is present indicates that Awareness has already fully accepted it. It is only an imaginary self that subsequently resists it. In fact, the imaginary separate self comes into apparent existence as that resistance.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2203.jpgLiberation from the domineering ‘doer’ and ‘controller’ , and ‘owner’, is seen to be the cause of unnecessary suffering. The
shrouding of freedom of expression and infinite options to explore in any Moment, are liberated into the spaciousness of Being.

GP2C2197.jpgWho we Are, is revealed to being ‘nothing’ and nowhere with no preferences. This is in sharp contrast to whom we think we were.

GP2C2196.jpgSitting for a minute on this contrast, can we see that there is no need to control or push anything, when everything is Us when nothing is in the way of being Us? Occluding ourselves with positions, controls, attached doing, and the pretense of ownership is an apparent ‘falseness’ when viewed through the multiplicity and omnipresence of Oneness Itself. When we hijack and try to control every ‘thing’, we plead guilty to ‘not knowing’ Self.

GP2C2198.jpgKnowing Self is knowing spaciousness by letting go of even understanding in order to get understanding freely without conditions.The control is un-control. The freedom is right Now by losing the false control. What is there to control when You Are Nothing and Everything?

Love the Love, Daddy’O


In the dream we dream, that the dreaming is being processed through the dreamer. The dreaming is not real. The characters in the dream are equally illusory in their reality and illusory in the reality ‘they’ are in. The purported dreamer is not even real. What is real is the dreaming by the Dreaming.

GP2C2183What is unifying and consistent in dreams, is that there is only one thing going on. And that is the ‘dreaming’. Everything else falls short of ‘Being’. ‘Being’ Is.’Being’ Is regardless of the purported idea of self ‘having’ dreams, characters, events, and/or other phenomena. The ‘Beingness’ that is never static despite It’s inherent stillness, presence, and silence, Is always happening. And at the same time, It Is stillness without change. It Is the aliveness verbing perennially in dreaming or waking states.

It Is ‘Beingness’ that is always being the dreaming, as this ‘Reality’ gives reality it’s reality. The priorness of Being presupposes ‘no change’. The presumed change is presumed. The inviolability  of ‘Beingness’, means that Everything/Nothing is untouched by phenomena.

The point here being is that our ‘view’ or ‘location of identity’ is possibly in question.

GP2C2180.jpgLocation is seemingly determined by thoughts or thinking. The location of thoughts is not in the dream or the mind/body, per se. It is not the dream or the mind/body that witnesses and ‘knows’ thoughts to be ‘thoughts’. This ‘Knowing’ divines the content of the thoughts. Thoughts are peripheral to the ‘Knowing’ and witnessing. Believing we are our thoughts creates a false identity and dis-locates Being from housing everything, to include thoughts. Locating self falsely in the mind/body through identity, is a structural limitation to Being.

GP2C2184.jpgThe consequence of looking from what we are not is oppositional to looking from what we really are. The ground of Being is not found in an illusion. Seeing the illusion, is the start of repairing the distortion of mis-location of self. The correction of never being the noun of dreamer, doer, thinker, see-er, is changing the location of ‘that’ identity to ‘no identity’. That is, no-identity, Is our true identity. There is no ‘noun’ in Being. There is just ‘Being’ without a stop.

The ‘stopping’, through false identity, does not allow the flow of the verbing, the happening, the existing of life itself, to flow freely. Fixating self on the self, ends up pushing ‘Being’ to flow through essentially clogged space, which fails miserably. To flow, openness not density, is heralded as least obtrusive to Being. Locating as a fixed self is a clear impediment to the effortlessness of Being. ‘That’ mis-location, as illusory self, and the pushing that subsequently occurs, is then condemned to believing the dream to be real.

GP2C2185.jpgBeingness never was the dream nor will ever become the static-ness of some noun called a dream. This mis-locating is analogous to a mobile prison. It goes nowhere despite the appearances of change.

GP2C2188.jpgBeingness does not ever demonstrate any thought or effort in It’s Becoming. There is no pushing as It Is always Full. That location, is the perennial location of all locations and at the same time, no location. Being nothing Is Being everything.

Falling into Being is close to free falling off a cliff. There is nothing to hold on to. This moving location can be scary if we create an unnecessary location, commonly called ground.

GP2C2178.jpg“A colourless screen may assume all colours and thus appear as a person, landscape or building, but never actually becomes any of these. Likewise, I, the light of pure Knowing, vibrate within Myself and, as a result, assume all apparently limited names and forms, without ever actually becoming a limited object, self or world.” -Rupert Spira

Freedom is leaving  the idea of a person being the central figure in this waking dreaming,  to ‘no person’. It is about no location and/or a seperate person to be. It Is just Being, period. Adding ‘stuff’ to ‘that’ is just irrelevance. The ‘Love’ that is loving, Is pure Beingness loving pure Beingness. Being  whom we Are, is Being where we Are -here and now with no other place to go to or to get to. All locations are Mine.

Love the Love, Daddy’OGP2C2187.jpg



IMG_0359Sitting in the full satisfaction of what the Moment offers, in the Moment, is sitting in the Now. The Now, not in time, Is always. Sitting, without a smudge of resistance to everything appearing/disappearing, is the Knowing that Knows. ‘That’ Knowing, is the Knowing of One. This ‘One’ has no peer as it is a peerless verb.

There is an existential satisfaction with being with Being. It Is the quintessential starting point. There is no prior to the Prior. ‘That’ is as far back we can back up as Awareness. ‘That’ is the purity of being an audience of One. The ‘fullness’ and ‘completeness’ of ‘That’ is unfathomable.

IMG_0346In our daily life, we have all experienced being part of some type of an audience practically every moment every day. As a member of the audience it is not generally mandated that the audience member automatically gets involved in what is happening.

As an example, when we witness a car accident, we do not automatically get over-involved with the participants, unless the situation demands it e.g. emergency help. Our witnessing gets muddled when we end up being a participant. Our integrity and value as an unbiased witness, is lost to the degree of our participation.

IMG_0341Whom we Are is the audience of One or, in other words, a witness
of many ongoing appearances, without the compromised over-participation of the character we are playing.

When we lose our home base of full acceptance of ‘What Is’, we embark into the field of commitment to appearances versus commitment to the Silence and Stillness of Being. It is as if our belief demands that we choose one over another. This false choice is made often and more often, than we would like to acknowledge.

The audience of One, never falters in It’s integrity, being Present even when there is no acknowledgement of It’s Presence. The ‘all or none’ ‘thinking’ is essentially the mental process asserting itself to avoid it’s own demise. The mental process gets on a slippery slope when there is a directionality of going into the depth of Being. Fear is a go-to tactic that keeps ‘us’ in place.

IMG_0338The audience of One is commonly seen by ‘us’ as background. As ‘background’, Oneness is Present but It’s fullness is not fully realized.

IMG_0340When Oneness is fully Present, It Is in the foreground. Or maybe more accurately, It Is Everything first, then phenomena, as phenomena is always second. And phenomena is the Oneness when viewed from the Oneness.

IMG_0344“The mind and body are always on a journey, moving and changing, but I, pure Awareness, which knows or is aware of all such movement and change, do not take the journey with them. I do not share their destiny or limits. I never become what they seem to be.” -Rupert Spira

Movement or shifting into the ‘One’ may be sudden but more likely is episodic. As we immerse and acknowledge our Self, we ideally open our channels to greater acceptance of the Moment and everything in the Moment, without qualification. Greater openness meaning less resistance to ‘What Is’.

IMG_0337Seeing what is resisting is helpful in seeing the sticking point. What is resisting is illusionary and phenomenal and absolutely temporary. Seeing those characteristics in our experience is seeing the futility of owning the phenomenal. Owning the phenomenal is owning the temporary which is faux foreground. Essentially, there is no owning. And there is no owning in the One as the Oneness is everything anyway. Ergo, there is no foreground or background.

Being the audience is inherent peaceful comfort of not being disturbed in the slightest, despite the action and consequence of events of the phenomenal. Sitting and resting here is our natural home, a safe and completely solid nothingness that cannot be stained or pained.

Resting in this Fullness Is a deep Peace that cannot be altered by any event. Being in ‘this’ audience is informs the character with a resonance that supplants fear and disquiet. The character understands this resonance as truly Itself rather than the temporary narrative that is rich with pathos and drama.

The Silence and Stillness of the audience of One gives substantive stability to an inherently unstable phenomena. This is the best seat in the house. Front row with all the perks and none of the drama.
Witness ’that’ Now.

Love the Love, Daddy’OIMG_0359



Resting in the fullness of not knowing is contrary to how we normally posit life. Why wouldn’t we know or at least want to know things? To suggest that we don’t finish our need to know by minimally exploring, is antithetical. It is the bane of any thriving civilization. So we say.

Resting in the fullness of not knowing is, at the same time, relishing uncertainty. Why would we not chase certainty? Is that not a goal of life -to nail down everything so our so-called life can be smooth throughout with a good finish?

IMG_0277 copy.jpgAnd what about reality and such? Are there some things that we can categorically ‘not know’? Or do we behave in a slovenly manner to the thought that everything can be known, cognitively and conceptually?

IMG_0254.jpgOur models of prediction and our mathematical algorithms can be predictive of some behavior but the certainty of the future remains largely uncertain. Uncertainty is just too implicit in the structure of the Universe. It’s vastness is ubiquitous. The variables are just too infinite.

Spiritually, we endeavor to ‘know thyself”. It is an age old maxim that is true and at the same time, misleading. Knowing Self is more like knowing that we do not know Self. And we cannot ‘know’ this mystery because ‘this’ is what is seeing and being. It is observation itself without the possibility of going back further. It is a full stop at this point which is no point. What is witnessing and ‘knowing’ everything, is the ‘Knowing’.

And the ‘Knowing’ is not conceptual/cognitive. It ‘Is’.

Normal everyday knowing is putting things into buckets or categories. There are no categories in ‘Knowing’. There is no separation in ‘Knowing’ to need buckets.

All the phenomenal knowledge we have is useless in the pursuit of Truth. The irrelevance is due to the implicit limitation of visceral knowing. Only the ‘Priorness’ can Know the ‘Knowing’ , as ‘Priorness’ has no limitation or ceiling.

DSC01307.jpgThe subsequence of ‘knowledge’ has relevance to it’s level of actualization. This actualization cannot be helpful outside it’s arena of relevance. The priorness of Truth is not in the wheelhouse of phenomenal knowledge.

Phenomenal knowledge, used for purposes of identity is extremely problematic. When identity is hijacked by the mental process to create a doer, thinker, believer, owner, or some such ‘noun’, it dumbs down to illusion, separation, and implicit suffering.DSC01316.jpg

DSC01317.jpgSubsequent phenomenal knowledge, underscored by a false need to know, aggrandizes a false and illusory self. Even this illusory self cannot stand unless it is held up by a constant stream of self-thoughts that prop up the illusion. Silence or in other words, no input given to this false self, is immediately problematic to it’s existence. The need for constant affirmation tell-tales it’s falseness.

Contrarily, ’Suchness’ or ‘Priorness’ is full and has no desire or need to be affirmed. The Fullness by It’s nature, fulfills Itself. Effortlessness is the hallmark of ‘Beingness’, ‘Suchness’, or whatever name we want to give to the ‘Priorness’.
All names and all forms are part of all ’That’.

‘Uncertainty’ is what Is certain. To try for certainty is to fight Self with self. This is a battle that self loses every time. The question then becomes, who wants certainty? There is no one there to want ‘certainty’ except illusion. Our self-made illusion wants certainty because ‘illusory certainty’ gives a seeming ‘more’ to false identity.

This doubling down, reinforces the separateness and the owning of reality. Ownership, doership, and a cultish belief, reveal the falseness of non-Being. The structures that we use to create a false reality presume even a false comfort. When challenged, we summarily react with fortitude and defensiveness. Where is the calmness and equanimity? We passed that up like yesterday’s garbage.

DSC01295 copy.jpgRelaxing in the eternal Moment with no future to secure in any way, is the freedom that only is possible by letting go of visceral knowledge and a pining for some certainty. The deepening of relaxation can be instantly experienced when we give up doctrinaire beliefs.

The comfort of not-knowing is certainly something that is often pushed away, far away, from our daily life. Taken as a starting point for any and every Moment, we can immediately see the simplicity in just Being without the need to reinforce ownership, beliefs, and the finality of dead nouns.

“Thought imagines a knower and a known, but experience knows only knowing; thought imagines a lover and a beloved, but experience knows only loving; thought imagines a perceiver and the perceived, but experience knows only perceiving.” -Rupert Spira

‘Being’ is a verb that has no stops at no time. Here, uncertainty is loved and heralded as the basic design and Truth of the Universe. The ‘not knowing’ is essential to know, as knowing too much results in a predictable blocking of ‘Isness’.

DSC01298.jpgKnowing Self is ‘Knowing’ the difference between Self and self. Knowing the difference, is the difference between Truth and comfort versus unreality and suffering.

Love the Love, Daddy’O



The Kavanaugh hearing is a great current example of the authenticity of resonation, especially in this case, of a victim. The prosecutor was extremely sensitive to immediately highlight the victim’s terror present in her voice, in her first words to the victim. The victim’s resonation was clearly evoking the trauma that words alone can never come close to in communicating.GP2C2155.jpg

Aside from the voice transmitting the fear and currency of the still present trauma, the body demonstrated visible tremors for at least the first 30 minutes of her testimony. The obvious reluctance to be at this hearing crossed three modalities exposing explicit pain in those moments.GP2C2153.jpg 

Words are absolutely useful tools in communicating but they can never tell the truth nor the whole story. Truth can only be communicated through the resonation of the quality of energy while employing the end tools of words and voice and body -all filters of the source.GP2C2151.jpg

It is the resonation that carries authenticity and reality. Without it, words fall flat.GP2C2146.jpg

Even without the modality of words, resonation alone, can carry us to Us. How can this be?GP2C2147.jpg

The Reality that is Us, Is. The ‘Isness’ never leaves existence as It Is existence itself. The ‘Isness’  has an aliveness that is palpable. That is, It’s resonance.GP2C2148.jpg

’That’ resonance is the same resonance that preceded the Big Bang and all other phenomena. ‘It’ is not located anywhere despite It’s ubiquity. And most importantly, ‘It’ is located in us as Us. This ‘Us’ is in the body/mind but is not limited to just resonating in a particular body/mind. That resonation  is alive everywhere to include all body/minds. That resonation is Life Itself.GP2C2167.jpg

Not being connected to Being essentially means not being fully connected to

the aliveness we all Are . Even with a less optimal connection ‘this’ aliveness and resonation is still Present. Accessing It’s Fullness is the common problem.GP2C2164.jpg

As a response to a less than ideal connection to this infinite eternal resonance, a familiar response is to ‘try’ to make it better. The question is, who is trying to make  ‘ it’ better? And can ‘it’ be made better?GP2C2142.jpg

Can we make our innate resonance better by pushing discipline and good works as a path to higher resonation?GP2C2170.jpg 

The answer is of course is a clear and unambiguous ‘no’. The ‘we’ we think we are, cannot do anything to change the unchanging resonance of Resonance.GP2C2168.jpg

And Resonance can never be improved as it is never unstable i.e. unchanging.GP2C2175.jpg

Accessing whom We Are is the ticket to Resonance.GP2C2171.jpg

“Beauty is never seen, but every object is its footprint; love is never felt, but every feeling is its face; understanding is never known, but every thought shines with its light.” -Rupert SpiraGP2C2124 (1).jpgGP2C2138.jpg

The mis-appropriation of our resources into a false identity that is refreshed thousand of times a day, is our problem.  This false identity is an illusion that steals awareness and attention from the Source in order to sustain the unsustainable ‘me’. This ‘me’ cannot become anything but an illusion. Stuffing resources into it is a loss leader.GP2C2145.jpg

Whom we really Are is extant right Now and has been Present forever. This Resonation is pure authenticity. The tornado of thoughts and ‘me’, have hid the most obvious from being found as Self with no other self.GP2C2139.jpgGP2C2137.jpg

“Resonation” is not really a thing. It Is everything but a ‘thing’. Looking for a ‘thing’ finds nothing. Mind (and/or thoughts) find nothing and conclude nothing useful. While ‘nothing’, if indeed we are seeing the resonation of nothingness, is Everything. GP2C2132.jpg

Seeing the Resonation of Self is Seeing there is only one door necessary to the house we call home. Unlike the victim in the Kavanaugh case, there is no real need for two doors except for active trauma. There are not two selves nor two doors unless we insist there is, and then one is an illusion.GP2C2133.jpg

We choose the inner door of Love that has no distance from Us and Is Us always and everywhere. There is no fear when there Is only Love everywhere.GP2C2136.jpg

Resonate with ‘that’.GP2C2144.jpg

Love the Love, Daddy’O 



Less is more when ‘it’ is not polluted with the extraneous. Loading up on dross is inherently counterproductive. The direct and simple designs have an elegance that is immediately preferable to an artificial complexity. Complexity for complexity’s sake is an anathema to efficiency. Efficiency in the utilization of resources has a preference over complexity, especially when going global.

DSC01250.jpgWhen things are as simple as simple can be without being simpler, then optimalness is reached. The optimum is lost when this simplicity is lost. Adding to the optimum is essentially subtracting from the optimum.

DSC01251.jpgSubtracting by adding the unnecessary, diminishes the whole.

DSC01253.jpgDSC01252.jpgThe whole is complete regardless of any belief that ‘thinks’ things will improve through ‘more’ and ‘more’. The sufficiency of the optimum is a conformance with natural law in that there is a mathematical and geometric harmony with a divine proportion e.g. The Golden Mean.

IMG_0329.jpgAdding ‘stuff’ to the magnificent harmony of subatomic particles and/or expanding universes, would invariably impair optimalness and  effortlessness of these appearances. The indescribable aliveness of the universe is certainly self-sufficient and self-evident, without our adding to it.

DSC01249.jpgIn spirituality, adding is subtracting. There is no achievement as everything is already achieved. ‘Achievement’ is denigrating to “What Is” already Present Now.

DSC01258.jpgBelief in the soul-less-ness of trying is making the self-evident a mystery. The desire ‘to know’ drives the addition that is a virtual subtraction.

DSC01271.jpg‘Not knowing’ in the cognitive sense, is the helpfulness in being able to receive the “Knowing” without creating obstacles in the path of no path. Not knowing is the avoidance of making conclusions about anything and everything. Conclusions are end points with no life left in them. They are conceptual and very limiting. Life is unlimited and far from dead.

DSC01277.jpgAccepting the ‘mystery’ is not knowing and not making any conclusions about it. Accepting it is not questioning it’s fullness. It’s fullness is glaringly obvious upon acceptance. The arguing is thinking we know everything to include the ‘unknown’

DSC01308.jpg“The fact that the current situation is present indicates that Awareness has already fully accepted it. It is only an imaginary self that subsequently resists it. In fact, the imaginary separate self comes into apparent existence as that resistance.”- Rupert Spira

The general tendency is to challenge what we do not know. This is good for non-spiritual matters. However, it is problematic spiritually, only because we then deny what is always Present. Seeing what is Present does not require an advance degree in astro-physics. Seeing requires an openness that conclusions absolutely obfuscate Presence.

We are ‘that’ that we are looking for.To keep on looking elsewhare is to chase our ancestral tail without end. ‘Presence’ reveals Presence.

There is nothing to add to Fullness. Fullness Is. The Fullness Is the Priorness that never left our Presence. Seeing the Presence that never left is Seeing Self with no additions from the mind, thought, or sensations. The completeness has always been complete. The discovery is Seeing the Seeing Being Here and Now in every Moment.

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Fullness is everything despite being nothing. Nothing-ness contains everything as everything is manifestation. Manifestation is transitory, lacking sustenance. The sustenance ‘That Is’, is not in time. Sustenance is timelessness. 

Eternity is sustenance. Eternity has no time and space. Eternity is Isness ad infinitum. DSC01273Ergo, the impossibility of change, as typified in the transitory and temporal manifestation, is the imperative of changelessness, e.g. Fullness. Fullness is the changeless change of the universe, that is the sustainer.DSC01274.jpgNothing can be added and nothing can be subtracted from Fullness.

DSC01285.jpgFullness is unmanifested Beingness that has incredible stability due to it’s priorness to all manifestations. The stability has stability precisely because of the ‘no change’ ever-ness of the timeless ‘Now’.

The contrast between stability/instability, changelessness/change, and Fullness/emptiness is as marked as opposites get. While at the same time ‘Being’ is Being the opposite, ‘Being’ is Being with no opposites, i.e. Fullness.

DSC01267.jpgAll that, is occurring effortlessly due to the ‘no change’ in the infrastruture of the Now. Time is there to give the appearance of preventing manifestation from seemingly crashing into manifestation. Manifestation needs time in order to be manifestation, despite it’s birth from timelessness Itself.

DSC01227.jpgGiven our effort to have the base of existence, that is, eternity, as our base, we strive to achieve that, as our base. However, there is, as stated previously, nothing that can be added to ‘What already Is Now’. Any effort or will to even wish ‘that’ upon us, however munificent,is futile.

‘It’ Is already Present. No amount of ‘doing’ can do anything to bring about what is already there, regardless of any perceived need to achieve  ‘the idea’ of Fullness in ‘our’ lives. And ‘our’ is a perjorative term as it erringly assumes there is a difference from ‘not ours’. We Are ‘It’, right Now, without discrimination or ownership. 

DSC01223.jpgTo add to Fullness, again, is impossible even in our so-called lives. The central issue is -to add on anything, is immediately counterproductive to Being Being.

DSC01233.jpgAny ‘add-on’ is stepping away from Being and entering into the illusion of manifestation, especially when we take our feet out of Beingness to ‘do’ anything. Beingness must come first, as it is always prior and first with no second. Stepping out of Beingness is stepping out of Everything to engage in the futility of temporariness.

DSC01242.jpgOur identity Is Beingness, Existence, Bliss. When we identify with manifestation as our predominant identity, there is an ‘add-on’ that cannot contribute to Consciousness. Consciousness or Beingness cannot be given qualities indigenous to temporariness. To do so, is not to limit Consciousness but to limit ourselves from full Consciousness. 

DSC01239.jpgPerseveration of the illusory self by a constant barrage of likes/dislikes, wants, fear, attachment, and belief in the thought parade, does maintain the illusion and also limits access to “What Is”, our permanent nature. These ‘add-ons’ cannot stand with the contemporaneous-ness and aliveness of our Now. The add-ons are ‘dead’ weight.




“The fact that the current situation is present indicates that Awareness has already fully accepted it. It is only an imaginary self that subsequently resists it. In fact, the imaginary separate self comes into apparent existence as that resistance.” -Rupert Spira


IMG_0258.jpgWe are the bliss that cannot be found. Finding ‘it’ would mean ‘it’ was lost. Looking for ‘it’ would mean we are not coming from ‘it’. We Are always ‘it’, even when we are obscuring ‘it’. ‘It’ Is what Is Seeing right Now. There Is no other. Nothing else can be added to ‘it’.



Eternity is sustenance in Action. Be ‘That’ first and last. Love the Love, Daddy’O



The ‘Priorness’ is certainly prior. The creation is vast and inherently second. The ubiquity that is ‘Priorness’, is everything and everyone, that is, infinite potentiality and also, it’s subsequent expression.

The ubiquity and ‘Priorness’ remain unchanged, forever, regardless of time-based creation or non-creation. In using words to describe the indescribable, we say It is everything and nothing with no conflicts.

DSC01221.jpgThe point to be taken is that the primary position, as far as view is concerned, is monumental.

DSC01232.jpgThe common view we put forth to ourselves and everyone else, is that
‘Consciousness’ is in us, as a starting point. First the “us” is not separate and Is indeed Consciousness Itself. In other words, ‘Consciousness’ is in ‘Consciousness’ without a second. The ‘us’ is the separation issue.

DSC01245.jpgThe ‘us’ is not the only sticking point. It is exacerbated when the starting point is the over heralded second place of creation.

When starting at the consequence rather than the cause, we inject inherent difficulty in going back to the Source. Starting ’small’ is not starting at Vastness itself, when Vastness is the real ticket. Starting ‘small’ also has a myriad of traps that prevent the thorough inculcation of the ineffable. Ego, false self, thought-based emphasis, all have a better chance of keeping the ‘small’ small.

DSC01246.jpgConversely, starting at the vastness of the ‘Priorness’ is starting at ‘everything’. When starting at ‘everything’ nothing is eliminated , reduced , or second-ed. It Is all first without an artificial second.

Starting the ’Seeing’ at the infinite potential of pure nothingness is Source Itself. It Is Seeing from the fullness of Being first with consequence a distant second as it is.

DSC01247.jpgConsciousness Is. Happiness Is. Love Is. All 3 expressions are “Isness”. That is, they are interchangeable verbs without any noun-ing. They are all ‘Being’.

DSC01276.jpgLove is particularly instrumental in illustrating the Divine connection of Being. We Are Love loving Love at all times.

Everything is Love. Starting as ‘Everything as Love’, Love then knows no second even when downloaded into creation and things. There is no big shift necessary as everything downstream remains Love. Love appears to start big but it is only Love at It’s starting point of vastness and the fulfillment of potentiality of Self.

“To be present in and as all that is seen is to participate in life, not as a fragment amongst other fragments, but as Love, intimately one with all seeming objects and selves.” -Rupert Spira

DSC01281.jpgWhen ‘Everything’ Is Love first, then the small differences are not given any quarter to prosper. Their status is not artificially upgraded at the expense of Being Love always. The ‘small’ differences do not have the starting point they would have, if the start were at ‘small’ differences. Thereby, the ‘small’ differences are moot.

Not starting at the ‘consequence’ phase of creation is an elegant way of avoiding built-in trouble. It is so much easier when the Vastness is recognized and identified as the Us first, rather than fussing with the little ‘us’ and it’s complexities of small-ness.

Love Is the Cause and the consequence. Be Love First as the ‘Priorness’ and the ‘Vastness’ that is everything and everyone. The path is easier when there is no path. It just Is. The start is Love and Being first always as everyone and everything.

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