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The need to tell ‘my story’ is over. The story is truly just a story, a script that was played, and over and done with, like it never existed. To continue to perseverate about what was clearly meant to be temporary, is to mis-understand the value of the Moment.

The value of the Moment is to never lose sight of what ‘Is’ happening right Now, lest we allow distortion to seemingly perjure the purity of the ‘Now’. The ‘Now’ tells us unerringly, that there can only Be ‘the Now’. Specious arguments of time are merely argumentitive, with absolutely no merit, when justifying anything but the existential ‘Now’. By It’s absolute structure, the Now, cannot be argued with, as It’s integrity is always unfailing i.e. not giving any ‘time’ to be tested.

Presence Is ‘The Now’. We are not separate from Presence unless we use the distortion of belief to believe we are separate. The ‘seeming’ separateness is the overlay of belief distorting the eternity of the Presence of Presence forever being Being. Uncluttering the unflattering veiling commonly surrounding eternal Presence, is seeing the unnecessary attempts of pushing the ‘Now’ into finite boxes of mere pretending (of linear time). We Are this Presence Now.

‘Pretending’ is the activity of essentially making verbs into nouns, i.e. dumbing down the aliveness of Beingness into conceptual frameworks. Even the ‘person’ we play is not real because we are just ‘playing’ this person. Very young children get this affect more effortlessly than over-conceptualized adults.

Becoming a ‘better self’ is tantamount to create a ‘story’ where there is no ‘story’. And of course, we would use ‘time’ to ‘do’ this. Enough distortion added into the mix creates a more compelling ‘story’. Enjoy the story -to the point of it being just a ‘story’ and not an ‘identity.

Meet every moment as Truth by aligning with what is happening in ‘this’ eternal moment. And not trading with faux ideas of time to distort what is appearing, for a story of pure fiction, that has no real standing in Reality. Belief is an overlay that is not Reality. Stories have no independent existence and/or aliveness. Rather the compellingness of Being Is always Present Now.

The uncluttered frequency of pure Now is always free and unbound to any ‘thing’. Even ‘this’ Now can have no clinging as It Is effortlessly Here. Independence from the moving and changing is Being the moving and changing changelessness. The seeming ‘changing’ is ultimately the changeless-ness playing in form.

Self is Self playing Self through seeming self. ‘This’ is formless impersonal Self before the personal form. Form and the appearance of time are temporary structures for the performance of the moving/changing and not the overindulgence in the perseveration of form over formless-ness.

Formless-ness has no need for achieving as It Is All That Is. Presence can never leave. It Is ‘this’ Presence Now without any doing.


Exhale Love. It becomes You. There is no ‘in’ or ‘out’, just Isness being Being. There is no ‘finding’ because there is no ‘looking’. Love meets Love as there Is no other.

What is first? Pure Love is implicit and without apology or justification. Love is the full allowance of full acceptance of What Is. Love is first and last with no interruption. It is the ground we walk on. It is the water that connects Us.

To not ‘See’ Love is to miss the essential dynamic of the universe. Love is the connection connecting mother to child, father to mother, and infinity to finiteness. It is the connection of humanity to kindness, and kindness to everyone and everything. The aliveness of Love overtly states its movement and the continuity of its implicit divine nature. Love Is boundlessly Here. See the sea of Love existing as ‘Us’ before any thing or concept.

Love Loves Loving Itself i.e. pure Love. Every breath is Life living Itself through everyone without preferences. It is undiminished regardless of circumstance or standing. To not See It, is to miss Everything that Is nothing but the essence and frequency of Love loving. The vehicles for Love are only temporary transport devices using form to carry the formless. Love is implicitly Here with or without carriers.

Become one with the immediate breath of Love, without the ‘becoming’. It Is ‘Us’ already explicitly/inplicitly Love Itself. Ergo, there is nothing to change/transcend unless we ‘believe’ there is. Meeting Love Is simply Being Love. Meet every moment as Love Being Love. The ‘effortlessness’ of Love confirms it’s Presence. This ‘existence’ Is always Love.

The air in the atmosphere and the air in us, is the same. There is no ‘other’ source of breath. We are essentially breathing Love continuously. Our breath is seemingly air. But what Is before/after the appearance of air? Our life source Is Love Loving Itself ad infinitum. The on/off appearances i.e. air, are metaphors for Love Itself. The permanence always counts more than the appearance.

Heart space is love-centered. Love rules as It Is all Love. Being Love Is Being natural. Being natural is Being effortless and free. The only binding in the heart is the bond and connection of Love to every thing and everyone.

Inhaling every breath as Love is affirming the essence of whom we Are always. Love binds Us as Love Itself. Be Love every moment as ‘that’ Is all there Is.


Existing as Presence Is Being Aware of Being Aware before, during or after any ‘seeming’ production of transitory phenomena. Presence has no ‘real’ beginning/end to start or finish with, as It Is not in time.

Presence Is ‘Existence’ before the production of ‘time’ itself. Constructs, like ‘time’, are additions/transmutations of and by Existence Itself. The non-transitory Self is not effected by the addition/subtraction of any construct (It creates). Even the seeming additions/transmutations themselves, have no effect on Presence. Ultimately Presence is playing (leela) with Itself Being Itself and seemingly hiding Itself, yet remaining purely Itself.

There is no other (existence). There is only one existence existing regardless of any manifestations and/or time. Presence seemingly surrenders Itself to infinite possibilities, accepting all forms. Acceptance of all forms is ultimately accepting Itself as the Formless in forms.

Acceptance of Presence Itself is unconditional. As anything less than unconditional is conditional. ‘Conditional’ would not reflect the permanence of Existence accepting Itself as the ‘one’ Reality. Acceptance of all seeming phenomena is acceptance of Self for Self expressed. There is no difference when ‘It’ Is all that ‘Is’.

There is no ‘becoming’ as Existence (‘What Is’) has never departed. There always has been only one Reality (Presence).

What is ‘occluding’ is Presence Itself. How could it be otherwise?! The sensational temporary phenomena is a masking of the purity of Presence Itself, by Presence. It Is all Presence.

Locking down on the masking is missing the point of Being. There is no point to the ‘masking’ except just the ‘masking’. Beingness Is Present with or without the masking. There is nothing really to lock down on because there is nothing but masking to the masking. Even Beingness doesn’t require a locking down on because there Is only Beingness.

It Is freedom available under all conditions as all conditions are the existence of Presence Being Presence. The surrender of an obfuscation is just ‘Seeing’ past it to Presence, which is available at all times. Any locking down is unnecessary in any circumstance as all circumstances are Presence Itself, regardless of appearances.

Freedom is no ‘doing’ as ‘It’ Is already free. There is no ‘doer’ as there is no ‘other’. No ‘doer’ means there is no surrend-er. What Is left is just Being. The un-doing of ‘doing’ leaves what cannot be undone -Existence Itself.

Seeing past the glitter of sensational phenomena automatically connects to the existentiality of the purity of Presence Now. Existence Is an effortless fullness as ‘It’ Is all Existence.


Presence has no preference when It Is Everything. Everything Is Presence as there is only Presence. The appearances of ‘stuff’ happens in Presence. There is nothing outside of Presence as All That Is Is always All That Is.

Appearances appear/disappear in the fabric and rubric of Now. ‘Now’ finds both the dream state and the waking state, as moderations of the Ineffable expressing Itself as ineffable. The ‘Now’ is timelessly manifesting manifestations that appear ‘in It’. The Ineffable cannot be cornered into either of these states as It Is before/after this type of Self-limitation. And there is no before/after in the timeless Now.

The limitation is only a ‘seeming’ limitation as nothing can limit the unlimited. The inviolability of Oneness cannot be transgressed by any ‘seeming’ thing aka illusion. Nothingness is always complete as It has no transitory objects to maintain. Everything in Nothingness is a permutation of Nothingness. Completeness is perenially complete. There are no gaps to fill in Fullness. Fullness always abides as Fullness.

What is left when there is no thinking thinking? What is left has never left i.e. Presence. Presence/Fullness Abides effortlessly even with ‘thinking’. ‘Thinking’ is an appearance like any other appearance. It is non-essential to Being being Being. There is a distinct utility to thinking but there is no absolute-ness to it. Thinking comes and goes with absoluteness of ‘existing’ having a permanent seat. Being-ness Is nothing to ‘think’ about.

Thought has a dreamed existence. It is not ‘Existence’. The ‘Existing’ of ‘Existence’ never stops existing. ‘Existing’ witnesses all thought. When there is no thought, ‘Existence’ Is Present.

Surrendering the dreamed ‘doer’ is a conclusion that happens indirectly when Presence is ‘Known’ as everything that is present. There is nothing left to surrender when Presence Is ‘Seen’ as everything present. Ergo one cannot ‘do’ surrender. “The happening” Is Seeing the ‘Seeing’ and no other.

Nothingness is the only thing really happening. All else is appearance of Nothingness happening. Add nothing Be Everything always existing as the ‘Now’.


Perceiving happens without an actual ‘perceiver’, in that there is no form nor appearance of any kind to reference, apart from the act of perceiving.

And there is no ‘doing’ by a ‘doer’, regardless of our petulance and insistence that there must be some kind of “Oz” figure behind some hidden wall somewhere, pulling the strings.

‘Looking’ for a form to reference ‘the Perceiving’ is futile. There only is absolute formlessness. The ‘looking’ is often substantiated by a false belief, that there must be a form, in order to ‘do’ the perceiving. Can we ‘See’ that that is a misinformed belief?

The ‘perceiver’, or more accurately, the Perceiving, is never truly an object (form) nor appearance. Thought though continues to insist that like the ‘us’, that seemingly perceives, there must be some grand old figure, a form, doing the magic.

All ‘that stuff’ essentially reveals our own sticking point of creating an imaginary ‘hard’ form, rather than more properly defining whom we really Are. When we mis-define our own Self as ‘self’, and a doer, we immediately miss the Emptiness for the baseless conclusion of some ephemeral form as our identity. We never are not ‘spirit’ (formlessness Is before, during, and/or after any appearance of form). Identity Is in Everything/Nothingness.

The ‘perceiver’ can only be a temporary form, whether it is ‘this’ spirit or ‘All That Is’ spirit, masquerading in form. Formlessness is Us first and always Present in all forms -informing or ‘Knowing’ Itself. The ‘Knowing’ and knowing the ‘Knowing’, reveals all that needs to be Known. Perceiving, or more succinctly, ‘Knowing‘, is ever Present with or without forms.

Knowing has no ‘view’ as it is all views without preference. ‘All That Is’ is always ‘All That Is’. There is no ‘other’. Temporary form does not qualify as an ‘other’. There is only ‘this’ ‘Knowing’ which we experience moment-to-moment ad infinitum.

If the ‘Knowing’ were to stop, there would be no One to ‘Know’ it stopped, form or formless. ‘Knowing’ is the bedrock of no form Being Nothingness. Without ‘Knowing’ existence could not be existence, formlessly or not.

‘Knowing’ always exists as pure Knowing. Behind Everything Is Everything and Everything Is this ‘Knowing’. And this ‘Knowing’ Is pure fullness falling into forever Now.

The world does not perceive Consciousness, or more accurately, ‘Knowing’ perceives the universe of forms and formlessness. And there is no separation in this ‘Knowing’ Itself. ‘It’ can never be apart from the implicit love of Existence existing.

There is no ‘perceiver’ per se. ‘Knowing’ has no idiosyncratic view. Perceiving Is more accurately just ‘The Knowing’. It Is all ‘seeming’ views surrendering to infinite possibilities. Be ‘That’. ‘That’ Is All Knowing absolutely just Knowing, The Knowing.


The anxiety of discomfort is distinct in its presence. Clearly, it is unwanted. It is a motivator for change to trade for something different. Maybe less discomfort. Perhaps, almost no discomfort. It’s ubiquity is accepted as a part of our daily desperation for something better.

We look past this moment to some future moment, thinking, perhaps the discomfort will not be so egregious when ‘this’ happens or ‘that’ abates. And with some fortune, all that positing for a future with less discomfort, may actually occur. But wait, there is more -discomfort -almost always returns.

So what does discomfort tell us? Can ‘it’ tell us anything, given our implicit resistance to it?! Can the impact of discomfort be made more useful as well as, let us say, a comfort? Maybe? The discomfort does tells Us that the ‘person’ having the discomfort is a false choice. But first anxiousness awaits a rethinking.

The anxiety of discomfort does not have to be anxious. Adding ‘anxious’ to discomfort is a choice. If we just sit with the discomfort, adding absolutely nothing else, we default to ‘nothingness’ as what shows up in this field. Nothingness is always present lest we overrun its subtlety with anxiousness. Nothingness never needs to be added as It Is implicit in everything. Discomfort can be useful when viewed from Nothingness.

The discomfort, without anxiety, does not have to be pushed away because it Now has a a clearer message for Us. We now can sit with the discomfort, as discomfort can Now message Us with relevant information that allows Us to adjust what needs to be adjusted, resulting in a smoother flow of energy. The turbulence of adding unnecessary anxiety does not have to be accepted unless we ‘believe’ we must endure this option.

The presence of discomfort is a sitting with what shows up as discomfort
(sans anxiety). Again, a knee-jerk reaction would only confirm/affirm the continued power we give away to a mere discomfort. Discomfort does not need to be uncomfortable (unless we demand it). Since we have possibly eliminated anxiety as an addition, we can see more clearly, that a mere positional change can often yield a quick relief to some of the discomfort that may show up. Now, routinely, we do not push away and attempt to dunk discomfort, when it Now can serves Us to reveal useful content information.

Typically, when we process discomfort, it is processed through the ‘person’ rather than the openness of Awareness. It is the ‘person’ idea that resists and amplifies both discomfort/anxiety. The ‘person’ is a fictional representation of the character We are playing. Through the fiction of the ‘person’, there will never be any complete long-term relief of anxiety and the overt discomfort with anxiety, as the ‘person’ has no capacity to change the script.

The ‘alleged person’ is not real. But in the fiction created, shows up as alive and well and perennially anxious. Eliminating anxiety can change perspective on suffering and even further reveal/find an ‘alleged person’. What we do not want to receive as a ‘person’ i.e. anxiety/discomfort, is one thing. It is yet another deeper unresolved discomfort and obstacle, to realize that it is a ‘person’ that clings to imaginary fears and consequently obscures a fearless Reality. Eliminating the anxiety of discomfort alone and not seeing the fictional representation of a fictional ‘person’, still begs for an ultimate solution.

Clearly, it is the ‘person’ that is uncomfortable and not Awareness (of the person). Awareness is never in the frequency of discomfort/anxiety. Discomfort resides in the frequency and the pretense of the ‘person’. Discomfort tells Us directly that the ‘person’ is a false choice because it affects the ‘person’ and never the Awareness.

Ergo, acceptance of discomfort is also often still an acceptance of an indigenous imaginary person carrying this fictional luggage. Dropping anxiety is a start and perhaps a prelude to dropping the idea of a ‘person’. The ‘person’ however, often does double duty in supporting both anxiety and discomfort. Seeing the fictional ‘person’ is a two-for-one sale on liberation.

Acceptance is a Seeing the willing proliferation of both anxiety and discomfort by a separate self. Seeing that ‘these experiences’ can be obstacles in revealing Self, does not preclude Seeing ‘the person’ as the biggest facilitator of this obfuscation. The ‘person’ is the distortion that can unnecessarily add and maintain a lower frequency referred to as discomfort. When there is no ‘person’ there is no problem to point ‘to’.

Accepting ‘no person’ is full acceptance of no real anxiety and/or discomfort. What Is left Is Presence effortlessy Being Present.


There is no content Here. Conceptualizing and trying to ‘get Here’ through ‘content’ cannot be achieved; at least not by the person/character -aka more ‘content’.

‘Person’ is a projection of Consciousness. ‘This’ projection has about as much meaningfulness as the projection from a movie projector. ‘Person’ is a character we play –not an identity we Are.

The problem for the ‘person’, is a problem for an imaginary character; unless we believe otherwise. So then, what holds this ‘person’ together? Can this ‘person’ ever get past the mis-identity? Experience as a ‘person’ does qualifies Us to answer the question of essential fulfillment. That is, can the ‘person’ ever give Us the ultimate fulfillment we (everyone) are looking for?

When we use the ‘person’ (as the prop it is), to get past the ‘person’ (that never was actually existing), we can use ‘the’ opportunity to realize Be-ing before/during/after the ‘idea’ of a person. The ‘person’ then becomes a useful foil to access Being by Seeing the futility of identifying, or more accurately mis-identifying, Self as self. Self is found to never have been self ‘the person’. What has endured the ‘always’, Is Self, not person.

Content is temporary. Emptiness Is content-less. ‘Person’ is content. Content, being temporary, points to the ever-present un-temporary, or the ‘Emptiness’. Emptiness has everything to actually include the content. However, the content is imaginary in a way because it has no ‘existence’ per se. Emptiness can have a ‘seeming’ content but ‘that’ Is Emptiness playing with emptiness in disguise. ‘Person’ and ‘content’ can actually be synonyms given their mutuality, as a transitory seeming condition that never had or will have, any permanence.

Source Is always awake and the ‘person’ never wakes up. There is nothing that a ‘person’ can do or learn to wake up. ‘Waking up’ is always Source awake (timelessly) as no-thing-ness/no-person-ness i.e. Emptiness.

The effort to ‘Be’ is unnecessary when there is just Being. Adding a grosser and heavier frequency, in pursuit of a much finer frequency that already Is Ising, is undermining that seeming effort of finding. Presence/Emptiness is inherently and simply not available as a denser frequency i.e. of a thing/person. Implicit Is It’s Presence as the subsuming Presence of Everything.

Feel the resonance of pure emptiness. ‘It’ Is Us and only Us existing formlessly forever Now.


Misunderstandings appear in Awareness. The effort to concentrate appears in Awareness and is perceived effortlessly. And there are no techniques to master in Awareness. Adding ‘anything’ to Awareness is an attempt to cheapen Awareness. Life lives Itself in Awareness timelessly/effortlessly without any techniques.

Effortlessness precludes the need to effort to ‘have’ Awareness. Awareness cannot be ‘had’. It is not a tool ‘to have’. And there is not a ‘person’ to have Awareness. Awareness is not even a ‘tool’ to be used by a ‘person’. It just ‘Is’ Us ultimately and simply Us.

Adding any ‘thing’ to It, is not even remotely possible despite the ‘trying’ to ‘do’ that. Awareness Is complete while being completely empty of any ‘thing’. The ‘things’ being offered to ‘It’ cannot be recognized as ‘adding’ anything to ‘It’, as ‘It’ Is already permanently full. The impermanence of ‘adding’ any ‘thing’ to a non-thing, is pure fiction. Full-ness Is as full as Full-ness can Be. Adding temporary structures to Awareness is akin to fictional ideas trying to insert themselves in a non-fictional Reality. ‘That’ would not count as Reality.

Falseness is an imagined future to become anything (from the non-view of Awareness). Moreover, Awareness Is always becoming The ‘becoming’ non-stop. There is no ‘where’ to go to as It Is all ‘becoming’ and only ‘becoming‘. The only ‘stop’ is ‘no stop’. When the ‘person’ is ultimately a fictional idea we project, seemingly obscuring Awareness, we seemingly ‘stop’ the becoming. The ‘person’ being projected can never ‘wake up’ in the future, as the ‘person’ and ‘time’ are only ‘projections’ of Reality.

‘Becoming’ never actually ‘stops’ as ‘Becoming’ Is always ‘Becoming’. Contrarily, the ‘person’ never actually wakes up. Illusion and projection hide Reality from Itself as Itself. Yet there is nothing but ‘Itself’. Illusions and projections Are Itself hiding from Itself.

Source Is emptiness that is always full of Source. It Is a field of Consciousness. The ‘trying’ and ‘conceptualizing’ are a pushing away from Source. Source is effortlessness and ‘that’ is not to be taken like a concept. Thinking about ‘It’ unnecessarily complicates ‘It’. Being ‘It’ is concept-less and thought-less.

Feeling the presence of space-like space, apart from the structures in the space, allows more Awareness to Be present, minimizing thinking. Thoughts cannot get there because there are no things/concepts to process. Feeling the Presence of Nothingness is accessing Awareness directly. Awareness never leaves Us as we Are ‘It’. The ‘Being’ of ‘Being’ is before concepts.

Beingness is always first/last timelessly Present. Access cannot be granted through perseverating on the temporary physicality of objects/concepts. Awareness/Beingness Is life Itself ‘life-ing’ through us as ‘What Is happening Now’, without stopping to collect the dross of stuff, that complicates our impicit freedom to Be. Life actually never stops life-ing. The appearance of a stop is a hallucination.

Everything Is perfect unless we believe in the falseness of ‘stuff’. The imperfection can be accepted as a clue to see where the stickiness resides in us. Freedom is not an effort unless we inject that belief of effort. What Is Present Is always Present. Emptiness absorbs everything as everything ultimately Is Emptiness. Being ‘Empty’ Is as full as We can Be. Emptiness Is perfection moving through as perfection.

There are no techniques or obstacles Here. ‘It’ just Is. This Is Life living effortlessly.


There is nothing ‘to do’ because It Is already done. ‘Time’ is in the movie we call ‘our life’. The ‘movie’ is temporary in that it only is a created reality using time to see the Perfection from the imperfection. The basis of the imperfection is Perfection. Perfection is behind everything. Ultimately there is nothing but Perfection. Timelessness holds everything, to include ‘our’ movie, with perfection.

The movie is already completed but not according to the character. Until the character sees the credits, the movie must go on. The character can never get out of the movie, even when the movie ends. Heroism may be compelling in the movie but has added no real ability to get past the confines of the movie, if one is seemingly stuck in a movie.

If there was a sequel to ‘this’ movie, the sequel would have the same limitation on the character as did the first movie. Having ‘more’ lives as characters in movies does nothing to liberate a fictional character.

It Is the actor that ‘has Reality’ that is in the movie, and this ‘actor’ has the implicit freedom to do or not do this or that movie. ‘This’ ‘actor’ Is Reality -that is, the freedom to be able to play any character without getting lost in the role i.e. reacting to every scene as if it were real but yet not losing the eternal Reality of the perennial actor.

Implicit in the perennial actor is timelessness and perfection. If ‘time’ were a real factor then urgency would compel a different result for the actor, albeit a lesser result. Timelessness cannot wait or push in a time-based way. Permanence and perfection are reflective of the stability of timelessness. Timelessness never runs out of time because there is no ‘time’ in timelessness to begin with. The ‘perennial actor’ Is timeless.

There is no change in timelessness as again, there is no time in timelessness. What is in timelessness cannot be removed. Permanent perfection is in timelessness. ‘That’ cannot be removed because it is not a thing nor a character. There is only the infinite expression of Oneness Being Oneness effortlessly eternal.

There is no technique to the expression of Oneness/Awareness. A ‘technique’ would be an unnecessary addition to the Fullness. Effortlessness is not a technique nor a labor-saving device. Effortlessness is in the implicit nature of Beingness/Awareness/ Bliss, sans technique.

There is no practice that can give Us effortlessness. It is the losing of effort that can then afford to find/remember ‘effortlessness’ as the natural effortlessness That Is. Techniques would interfere with what Is Present.

Perfection Is effortlessness as ‘it’ underscores Perfection. What Is before/after the movie Is effortless Perfection. Techniques are for the created movie. ‘What Is’, is not created. When we remove the dross of temporary, only the eternal remains. ‘This’ then is eternal and effortless freedom to Be any ‘thing’ in any time with no diminishment whatsoever as timeless Being.

‘That’ which is boundless, timeless, and effortless cannot conventionally exist anywhere because It Is everywhere. Physical reality is not out there somewhere. It Is ‘Us’ creating Our Reality every moment. We Are Conscious Awareness effortlessly Being even while incarnating in ‘our’ so-called movie experience.

Seeing perfection in every moment, even while in the movie, allows and acknowledges the perfection of Beingness to arise effortlessly Now, Now, and eternally Now. The technique is ‘no technique’. Just ‘Seeing Seeing’.


Of course, one does not need to stop clinging if ‘clinging’ is the limitation you prefer. The question is, is that what you really prefer?

Clinging itself is a very dependent action that in no uncertain terms, is a dramatic dependence on a structure, person or thing, that subsumes the independence of Being to a belief that has no ultimate reality. This action is essentially made from our immutable existence to a lesser vehicle i.e. illusion. Illusion or pretence, has no enduring continuity.

Beingness, a nonstop existing, is used to suspend the unconditional Love that is always Present, for the option of ‘believing’ in something that has no basis in Reality. It is Reality giving permission for Us to be as unreal as possible without really losing Our eternal essence. Additionally, there is implicit in ‘this’ unreality, a distinct lack of Love, contrary to Reality Being Reality.

Our eternal essence, has no ‘stop’ in It, except ‘seemingly so’. Clinging, as an action, is a defacing of Reality to a non-reality, because the ‘Fullness’ of Everything is no longer (seemingly) made available to Us by Us. ‘This’ is the freedom ‘We’ have. The power to create a separation where there is no separation, is the power of Reality Being Reality, even to the degree of a ‘seeming’ Self annihilation.

The clinging to a ‘me’ represents our innate ability to create anything without limitation i.e. when using our implicit powers of unconditional Reality (our true identity). ‘Having’ a ‘me’ is having a faux limitation while Being limitless. The limitless-ness is never really limited except seemingly so. Creating and believing in a ‘real me’ is a hallucination that is being iterated continually by our belief system. Clinging to ‘it’ is a re-upping of the faux personality moment by moment.

Part of the hallucination is the imposition of forgetting. ‘Forgetting’ is our seeming choice unless we ‘think’ it isn’t. ‘Remembering’ is ultimately our choiceless choice of Knowing Self. Yet ‘This’ Presence is beyond concepts of forgetting/remembering. ‘It’ just Is. Going to linear concepts is not the ‘Knowing’ Knowing Itself.

The act of surrender is the full unabridged surrender of Whom We Are to Whom We Are. There Is no ‘other’. There is no effort to Be Aware. Making an effort to Be Aware is not Awareness. We cannot not Be Aware. The ‘surrender’ is the unreal to the ‘Real’.

The act of ‘clinging’ and the appearance of a ‘me’ have no endurance. These mis-directions serve Us in pointing to ‘What Is’. ‘What Is’ is effortless. Effort is the masquerading of effortless-ness.

Invoke formless over ‘form’, Awareness before thinking, and Love as the effortless clinging to Itself, as ‘It’ Is only Love.