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What is alive does not need to be revived. Aliveness is already alive. To try to make something that is alive and well, “alive and well”, is seriously a waste of time.

Aliveness is already present and always present. Using an imaginary ‘doer’ to do something to make aliveness happen, is a clear misunderstanding of Presence. Presence is here now as an ineffable presence. The ‘ineffableness’ is not something that is missing. The direct experience of Being Being is the subtleness of something that is ‘nothing’ clothed by ‘everything’. ‘It’ just Is.

Behind the grossness of everything, is always the presence and direct experience of infinite intelligence, guiding and informing all physical structures. The internet is an analogue example of an essentially wireless signal that connects ‘wired’ structures to each other. We are wired to the wireless signal of ‘Aliveness’. Without the internet, the wires themselves have lost any connective quality that could yield existential information. There is only one internet Here and ‘that’ Is You.

Being the direct experience of Being is the ‘Isness’. We do not generally look at the wires to find the connection that is truly un-wired. This is not to dismiss the physicality of structures. The structures are there to provide changes through time. Changes are movements that clock around the ‘unchanging’. The ‘unchanging’ welcomes ‘change’ back into Itself. The ‘wires’ always point back to the ‘wireless’. The ‘wires’ are always second to the ‘wireless-ness’.

Renunciation of the world aka losing the ‘wires’, is unnecessary. The world is not the enemy. It is an expression of our ‘Oneness’. Wholesale dependence on thought though, is tantamount to depending on only wires for an internet connection. Direct experience gets nothing-ness (or wireless-ness). It is not about any ‘doing’ Here-just ‘Being’. Being free of just ‘wires’.

Achievement ‘Here’ cannot be for the ‘never found future’. What cannot be ‘achieved’ is what Is already Present Now. Direct experiencing Is Now, immediately Now. The ‘trying to Be’ is a direct movement away from Presence. Presence is alive right now; not later and not in 5 minutes from now.

What is before thought and thinking and trying, is Here Now. Losing all ‘doing’ is being open to just Being. There Is an ‘aliveness’ Here always. ‘This’ Is past mind and/or before mind. The effortlessness of Presence is the sub-structure analogous to Being ‘wireless’. Looking for the ‘wires’ is missing the essential non-thing.

Rewire the neurological net of the connection to ‘What Is’ by the non-doing of ‘Seeing’ i.e. ‘just Seeing’. Nothing needs to be added as ‘Nothing-ness’ is always complete before thought and/or subsequent thinking about it. And there is no doer to do any ‘doing/trying’. ‘What Is’ Is ‘What Is’.


The ‘You’ is already free ‘Now’. It is the ‘person’ who is not free. The ‘person’ is a thought plus a lot of story-telling. ‘What Is’ there Now can never be freed, as ‘It’ has always been free.

To ‘look’ outside of your own resonance is a loss leader. We are ‘Here’. And ‘Here’ is an inside not an outside. There is no ‘out there’ as ‘It’ Is You and only You.

We create the projection ‘We’ See. However, ‘It’ all occurs on the inside. ‘Here’ Is ‘Us’. And there is only one ‘Us’. To ‘look’ outside of ‘Us’ is to pretend that the temporary appearances are the stability of Life. Appearances, thoughts, ideas, and/or beliefs, among other temporary forms, are not stable. ‘That’ instability is a customization of our ‘seeming’ particular programmatic need (as a ‘person’). It is not meant as a means to stabilize what does not need any stabilization whatsoever, i.e. Formlessness.

Freedom is a built-in freedom. There is no ‘getting it’. The programming points to where not to go. The ‘idea’ of a person is an ‘idea’ of a person. Ideas are constructs not Reality. ‘Persons’ are temporary fabrications that essentially can tell us where we are holding the ‘stops’ to our Being. Beingness has no ‘stops’. Freedom is stop-less. Believing in a ‘person’ is a stop.

Identity with a separate person ‘having’ a life is an incomplete picture, to be very generous. The density of a person is ‘still’ always being animated by Life. It Is this ‘Life’ that gives ‘Life’ to a seeming person. This ‘Life’ Is always present with or without acknowledgement of a ‘person’. The ‘form’ (or person) is a temporary vehicle for Life to express Life. Choosing ‘belief’ in a person as separate, is choosing delusion and severe limitation.

Beliefs, understandings, and other conceptualizations are unnecessary choices and concessions. These ‘additions’ most often complicate the essence (Truth) of ‘What Is’ before, during, and after ‘my so called life’. ‘Freeing’ appears to be necessary given all the complictions we add to ‘what we truly Are’. We are never not free. This freedom cannot be imprisoned by seemingly adding dross i.e. belief in a so-called real person.

A ‘person’ is density. Formlessness has no density. A ‘person’ must be believed in each and every moment to sustain person-hood. Formlessness has no need for any beliefs or conceptualizations. There Is ‘no choosing’ for an ‘existential resonance’. Formlessness is an inside job as there is nothing really outside of ‘All That Is’.

No one can free what does not need freedom. What does not need freedom is ‘freedom’ Itself. The resonance of freedom Itself Is timeless Now Being unattached to any ‘thing’. There are no stops Here. As Beingness just Is ‘Ising’, free of holding any density. The freedom of non-attachment to any thing acknowledges the spaciousness It Is.

‘It’ Is You, i.e. Freedom, that cannot be freed as ‘It’ already Is free.


Belief is an addition to what is already Present. To ‘add’ something that was not existing before nor will exist in the future, is adding a temporary condition.

Temporary conditions, overtly noted, have less power than existential non-changing assets i.e. Life Itself. To ‘see’ the addition of something that is existentially non-essential, is to realize what is really compelling relative to identity.

‘Our’ identity can be defined either by what is unchanging and/or what is subject to change. It is obvious when pursuing what is real, unreal, important, unimportant, that these distinctions matter in determining the satisfaction and totality of our life. Identity misdefined, will result in an unsatisfactory life, especially considering what reality/unreality of the structural world we posit and commit to.

‘Seeing’ is not ‘believing’.

Pushing an ill-defined structure, based on the flimsiness of temporal conditions, can only wrought temporal outcomes. Outcomes that cannot get elevated to ‘timelessness’ will be beset with ‘time’; aka a temporal reality. There is no endurance in structures that are made ‘not’ to last.

Identity within the limits of time is a failing identity. An identity that is inherently incomplete will always end with dissatisfaction. An incomplete identity can only ultimately fail. Contrarily, any amount of effort added to just ‘Being’ is only adding to futility. There Is no adding of ‘temporary additions’ in existential Beingness as an identity. The ‘Fullness’ is always full.

Just ‘Being’ is effortless. Any effort added to ‘Being’ will result in consequences of even more effort and less satisfaction. In the ‘trying’ for permanence there cannot be a ‘securing’ of permanence. The ‘trying’ is a pushing that is wholly incompatible with effortlessness. The permanence and stability of effortlessness is forever Present. To ‘push’ for Presence is to miss ‘Presence’. There is no ‘trying’ nor ‘doing’ of what is inherently effortless. ‘Try’ and the world is beyond the winning. The ‘permanence’ never has a ‘fleeting’ moment. ‘Is-ness’ Is forever.

‘What Is’ does not need any help to ‘Be’. Adding anything, to include effort, is to miss the obvious-ness of Nothingness. Adding thoughts and beliefs is energizing/cathecting a distance ‘from’ just Being. Beliefs seemingly glue us away from this Presence. Belief is an effort. Ignorance is a belief in a separate self needing to become. Contrarily, Beingness always Is Now.

Nothing needs to change. Accepting everything as it is, is more responsible as ‘Seeing’ is not perjured by seeming personal preferences. The greater good is always in the interest of the greater good. Believing in an ‘other good’ is a faux creation by a faux, separate and temporary entity. ‘What Is’ does not need any temporary help, ever.

Belief is not necessary as it attempts to trade in something for an Everything that Is always Present and available at all times. The less we add, the more we get. Openness Is clarity undefined. Presence has no story. Nothing needs to change when ‘All’ is pure openness. Be ‘That’ effortlessly Now.


‘This’ Is enough. ‘It’ Is everything. The ‘truth’ of ‘It’ is not found in the understanding nor mis-understanding of ‘It’. ‘It’ is not recognized by a clamping on to some ‘thing’ or an idea about some ‘thing’. The ‘clamping’ to ‘things’ is the binding.

When we really ‘get’ It, it is the moving ‘experiencing’ that we ultimately and overtly allow.

To ‘get’ It wrongly, often becomes a seeming compulsory stop for the false self that then must be collected through an artificial stopping of ‘Being’ ?! ‘This’ is a common erroneous attempt that we make in order to have the continued employment of the false self. This grab is not in the mind’s paygrade to actually displace ‘Being’. The ‘mind’ does not have the skill-set to pursue what is before it. Experiencing experiencing cannot really be stopped -only seemingly so. Dumbing down to holding ‘experience’ is an artificial separation from ‘What Is’.

The idea of ‘a person’ having an ‘experience’, reinforces a ‘person’ having and owning some ‘thing’. This temporary ‘thing’ is not alive, existent, nor real. Plus the ‘person’, in this case, is an artificial construct, working from a script, that is no more alive than a character in a Walt Disney cartoon.

Belief in the artificial construct (fictional character) by adding ‘experiences’ to the character, underscores the power of belief and not the reality of the seeming character. Without the belief, the character is then found out to being just imaginary.

Convincing the character that ‘belief’ has conned the character, is essentially asking the character to immediately die. Additionally, we assume we have to ask the character to die. There is no real death as there is no character. Only from the character’s view does it matter. When it is fiction from start to finish, only the fiction is fictional. There is no character to ask anything. The only thing that dies is the belief in the belief.

The person (or the character) becomes available
(imaginary) when trying to have an ‘experience’. ‘Experiencing’ needs no character to have anything anytime. ‘Experiencing’ is sufficient to Itself. This ‘Itself’ is not a noun nor ever a noun. The ‘Itself’ Is what is verb-ing and appearing and seeming to be a noun but really is just verbing verbing. There is no container to contain Beingness in either case. Beingness is always verbing whether nouns are used or not used.

Experiencing Is always happening regardless of the availability of seeming nouns. The idea of a person ‘having’ an experience is an afterthought that is always subsequent to ‘experiencing’. ‘Experiencing’ Is always independent of any idea, especially the idea of a ‘person’.

Truth is just Being. The density of mind and personality does not make things more real. Density is a rawer frequency with the appearance of conditions, to include the inclusion of time. What is more real is before all manifestation. Experiences and characters go together to create the story-telling that typifies the drama call ‘our life’.

The story is not whom We Are. The story, the personality, and the conditional conditions are all pointing to the Truth of Being Being without form. ‘Without form’ is essentially ‘without creating/believing artificial nouns’ that lock us down into virtual prisons. Stopping the investment in the story-making is leaving the grounding of beliefs of fictional characters.

There Are no ‘others’ or ‘persons’ in ‘All That Is Is All That Is’. Start Here, End Here, Being Here, Always Here; effortlessly Now. It Is all movement moving. Be ‘That’ -just Experiencing.


‘Having’ an experience is not the point. ‘Having’ is essentially synonymous with ‘holding’ and ‘keeping’ an experience, let alone defining self through the experience. All ‘that’ is the route to trading and/or displacing ‘experiencing’ for a staid experience.

Experiencing, on the other hand, is a non-stopping of the perennial movement of being Being. Being does not deny any experience while contemporaneously leaving the appearance of the moment of experience as just ‘that’. ‘That’ appearance is only a temporary appearance taken out and abstracted from ‘experiencing’. ‘Experiencing’ is being Being without the seeming necessity of stopping for an experience at the cost of ‘experiencing’.

‘Experiencing’ is not ‘in’ time. It just Is. Timeless Beingness is what begets ‘time’. ‘Time’ is an add-on or in other words, essentially subsequent to the undiminished and complete fullness called ‘timeless-ness’. Using these concepts in defining ‘non-conceptual-ness’ is inelegant. Timeless-ness blends in seamlessly with another verb i.e. ‘experiencing’. ‘Nouns’ evoke a more staid -ness, e.g. experience. Nouns are concepts ‘in’ time.

Beingness has no ‘having’ because that would create an artificial presence of a false noun (experience) thereby displacing the more true verb-ing of ‘experiencing’.

The whole upshot of all this enumerating is that ‘creating’, ‘holding’ and ‘keeping’ nouns creates a separate self that then becomes the keeper of the stuff of nouns and creating nouns (noun-ing). This separate self is also another creation (or analogue) that is also derivative of taking verbs and making them into artifical nouns. This activity is an emasculation of the perennial movement of Beingness.

Just as in ‘experiencing’ and ‘Being’, being verbs verb-ing, ‘experience’ and ‘experiencer’ are nouns noun-ing. The resulting problems that result from a movement to a holding, is the creation of a separate self that is tasked with that ‘holding’.

Implicit in the above degeneration of activity of noun-ing verbs, is a created allegiance to a seeming holding of a manufactured identity i.e. a false self; separated and ultimately derived from Beingness.

So what is all the above amount to, as far as we are concerned? We ‘own’ all that. See the activity of ‘noun-ing’ as an activity. Yes, all that activity results in a ‘noun’. But it is the activity of making a ‘noun’ that must be seen to ‘See’ more clearly.

The process of creating and/or maintaining a false and separate self is the starting point of substantive change -in the wrong direction. To proceed as a separate self seeking change is to proceed in a closed loop. Continuing to ‘make’ nouns out of verbs verbing is the ticket to ‘stuck-ness’. Beingness has no ‘having’. There is no one Here ‘to have’ anything.

Being Peace brings Peace. Being Love has no need to ‘have’ Love. Happiness Is not someone being happy. That ‘someone’ is a noun trying to try to ‘Be’ when ‘Being’ Is always Present and complete Now.

There Is no ‘other’ unless we choose to create ‘that’ noun. And ‘that’ noun is ephemeral. What is not ephemeral Is the ‘Isness’ which Is all that Is. And ‘That’ Is effortlessly Being Being. There is no need for ‘having’ any thing.


There is only one energy constantly being. There is no other ‘Energy’. Everything is made from this foundational energy. There is no ‘other’ as ‘this’ Is all that Is.

The forms this ‘Energy’ takes are ephemeral. The Energy, however, is not ephemeral but eternal. The forms and appearances are the costumes that this formless energy takes in the arena of the vastness, called the universe both seen and unseen.

This ‘Energy’ has no name let alone any permanent form, yet ‘It’ has all names and forms because there can be no other than ‘This’. To put a name and form on ‘This’ would be to attempt to stop It’s magnificence. Calling ‘It’ ‘energy’, in this case, is an attempt to release formlessness from any partisan box. Here, ‘Energy’ is a neutral term. Other terms like ‘yours’ and ‘mine’, are more clearly a haven for polarization. Here, ‘Energy’ belongs to no one because It Is everyone.

‘Energy’, as a term, can spotlight formlessness without a knee-jerk tendency for subsequent polarization to creep into ‘mine’ and ‘thine’. This frees up any territorial turf into a more substantive knowing of the ‘Knowing’ of formlessness. Calling ‘It’ energy, uses an unbiased form for Being this formlessness.

‘Energy’ is considered to not have any other form except the formlessness of energy. Energy never really stops to become anything. ‘It’ does not relate to Russian versus American energy versus Ukrainian energy. ‘It’ is just free-flowing energy. Further labeling is unnecessary.

When we receive energy from our respective electric company, we do not really care if it came from Canada or Mexico or Texas. And we do not generally care if the government is Christian, Muslin, or Hindu, that distributed this energy (for the most part).

If there are sanctions against governments, it is really the governments, not really the energy, that is at fault. At our electric meter, we cannot really tell where the energy was produced and generally, we don’t really care.

Energy is just energy, which is a clear neutrality. We can make it Russian energy, Persian energy, or European energy. But that would be us adding something to ‘energy’. Energy itself has no preference.

Formlessness, being synonymous with ‘energy’, provokes a freedom from additional attachments that tend to separate us into factions. ‘Energy’ does not have a tendency of loading into nouns that beget separation. Despite being a ‘noun’, energy has a more verb-like freedom that promotes neutrality. Formlessness too, like ‘energy’ cannot be successfully be put into a permanent separate box.

There Is only one Energy. It does not stop to become a permanent person having an experience. ‘The Energy’ remains as energy not getting stuck in form. Transmuting into form, in any permanent way, would be compromising the essential state of ‘Energy’. ‘Energy’ never stops Being Being, despite appearances.

Albeit, there is no other choice than Being. Beingness, aka ‘Energy’, flows through ‘Us’ not to ‘us’. There is no holding in the flowing. It is pure foundational Love with a foundation that flows constantly.

The ‘Energy’ is loving loving flowing untethered. There is a neutrality to the energy of Loving that is tirelessly loving all. Loving all that Is, Is all that Is. This Is the power that energizes Life Loving Itself. Ultimately there Is no other Energy than Love loving Itself. Be free. Be Loving. Be the neutrality of unbiased pure Energy just Being.


What would be missing in ‘Nothingness’? If ‘All that Is’ Is all that Is, can anything really Be missing?

Contrarily we look for experiences because ‘Nothingness’ appears to be empty relative to our seeming needs. We also generate a lot of ‘have to haves’ by way of experience. Our definition of our ‘self’ happens to be a growing definition occluded by a lot of experiences. These are all limitiations self-imposed and reinforced moment-by-moment, on and on, in the broad conceptual experience called time.

Experiences and the holding on to experiences, are traps. Experiences define and limit us to ‘this’ and ‘that’. ‘This’ and ‘that’ are definitions that clearly limit ‘Us’. We then continue to seek more experiences with the definitions they provide, in an attempt to expand ourselves. Conversely, what happens is that we do not really expand Ourselves. We further limit Ourselves through an expanded limitation of definition.

Expansion through increasing limiting forms is not true expansion. It is more an accumulation of more forms. We trick Ourselves into ‘believing’ more forms, more stuff to accumulate, and more resume, is the ticket to true freedom from forms, ideas, and attachment to attachments.

Experiences are traps when we ‘have’ them. These ‘nouns’ are not moving when ‘experiencing’ finalizes it’s shift into ‘experience’. They are then set as ‘nouns’. Contrarily, ‘experiencing’, ideally, is always a verb never a noun. In other words, ‘experiencing’ does not really stop experiencing. If ‘experiencing’ were to stop then ‘it’ would not be ‘experiencing’. It would then become an ‘experience’ bound by the limitation called time.

Stopping ‘experiencing‘ would then become ‘owning’ an ‘experience’. Then the question becomes ‘who’ is owning ‘what’? All ‘that’ activity would be the creating of nouns, aka limitations; and faux owners of newly minted limitations.

Who we are Is ‘It’. This ‘It’ Is not a noun nor a limitation. This ‘It’ is a particular reference to ‘Being’ which has no limits relative to a typical noun. Being ‘It’ is unconditional and independent of any change as ‘It’ Is the Changeless.

This is where the limitation of language shows its limitation. Understanding does not take place in the ‘understanding’. The ‘Knowing’ is in the ‘not understanding’ of not knowing the presumed known. In other words, defining the ‘undefinable’ is not possible by definition. The futility of defining the ‘Ineffable’ (in this case) is an attempt to make an explicit verb a noun. ‘It’ won’t go there.

The inability to use methodology to define something is not enough to give it a dismissal. Because infinity cannot be put into a more convenient box does not preclude infinity from being infinity. It Is what It Is and ‘this’ is not a box-able noun.

There is nothing missing in ‘Nothingness’. ‘Nothingness’ is not a noun nor a ‘person’ having this verb called ‘Nothingness’. ‘Nothingness’ is full and complete without the help of a staid noun, concept, or box. Nothing can be added to something that is complete i.e. Nothingness.

We Are what Is happening. We cannot find Ourselves as ‘something’. We are the non-stop of Nothingness Being Nothingness Being everything without holding any appearance of appearance. Formlessness Is something without being anything. This is freedom. Be ‘That’ open -always limitless.


If it is ‘important’, how is that serving us?

As a result of labeling certain things as ‘important’, do we then ‘see’ that we are the party that is adding an intervention (that is not really necessary) to neutrality? This adding of another idea, that had nothing more to do with the initial result, is more unnecessary complication. Subsequently the ‘results’ and the responsibility for the ‘results’, gets a bit murky, especially when we tend to lose our responsibility for them. The overuse of ‘importance’ can create a veiled disregard for personal responsibility.

Not seeing, that we are the creators of our outcomes, is to misread the clear reality of our results. We can argue this all day long. We can try to avoid a confrontation with the responsibility that is implicit in transacting our seemingly ‘important’ energy-directed outcomes. Do we see that ‘we’ are the ones that made this happen? There is no ‘other’ to really blame when outcomes are less than desired.

‘We’ are the ones that change ‘neutral’ to another energy form. ‘We’ are in charge. Who is it that turns everything that was absolutely ‘neutral’ into another form of energy? Our likes and dislikes are often the outcomes of making/transforming ‘neutral’ to ‘ours’. We are the ones that ‘give meaning’ to life. If life needed meaning would ‘It’ stop being so alive?!

When we label something ‘important’, do we not change neutral into another form of energy? Adding ‘importance’ is clearly a major consideration in determining ranking, which in effect is a clear changing of neutrality. The ‘change’ in neutrality becomes ‘our’ change. ‘Our’ change becomes us. This is now ‘our’ unambiguous projection. Ramifications follow this designated lead made even more ‘important’ through giving ‘importance’.

We may complain about ‘our’ life, but who is the one that is making some things more important than others? And what is all ‘that’ based upon?

‘Importance’, in most cases, is a ‘go to’ that we constantly overuse to justify preferences. When we routinely give a significance to ‘importance’, we often spike the energy field unnecessarily. The ‘overuse’ of ‘importance’ tends to hide our overreaction to routine situations. Do we even see that having a solitary ‘reaction’ is often unnecessary? Adding ‘importance’ seals the deal to an often already specious reaction. And then, do we even see that the ‘importance’ added is most often arbitrary let alone unnecessary?

We are not ‘in’ the universe. We are the universe. What does this mean? Acceptance is another choice we often do not make, i.e. acceptance of changes versus changing change. We most often go for ‘change’. ‘Change’ because it is seemingly more important and seemingly do-able than acceptance. And here, again, ‘importance’ shows up trumping everything in sight. Can we start to see the ‘importance factor’ as maybe being a little too important? We Are the universe. Acceptance is existential purity.

As far as Being is concerned, there is nothing to be done, there is nothing to understand, and there is no absolute need for ‘thinking’ and/or reacting to appearances appearing/disappearing. Presence is forever Being Presence. There Is nothing but ‘this’. It’s importance Is It’s ‘un-importance’. This Is the neutrality. When ‘everything’ Is ‘everything’ what is important?

What Is serving ‘Us’ Is ‘Us’. This Is the greatest service.


There is no beginning to Awareness. There is no end to something that is thing-less. There is no start to something that has no finish. What is real is existing as nothing Being limitless-ness.

What Is before thought or form or especially the hardness of beliefs, just ‘Is’. ‘It’ just ‘Is’ elegantly whole while Being limitlessly open as the true Us. Beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with ‘It’. Beliefs are thought-based.

Demanding to know something about nothing is to not understand the openness of conscious aware space that has no cause. Contrarily, we as characters, have cause and effect. What has no cause is free of effect. That is, ‘It’ does not engage in effect as far as ‘It’ is concerned. ‘Effect’ is for all appearances and certainly not for what has no appearances. There is nothing to know Here except ‘Nothingness’. Concepts have the integrity of broken glass. Concepts cannot take you to Being Awareness.

All That Is is All That Is. Nothing changes Here. The eternal vastness of Awareness cannot be captured in a time/space continuum. The completeness is always the completeness of a pure resonance of unchanging Beingness. It is an ardent stability and a platform for a direct engaging in the unchanging Self. ‘That’ Is Present for us as ‘Us’. All That Is is All That Is ‘Us’.

That stability cannot even be defined in qualitative terms. The perennial perfection just ‘Is’ effortlessly always Present.

There is just ‘This’. Wholeness cannot be found in what is fragmented. Awareness Is the underlying Presence to absolutely all objects and characters. This emptiness has no content/form. ‘Having’ thoughts is ownership that ends up creating a’me’ character. Temporary characters have no primary existence, i.e. they are NOT before thoughts. What is fragmented (after thoughts) is a temporary creation. Awareness Is the perennial underlying Presence to all creation. ‘It’ just ‘Is’.

We do not need time (or a future) to become more complete. ‘What Is’, is complete now as consciously Present Awareness. To make a demand for the future is to willfully go into time for a resolution that is timeless. Now or never hails to the timelessness of Being Awareness Itself. Going into the construct of time for Beingness is futile.

There is only ‘This’, the perceiving of perceiving. Does ‘This’ perceiving ever end? ‘It’ cannot ‘end’ because there Is no ‘end’ as there Is ‘no beginning’. It just Is timelessly Now. There is no more or less to It. There is nothing to add to It or subtract from It, to include time. Again, there is no ‘end’ because there never was a beginning because there never was a construct of time to ‘do’ an appearance/disappearance of this or that.

Awareness just Is. Add nothing. Just Be. Amen to all ‘that’.


Thoughts happen. Do ‘they’ ever need to be ‘owned’ ? Do thoughts really ‘need’ an ‘own-er’? If thoughts do not have an ‘own-er’ then what becomes of their status?

Thoughts are ‘things’. ‘Things’ that are not ‘own-ed’ do not become unattended orphans. We give ‘our’ thoughts so much status that more often than not, they are like our children, belonging to us and identifying as us to a greater extent. Our relationship with thoughts has a direct impact on our quality of life.

Thoughts, all too often, are clearly more important than anything in our lives, even precluding a good relationship with our own family. This over- identification results in an identity that is based on a rigorous compliance to ideas and concepts, thereby trumping the freedom of just ‘experiencing experiencing’. Alienation from some family and some friends, is often based on a rigidity of our identity ‘to concepts’ rather than the free ‘use’ of ideas and not locking into conceptual frameworks.

Separation of ‘self’ into conceptual frameworks even alienates ‘us’ further into a disunity of ‘me’ among other ‘me’s’. Dualism arises easily into an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ coalitions, fracuturing the more natural ‘unity in diversity’. Thoughts, especially attachment to thoughts, are over-played tools gone amok. The ‘me generation’ is all too real.

As ‘real’ as this may appear, it really is pretty much ‘fictional’. There is no ‘us versus them’ unless we artificially create this dynamic. The ‘me’ can never be found to be existent because it never has existed. Newborns do not have a built-in fictional or any other kind of ‘me’. The ‘me’ has the existence and relevance of just another idea. Moreover, our continued identity with the ‘me’ seemingly changes all that.

When we ‘own’ our thoughts a ‘me’ is invariably created. Having no ownership ‘to’ thoughts allows thoughts to fall away on their own. The creation of ‘me’ creates an owner that corrals thoughts to support the ‘me’. Sustenance is given to thoughts by a fictional ‘me’ reinforcing both the ‘me’ and the parade of thoughts being attracted and identified with the ‘me’.

What a dysfunctional system! The parade of thoughts, led by the ‘me’, obscures the subtle silence and stillness that is the true sustenance of Being Being. The Seeing of ‘no view’ of Nothingness is seemingly overridden by a fictional character that has no real existence but does have a tiny viewpoint based on an artificial insemination of identity ‘after’ Beingness. This ‘owner’ of these thoughts has no more of a ‘hard’ reality than the specious thoughts that support ‘it’.

What experiences the object of the ‘me’ and thoughts associated with the ‘me’, is ultimately Consciousness. Consciousness is always the underlying presence to any object despite the ‘seeming’ obscuration. Consciousness cannot be touched by any obscuration.

There is no ‘ownership’ in Consciousness as ‘that’ would supplant ‘All That Is Is All That Is’, creating an impossible ‘two’. Emptiness has no content, objects, ideas and/or forms of any kind. It just ‘Is’ effortlessly. Consciousness Is Awareness Is Emptiness.

When we realize that there is no ‘one’ to own anything to include thoughts, ideas, and/or me’s, we stop stopping for those appearances that normally would drag us into the rapport that always ends badly -i.e. un-fulfillment. Not engaging by no longer ‘believing’ in a separate and false self, is ‘Seeing’ from the underlying Presence of just Being. ‘This’ Being has no stops because there is only Being becoming only Being ad infinitum.

The timeless/spaceless space of where It happens, Is forever the aliveness/fullness of the eternal Now. There is no ‘other’ to own anything, especially thoughts. Nothing owns nothing but Nothingness.