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The mind is an object, as are the thoughts perseverated on by the mind. Objects do not have Consciousness, except in the sense that Consciousness has everything. Every ‘thing’ arises from Consciousness and abides in Consciousness.

GP2C2106.jpgThe appearances of thought are appearances that do not have the permanence and stability of eternity existing as eternity.

When we talk about ‘Consciousness’, we stick a non-concept into a conceptual framework, compromising the ‘essential-ness’, for the convenience of the mind. To talk and conceptualize about ‘It’ is immediately imposing limitation/separation.

To suggest that ‘Awareness’ is not a thought, is to overtly underscore the frugality of continuing to use an inadequate structure called the ‘mind’,  to do the calculus of infinity.

GP2C2112.jpgThe pointing, is to the view of  ‘what is’, not to the prototypical mind and it’s failed attempt to digest the indigestible.

Having a ‘thought’ about Awareness is always coming from the limited view of ‘thought’. Having Awareness about ‘thoughts’ is changing the view to substantially reducing the influence of ‘thoughts’ relative to using the ‘Prior-ness’ of Awareness.

GP2C2107.jpgMaintaining the view of thoughts as secondary, as a permanent view; reduces the falseness of self, gradually revealing Self  as the Prior-ness to all thoughts.

Now, the presumed ‘thinker’ is no longer presumed, as there is no longer an imaginary object that produces thoughts, i.e. the thinker.

The ‘thinker’ never was real and never was really in control of thoughts, despite ‘the thinking’ that believed all that. 

Thoughts arise from Consciousness and are later claimed by the mind with ‘m’ and ‘y’asserting a false self and ‘thinker’.  The charade is merely conceptual belief.

GP2C2104.jpgDirect experience of the ‘Prior-ness’ , reveals a non-object. Awareness never falters in It’s Presence, as it Is the Conscious contact that Is Seeing, Tasting, Touching, Smelling, and Hearing effortlessly. These 5 gates are the conduits for the eternal ‘on’ of Awareness. Awareness is never ‘off’.

The artificial dominance of thought  breaks up the ‘experiencing’. We over-value objects. Contrasting, ‘That’ which is aware of thoughts, and is receiving everything at full value, without any diminishing of Self. Identification with objects (thoughts) is mind-based. Thoughts and other appearances in Consciousness are very temporary visitors expressing their limited vocabulary, on the surface of this vast ocean. 

GP2C2114.jpgGP2C2099.jpgTo abide in the Ineffable Awareness, is to have the primary view of Awareness as the starting point of nothing and everything happening constantly. The intersection with objects and Awareness has no adverse effects on Awareness. The basis of objects is Awareness, making Awareness integrated and undiminished.

“See thoughts and feelings like a train that enters a station and then leaves; be like the station, not like a passenger.” -Rupert Spira

The perseverating of thoughts, clouds reality with concepts, missing the sum and substance of existential Being. Thoughts cannot be the conveyance to getting past the separate  artificial self. Thoughts have gone too far away from Source to realize Source. 

GP2C2113.jpgThe Ineffable Source of Being/Knowing  is always Present and is never diminished. ’That’ Is the conveyance that transports ‘Us’ to ‘Us’. The limited vocabulary of objects hides the obvious “I Am” which is not a thought.

Love the Love,




IMG_1944.JPGThat’s a peculiar question, but a relevant inquiry. It is peculiar in that we do not think about breaking down language to the point of how it’s use effects us -directly. It is relevant in that the ‘use’ presupposes an elemental framework with profound consequences. Albeit, consequences for a starting point called identity.

An inquiry must take place to properly assess the question. The question-er asks first, ‘who’ am I?
Secondly, the movement to place ‘self’ in the category of the stasis of a ’noun’ or in the constant movement of a ‘verb’, must subsequently fit the choice of the first question.

‘Not’ getting a proper fitting, ‘after’ christening self with a noun or a verb, will compel us to view the question again. If in the first choice, there is the finding of a failure to properly justify our appropriate slot, a ‘redo’ is in order. Given the rigors of the selected slot, it is intellectually commanded, to right an obvious irrational fitment.

If “Who am I”, is answered in the noun affirmative, where is the evidence?

A lifetime of a daily grind of conditioning, has left the clear majority of 7.5 billion people, most probably, in the slot of a ‘noun’. Even that number is not enough justification for noun-ing.

Often, the ‘character’ we most identify with, is still the character with the very specific limited role and accumulative historical narrative, that is ‘real’ in terms of worldly script-writing. As far as ‘true identity’ is concerned, ‘We’ as ‘Fullness’, are certainly ‘not’ just the character in this ‘real’ movie. The character we play is a ‘noun’. However, the ‘Fullness’ is prior to any noun-ing in any role or movie we play in.

This is where the confusion takes place. We do not distinguish the character we play with the ‘no-nouning’ aka ‘verbing’ of whom we really Are. Not distinguishing Self from a seemingly stable ‘noun’ is the mis-identity. The superficial role we play in life is not whom We really Are. There is a certain finality to being a noun, called limitation.

There is no limitation or any boundary in the domain of Nothing/Everything-ness. There is no location or point to find ‘this’ unboundedness, although It Is all points/locations.

If ‘It’ were a noun, then we could find the noun, see the noun, and consider it an ‘object’. No noun-ing is no subject/object. The duality is appearance not the Priorness of infinite potential.

“Be neither the knower nor the known, but rather the knowing of experience, and you will find yourself as everyone and everything.” -Rupert Spira

A ‘noun’ has a finality of finished limitation. Verbing is never finished. Verbing is not setting down as subject/object. Identity is much closer to a verb despite the ‘seeming’ ‘noun-ing’. This type of identity is not stuck in ‘this’ or ‘that’. ‘It’ never settles for any ‘thing’. The nature of Beingness is an aliveness that is refreshing Itself constantly. Becoming a ‘noun’ stops the eternal Becoming.

The ‘aliveness’ is the Now, the Moment in the moment, that accepts the perennial change with Love coming home to the Heart. The ‘aliveness’ is alive because there is no clinging to any ‘thing’ (or noun). It Is free as free can be because there is never any stopping the eternity of Being.

Resting as a ‘noun’ is not resting. It is rusting. Resting as a ‘verb’ is refreshing and rejuvenating as there is nothing to rust.

The boundaries of a ‘noun’ identity are prison-like in that we are compelled to believe something that is not true, resulting in suffering. Being a limited noun traps us in a separate illusory identity compelling us to believe in the limited capacity to transcend the prison of self. The verbing of Beingness has no stops or nouns, thereby making self-imprisonment an impossibility. Beingness has nothing to believe as there is no noun there to have af.

Moreover, the ‘completeness’ of Beingness is not needy in the least ergo, Fullness. In Beingness, there is not even a need for identity, as It just Is. The ‘aliveness’ of no limits and all possibilities result in the Yes, Yes, and Yes of “What Is”.


Love the Love, Daddy’O




GP2C2091.jpgThe Self of Awareness is luminous to Itself. The self of manufactured self is reflected and diminished luminance . The limitation on self as created object, is an imposition that is only indigenous to the dualistic self. 

When self is a noun, then limitation shows up, as the verb-ing of Self cannot continue, in this distorted venue. I Awareness never really stops to become a noun, except ‘seemingly’ so. When noun-ing, Higher Self’s Stillness and Movement are limited to a single point in time which makes It in conflict with the True Nature of eternal Beingness. 

GP2C2074.jpgThe light of Awareness never actually diminishes but appears to seemingly indulge in this limitation.

GP2C2080.jpgWhen we broadcast from the belief of false self, we engage in the acting upon the premise of limitation. Nevertheless, Our True Nature remains unchanged and seemingly appears to be inaccessible. The “lens of me” covers up and clouds the brilliance of expressing and accessing the unlimited bandwidth of effortless Knowing/Being.

Conditioning and unchecked beliefs in identifying with body/mind, block the view called ’Seeing’. ’Seeing’ Self and separate self cannot be readily seen from the very singular view of only ‘me’. The ranting and constant raving about the needs of the separate self have hardened the heart. 

GP2C2084.jpgThe armoring is needed, as the fallacious noun cannot be revealed, lest the ‘idea’ of false self will expose the scam. Noun-ing is the one-trick pony that must occur constantly, in order to affirm an otherwise illusory nature. Ergo, the need for all that bandwidth.

The above falseness is an egregious load on the separate self. And this loading is completely unnecessary. The load is lifted by changing the view, Seeing the structured conditioning and Seeing Self incarnate.

GP2C2082.jpgStaying with the witnessing, is the knowledge that ‘this’ immersion will subsequently yield greater inculcation, and where full integration occurs resulting in effortlessness in Being being solidified.

Hanging out with ‘Luminosity’ full-time, has benefits. Letting go of the drag of dross has benefits. Changing the view is clearly a starting point for substantive reveals in Consciousness. 

The reveal is the light of ‘Knowing’ seemingly turning on to open the door, which is ’no door’. The Luminosity was always there. The door was never really there. But now the view has changed.

GP2C2083.jpg“When we understand that what we deeply long for can never be found in an object, substance, activity, relationship or state, our longing naturally and effortlessly loses its direction and dynamism, flows back to its source, and is revealed as the happiness for which we were in search.” -Rupert Spira 

The downloads occur when we tune in to the unseen frequencies of Self that are more real than any previous illusory idea we had about ‘things’. Before and behind ‘things’ is the ‘Isness’ of Our Being. Always Present Now. 

GP2C2075.jpgOur Presence is always available at all times as We are always ‘Seeing’ all the time. Being with the ‘Seeing’ is ‘ Seeing’. The accessibility of ‘Seeing’ has never left Us for a second. The ‘leaving’ was only found in the separate self. The Ineffable formless Self Is everything and cannot leave. It Is the Sustainer.

GP2C2086.jpg“Seeing’ and ‘Knowing’ are only available from the luminosity of Self Itself. 

Be ‘that’, effortlessly.

GP2C2071.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O



GP2C2064.jpgWhy do we demand to seek the differentiation of eternal time? Is the undifferentiated ’Now’ to be parsed to be useful? For functionality and seeming knowledge of ‘what’s happening’ do we do precisely that? The ‘lens’ of time is a ‘lens’ we often put in front of Our Seeing. Is that necessary? Will ‘Seeing’ decompose to a lesser state sans ‘lens’?

GP2C2065.jpgFor functionality, timing is NOT optimized by putting the construct of time in front of Seeing. It is not that time isn’t useful in sorting out the phenomena of the action on the stage of life. It Is. It is good to ’stage timing’ to know when the script indicates appearance. But it is the Director that really calls the shots, script and/or ad lib.

The key is ‘where’ (and when) time falls in. If timing causes a failure to hear the Director’s silent direction, because ‘timing’ (past, present, future) was given first listen, then the play is at the mercy of the fictional character and becomes rudderless. Time is a conceptual tool, whose birth is clearly after Beingness (aka The Director). Being time itself, the Director’s cue is innate and perfectly executed.

GP2C2066.jpgThe play of life needs ‘time’ only because it is the play of the phenomenological. ‘Time’ cannot be shoved down the mouth of eternity lest we immediately compromise eternity with finiteness. Eternity is unchangeable.

In the world where time is measured and allotted in increasing amounts of smaller bits, the accuracy of measurement only gets more sophisticated and precise due to tolerances of machinery and science demanding it. Cooling the atoms of an atomic clock to absolute zero is essentially an attempt to get to the deepest core of Being Itself, where nothing changes and eternity abides effortlessly.

GP2C2055.jpgBeing “in the zone” is Being in time with eternity. Time stops. Timelessness frees the phenomena to be somewhat free of phenomena. And it all still happens in the seeming artifice of time. Time comes back but eternity never quits Being eternity. Ergo, ‘Eternity’ is always first priority and always the starting and end point.

GP2C2059.jpgThe essential point being, to put the presumed importance of time before timelessness, is to not see clearly, the Director, and then to consequently and subsequently deride the script, with improper ad libs. Phenomenological timing is in harmony with eternal harmony when eternal harmony is sourced first as the base, with actions taken from that base. The Eternity, that is prior to the phenomenological atomic clock, is what the atomic clock is actually, ultimately, geared to.

GP2C2068.jpgWhen we ‘gear to’ the eternal atomic clock, we clearly acknowledge where optimal timing comes from. For the separate self to suggest that ‘it’ has optimal timing, is false identity personified.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are not true starting points, ever. They are time. Time is derivative of eternity. The Eternal is the source of true time (timelessness) and a perfect constant affirmation of all things phenomenal. The unity of constant affirmation gives an un-daunting harmony to enormous complexities, of which the Eternal Presence of Unity Consciousness is always fully abiding.

GP2C2062.jpgWe Are only ever here now. We Are not the constructs we build. They service us. We do not service them.

By falsely referencing time as the first cause, concurrent with the further mis-identification with temporal forms, time is degraded at the outset.The contraction of identification with the forms of life is precisely that, a contraction. Separate self is a contraction of time and form, meaning, that it is not what is happening now. Fullness is timelessness just happening in the Now. What is happening does not need time and the separate self, to help in creating this harmony.

‘Stepping into Eternity’, is still ‘separateness’ in the act of stepping into something. There is no ‘stepping’ and there is no ‘something’. We already Are ‘that’ Eternity and We Are already ‘that’ Now. Always Now first, as ‘It’ Is.

GP2C2061.jpg“The ultimate truth of who you are is not I Am this or I am that, but I am.” -Eckhart Tolle

image.pngLove the Love Daddy’O



I Am Here Now.

No more needs to be known, as pining for knowledge of Self is futile. It is the mind’s attempt to grab at something to define ‘nothing’. That ‘Suchness’ is not reachable with the limited topped out capacity of mind.

DSC00970True Self is not definable, at least not in the conceptual way of defining things. Because it is not definable, then throwing more knowledge at ‘It’, is futility incarnate.

Waiting for understanding to arise through the vehicle of ‘more’ knowledge, is an activity that, by it’s nature, is pure distraction from ‘just’ Being. It is getting caught by the shiny objects that presumably have glory in the overplayed hand of ‘presumed’ higher knowledge.

DSC00991.jpgThe higher knowledge that is Present is not the higher knowledge of the mind. The difference is that the mind continues to posit the falseness of ‘separateness’ or illusion in it’s definition of knowledge.

The illusion of separateness is operating on the downgrading of Reality Itself into the ‘dream’ of self. There is no ‘there’ there as the ‘dream’ has no ‘dreamer’, just the illusion of a ‘dreamer’. Additionally, the temporariness of the ‘dream’ is in another illusion called ‘time’. 

DSC00990.jpgThe ‘knowledge’ that is there, is essentially there for the construction of the dream and to point back to the act of ‘Dreaming’, which is the permanence of True Knowledge and is undefinable, at least in ‘dream’ terms. 

DSC00993.jpgConsider our habit of sincerely wanting to think our way out of our lack of a deep enduring satisfaction. It is the same view, trying out different degrees of effort and commitment, to changing paths of knowledge we encounter. These knowledge pathways are born in the field of illusion. Their source code is fleeting, changing, and cannot be the ‘undefinable Truth’. These paths are inherently limited given the limited field that spawns them.

DSC00988.jpgThe ‘seeking’ always puts the mind in play. To ‘not’ seek is considered heretical to spirituality. But “What Is” would not be “What Is” if we had to seek it! “What Is” does not need ‘seeking’ to survive. “What Is” Is timelessly permanent. To add to ‘It’ is to subtract and obscure ‘It’.

DSC00979.jpgThere is a beautiful simplicity in Being Here Now as I Am.  Adding things to ‘It’ does nothing to enhance It’s ‘Isness’. Acquired knowledge is another ‘thing’. Having a need to be liberated is an idea that is a direct assault

on the fact and experience of “What Is” and It’s nature of being Eternally Present.

DSC00992.jpgHaving a committed allegiance to an idea like personal liberation is analogous to not seeing the sun on a sunny day. There is no improving the ‘I Am’. The ‘I Am’ is before even experience. ’This’ is where everything arises. And there is no ‘one’ there to give or get experience.

DSC00989.jpg“The Knowing with which the mind seems to know objects, others and the world, belongs to our Self, ever-present, unlimited Awareness, just as the light with which the moon illuminates the earth belongs to the sun.” -Rupert Spira

There is no where to stand to accept experience and move it forward to some idea that does not exist. There is just falling into Self. The ‘falling’ is the rest, as it is free enough to let go. 

There is no higher state than ‘I Am’. ’That’ which Sees ‘It’ cannot be seen.

DSC00973.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O 




GP2C2053The ‘alleged me’ cannot find the Ineffable, due to a mis-identity at the very outset.  

When the ‘me’, that is suffering and looking for relief from the burden of oppressiveness, ‘it’ looks for escape to concepts of enlightenment, awakening, and Oneness.

GP2C2042.jpgThe fact is , that the ‘alleged me’ is now still looking, without knowing, and that ‘it’ is still an imposter, despite  the new improved status that is presumably created to get meaningful spirituality.   Immediately, the seeking status is compromised, as the ‘alleged me’ is dragged along.

Delusion has once again, firmly supplanted, the obviousness and directness of experiential ‘knowing’. That is, knowing Self through Self cannot be operationalized, due to the newly manufactured spirituality, to wit, a ’further’ departure from Self, by a better ‘spiritual’ imposter.

GP2C2022.jpgContinued or renewed, looking through  the ‘imposter self’, changes nothing substantively, in getting closer to the realization of Self.

When looking from the narrow view of an ‘alleged’ me, for improved spirituality, failure can only become the assured destiny. And failure then ultimately becomes the new starting point where we may realize that ‘that’ well-treaded path is not worth resuming. 

GP2C2024.jpgStill, starting from nothing, the imposter (aka the ‘alleged’ me) is the one that can start the journey into getting past itself, when not misunderstanding that ‘that’ starting point, ‘is’ the point where the ‘conceptual imposter self’ ceases to exist in any meaningful way.  Losing the imposter means there is an unmistakeable clarity in seeing the imposter, as not permitted to journey to the Eternal Now due to it’s implicit falseness.

GP2C2025.jpgTo suggest that an illusory self, that has hollowness at it’s core, is sufficient to travel to “What Is”, is to not have clarity. Clarity is always Present but not available when occluded by conditioned thinking and specious beliefs.

The clarity of true identity can be accessed when the “tornado of me” is not taking up all the bandwidth. The Silence, the “I Am-ness”, the Seeing without noun-ing everything, all can point to the implicit ‘Knowing of Self’. Imposters and delusions arise and fall. Beingness is eternally Present witnessing the arrivals and departures. Resting ’there’is the rest we were looking for, i.e. ’The Looking’.

Continuation of the mobile prison that was created by self to warehouse and incarcerate the same suffering self, is only the reinvestment of limited thinking and finite mind. The current ‘imposter’ will claim the ‘new’ spirituality giving seeming rise to another imposter. Here, the ‘one’ that is claiming is not the Silence but the now ‘cooler me’(aka another imposter).

The ‘claiming’ is the go-to methodology of the imposter. Beingness has no need to claim as it just ‘Is’. Seeing the ‘claiming’, can catch the stealing of identity. However, the stealing and claiming will continue as long as attention is being given to it. The spaciousness of no ‘my’ will give the distance necessary for all that claiming to become moot. No ‘my’ is no ‘alleged me’.

GP2C2038.jpgWhen we do not claim to have an epiphany, when we don’t claim to ‘get it’, and when we do not claim to ‘know it’, only then are we seeing the noun called the imposter.

GP2C2040.jpgGP2C2035.jpgBeing, Awareness, Bliss are the verbs that never noun, except seemingly. See the ‘imposter’ claiming the nouns of identity. False identity is missing the ‘aliveness’ of Being. 

Without the construct of time, we are already ’There’. The journey is ‘no journey’. Effortlessness makes sense here as there is nothing to do or get done when It IS. There is no necessity for any ‘thing’like an imposter, to ‘do’ anything. Being free is Being free of any nouns of identity.

“Right in the Heart of this moment, right in the Heart of Being is a bottomless wellspring of life, of freedom that wants to live through you unlimited, untamed and undefended in any way. The fountain of the true Self. It is this that is alive inside calling you to this Truth.” -Clare Blanchflower

Be the Moment of Now, as forever has no start or end.

Love the Love, Daddy’O




GP2C2020.jpgThere is nothing to add or subtract. And there is no-one to ‘do’ anything.

‘It’ just Is. ‘It’ Is complete. Fullness has no absence. To suggest more, is merely an inability to See everything. To suggest less, is to miss eternity Itself.

This is not a perspective. The mind has perspective. An unfiltered and raw stream Is the Openness We Are. “I like this” and “I like that” are always found with “I don’t like this” and “I don’t like that”.

GP2C2014.jpgIf the above statements are not separation and ‘closed-ness’, then where is the justification of worshipping these idols?

GP2C2018.jpgBeing a dictator is not benevolence and the acceptance of diversity. Controlling outer circumstances while inner circumstances are dismissed, is living an appalling life. There is no match-up to integrity. Acceptance is not present outwardly nor inwardly, under these circumstances.

GP2C2017.jpgSeparation between ourselves and others and separation from our own inner Fullness, is the consequence of ‘pushing’ a dead agenda of ideas over substance. 

GP2C2007.jpgThe ground-less ground of Being is ‘not knowing’ and not presuming we ‘know’. Freedom from being bound by a concept of ‘needing to know’, is not possible when ‘pushing’ for the ‘knowing’. It only limits us to the confines of the prison called ‘things’. ’Things’ are what is perceived -not ’The Perceiving’. 

When there is a ’no-thing-ness’ that cannot be put into some convenient box, why do we still persist in ‘doing’ just that, with likes/dislikes and presumed ‘needs’?

GP2C2009.jpgThe willingness to let go of finding the ‘know’ or concluding a presumed investigation on the superficial evidence of ‘conceptualizing’, is letting go of dross. Seeing that the thinking mind cannot operate without objects/concepts is preliminary. Seeing the dead-end path of ‘this’ superficiality, is immediately followed by a natural ’letting go’.

‘What we see’ is then replaced with Seeing from the vast Open-ness of ‘just’ Seeing. There is no reason to conclude anything as ‘it’ is constantly changing from the unchanging Source.

GP2C2015.jpgThe stability, is not in making a ‘noun’ out of everything but in realizing the no-noun-ness of Being Itself and It’s temporary phenomena.

True Nature is pure not-knowing. It Is a no-definition of Self as ‘It’ Is not a concept and is not definable. It Is prior to the ‘somethings’.

Resting as ‘not knowing’ is counter-intuitive according to the mind. ‘That’ superficiality of mind may be compelling only if we allow the trance of ‘needing to know’ to continue.

Falling’ into the unknown of ’not knowing’ is uncertainty being welcomed fully. Having no certainty is having ‘nothing’. Nothing is the starting point of ‘everything’.

GP2C2010.jpgFalling’ into ‘nothing’ is at the same time falling’ into ‘something’, but ‘that’ Is not a thing. The ‘something’ of ‘nothing’ Is Everything. This Is the ‘Aliveness’ we feel Present.

The ‘Aliveness ‘ needs no ‘doer’ as there Is only Being. We are being lived from the ‘Priorness’.

“In you, as in each human being, there is a dimension of consciousness far deeper than thought. It is the very essence of who you are. We may call it presence, awareness, the unconditioned consciousness.” -Eckhart Tolle

There Is only ‘This’. ‘This’ Is It. 

GP2C2016Love the Love, Daddy’O



GP2C2003.jpgWhat is often, the ‘go to’, in the seeming opportunity of ’future’ ? We tirelessly look forward to getting ‘something’ from the concept of ‘future’. It is as if the Present is not enough and we, therefore, are needy for the parts that appear to be missing in our lives right now. These two guideposts are inherently false when tested by our direct experience.

GP2C2002.jpgThe act of looking past Now and the act of denying the fullness of Presence, Now, is inherently a compounding of suffering. Oddly, this suffering for that seemingly missing something, takes place in the Fullness of Now.

GP2C1994.jpgTo seek, is to not See Presence. Presence only abides in the eternal Now. Not Seeing Presence is essentially not ’Seeing’. ‘Not Seeing’ is only possible with Reality creating unreality. Unreality is conditional, temporary, and a covering up of Reality, with cooperation of ‘our’ Reality.

GP2C1989.jpgSee the intentional ‘Not Seeing’.

GP2C1988.jpgWe have knowingly mis-directed our attention to a conceptual creation We created, in order to experience the illusory finiteness of past and future. See the movie of time actually take place in the caldron of eternity and no time. The ‘movie of time’ has taken place in ‘time’ after timelessness. In other words, the illusion of time, appears to have standing after eternity, while all of conceptual time, which is illusional by nature, has occurred in timelessness, and never, ever left the field of timelessness.

GP2C1987.jpg‘Seeing’ is only possible from the point of view of Self. It is not possible to ’See’ from an illusory self. If the illusory self seeks to ’See’, then it is akin to asking the impropriety of illusion to ‘do’ something that illusion can never accomplish, due to it’s inherent falseness. 

GP2C1996.jpgThe ’seeking’ is a compounding of problems. One of which is going to an illusory future with pure illusion. That ‘view’ is clearly insufficient to render what Is already Present Now. It is a movement, when there is no need for a movement, to an another insufficient ’idea’ (seeking), expecting to find something that has been Present even before the search began.

GP2C1998.jpgBeing the Moment is recognizing there is no real future. Any movement to past/future can only be away from Presence.

GP2C1991.jpgSeeking and ’Not Seeing’ is believing that we can carry over ‘something’ , which we presumably created, into the nothing of ’Nothingness’.  But there is no doer that can seek, ‘See’, or create anything. The doer is wrong view. It is the presumptive doer that is ‘Not Seeing’ and wants ‘something’ that only the imagined future can provide.

Having these ‘time’ zones is convenient for the doer and for the completion of the motion picture. The doer and the movie are not real. But the movie is a real movie with the ‘doer’ playing a role in the production. The movie is always found in timelessness despite it’s start and finish in a period of time.

Our direct experience of ‘I Am’ is not a thought, if truly experienced. It Is. It Is other than thought and before thought, always. The add-on of a doer, seeker, or want-er, is not part of the existential Self.

GP2C1999.jpg“To invest one’s identity and security in something that appears, moves, changes and disappears is the cause of unhappiness.” -Rupert Spira

The ‘getting’, is a false start. We already Are. There is nothing to ‘do’, ‘get, or ‘understand’. That is all future and all illusion. There is no one to get an experience. There is only ‘Experiencing’ with the actor channeling without any act of claiming any ‘thing’.

GP2C1995.jpgThe act of getting and keeping is essentially the act of keeping the false self relevant despite it’s erroneous view. Once a view is established, limitation becomes part of the deal. 

‘No view’ is the view where the illusion and the Ineffable can exist. ‘No view’ is ’not two’.

Be the Now.

GP2C2000.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O 



GP2C1969What a thought! Is the protection of the heart not necessary, lest we personally break?

GP2C1924.jpgGP2C1922.jpgGP2C1916.jpgGP2C1925.jpgOur ability is strained, to tolerate in a ‘normal’ way, the breaking of our heart. That is not something that is looked upon as an opportunity, to progress. Our true heart, for the above reason, is often not revealed, so that some protection is afforded.

GP2C1965.jpgSubsequent life events are often affected in the recovery from a ‘broken’ heart. A contraction, a closing up, of the heart is generally the conditioning we find necessary to persist in finding our way back to some utility in expressing the love within us to the outside world.

GP2C1967.jpgBut this conditioning, is a compromise. What is compromised is Self. We clearly lose our child-like freedom to express ourselves and our unedited feelings, in our rapprochement back to normality.

GP2C1966.jpgContraction is not freedom. Contraction is not ‘unplugged’. It is a sanitation of feelings and expressiveness. We have adapted to a lesser, more limited idea of self. The ‘new’ normal is not really normal.

However, the ‘idea of self’, whether improved or defiled, is still conceptual. Conceptual is in fact, removed from reality in that ‘it’ is an artificial construct. Constructs surely are not alive and clearly cannot tell us much, as they are an abbreviation of the infinite bandwidth of experience and experiencing.

The point being, that to ‘improve’ a concept (self) is not tenable due to artificially limiting Self to an idea, no matter how improved. Conversely, to be able to ‘hurt’ a concept (self) is equally foolish, in that ‘that’ illusion cannot really have consequence. The illusion of self remains an idea, no matter the degree of pain we seemingly feel.

All that drama around the heart is truly ‘what’s not happening’. Feelings, thoughts, physical perceptions/sensations, say otherwise. Our belief system compounds the illusion cementing further separation from Self and others.

All ‘that’ emotion is happening in ‘what’s not happening’. But in ‘what’s happening’ aka Reality, none of that stuff is really going on.

“Happiness is the absence of resistance to what is. It is the highest spiritual practice. However, it is not a practice of the mind; it is the ever-present nature of Myself, Awareness.” -Rupert Spira

The ‘high’ bar is ‘what’s happening’. There is no illusion in the moving verbiage of ‘what’s happening’. Conditioning does not have a say in ‘what’s happening’. The refresh rate of ‘what’s happening’ is too fast in that it’s speed is prior to illusion.

The broken heart has the advantage of being cracked wide open with subsequent accessibility not available otherwise. Accepting the openness, is availing oneself of unprecedented Love behind all the crashing. The contraction has played out to nothingness. There is nothing to hide, cover up, or to protect. The ‘rawness’ is the Truth that needs no defending.

Our instinct may be to defend self but our Truth is waiting and has been waiting to be Seen. And can be Seen when accepting the ‘what’s happening’ in this golden opportunity.

There is no pushing in Awareness. 

Accepting the depth of pain is moving past thoughts, ideas, and perceptions, into the holding of nothing, falling effortlessly into a depthless Love. The groundlessness of this Love is unbounded and eternally Present, as It Is Presence. The ground of thoughts, ideas, and perceptions is as meaningless as it is illusory. When falling fearlessly and holding nothing, as nothing is needed, Love’s groundlessness and freedom catches us by the heart.

GP2C1954.jpgThe unchanging undefended Self is found in the heart, ever present. It teaches yes, yes, and yes to even  ‘what’s not happening’. The ‘what’s not happening ‘ has essentially taken us to Us. 

Self has nothing to defend. It Is the freedom of fullness accessed through the nothingness.

There is no dictator of Love. Only the self tries to dictate Love. 

The felt sense of longing for completion resides in the heart. The solution of a full acceptance of everything, opens the heart and sates the longing.

 The open heart realizes it is home as it always has been.The longing was ‘Us’ reaching out to ‘us’.GP2C1958.jpg

Now available, in the heart of hearts, is the unprecedented unrestricted connection to “What Is”. Heart Acceptance is constantly happening in every Moment. This view is no view.GP2C1962.jpg

Love the Love, Daddy’O 



GP2C1907Putting these two words together creates an automatic dichotomy. It doesn’t feel good. One word compromises the other. Both words together create conflict that neither word presumably wants.

And what is ‘it’ that wants? The craving or the contentment?

GP2C1898.jpgContentment does not want. It is not in the nature of contentment to plead or bleed over ‘things’. Contentment is an ultra-balanced security of Now.

Craving is missing some presumed essential piece. A piece that ‘one’ cannot do without. The pushing is self-evident, especially in attempting to secure the ‘idea’ of a lack, due to some missing temporal object (thing).

GP2C1895.jpgCraving will go past peace, love, and happiness to secure this conceptual need. Rationality left this wanton idea long ago, in some past lack of fruition, now carried into the future. The Present was/is summarily skipped over, without a thought.

It, craving, does not exist in the Present. Only the past and the future. In Presence, the insanity of going to an imaginary place, would be more obvious. And by ‘Presence’, it is not to conclude that we can ‘know’ Presence by a momentary glimpse, and then back to the insanity.

GP2C1897.jpgOnly by resting in Presence, can we make anything close to a conclusion, about not being Present. Proportionally we must be living in Presence to secure any feeling of Presence. To lurch back and forth between the urgency of falseness and peace, cannot be defined as peaceful or Present.

And then there is the ‘doing’ of Presence, which by definition cannot be Presence. There is no doing Presence. There is ‘being’ Presence and being Present.

GP2C1905.jpg‘Doing’ Presence is tantamount to ‘pushing’ Presence. And there is no ‘pushing’ in Awareness or Presence, ever.

Craving is extreme ‘pushing’. Intelligence and discrimination are even held hostage to assert this irrational craving. The results yielded -only the pillaring of Presence/Awareness can occur under these circumstances. Presence is seemingly forced out of one’s life to appease desire and/or fear.

The other outcome in this craving madness is never arriving at the object of craving. Craving never delivers.

What ‘was’ and what ‘will be’ are never actually happening in this yielding to craving. The happening, in this case,  died with the craving. The ‘aliveness’, is certainly missing as a result of this choice.

Experience of the past cannot be carried forward to Presence. Presence has no space for the falseness of the unreality of ‘over’ to be in the Now. Exceptions occur only in the ‘non-happening’ of ‘happening’. Happening, Us, gives seeming reality to the unreality, without compromising Reality. That is non-happening, an artifice in time.

Craving abides only when Reality gives the space of non-reality for this activity to seemingly go on. What’s happening remains the only real game in town.

GP2C1892.jpgContentment recognizes the Fullness of Now and contemporaneously the futility of leaving contentment, for some foolish unbalanced errand. Understanding contentment is understanding that. There is really nothing outside this understanding of Fullness, that can make one any more Full. Knowing ‘that’, why would anyone leave the full integrity of ‘this’ space?!

GP2C1893.jpgSo contentment is an experiential understanding. The pointlessness of ’seeking’ or ‘craving’ is glaringly obvious. To ‘crave’, is to mis-understand. To go outside the Now, is to unnecessarily burden Ourselves with the patently false. To indulge in ‘what’s not happening’ , is to automatically lose the aliveness of the Moment. Where is the fun in all that?!

“Be neither the knower nor the known; be only the knowing of experience, and you will find your self as everyone and everything.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1901.jpgThere is no improving the false ‘me’. The illusion cannot get the message. Trying to ‘know’ the “Not Knowing” is futility incarnate, as we Are the Knowing and the “Not Knowing” of the Knowing. Craving or effort cannot secure the “effortlessness” We already Are Now. Be the contentment.

Love the Love, Daddy’O