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The essence of all things is Silence. Silence is not only the backdrop but also the source of everything forward. When going into the depth of Silence we find nothing -but clarity and openness. Silence Is the transcendent field Itself. It Is the ‘Allness’.

Silence is not a perception. ‘Perceiving’ Silence would be a reductive exercise. Perception through the gates (of hearing, tasting, touching, seeing, and smelling) or sense perception is essentially going through ‘stuff’ to find ‘non-stuff’. ‘Non-stuff’ is stand-alone and is not dependent on sensory channels as ‘It’ Is prior to all gates.

Silence is not an experience in that experiencing Silence would be also reductive. ‘Experience’ implies a narrow tiny view of Being that clearly cannot be the Vastness. When ‘All Is God’, there is no view as there is only One view.

What forms does Silence take? Formless Silence takes any and all forms. It speaks loudly but quietly. You cannot hear it but It speaks through words with silent resonance. The resonance is the vibration of Silence speaking loudly and clearly. It’s message Is unmistakable Love. Can one hear another message?!

Words are one of the forms for Silence. But words alone are insufficient to communicate the depth of The Vastness Silence Is. The ‘loudness’ of Silence is before any sound. Om emanates from The Silence. Silence Is first. Silence Is broadcasting 24/7/365. It never misses a beat. You hear Silence first, before any thought or utterance or birth of anything.

Silence is a frequency before, during, and/or after the waking dream/sleeping dream states. This frequency is eternally Present.

There Is only The Silence. But calling It anything is to limit the limitless. Being Silence is not an effort. It Is our True Nature. Effortlessly Being what we un-mistakenly Are is to ‘Know’ Silence as ‘no other’.

There is no ‘start’ and there is no ‘end’. Awareness of Self just Is. Hear ‘that’ Silence in the heart.



Existence is what? Matter? Where is the ‘matter’? It has not been found yet but the concept appears to make it real, due to archaic belief systems and the grandfathering in of a basic misunderstanding.

What is said about ‘matter’ or more commonly stated, ‘things’, is that there is more space there than the eye actually spies. ‘That’ does have credence due to ‘matter’ essentially then not being mostly ‘matter’ but ‘space’. Can we find the ‘space’?

We easily acknowledge the space because ‘that’ is a most essential element of our so-called life. All ‘things’ are always in ‘space’. Even ideas are in some type of space. The consistency of ‘space’ is unchanging. Everything is in some type of stable space.

Matter (or things) that are in space, are the variables that appear and disappear seemingly with the time element doing the sorting. Existence, by definition, is directly associated with these temporal things that abide in spaceless space.

Is existence then perceived? What are we perceiving when we are perceiving existence? Space? But there are things that we see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. What are our senses telling us?

Behind each of these 5 gates is the Knowing. How do we know we saw something? Will the ‘seeing’ alone tell us? No. The ‘knowing’ which is indistinguishable from any of the senses (or gates), tells us about ‘existence’. The Knowing is present in all the gates. It Is the backstop to ‘existing’ allowing awareness.

Existing is not ‘existence’. Existing is prior to existence. Existing Is the Knowing. Existing and Knowing are essentially the same as no real differences can be found. Existence on the other hand is caught in time and seemingly separated from eternity. There is an end date for all existence. It appears and disappears. Existing never stops existing.

But does ‘existence’ exist? There is a ‘reality’ to existence just as there is a reality to any illusion. When we dream, we generally believe the dream while it is happening. But upon waking we realize its fantasy, its illusion. Similarly, the common waking state that is interpreted from an illusory self, can be said to also be an illusion. Both ‘states’ do have a common hard reality that does not fluctuate, ever. This ‘reality’ is independent of any change. It just ‘Is’. That ‘Is’ is not existence but ‘existing’.

Perceived existence has no stability. No one has an ‘existence’ per se. Yet we all are existing as ‘existing’. Existence is in the subject/object realm. There are no distinctions, no doers, and no stops as being the ‘existing’. Any distinctions collapse in the pure Knowing of ‘existing’. And then there is just ‘existing’.

True nature cannot be found in superficial appearances and existences. Holding a position of ‘me’ is a stark separation from Reality. There is no holding of any position or view in Reality. Reality is not finite and/or a fixed position. It just Is. There is no stop for existence or an illusory ‘me’. Existing is a moving stillness abiding effortlessly.

Existence is tantamount to a real movie. The movie is ultimately an illusion. What is ultimately real, never started or stopped being the ineffable space where the seeming movie takes place. Existing Is knowing the Knowing. Everything leads to this Knowing as everything comes from this Knowing. There Is only the Knowing existing.

We already Are. There is nothing to do but Be the timeless existing before matter, before ‘me’, and before any stops for existence. Pure existing is always full. Abide in the Knowing.


From where do we arise? Does ‘from where we arise from’, change? Or is ‘the where’ we come forward to in this moment, really any different at any time, before, during, or after this ‘perceived’ existence? Only ‘Nothingness’ has eternal stability. Everything arises from Nothingness and returns to Nothingness.

The Source is not a ‘thing’ that can be measured by another ‘thing’. The priorness of the Source just Is. How could It be anything? How could It change into a less eternal self?

The everything that we see is truly nothing. It is space holding space that appears as something. The appearance is Nothingness in costume. Yes?

The costuming may include a density that would provoke a mis-identity as someone separate. The density is directly reflective of our attachment to the costume and the story. A greater density does not allow openness to dance the costume as a costume, versus having a firm identity with the costume. My costume looks better than your costume, is an invocation to separateness and identity. There is noone to ‘have’ any thing. It is just a temporary costume.

Nothingness includes everything because everything is essentially nothing. And Nothing is ultimately only Nothingness. The appearance of costuming is a staging of Nothingness. Costume on and costume off leaves only Nothingness.

The owner of the costume doesn’t exist because there is only the ‘costuming’. The costume never existed apart from ‘the costuming’. The ‘costume’ is an appearance and not an existence. Hence, one cannot add a non-existence to existence. Self remains Self uninterrupted.

To ‘Be’ the costuming is to just ‘Be’. Nothing can be added to the ‘Be’. To suggest that we need to add a ‘how’ in order to ‘Be’ would be adding something that would in effect be a subtraction. The Fullness would not be the Fullness if any thing needed to be added to ‘It’.

To ‘do’ anything to ‘Be’, the Fullness would require a separate ‘doer’. Truly there are only clowns taking a bow for this ‘idea’. There are no doers to be found ‘existing’. Adding a ‘somebody’ that is a true nobody and then saying,”Did I do it right?”, is a wholesale dismissal of true Self.

To ‘think’ about being nothing/everything is to immediately step away from Self. ‘Thinking’ without Awareness provokes the question of who would be thinking about being Being? Being does not need ‘thinking’ to exist. ‘Thinking’ gives the illusion of a ‘thinker’. The ‘thinker’ is only an idea that cannot be added to the Fullness. ‘Thinking’ or thoughts, will come and go without the need to place a ‘thinker’.

The essence of Nothingness is only The Knowing of It. All this ‘stuff’ is essentially ‘the Knowing of it’. The subtle resonance of this Knowing reflects the Nothingness and Openness of formless existence. There is no real density/form Here. The ‘felt’ resonance is Present without fanfare. It just Is.

Leaving the density, is favoring the Openness moment by moment by Being Being. Seeing from ‘no view’ is the view of being able to See ‘my view’ again and again, realizing there is only ‘no view’ to have. ‘That’ would be adding nothing to Nothingness. And there Is nothing else. And really, Nothingness Is You.


Who ever told you you had a choice? Who ever told you that you can limit the limitless? Can Love be limited and we still call it Love? Who would have the power to limit the ‘limitless’?

If Love truly is limitless, would it follow that only the ‘limitless’ has the power to truncate Itself? Would ‘that’ even be possible given the impossiblity of the infinite being less infinite?!

The conditional ‘love’ that is masquerading as the unconditional Love is not the ‘love’ we are talking about here. The ‘love’ that is choiceless has no bottom or top. Nor does it vary in its quality or persistence. How can it vary given it’s core characteristic of unconditionality?

The ‘love’ that is an extraction of divine Love is a mere imitation of the real thing. It cannot last nor can enough succour be derived from this imitation. Additionally, faux love is very temporary.

Choiceless Love is perfection. It Is the backdrop of whom we Are before any conditions or changes that arise that seemingly may have any impact on Us. It Is not enough only when It Is ‘not’ true unconditional Love. Circumstances and conditions do not change ‘Love’.

The ‘Fullness’ Is this Love. Effortlessness Is this Love. There is no plotting to attain this grace. There is no effort available to garner and gather ‘this’ Love. Any effort to establish ‘this’ Love, is a misguided step away from Being Love Itself. When there is nothing missing what do we think we are doing when we try to add anything to ‘It’? There is no ‘doing’ this Love. It just Is.

Choiceless Love cannot be boxed and given away on holiday. It Is always available, as It Is life Itself expressing Itself in Itself. And there can be no ‘other’, unless we fantasize it. But that would be a cheap and downgraded imitation.

Love is not a choice when It Is whom we all Are. We cannot change perfection although we often try. Perfection Is how things Are. Not accepting perfection is not accepting how things Are. Seeing ‘that’ from unconditional Love Is Seeing clearly. Seeing from some limited view is a false option that doesn’t even exist despite the illusion and conclusion of choice. Leaving the ‘Choiceless’ is leaving the perennial clarity of Fullness.

Love Is ‘what happens’ effortlessly. The position of false self is in no position to ‘do’ anything or make anything happen. The incessant noise of self is always a struggle given its inherent instability. On the other hand, Love is silent choicelessness. ‘It’ Is always in the background streaming It’s endless Love unconditionally everywhere in every Moment.

When absolutely no effort is made to ‘do’ anything, then the Choiceless Love can be evoked from this ‘nothingness’. The ‘Priorness’ is revealed from this ‘nothingness’. Presence Is the emptiness that is easily seen upon losing the narrow view of self for this spacious open field of Awareness.

What Is happening Is just happening with no necessary effort to ‘do’ anything. Trusting the ‘moment’ to be enough Is essentially losing the dross and suffering of ‘how it should be’. Perfection is not an idea. Perfection Is choiceless because there is no chooser. The false self cannot change how things Are. Losing the narrow view changes everything to Everything. When you have ‘no view’ where is the choice? We have never left our eternal nature unless we believe we did.

There is no story of having a choice. Choicelessness Is Us unlimited. Choosing the absolute permanence of Love has already been made by You.


The ‘resonance’ is prior to thought or spoken word. What quality of energy do we put in any of our thoughts we think or words we speak?

It’s not like we put our vibratory signature after we think our thoughts or speak our words. Thoughts are our reflections back to us. They are endpoints of energy coursing through the aliveness present in every thing.

Thoughts do not belong to us. They ‘seem’ to be ours when we claim them as ours. Otherwise thoughts have no real home other than an end expression of Awareness Itself. Identity with thoughts is a false stop when viewed from ‘no view’. To stop and ‘keep’ a thought is to separate from the eternal movement of Awareness expressing Awareness.

A thought is like a moving vehicle without a driver. A driver is not needed, as thought is really going nowhere. It shows up as a pointing and then disappears quickly on its own. That is, unless we believe that the location of the thought, must mean that it is ‘my’ thought. Then we can say the thought was ‘mine’ and the consequence of the thought is also ‘mine’. We then appear as if we are driving the thought.

Perseverating this way on thoughts, we may then conclude that we are actually ‘thinking’ these thoughts. A ‘driver’ appears and it is ‘us’ (falsely). The ‘Oneness’ is now seemingly crowded with the traffic-ing and identity of thoughts that then take up the bandwidth of our attention. The subsequent outcome is that the ‘seen’ becomes the foreground and gets reacted to, while the ‘Seeing’ shifts to the background where It is practically invisible.

Despite the above (metaphoric) clouding of the cloudless sky, the resonance always shows up with the thoughts and/or words that carry ‘it’. The pure resonance of an open cloudless sky is available only in absolute Stillness and Silence. When thoughts or words carry resonance, it is like using a vehicle to transport resonance. There is no need for a vehicle in Stillness and/or Silence as there are no thoughts/words indigenous in Nothingness.

The point here is that going to a vehicle is going to a secondary source. The secondary source is oftentimes confused with the core frequency of the resonance. The secondary source aka the vehicle, is not anything but transport. Transport would not even be necessary if the direct path was cleared of attachments.

Once we see that the direct path of unfiltered resonance is always available to Us, we stop using unnecessary transports called thoughts/words to connect to our unfiltered Selves. Thoughts/words will come and go but our connection is now more direct and unequivocally Us Being Us.

The resonance Is Us with no need for a ‘someone’ nor some vehicle to filter It. Going to where there are no thoughts or words or boundaries, we accept our openness as ‘The Openness’. The Openness does not need ‘someone’ to channel ‘Openness’. The Openness is boundless, never changes, letting every ‘thing’ pass through without objection. The Truth Is in the Openness. There are no attachments Here, as where would we hang them?

The resonance Here is a refined frequency of emptiness as ‘this’ emptiness allows anything and everything to exist/not exist going from formless to form and back to formlessness.

The resonance we place in the thoughts and words we use, has a level of integration reflecting our attachment/detachment from Self or self. Superficialness reflects the binding to things, events, and/or objects. Conversely, letting go of the ‘seen’ and honoring the ‘Seeing’, moment-by-moment, accelerates more un-binding and unwinding of these seemingly spurious attachments.

The backdrop to every thing is always the ‘Openness’. It Is the ‘Seeing’ between thoughts, during the thoughts, before ideas, and after everything has passed. It Is the ‘Seeing’ that is the Openness because all is allowed despite it being seen. All is allowed because it is all ‘Nothingness’ to especially include the perceived ‘seen’.

What is prior is also eternal. The ‘prior’ appears to be in time. There is no time, as time is a concept and an abstraction of the never changing Now. The illusion of time supports the illusion of ‘becoming’. There is nothing to become as Beingness is never not Present. Beingness Is Present Now even if we believe otherwise.

The resonance of Beingness is unchanging despite the fleeting appearances. It is to recognize ‘this’ Seeing as the Stillness and the backdrop of nothing, in order to See everything, albeit Be everything. Beingness Is always resonating Beingness.


There is only ‘this’. Nothing exists outside of ‘this’. ‘This’ Is everything. ‘Everything’ includes ’Nothingness’. Why? ’Nothingness’ Is ‘Everything’.

And ultimately there is no difference between them.

This Is the ‘Oneness’.

Everything that happens always happens in the Self sometimes called this ‘Oneness’. There is nothing else.

Perfection always persists. Particularly interesting, is that imperfection is often summarily dismissed as separate and undesirable from the ‘viewpoint of imperfection’. From the ‘viewpoint of perfection’, there is only perfection. It is a matter of viewing ‘everything’ from Nothingness where there are no real boundaries. And there is no real distance between the concepts except when making them more than an ephemeral concept. Every ‘thing’ is equal.

Beingness is not conceptual. If we insists on conceptualizing ‘It’, we then insists on an artificial and conditional existence. We then insist on redefining existence ‘imperfectly’ to suit our ‘ideas’ of self. We then fail to see the Self that connects all the dots. That ‘Self’ allows the play of Consciousness to abraid Itself into a ’seeming’ lesser vehicle.

How perfect! Where is the imperfection?! All must be perfection, else the ‘All’ Itself would be corrupted. The ‘only this’ of ‘Oneness’ would then have an ‘other’. If ‘boundlessness’ Is ‘boundlessness’, then having an ‘other’ would limit the limitless-ness of ‘boundlessness’.

Adding complexity to something so simple is an exercise in futility and misunderstanding. Allowing the perfection of imperfection is allowing perfection to Be perfection. The ‘imperfection’ is a seeming ‘imperfection’. It cannot rival the permanence of spaceless space. The ‘space’ (metaphorically) is never reduced. The temporal does not compete with Absoluteness in It’s absoluteness.

The temporal is a ‘seeming’ temporal. Absoluteness never loses It’s spunk. ‘It’ never is diminished. The ’seemingness’ Is the ‘perfection’.

When we make a full stop for imperfection (at the seeming expense of perfection) we over-entertain the conditional. That ’stop’ then appears to preclude the un-conditional with the ‘emptiness’ then seemingly lost to a lesser vehicle filled with conditional stuff.

Nothing is ever really lost as the bottom line of everything Is Nothing. Nothing never stops Being Nothing. Perfection Loves and Is Perfection.

Accepting all ‘that’ is accepting the brilliance of dimensionless emptiness playing as personal manifestation while being the impersonal un-manifest. The differences only ‘appear’ as differences when viewed out of a very narrow prism. 

There is no ‘place’ or ’state’ to get to by dumping the conditional. The conditional Is the perfection of imperfection. Saying ‘yes’ to the imperfection with full acceptance, Is Knowing We Are the expressing of Perfection Itself. Be ‘that’ effortlessly.



The highest attainment we can achieve is to lose everything.

Now doesn’t that sound exciting, especially when we have always run our life trying to achieve and get somewhere with all that proverbial ‘something’ we thought we needed and did not have. We thought, once we achieve this and/or get this, then our angst will completely disappear.

Subsequent disappointment inevitably shows up. We try again. And again, the long-term struggle follows with the same short-term gain, but our dream of fulfillment vaporized, and our neediness swinging right back to this familiar and delusional self.

So how can losing everything give us an abatement on our struggle with finding satiation with achievement? Why doesn’t achievement work to give us lasting peace and contentment? Can we be honest about the stories we keep telling ourselves? 

Are our stories and beliefs about ourselves the problem? Have we looked there? Have we seen others on the same path with the same repeatable results of inadequacy? The inadequacy is in finding a lasting peace that is not event and/or content-based. There is not enough content and/or events to gives us that imperturbable peace.

The real question is, who has the story and belief about how things should work? Have the stories and beliefs we hold as essential, really essential? What would happen to us if we dropped all stories and beliefs? Would our neediness even exist anymore if we stopped fueling temporary conditions as the basis of an enduring stability?

When there is nobody ‘looking’, then there is only ‘The Looking’. ’The Looking’ does not ‘look’ from a view or somebody. It Is just ‘Looking’ with nobody to ‘look’ through.

In order to ‘have’ a story/belief, there must be a ‘somebody’ to own that. That ‘somebody’ does not have to be real or have an independent existence. Stories and belief create a fictional character not unlike a movie persona. Subsequently we suspend our belief and give the character a so-called real life with goals and achievements. It is an illusion. 

An illusion cannot find peace no matter how ‘good’ the illusion is.

There Is just ’The Looking’, empty of any concepts, goals, and/or beliefs. And the illusion of character in a movie cannot find ’The Looking’. The only hard reality Is ’The Looking’. End of story, end of movie and the end of all beliefs.

We are not bound by our thoughts and/or concepts unless we ‘think’ we are. ‘The Looking’ Is prior to any thought or concept. ‘The Looking’ cannot be found by an illusion in a movie. ‘The Looking’ is the backdrop to all movies and/or characters. 

There is no ‘finding’ here. There is no search. There Is only ‘The Looking’. Look no further than the resonance of existence without any form, history, projection, and/or story. This emptiness Is the Presence of Nothingness, which ultimately Is everything. 

Formlessness Is everything while landing in no ‘place’ to be found. It’s place is every place and no place. It’s view Is every view and no view.

To land a ‘place’ or a ‘view’ is to create a false foundation of a ‘me’ and the subsequent binding of the ‘me’ to thoughts, ideas, and stories.

Lose everything. Be nobody doing nothing. Life and ’The Looking’ Is then living You and the illusion ends.  


There is nowhere to go to get anything. Where would we go? There is no location for Presence. All locations are in Presence. Only concepts separate Presence into us/them and/or here/there. Presence cannot step outside of Itself.

Our Presence is Presence unless we profess a belief outside of our direct experience. We can unconsciously nullify experiential knowing of Self through tireless references to concepts. Concepts that result in only seemingly distancing Us from Us.

Truth cannot be conceptual. That would be a downgrade. Reaching for a concept to understand our Oneness is not the ticket that we ‘think’ it is. The default of always going to a concept to ‘get’ the understanding, is a clear redirection away from Being. Being Presence has no such requirement. Conceptual triggering is the best path ‘away’ from Being Present. It is reflexively going into mind and away from what Is Here. There is only Here with no ‘there’ to get to with any concept.

To create a false space outside of ‘Here’, is to suggest to ‘Oneness’ to step outside of Itself. There is no ‘twoness’ in Oneness. All locations and no location, are where we find Ourselves Present. Simply, there is no place to get to, to Be Present. Oneness cannot have anything missing to require going some place else for some fictional fulfillment.

It is the travel ‘away’ from Here that appears to prompt the false movement to search for some ‘thing’ or concept, that will give us that permanent satisfaction we appear to be looking for in our desperate lives. This would be a search for ‘stuff’ that does not have an independent existence from Being Presence Itself. There is no location to go to, to find false gold. The ‘finding’ is ‘no finding’ any ‘thing’, especially a very temporary creation.

It is the ‘idea’ of a separate incomplete self that has a built in neediness, that prompts pointless pursuits. The illusion that is searching, is the illusion. Illusions can never find a substance to get out of illusion. Illusions can graduate to a better illusion. Still Illusions are clearly dead ends.

Losing identity with an illusion is the problem and solution.

What Is left is substantive nothingness free from any entanglements. The emptiness may appear scary as far as voids are concerned. However, this is a meeting with pure freedom with nothing to get in the way. There is no identity Here to separate into. Fear would be an identity trying to stay separate. Oneness only Sees Oneness. Any false constructs have no business Here.

Leaving concepts is leaving a perseverating mind. What Is Here Is already Here. This Priorness Is Us concept-free. The emptiness is the substance of Presence. Mind clings and tries to know stuff. The ‘Knowing’ is prior to mind, thoughts and concepts. Letting go of this weighty ‘stuff’ on mind, frees up empty space for Being. Being a zero Is Being free from holding, trying, and doing a doer. Life Is living Us effortlessly in either case. We assume our true identity as Life Itself. Presence incarnate.

We Are this openness that has no stuff to hold, no concepts to separate into, and no quantifiable location to reside at. All appearances, nevertheless, are welcome Here. As these too have ultimate Presence as their ancestor. The Priorness, the Location-less, the Presence Is Us effortlessly changing forms with formless-ness as unchanging.

Person and personality change constantly throughout our lives. Waking dream, sleeping dream, or formless deep sleep -all this shifting indicates our true nature. The unchanging aliveness of Presence streams through the various forms untouched and whole. ‘That’ nothing is everything. Be free and always spacious in all states. It Is our true nature Now in this moment and the location-less Here to receive everything and hold nothing.


You or ‘Us’, Is the Oneness. Everything starts from Here. The permanence of formless Being, being Here and everywhere Now, has always been the receiving Itself. This Oneness has no other experiencing other than receipt of It’s own Oneness.

The aspect of ‘receiving’ everything always and completely, is the permanent characteristic of being everything while ‘holding on’ to nothing. The ‘Receiving’ is a resting in receiving absolutely everything. There is no vetting of receiving only ‘that’ which passes a certain quality or standard. There is no vetting, as all phenomena is equal, as all phenomena rises and falls from the Oneness. To reject any phenomena is to reject the Oneness. All phenomena is ultimately the Oneness, as there Is only the Oneness. The resting, is the effortlessness of simply Being our True Nature.

The Oneness Is the same Oneness for everyone. When we acknowledge the Oneness, It Is the same Oneness that is acknowledged by all life everywhere, period. No one is experiencing anything different. That means no ‘other’. Again, everyone everywhere is only experiencing the exact same Oneness. The resonation of this truth is a felt sense in the spiritual heart. 

The Receiving of Oneness by Oneness never stops. How could It? It Is the imperturbable eternal Self Being Self. The Receiving Is You. This ‘Us’ has pure emptiness. This spaciousness welcomes everything yet holds nothing. Nothing, to include everything, ever sticks or stays here. Nothingness remains nothingness despite the everything that passes through this spaciousness. When that is seen, then emptiness is seen as the True Self.

There is no ‘doing’ Here. You don’t ‘start’ receiving. ‘We’ have always been Receiving. But this time you know it is You. And You do nothing, especially ‘doing’ Receiving. When You are truly Receiving, nothing is being ‘done’. You are ‘doing’ infinitely less than when you were ‘trying’ to do it. All ‘doing’ by anyone to include the idea of ‘someone’, stops.

It Is the nature of Receiving to ‘effortlessly’ receive. Ordinary experience by anyone and/or everyone, validates this effortlessness. After ‘seeing’ something you didn’t want to see, can you ‘un-see’ it? When you heard some words uttered to you that you didn’t find kind, can you un-hear it? When you felt some terrific pain in your body that passed through, can you un-feel it? Thoughts -when you think some idea that is hurtful to others can you un-think it?

There is nothing vetting anything here. It is all seen and it all passes through with no holding by The Receiving. Any holding is only done by the idea called ‘me’. The Receiving Is always Present. The ‘me’ is seemingly always attempting to steal presence. The Receiving even receives the illusion of the ‘me’ because ultimately even the idea of the ‘me’ is just another form of phenomena rising/falling.

The Receiving does not stop receiving despite the content because it is not about the content. To give the content importance is to upend Truth having no second. There is only The Receiving. 

‘I Am’ The Receiving not the receiver. There is no receiver. There is no ‘person’ doing receiving. Emptiness Is receiving while always remaining emptiness.

Being willing to receive anything and every thing as It Is Oneness Being Oneness. Nothing touches the Oneness while Oneness touches every thing. Emptiness Is the True Self only receiving Itself, ‘The Receiving’. ‘The Receiving’ is the receipt we are left with in life in order to receive life fully. Saying yes, yes, and yes again to every thing, is the ticket to ride.     



Silence is not nothing. Silence allows everything to arrive and depart to include irritating noises and/or pleasant sounds. Thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions are often found to disturb the Silence. A mind filled with perseveration and ceaseless activity seemingly occludes any enduring sense of quietness. When Silence seems to finally gain some ground, a sense of relief and relaxation accompanies the moment that was previously lost to senseless dross.

There is an effortless ease in allowing the space where it all happens, to be content (noise) free. To be content free and to thrive on the emptiness that is found Here, leaves Us with a resonance that is imperturbable. There is a non-cognitive understanding that this resonance never sees change despite the carnage of noise. 

The resonance can be said to be pure allowing without any structural interference. Silence can possibly be said to be a form of emptiness that cannot be filled or touched no matter how much sound or noise may appear. The resonance of Silence is prior to all appearances of any content. In the phenomenal world, content will arrive and abate as is the nature of anything temporary. Silence is a permanent platform secured by seminal existence Itself.

Nothingness is un-breachable. Contrarily, the mind, given unrestricted access to analyze, evaluate, and make specious conclusions about itself, is seemingly spending Silence like there is no tomorrow. The only spatial silence, again seemingly, is between thoughts, ideas, and perceptions.

Because silence is not a ‘thing’ the mind overlooks It because it cannot find It.

Silence Is who we Are with no thing added. The resonance of Silence Is a felt-sense that references our true starting point i.e. Emptiness. This Is Existence that holds nothing but Existence. To hold any ‘thing’ else Is to not Be Existence. Silence Is alive Here.

A conversation, an ongoing conversation with the mind, is an actualization of a preference for mind activity over Silence. Having a preference is having a view. And ‘that’ finalizes separation from Silence.

Separation is a concept of the mind. Living the ‘not knowing’ allows true Knowing to arise past conceptual limitations indigenous to mind preservation.

The un-doing of the mind is allowing Silence to resonate loudly It’s no other-ness. Silence embraces all thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and/or perceptions. It Is the garland that graces any acts by not acting, by saying nothing, and not investing in separation.

There is nothing to surrender Here as it all comes from the Silence of Being. See ‘that’. Feel the actual resonance and vibratory signature of deep Silence. It Is our most essential nature sourcing existence Itself. It Is everything resonating with soundless nothingness. Know ‘this’ resonance that Is silent Presence needing no knower but Itself.