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Of course, one does not need to stop clinging if ‘clinging’ is the limitation you prefer. The question is, is that what you really prefer?

Clinging itself is a very dependent action that in no uncertain terms, is a dramatic dependence on a structure, person or thing, that subsumes the independence of Being to a belief that has no ultimate reality. This action is essentially made from our immutable existence to a lesser vehicle i.e. illusion. Illusion or pretence, has no enduring continuity.

Beingness, a nonstop existing, is used to suspend the unconditional Love that is always Present, for the option of ‘believing’ in something that has no basis in Reality. It is Reality giving permission for Us to be as unreal as possible without really losing Our eternal essence. Additionally, there is implicit in ‘this’ unreality, a distinct lack of Love, contrary to Reality Being Reality.

Our eternal essence, has no ‘stop’ in It, except ‘seemingly so’. Clinging, as an action, is a defacing of Reality to a non-reality, because the ‘Fullness’ of Everything is no longer (seemingly) made available to Us by Us. ‘This’ is the freedom ‘We’ have. The power to create a separation where there is no separation, is the power of Reality Being Reality, even to the degree of a ‘seeming’ Self annihilation.

The clinging to a ‘me’ represents our innate ability to create anything without limitation i.e. when using our implicit powers of unconditional Reality (our true identity). ‘Having’ a ‘me’ is having a faux limitation while Being limitless. The limitless-ness is never really limited except seemingly so. Creating and believing in a ‘real me’ is a hallucination that is being iterated continually by our belief system. Clinging to ‘it’ is a re-upping of the faux personality moment by moment.

Part of the hallucination is the imposition of forgetting. ‘Forgetting’ is our seeming choice unless we ‘think’ it isn’t. ‘Remembering’ is ultimately our choiceless choice of Knowing Self. Yet ‘This’ Presence is beyond concepts of forgetting/remembering. ‘It’ just Is. Going to linear concepts is not the ‘Knowing’ Knowing Itself.

The act of surrender is the full unabridged surrender of Whom We Are to Whom We Are. There Is no ‘other’. There is no effort to Be Aware. Making an effort to Be Aware is not Awareness. We cannot not Be Aware. The ‘surrender’ is the unreal to the ‘Real’.

The act of ‘clinging’ and the appearance of a ‘me’ have no endurance. These mis-directions serve Us in pointing to ‘What Is’. ‘What Is’ is effortless. Effort is the masquerading of effortless-ness.

Invoke formless over ‘form’, Awareness before thinking, and Love as the effortless clinging to Itself, as ‘It’ Is only Love.


The question may be ‘who’ is in charge. If you do not agree with the above title then perhaps there is a ‘belief’ there, that says ‘it’ is not perfect and ‘I’ am not in charge.

If you choose to be a victim, then who is it that made the choice? Even ‘that’ choice is a choice. Who is making these choices that are not liked? And the subtlety here is, the not so subtle ‘chooser’ that chooses to be a loser, but refuses to acknowledge the choice made (apart from Perfection).

Most of us do not want to be labeled as a ‘loser’. Ideally, we realize that we Are before, during, and after any labeling, unless we prefer the labeling and the faux choice. Even ‘good’ labeling has a limitation to the wearer.

When there is a realization that ‘everything’ is Perfection, then we honor, by our actions and commitments, Perfection Itself. This realization prompts any attempt at a ‘staid negative labeling’ to a situation, as unnecessary; in addition to giving unnecessary argument against the richness and the Presence of Perfection Itself.

To argue ‘imperfection’ when things do not go as planned, we undermine the Perfection, implicit in giving Us, the experiencing of the need to make substantive change. ‘This’ Is Perfection talking to Perfection (Us). This need for ‘change’ is a clue, from Perfection Itself. Perfection is also pointing to a ‘belief’, that is central to the seeming distaste of the appearance of what we term as ‘undesirable’.

Often, our kneejerk response to this undesirability, is to blame ‘Perfection’, despite ‘Perfection’ Being instructive ‘Perfection’. ‘Perfection’ is telling Us that we have not gotten the memo on ‘Seeing’ the belief that is responsible for the frustration and angst that is commonly present (when Life is seemingly dealing Us unwanted cards).

We, subsequently just compound our situation of problem-making, by making more problems. The solution is not to add more direct resistance to Life, but to See our resistance to what Life is telling Us. As soon as we lable the Perfection of Life as the culprit, we displace blame away from ourselves as the progenitors of all the problems. This is not the way ‘responsibility’ ideally operates.

When we clearly label Life as the problem, we clearly argue against Perfection Itself. We cannot have it both ways. We Are Life Itself unless we demand otherwise. ‘Life’ has ‘that’ power. We can disallow Perfection by labeling It ‘imperfection’. Our choice.

When we accept the ‘situation’ as Life playing Perfection, we do not insist on the ‘seeming’ imperfection ‘as a problematic imperfection’ but as Perfection playing and informing Perfection. The situation then allows for the messaging and consideration to take place, to move past the ‘stuckness’ of the ‘less ideal’. This Is the Perfection of honoring the Perfection.

Arguing with Perfection gets us nowhere. Inculcating Perfection Is Everything. When information serves Us ‘it’ serves Us. A negative belief is ‘believed to serve Us’ until we See that it does not serve Us. Perfection gives Us the clue to ‘See’ that. This Is Perfection.

When we See that a belief is identified as not serving Us, we subsequently liberate the unserving belief. Ideally, even a negative belief has perfection, in that it serves Us to see the necessity of losing that belief. Discovering the utility or dis-utility, of how a belief serves Us, precludes the harboring of dysfunctional behaviors. The (-) belief serves Us when scrutinized and made invalid. Until then, ‘stuckness’ will prevail.

An understanding that Perfection Is always Perfection, liberates Us from the ‘stuckness’ that prevails when we otherwise solicit Life as ‘imperfection’. The fallback position is always Perfection. Belief cannot change ‘that’ Reality.

Everything Is perfect unless We say it isn’t. We have the power.


Life happens without any stops at any time. If life were to stop then ‘life’ would not be ‘life’. The nature of life is constant life-ing.

As ‘life’ has not stopped at any time, we too have no stops at any time, ideally. The difference between ‘life’ and ‘us’ actually is mostly perspective. The ‘stopping’ is both a problem for us and the subsequent quality of our life.

The seeming ‘stopping’ of us and/or life, is more imagination than hard reality. The hard reality of the expansion of this universe is not generally imagined. We ‘can’ imagine what it would look like but that would be pure imagination relative to our known experience.

Similarly, we can imagine a ‘stop’ when we over-exalt ‘experience’ relative to ‘experiencing’. ‘Having’ an ‘experience’ is a ‘stop’ where a ‘someone’ is created ‘to have’ the experience (apart from ‘experiencing’). Conversely, in ‘experiencing’ there is no ‘one’ ‘to have’ anything, especially a downgraded/isolated ‘experience’. This created ‘person’ having an ‘experience’ would be the example of a full ‘stop’. A ‘stop’ is a far cry from perennial ‘experiencing’. Moreover, a ‘stop’ (or experience), is time-based. ‘Experiencing’ is indigenous to timelessness.

Timelessness is eternity without ‘time’ to stop ‘It’. ‘It’ Is ceaseless. Timelessness does not entertain ‘time’ except in the dream and/or the false reality of the ‘waking state’ which are devices to explore movement through ‘Our’ seeming creation of time.

The ‘veiling of Self’ and the use of ‘time’ are within Self and timelessness. When we exact a time-based existence there will always be limitation. When we intuit that all time-based systems are within Self, we reduce limitation and enhance our ability to explore finer frequencies.

Not stopping’ and ‘not getting stuck’ for an ‘experience’, can reduce the drag on being caught in the thicker frequency of limitation. Realizing that what is always happening is happening ‘through us’ and not ‘to us’. Therein we never really are leaving ‘experiencing’ and ‘timelessness’ nor do we create an unnecessary ‘person idea’.

‘Through us’ has no stops for a ‘me to have’ an ‘experience’.

We are ‘experiencing’ ‘experiencing’ non-stop a la timelessness unless we aren’t. Our choice is there when we realize that there is a choice. There is no effort in this choosing because it is already how ‘It Is’.

Reality does not support ‘Us’ in this venture of creating a ‘stop’ (experience) and/or ‘person’. That would be separation. ‘We’ are the reality that is happening all the time. There is no ‘other’ to support ‘Us’. ‘Experience’ will not be alive tomorrow. Experiencing is always alive right Now.

The ‘power’ is not an imagined power. The power of creating reality is always present unless we deem otherwise. We project and create our reality. The reflection in the mirror is Our reflection.

Experience is short-lived in time with no tomorrows. Experiencing Is forever timeless. An existence that ‘is existing’ will always be Present. ‘It’ happens ‘through me’ not ‘to me’.

Be ‘The Happening’ always happening.


The measure of change is not to be judged by what is on the ‘outside’. That would suggest that results come first and our ‘creating’ comes second. The ‘outside’ is a reflection of Us. We receive the feedback through the generation of the ‘outside’. We create the reality that serves ‘Us’.

If we do not ‘like’ the reality we have created, then we do not ask the outcome of our efforts to change. We change what is creating the ‘outside’, which is ‘Us’. The ‘reflection’ of Us will change once we have fully accepted our complicity. This may take a short cycle to check the shift into ‘Our’ mirroring reality.

I am the ‘Experiencing’ experiencing an experience. There is no ‘other’. We create a need from need-less-ness. We are ‘Need-less-ness’.

Saying “I try”, is stating a negative belief. The negative belief is that ‘We’ are powerless and subject to the whim of fate. This ‘belief’ is based on the outside reality coming first and ‘We’ second. This distorted belief will reinforce itself using our innate powers of creation. We create ‘Our’ reality regardless of its functionality/dysfunctionality. ‘We’ as ‘All That Is’, are always the alpha/omega even when seemingly distorting the natural order.

‘Outside reality’, a created temporary reality, cannot effect ‘You’ the Eternal Absolute. ‘That’ would be the dream effect-ing the dreamer instead of the created character in the dream. This is all to say that physical reality is a reflection of what frequency is vibrating inside relative to what is created ‘outside’.

Emotions are not the driver. Emotions do not exist in a vacuum. Beliefs beget specific emotions. Our beliefs create our reality, real/unreal. ‘Nothingness’ does not cling to a belief. ‘What Is’ is not something to believe ‘in’. ‘What Is’ does not require effort to ‘believe in’. ‘It’ just Is. ‘It’ is before emotions and beliefs. ‘It’ simply ‘Is’.

‘Nothingness’ is nothing to escape ‘from’ unless we believe it is. The power to believe and/or distort is Our power. ‘We’ Are the Reality giving reality reality. Believing ‘reality’ supports ‘me’ is ass-backwards.

‘Our’ reflection Is Us. Be ‘That’ effortlessly Now. There is no escape because there is nothing to escape from.


Adding ‘content’ is what we do to seemingly separate ourselves from the ‘Existence’ we perennially Are Now, in this and every other moment. ‘Content’ by itself, is not a problem. Content, that is, thoughts, ideas, feelings, things, objects, or any other impermanent objects that arise and fall, all have obvious finality. That is, in contrast to Being ‘Existence’ Itself, we often unconsciouly select the spurious and absolutely temporary existence that precludes this unchanging Self i.e. ‘Existence’. Substantive ‘Existence’, our true unchanging identity, does not have a start or finish. ‘It’ just Is, always available.

Content, the spurious and temporary stuff, is characteristically obvious and inappropriately ubiquitous in our seminal ideas about what is thought to be ‘our’ existence. The problem with this ‘content’ is that it clearly obfuscates our clarity, especially when we perseverate on it. Our clarity is therefore compromised to the exclusion of the more formless aspect of being Existence, as our permanent identity. The over-identification with ‘content’ results in a belief that we are the ‘content’.

Not so fast on the conclusion of whom we ‘Are’. Whom we ‘Are’ is not ever based on the quality or quantity of ideas, accomplishments, and/or positions we held and/or hold. All ‘that’ is content. Beliefs in all ‘that’ is content. Positions and opinions on all ‘that’ is temporal content. Whom we Are never changes. We Are before, during, and after all content. Content never changes whom we Are. Content never really touches Us (ultimately).

We do support the reality of content that occupies us. Believing the content to be ‘real’ is our support for it. Reality never really supports us because we create our reality. We ‘give’ reality to the content, changing ‘it’ from neutral to some form of limitation. Identity with content is supporting a faux reality.

Existence, on the other hand can never be changed. It Is our true and permanent nature where nothing can be added to it or subtracted from it. Focusing on ‘content’ obscures the ‘content-less-ness’ of Being-ness.

Time is a derivative of the timeless-ness of ‘Existence’. Content is in the impermanence of time. When we dream, we dream in the impermanence of time. When we wake, the time in the dream is meaningless regardless if that dream-time was century or a couple of seconds. ‘Existence’ is always Now permanently.

Exist in ‘Existence’Itself. There is no ‘other’, to especially include spurious content that appears and rapidly disappears. ‘See’ content as a dream-like appearance that cannot quench our thirst. Our thirst is always for what is eternally present right now and always available. Stay ‘Here’ always -Present as Existence Itself.


There are no ‘conditions’ to be absolute. Any conditions would unmake Absolute-ness. Conditions would be a mere appearance/disappearance of a situational and/or temporary phenomena. Conditions effect the conditional. Change-less-ness is condition-less. That is, change cannot effect and/or promote any change in the Change-less-ness.

The permanence of Being Being is not only condition-less but also incorporates a full-ness that precludes any need for anything else, but the wholeness that is ‘That Is’. There is no need even for a ‘doing’ when all the ‘doing’ being done cannot ever effect the non-doing of Being absolute. ‘Doing’ is only there for appearances and/or functionality in the movie called ‘your life’. Full-ness is condition-less in the non-doing of Beingness, which is before/after ‘your life’.

‘Absoluteness’ absolutely is a complete finished and formless non-product. If there was something missing ‘there’ The Absolute would not Be The Absolute. Given the un-neediness of Absoluteness, the factor of stress and/or trying, is completely precluded.

Ultimately everyone desires ‘no desire’. To have a desire is essentially to be incomplete. ‘No desire’ is complete i.e. akin to a finished product. The Absolute is a finished non-product. Even desire for ‘Truth’ is too much for what Is Fullness/Completeness/Absoluteness.

We are ultimately absolute unconditional Love. There is no ‘looking’ for ‘this’ externally. ‘What Is’, is present in an absolute way i.e. un-conditionally. Conditions and desires are ultimately non-choices as far as the ‘Absolute’ is concerned. ‘What Is’ is Present, regardless of choice or preference. Effortlessness affords the most accessibility to unconditional love. Unconditional Love is not a ‘choosing’. It just Is effortlessly Isness without the need for choice.

There are no additions/subtractions, choices, and/or efforts in what Is Absoluteness.

We Are Present choicelessly. Our freedom is not dependent on anyone and/or any thing. Any assumptions about Truth are only assumptions about Truth until we live as Truth. Circumstances do not matter as circumstances are not The Un-manifest Fullness. ‘This’ Fullness Is Us. Assumptions ‘about’ Truth cannot clearly ‘See’ the choiceless Truth.

Letting go of overt and covert attempts for ‘trying’ and for ‘non-trying’, is the pickle we are dealt until we realize a more direct path i.e. not through less elegant ‘attempts’. Rather a direct recognition of ‘What Is’ always Present albeit ‘Absoluteness’, can be immediately found in the immediate-ness of Now. ‘Absoluteness’ cannot relent being Absolute.

Appearance of form and time are seen clearly from the Stillness/Emptiness/Formless/timeless simplicity ‘We’ always are -absolutely. Activities of thinking, doing, trying are not primary to effortless Being. What Is primary is effortless Absoluteness Being Absolute. There is no ‘other’ in the Oneness.


What is alive does not need to be revived. Aliveness is already alive. To try to make something that is alive and well, “alive and well”, is seriously a waste of time.

Aliveness is already present and always present. Using an imaginary ‘doer’ to do something to make aliveness happen, is a clear misunderstanding of Presence. Presence is here now as an ineffable presence. The ‘ineffableness’ is not something that is missing. The direct experience of Being Being is the subtleness of something that is ‘nothing’ clothed by ‘everything’. ‘It’ just Is.

Behind the grossness of everything, is always the presence and direct experience of infinite intelligence, guiding and informing all physical structures. The internet is an analogue example of an essentially wireless signal that connects ‘wired’ structures to each other. We are wired to the wireless signal of ‘Aliveness’. Without the internet, the wires themselves have lost any connective quality that could yield existential information. There is only one internet Here and ‘that’ Is You.

Being the direct experience of Being is the ‘Isness’. We do not generally look at the wires to find the connection that is truly un-wired. This is not to dismiss the physicality of structures. The structures are there to provide changes through time. Changes are movements that clock around the ‘unchanging’. The ‘unchanging’ welcomes ‘change’ back into Itself. The ‘wires’ always point back to the ‘wireless’. The ‘wires’ are always second to the ‘wireless-ness’.

Renunciation of the world aka losing the ‘wires’, is unnecessary. The world is not the enemy. It is an expression of our ‘Oneness’. Wholesale dependence on thought though, is tantamount to depending on only wires for an internet connection. Direct experience gets nothing-ness (or wireless-ness). It is not about any ‘doing’ Here-just ‘Being’. Being free of just ‘wires’.

Achievement ‘Here’ cannot be for the ‘never found future’. What cannot be ‘achieved’ is what Is already Present Now. Direct experiencing Is Now, immediately Now. The ‘trying to Be’ is a direct movement away from Presence. Presence is alive right now; not later and not in 5 minutes from now.

What is before thought and thinking and trying, is Here Now. Losing all ‘doing’ is being open to just Being. There Is an ‘aliveness’ Here always. ‘This’ Is past mind and/or before mind. The effortlessness of Presence is the sub-structure analogous to Being ‘wireless’. Looking for the ‘wires’ is missing the essential non-thing.

Rewire the neurological net of the connection to ‘What Is’ by the non-doing of ‘Seeing’ i.e. ‘just Seeing’. Nothing needs to be added as ‘Nothing-ness’ is always complete before thought and/or subsequent thinking about it. And there is no doer to do any ‘doing/trying’. ‘What Is’ Is ‘What Is’.


The ‘You’ is already free ‘Now’. It is the ‘person’ who is not free. The ‘person’ is a thought plus a lot of story-telling. ‘What Is’ there Now can never be freed, as ‘It’ has always been free.

To ‘look’ outside of your own resonance is a loss leader. We are ‘Here’. And ‘Here’ is an inside not an outside. There is no ‘out there’ as ‘It’ Is You and only You.

We create the projection ‘We’ See. However, ‘It’ all occurs on the inside. ‘Here’ Is ‘Us’. And there is only one ‘Us’. To ‘look’ outside of ‘Us’ is to pretend that the temporary appearances are the stability of Life. Appearances, thoughts, ideas, and/or beliefs, among other temporary forms, are not stable. ‘That’ instability is a customization of our ‘seeming’ particular programmatic need (as a ‘person’). It is not meant as a means to stabilize what does not need any stabilization whatsoever, i.e. Formlessness.

Freedom is a built-in freedom. There is no ‘getting it’. The programming points to where not to go. The ‘idea’ of a person is an ‘idea’ of a person. Ideas are constructs not Reality. ‘Persons’ are temporary fabrications that essentially can tell us where we are holding the ‘stops’ to our Being. Beingness has no ‘stops’. Freedom is stop-less. Believing in a ‘person’ is a stop.

Identity with a separate person ‘having’ a life is an incomplete picture, to be very generous. The density of a person is ‘still’ always being animated by Life. It Is this ‘Life’ that gives ‘Life’ to a seeming person. This ‘Life’ Is always present with or without acknowledgement of a ‘person’. The ‘form’ (or person) is a temporary vehicle for Life to express Life. Choosing ‘belief’ in a person as separate, is choosing delusion and severe limitation.

Beliefs, understandings, and other conceptualizations are unnecessary choices and concessions. These ‘additions’ most often complicate the essence (Truth) of ‘What Is’ before, during, and after ‘my so called life’. ‘Freeing’ appears to be necessary given all the complictions we add to ‘what we truly Are’. We are never not free. This freedom cannot be imprisoned by seemingly adding dross i.e. belief in a so-called real person.

A ‘person’ is density. Formlessness has no density. A ‘person’ must be believed in each and every moment to sustain person-hood. Formlessness has no need for any beliefs or conceptualizations. There Is ‘no choosing’ for an ‘existential resonance’. Formlessness is an inside job as there is nothing really outside of ‘All That Is’.

No one can free what does not need freedom. What does not need freedom is ‘freedom’ Itself. The resonance of freedom Itself Is timeless Now Being unattached to any ‘thing’. There are no stops Here. As Beingness just Is ‘Ising’, free of holding any density. The freedom of non-attachment to any thing acknowledges the spaciousness It Is.

‘It’ Is You, i.e. Freedom, that cannot be freed as ‘It’ already Is free.


Belief is an addition to what is already Present. To ‘add’ something that was not existing before nor will exist in the future, is adding a temporary condition.

Temporary conditions, overtly noted, have less power than existential non-changing assets i.e. Life Itself. To ‘see’ the addition of something that is existentially non-essential, is to realize what is really compelling relative to identity.

‘Our’ identity can be defined either by what is unchanging and/or what is subject to change. It is obvious when pursuing what is real, unreal, important, unimportant, that these distinctions matter in determining the satisfaction and totality of our life. Identity misdefined, will result in an unsatisfactory life, especially considering what reality/unreality of the structural world we posit and commit to.

‘Seeing’ is not ‘believing’.

Pushing an ill-defined structure, based on the flimsiness of temporal conditions, can only wrought temporal outcomes. Outcomes that cannot get elevated to ‘timelessness’ will be beset with ‘time’; aka a temporal reality. There is no endurance in structures that are made ‘not’ to last.

Identity within the limits of time is a failing identity. An identity that is inherently incomplete will always end with dissatisfaction. An incomplete identity can only ultimately fail. Contrarily, any amount of effort added to just ‘Being’ is only adding to futility. There Is no adding of ‘temporary additions’ in existential Beingness as an identity. The ‘Fullness’ is always full.

Just ‘Being’ is effortless. Any effort added to ‘Being’ will result in consequences of even more effort and less satisfaction. In the ‘trying’ for permanence there cannot be a ‘securing’ of permanence. The ‘trying’ is a pushing that is wholly incompatible with effortlessness. The permanence and stability of effortlessness is forever Present. To ‘push’ for Presence is to miss ‘Presence’. There is no ‘trying’ nor ‘doing’ of what is inherently effortless. ‘Try’ and the world is beyond the winning. The ‘permanence’ never has a ‘fleeting’ moment. ‘Is-ness’ Is forever.

‘What Is’ does not need any help to ‘Be’. Adding anything, to include effort, is to miss the obvious-ness of Nothingness. Adding thoughts and beliefs is energizing/cathecting a distance ‘from’ just Being. Beliefs seemingly glue us away from this Presence. Belief is an effort. Ignorance is a belief in a separate self needing to become. Contrarily, Beingness always Is Now.

Nothing needs to change. Accepting everything as it is, is more responsible as ‘Seeing’ is not perjured by seeming personal preferences. The greater good is always in the interest of the greater good. Believing in an ‘other good’ is a faux creation by a faux, separate and temporary entity. ‘What Is’ does not need any temporary help, ever.

Belief is not necessary as it attempts to trade in something for an Everything that Is always Present and available at all times. The less we add, the more we get. Openness Is clarity undefined. Presence has no story. Nothing needs to change when ‘All’ is pure openness. Be ‘That’ effortlessly Now.