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Perceiving cannot stop perceiving. Have we ever witnessed Perceiving not perceiving? Do we get the permanence of all that?

Try stopping the Perceiving. Is that even possible?! Our direct experience tells us unabashedly that stopping ‘The Knowing’ is tantamount to stopping everything. This clarity is compelling. It Is a real Truth. 

If all that is as real as real can get, then why do we perseverate on ideas on whom we think we are, rather than on the imperturbable Truth of Perceiving?

What can be perceived cannot be perceiving. The common problem that often plagues us is the perseveration on the perceived rather than staying with  the Perceiving. If we were dropping back to Perceiving at the same rate that we are usually moving towards the perceived, we would vastly change our perspective, let alone the quality of our energy.

A more complete immersion in the Perceiving would alter profoundly our connection with “What Is”. There would be no argument with any phenomena arising; as separateness from phenomena would no longer be seen as separateness. The unity in the diversity is the play of perceiving Perceiving. Perceiving is ‘receiving’ Perceiving, as everything is boiled down to knowing the Knowing. There is nothing outside of knowing the Knowing, or what is referred to here as the Perceiving.

So when we keep dropping back constantly to the Perceiving we begin to understand that we Are the Perceiving. The Perceiving, being permanent, gives Us immediate comfort because of this permanence. The stability of it all secures our devotion to this pathless path. ‘It’ has always been Here and certainly is Here Now.

There is nothing that can be added to the Perceiving as It Is whole. Attempting to add something to It results in separation from It. It needs nothing as It Is everything.

Additionally, we cannot put ‘It’ in a box and say it is this or that. That would be an attempt at objectification. ‘It’ Is not an object. ‘It’ Is aliveness that gives substance to everything, as ‘It’ ultimately Is everything. 

Our concerns cannot be added to ‘It’. The Perceiving is not a separate creation. It Is creation Itself creating Itself. The Perceiving Is what is happening in this happening. No after story is necessary to proclaim It.   

Perceiving Is just perceiving Itself effortlessly. Staying with the Perceiving is allowing life to happen as It happens. The Perceiving  does not have dog in the race. It Is just the Perceiving.

Know thy Self. ‘It’ Is everything always Now. See the ’Seeing’. 



The reflection called ‘me’ is but a reflection. The Fullness can be found everywhere and Its reflection reflects Fullness. The substance of pure existence is prior to all that is reflected. The ‘me’ is representative of physical reality. The ‘me’ runs on imperfection. It is a creation or reflection. 

What Is behind the creation (or reflection) is perfection. The substantive-ness of perfection is causeless. Causeless-ness Is the field of Nothingness. There is nothing to Nothingness. No ‘thing’ is there to ‘cause’ Nothingness. It Is prior to every ‘thing’.

The ‘me’ is not prior and can cause zero to happen in the happening called life. It is a ‘thing’ that is being used as a vehicle for Consciousness. The ‘me’ cannot contain Consciousness or have anything. 

The ‘me’ masquerades as someone needing something. The ‘me’ does not have Awareness. Awareness belongs to no one. Awareness has everything to include the idea of the ‘me’.

It has never been about the ‘me’ except when viewing life from the ‘me’. That narrow view is a severe contraction wholly based on a cultish belief of separateness. The basis of the ‘me’ then becomes this separateness. This ‘idea’ further establishes a seeming control that is out of control. The ‘me’ in Reality, has never been in control.

The ‘me’ can ‘try’ to supplant Nothingness. This would be like an out of control vehicle trying to control the expressway of life Itself. The narrowness of this view is ridiculous. It is imperfection trying to control perfection.

It will never be about the ‘me’. My ’67 Cougar will never have Awakeness/Awareness. There is nothing to get out of phenomena that does not have an independent existence. 

The ‘me’ is an idea. Whom We Are is not an idea. Whom We Are does not need a sense of ‘other’. There Is no ‘other’ unless we create a false ‘other’.

The adding of anything to It only seemingly subtracts from It. Even having a ‘view’ is too much.

There is no-one Here except the eternal-ness  being Being. Be awake to ’That’ in every moment.



There is only one ‘knowing’. ‘Our’ knowing is not distinguishable from ’The Knowing’ unless we declare it so. But that would be creating an illusion as there can only be one ‘Knowing’.

Knowing the ‘Knowing’ is knowing Ourselves. Ourselves being Oneness ‘Knowing’, as there can be no ‘other’, especially if Oneness is to abide as Oneness.

We often seemingly separate when we get lost in perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Just the direction of ‘how we see’ where we are going, is problematic in that ‘that’ direction is away from Oneness. To get lost in the sauce of perception, thoughts, and feelings is to choose objects in defining whom we are, rather than ’see’ what is always before temporary fleeting objects is true unchanging permanence.

Going toward objects and believing they are ‘real’ reduces connection to the eternal frequency of Being, i.e. ’The Knowing’. Connection to fleeting objects is tenuous at best with no hope of stability and reliability in that pursuit. The frequency of temporary objects is inherently also temporary and unstable, telling us that there is a dead end here.  

When every ‘thing’ is made of consciousness there is no real ‘other place’ for even ‘things’ to go to. It Is consciousness ultimately Being consciousness. Everything arises in consciousness. This expression is affirmed when ‘We’ realize everything experienced arises in ‘Us’ (consciousness) versus getting lost in the pretense of stuff.

Getting lost in thoughts and other objects as ‘stuff that matters’, is an attempt to create a false reality that has illusion as its core. This is not sustainable due to illusions lacking permanence. Illusions cannot create a new substance to support illusions. Behind every seeming illusion, consciousness hides and also abides.

Nothing has ever left consciousness as It Is only consciousness. It is not possible to take a ‘seeming object’ out of consciousness. Everything arises in the same place. Ultimately all that is possible to experience is consciousness. The knowing of ‘The Knowing’ in all experience, Is Us.

The only thing real about experience is the ‘knowing’ of it.

Our ‘knowing’ Is ’The Knowing’. Relaxing into the knowing of everything being the ‘Knowing’ first, with thoughts, feelings and other objects contained within Us and not outside Us, carries Us into Us.



When thoughts land, a fiction is created. The story of ‘me’ starts up as soon as ‘We’ give a landing to believing there is someone there to hold and entertain a thought. Without the knee-jerk response to constantly adding ‘my’ to any thought, the ‘me’ would be mitigated as true fictional story.   

The thought itself is innocent enough. It is harmless in its appearance and disappearance. The coming and going of thoughts corrupts nothing. Metaphorically, the sky is unaffected by passing clouds. If the sky were to start complaining about the irritating clouds, that would diminish the flawless nature of the sky. The sky is never in the process of not being the sky despite what may appear in the sky. The sky is untouched by anything appearing in it.

The story of ‘me’ cannot ever cloud over the sky Being the sky. Although, seemingly we don’t ‘See’ the sky due to our overindulgence in thought-based ideas and trips for the separate ‘me’.

Again, the thoughts are not the problem. Emptiness does not need to be emptied ever, of thoughts. Thoughts do not have the ‘existence-ness’ to upend ’That’ which is Existence Itself. Thoughts, being creations, have a built-in temporariness. There is no power in thoughts themselves. It is when power is seemingly given to thoughts, that thoughts appear to cause turbulence and/or harm.

The contraction of believing in the power of thoughts is the problem. Do we believe in the power of clouds to adversely affect the sky? We can ‘believe’ it, but that would be another fact-free fiction created.

The power of Being cannot be challenged by thoughts unless we create an ‘appearance’ of that happening. But that show is always temporary foolishness that cannot really stand on its own. Even a persistent repetition of this show would reveal an obvious shallowness that does not ever give real sustenance to the fictional ‘me’.

The key piece here is not getting too involved with any thought at the expense of Being Being. When we give a landing space to a thought we over-invest in that thought. A thought never needs to be ‘landed’. Our habitual nature of landing thoughts will continue unabated unless we ‘See’ the process each time it occurs. 

When We are not Being Being, we are being thoughts. There can be no other option. This is said with the knowledge that there is only always Being. Thought-based existence is this seeming problematic appearance. ‘Landing’ a thought is choosing a seeming separation from Self for some specious content that is directed to the fictional ‘me’.

The ‘I Am’ is unattached to anything but pure emptiness. There is ’nothing’ that follows the words ‘I Am’, appropriately so. There is ’nothing’ to add but ‘nothingness’ which Is Its (Our) nature. 

Our true nature is falling into ’nothingness’ with no landings of any thing. Know ’that’. Fall into ‘that’ which is before thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and creations. It Is just ‘falling’ into ‘falling’. Emptiness Being Emptiness.   



Resting in the vastness of nothing anywhere and everywhere, we See only Love knowing Itself. There are no appearances here, just the Now. Words cannot reach Here as Silence Is existing as that emptiness. Words, as form, cannot explain, define, or reach this Isness. It Is a Silence that fills the spaceless space of nothing.

There is no effort to do or say anything Here. What can be done? What can be said? The Fullness Is always ‘full’.

Furthermore, there is no-one to let anything go. That would be a false pretense. Resting in the Knowing of Silence is acknowledging the obviousness of everything. Everything is always pointing to Everything. There is no somebody to receive anything.

Silence Is the Openness. Going to the words can create a ‘loading’ and a subsequent ‘stop’ of flow if there is any clinging to any words and/or concepts. It is not about the words but about what the words are carrying, i.e. the divine resonance. This resonance is free of any ‘things’. The resonance is prior and ‘a priori’. The formlessness of Silence is resonating empty/fullness, needing no form (words) ever.

Wordless Silence has Presence not quietness. Being quiet is not Being. ‘Quiet’ is too much putting on of something. It is a throwing of words at Being-ness. Being-ness Is wordless. Being-ness does nothing to include being quiet. At the same time this Presence is in all words with no words to define It.

Everything is just happening. ‘Having’ words and/or being someone is falsely creating separation from ‘just happening’. ‘Just happening’ is never happening to ‘someone’. Adding a ‘someone’ is an attempt to add to what is full and cannot be added to. Wordlessness receives Itself without needing a ‘someone’ to interpret.

The Silence of Being is in receipt of Itself, always. There is only one field of Knowing the Knowing. There is no individual consciousness Here. A false ‘someone’ does not appear and have their own consciousness independent of Consciousness. Everyone/everything Is one consciousness undivided. The field where it happens is not an historical event. It Is always happening to the happening Now ad infinitum.

The answer asked for and/or needed is moot. There is no answer as there is no one who needs to know. The ‘Knowing’ is perennially and silently Present. Knowing the wordless Knowing reveals no questions that need answering. And then there can be no one looking to find any answer from any seeming story.

There is nothing to get out of the phenomenological appearance that does not have an independent existence. Love the wordlessness of just Being effortless Silence, empty and full always.  



When there is nothing left to protect for ‘me’, does the ‘me’ need to exist?

When we are doing ‘doing’, it is in most cases on behalf of a ‘me’. When we stop working for the fictitious ‘me’, what is left? Who is there to protect? Who is there to have and hold anything?

Losing the need to control ‘content’ is not necessarily losing content. But rather, we lose the need for content to be controlled and owned by ‘me’.

Content is essentially neutral unless we charge it with the possessive ‘ours’. Separation is birthed through ‘mine/yours’. Under these conditions, separation immediately steps in and debases love (unity) vis-a-vis content.

Love, unconditional love, has no conditions, ever. Content is ephemeral while Love Is.

When we ‘carry’ any content, emptiness is occluded. Content needs no carrier. Content will come and go as needed for this dream. The point can never be to ‘own’ or ‘carry’ any content. To do so would of course perjure who We really Are.

To fear loss of content is to thoroughly miss the point of ‘not having’ content. The appearance of ‘fear’ relative to content, is clarity telling us something about joining this cult of separation from Oneness. Obviously, when there is no fear of loss of content, separation cannot arrive and/or be sustained. 

Attachment to content can never really be enjoyed given the fear that must arise to protect it. Enjoyment of content is exceptionally present when freedom to enjoy content, is viscerally felt with no room for fear of loss.

Spaciousness has no real content to include the content of a ‘me’. ‘Someone’ would be more content. Seeing clearly a ‘someone’ as ‘content’, is seeing from ‘no content’. If ‘someone’ is trying to ’see’ from the idea of someone, then that is more content. In other words, ‘the view’ is no particular view. Having a ‘view’ is content. Again, having ‘my view’, is owning the appearance of content.

Freedom from a view and/or freedom from identifying with content, Is Spaciousness with no walls or boundaries.

Fearlessness is naturally aligned with Being spacious, as Spaciousness is permanent yet has no permanent content. And even the content appearing is impermanent, as ‘it’ is ultimately Spaciousness. Here, there is no place for ‘fear’ to reside. The unity of it all is resonating with the ultimate integration of everything, to include the seeming appearance of fear/separation, and other content.

Enjoy life and the content with the view of Spaciousness as open flowing appearances. Embracing Spaciousness first/always, is embracing the spuriousness of the appearance and disappearance of content. The uncertainty of content’s appearance/disappearance is to be loved not feared. Fear nothing as everything is truly nothing. Content then is content-less, attached to nothing.

Love Is enough.


There is no knower of ‘the Knowing’ -only ‘Knowing’. Knowing ‘Knowing’ is being Self consciously. There is no separate self ‘becoming’.

Trying and doing or in other words, ‘becoming’, is a distraction from “What Is” and It’s eternal permanence. When we are locked into the story, our story, we promote the story and ‘dis’ the Presence of Being or knowing ‘Knowing’.

‘Becoming’ never reaches Being. ‘Becoming’ has a future in it. ‘Becoming’ cannot be present to Be. ‘Becoming’ can never reach Being as it is always reaching past Being’s presence.

Having a story of ‘becoming’ is having attention and priority on the story. This attention aids and abets the continuation of a story. The story obscures Presence in that the ‘We’ seemingly is not Here for It. The story pulls attention from Being to honor and target temporary appearances that do not have an independent existence. i.e. the illusory ‘me’.

Even in the story, Being-ness never actually leaves, as awareness is aware or ‘Knowing’ of the story. The ‘aliveness’ of Being is still in the story but seemingly in the background.

The ‘Knowing’ of appearances is knowing seemingly focused on the foreground of temporary phenomena, usually to the exclusion of knowing ‘Knowing”. Knowing ‘Knowing’ is attending on Self that effortlessly magnifies It’s Presence or Being-ness. There is no chasing of phenomena Here. There is no denying of phenomena Here. Phenomena is ultimately Being-ness as everything is Being-ness. Analagously, there is no difference between the computer screen and the image on the screen. An empty screen is still a screen as is an image-laden screen.

The ‘Knowing’ of ‘that’ never changes. The ‘Knowing’ of appearances does not change the ‘Knowing’. An image of our personal body/mind on the screen does not give life to the image. The computer screen and the image are one and the same. The image does not have its own existence here. The ‘Knowing’ pervades everything, Being existence Itself.

Presence is confirmed without being someone separate from the unity of the image/screen. The ‘Knowing’ abides unrestricted even when there is an over-emphasis on on the image (me-ing). Me-ing appears to have overcome true ‘Knowing’ only in an illusion that is not sustainable. ‘Knowing’ can never really leave or be obscured as ‘It’ Is all ‘Knowing’. See ‘that’ from the unimpeachable ‘Knowing’ that Is ever Present.

All of our five senses plus thought, have ‘Knowing’ characteristically found in every sense and every thought. This ‘Knowing’ cannot be excised from sentience as that would remove all perceptions. “Knowing’ is central to Being or existence. This existence is unconditional.

There is no ‘knower’. It Is all ‘Knowing’. Resonate with ‘that’. ‘That’ Is everything.


We are in control of being out of control. When we are concerned with ‘what’ instead of “What Is”, we invest our Oneness in ‘otherness’. We are controlling the appearance or forms with ‘other’ appearances or forms like concepts and reactions. This type of controlling is at the endpoint of creation and not the aliveness of the immediacy of the ‘Now’.

Having control or not having control is not the imperative Here. We seemingly need to have control in order to modify the illusion we insist in believing in. What need is there to control when there is only the Oneness of Nothing/Everything?!

We are out of control not because We ‘Are’ but because the ‘me’ can never be truly in control despite any belief to make it so. The false self or ‘me’ is always looking for control due to its illusory nature i.e. delusion. There is no ‘me’ except seemingly so through imagination, projection, and a lifetime of conditioning.

Separation from the Oneness into the duality of control/out of control makes sense only when there are two ‘things’ going on i.e. self and other. The duality of control makes no sense when there is just one of ‘Oneness’.

So ‘becoming’ is a conditional controlling utilizing the ‘how’ of techniques and strategies.

What the false self is looking for is ‘conditional’ existence when pure existence is un-conditional. There is not even a ‘holding’ to the relaxed state of existence. It just Is. Who would be ‘holding’ whom? ‘It’ Is un-conditional. Any attempt to add conditions to the ‘unconditional’ would not be possible.

The ‘Oneness’ does not need the complication of ‘how’. Becoming something is clear separation from Reality. Reality ‘Is’ needing no such idea as ‘becoming’. Starting with ‘becoming’ is starting outside of “What Is”. There is no expressway to Being through this gambit. Becoming is clearly outside of the permanence of whom We really Are. And whom we Are never changes nor can change It’s inviolable nature. The ‘how’ of techniques or project-type strategies essentially ignore “What Is”.

Surrendering everything to emptiness certainly includes all the ‘hows’. There is no ‘how’ Here. It just Is.

Even having an interest in becoming and/or losing the ‘me’, is too much. That ‘interest’ is unnecessary to what is always the “What Is”.

Surrendering the ‘hows’ and the interest in becoming, is without the ‘me’ even surrendering. We would have to create a ‘me’ to surrender. Letting go of all structures, concepts, stories, and techniques finds ‘Us’, aka Nothingness.

We Are already all ‘that’ Now. Feel the longing in the heart that has never left. It Is the touchpoint of Beingness. This is not a ‘how’ or a ‘what’. It Is ‘the remembering’. There is nothing to think about here. There is nothing to do. There is no ‘how’ or technique. It is existence Itself.

Surrendering Is constant Beingness. It Is being Being without the obscuration of a ‘doing’ and/or any temporary appearance to invest in. Be ‘That’ effortlessly Now. What needs to be Present is always Present.



The issue of seeking something that we already Are, has already been given a good hearing. Briefly recapping this concept; to ‘seek’ some ‘idea’ by another ‘idea’ called ‘me’, is to embrace limitation while expecting liberation from the prison of limitation (ideas). 

Ain’t gonna happen. Staying with ideas aka endpoints, is locking ourselves in for continued futility and continued suffering. Staying with the idea of ‘me’ of becoming something under the ‘branding of enlightenment’, is to snap the trap the ‘me’ has set to remain ‘me’. ‘Me’ is in survival mode when threatened with extinction and will easily morph to a ‘better’ idea of ‘me’. 

‘Me’ is suffering and seemingly desires to not suffer so it looks at its options. Completely losing the ‘me’ is usually out of the question. We all can concur with that plight. The ‘me’ will certainly try to use spirituality and/or ‘goodness’, to seemingly lose the selfishness of ’me’ while seemingly transforming the ‘me’ into a ‘good me’.   

This is one idea shaping another idea into an ‘acceptable’ and an ’approved’ status. It may be a better idea but it still remains as a blatant limitation on our Vastness. The ‘death of the me’ is normally not our first or second option. The Vastness of nothing/everything can never be diminished but the ‘me’ can. However, losing the ‘me’ completely does not come easily. Plus the ‘me’ is essentially incapable of doing it.

The hard core belief in the ‘me’ as ‘self’ is hardwired into our conditioning. But this belief is only a belief. The ‘me’ is an illusion and an artificial limitation vis-a-vis a ‘belief’.

The clarity of seeing all beliefs as untested hypotheses goes a long way to releasing this self-induced imposition on whom we think we are.

We are not the ‘me’. Seeking the ‘me’ is an attempt to make an object out of The Vastness of Oneness. There is no ‘me’ and the Vastness can have no limits, otherwise it would not be the boundless Vastness. It Is only the Vastness.

However well-intentioned we may be to ‘not’ seek because of the massive contradiction of seeking for what is already present, we then go to ‘not seeking’. 

’Not seeking’ is also a conceptual approach to divining our spirituality. ’Not seeking’ spirituality is the flip side of ’seeking spirituality’. It is the same record, just the ‘B’ side. 

’Not seeking’ is also using the ‘me’ despite the ‘me’ denying it is the ‘me’ behind this effort. And it is an effort. While there is no effort to Being Being there is plenty of effort in ‘not seeking’. ’Not seeking’ is an active ‘pushing’ in the other direction than ’pushing ‘to seek’. 

There is no ‘pushing’ in effortless Being. When we are resting as Awareness, Awareness has no place that it needs to go. There is zero pushing in Awareness as It’s everything-ness Is Awareness.

The ‘me’ is a pusher that needs constant refueling for its sustenance. Our thought-centered existence fuels that voracious need. Being-ness is not dependent on thoughts/ideas/concepts.

No effort is needed to Be. Existence Is. To seek to Be is to ‘not’ Be. To ‘not’ seek to Be is to pretend to be Being. Either option is conceptual and equally not real. Being-ness Is. The ‘me’ is an active pretense of ‘trying’ when any ‘trying’ is an immediate departure from effortless Being.

The end of the ‘me’ is the end of something that never actually happened, except seemingly so. Being-ness was never effected.

The stories of the ‘me’ have no effect on Being-ness. Believing and/or understanding by the ‘me’ does not allow an unfettered access to Being-ness. Authentic ’not knowing’, not believing and ’not understanding’, undermines the ‘me’ allowing the possibility of direct experiencing of Being Being. Letting go of the limitations of thinking, believing, and understanding creates an ‘openness’ to receive Being-ness. The illusory ‘me’ is then clearly seen as illusory.

Being-ness has no position as It Is all open-ness unbridled. There are no stops here. Having a position is having a stop. All views are Being-ness. No ‘one’ view can contain this Vastness. The ‘me’ is a ‘view’. Lose the ‘me’ and it’s little view of doing or not doing. It Is just Being.

What is actually happening is always just happening. There is no one there to stop for ‘in the happening’. There is no one ‘seeking’ or ‘not seeking’. We Are the Oneness freely effortlessly happening.        



Often there is an elemental and artificial adding of delusion into our reality at its very outset. Normally and commonly, we start with a very basic but consequential thought that changes/distorts everything upstream. Do we even recognize what that thought could be?

Even before the content of experience comes online, we begin with the fabrication of an ‘idea’ of self. This ‘idea’ establishes a ’stop’ that is called ‘me’. This ‘me’ is merely an idea into which we press a lot of weight into. 

Despite its artificialness, the ‘me’ puts itself front and center in our seeming reality. One of the very first things of consequence is that life is believed to be happening to ‘me’. When this ‘idea’ shows up, there begins a massive shoveling of ‘happenings’ into the tiny idea called ‘me’. 

The distortion is that Reality is stopped and ‘pushed’ into an artificial un-alive concept (of ‘me’). Unfortunately, there is a lot of substance to Reality for which the manufactured ’me’ is insufficiently prepared to deal with successfully. Life is then recognized as inevitable struggle. Life is then ’seen’ as happening to ‘me’.

The consequences of believing in this elemental idea is truly ‘life changing’. Believing or not believing in the idea of ‘me’ can be imprisonment or can be true freedom. Additionally, there is always a subsequent belief in other ‘ideas’ that only compound suffering and the density of a ‘me’.

Losing the ‘idea’ of ‘me’ cannot be performed by the ‘me’ as the ‘me’ is the judge, jury, and advocate. The bias is built into the ‘me’. But this perspective is merely a perspective. Seeing from the ‘me’ is doomed to always end up as the ‘me’ despite the shallow pretenses.

Going to what is prior to the ‘me’ is going to another perspective that does not include the ‘me’ and its callousness to change. Life is happening to no-one here. Life Is Us happening through our limited bodies. Life Is Us with no stops for the idea of ‘me’. When Life seemingly stops it has an artificial flavor as the frequency changes to a greater density due to an attempt to control Life. Life has no perspective as It Is at It’s highest freedom -“What Is”.

Seeing from the perspective of everything everywhere happening at once with no stops and no time is true freedom. There is no binding or holding here. No-one has to surrender as there is no-one there but the Oneness. Pure Openness receives everything equally as everything is ultimately Pure Openness.

There is no-one to ‘have’ any experience as there is only ‘experiencing’. Nothing can happen to ‘anyone’ as there is no-one there to receive the happening except the ‘happening’. And the ‘happening’ is always receiving Itself as Itself. There is no ‘other’ unless we ‘believe’ there is. Thought is an endpoint not a beginning.

What ‘happened’ has nothing to do with “What Is”.  The ‘me’ as believed to be in control is out of control.  Person is a construct. See through the concepts. Aliveness Is Being. And there is no control in Being Being.

Awareness or Being-ness is not an object to be had. There’s no-one to have anything. The ‘me’ cannot have Awareness. There is no Awareness in the ‘me’. Awareness never leaves nor can leave as It always Is Us. What Is always happening Is Us, that is Awareness (Being Being). Be the happening. Be the experiencing. Be the effortlessness of no doing or doer-ship. The happening never stops for anyone.