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When there is nothing left to protect for ‘me’, does the ‘me’ need to exist?

When we are doing ‘doing’, it is in most cases on behalf of a ‘me’. When we stop working for the fictitious ‘me’, what is left? Who is there to protect? Who is there to have and hold anything?

Losing the need to control ‘content’ is not necessarily losing content. But rather, we lose the need for content to be controlled and owned by ‘me’.

Content is essentially neutral unless we charge it with the possessive ‘ours’. Separation is birthed through ‘mine/yours’. Under these conditions, separation immediately steps in and debases love (unity) vis-a-vis content.

Love, unconditional love, has no conditions, ever. Content is ephemeral while Love Is.

When we ‘carry’ any content, emptiness is occluded. Content needs no carrier. Content will come and go as needed for this dream. The point can never be to ‘own’ or ‘carry’ any content. To do so would of course perjure who We really Are.

To fear loss of content is to thoroughly miss the point of ‘not having’ content. The appearance of ‘fear’ relative to content, is clarity telling us something about joining this cult of separation from Oneness. Obviously, when there is no fear of loss of content, separation cannot arrive and/or be sustained. 

Attachment to content can never really be enjoyed given the fear that must arise to protect it. Enjoyment of content is exceptionally present when freedom to enjoy content, is viscerally felt with no room for fear of loss.

Spaciousness has no real content to include the content of a ‘me’. ‘Someone’ would be more content. Seeing clearly a ‘someone’ as ‘content’, is seeing from ‘no content’. If ‘someone’ is trying to ’see’ from the idea of someone, then that is more content. In other words, ‘the view’ is no particular view. Having a ‘view’ is content. Again, having ‘my view’, is owning the appearance of content.

Freedom from a view and/or freedom from identifying with content, Is Spaciousness with no walls or boundaries.

Fearlessness is naturally aligned with Being spacious, as Spaciousness is permanent yet has no permanent content. And even the content appearing is impermanent, as ‘it’ is ultimately Spaciousness. Here, there is no place for ‘fear’ to reside. The unity of it all is resonating with the ultimate integration of everything, to include the seeming appearance of fear/separation, and other content.

Enjoy life and the content with the view of Spaciousness as open flowing appearances. Embracing Spaciousness first/always, is embracing the spuriousness of the appearance and disappearance of content. The uncertainty of content’s appearance/disappearance is to be loved not feared. Fear nothing as everything is truly nothing. Content then is content-less, attached to nothing.

Love Is enough.


There is no knower of ‘the Knowing’ -only ‘Knowing’. Knowing ‘Knowing’ is being Self consciously. There is no separate self ‘becoming’.

Trying and doing or in other words, ‘becoming’, is a distraction from “What Is” and It’s eternal permanence. When we are locked into the story, our story, we promote the story and ‘dis’ the Presence of Being or knowing ‘Knowing’.

‘Becoming’ never reaches Being. ‘Becoming’ has a future in it. ‘Becoming’ cannot be present to Be. ‘Becoming’ can never reach Being as it is always reaching past Being’s presence.

Having a story of ‘becoming’ is having attention and priority on the story. This attention aids and abets the continuation of a story. The story obscures Presence in that the ‘We’ seemingly is not Here for It. The story pulls attention from Being to honor and target temporary appearances that do not have an independent existence. i.e. the illusory ‘me’.

Even in the story, Being-ness never actually leaves, as awareness is aware or ‘Knowing’ of the story. The ‘aliveness’ of Being is still in the story but seemingly in the background.

The ‘Knowing’ of appearances is knowing seemingly focused on the foreground of temporary phenomena, usually to the exclusion of knowing ‘Knowing”. Knowing ‘Knowing’ is attending on Self that effortlessly magnifies It’s Presence or Being-ness. There is no chasing of phenomena Here. There is no denying of phenomena Here. Phenomena is ultimately Being-ness as everything is Being-ness. Analagously, there is no difference between the computer screen and the image on the screen. An empty screen is still a screen as is an image-laden screen.

The ‘Knowing’ of ‘that’ never changes. The ‘Knowing’ of appearances does not change the ‘Knowing’. An image of our personal body/mind on the screen does not give life to the image. The computer screen and the image are one and the same. The image does not have its own existence here. The ‘Knowing’ pervades everything, Being existence Itself.

Presence is confirmed without being someone separate from the unity of the image/screen. The ‘Knowing’ abides unrestricted even when there is an over-emphasis on on the image (me-ing). Me-ing appears to have overcome true ‘Knowing’ only in an illusion that is not sustainable. ‘Knowing’ can never really leave or be obscured as ‘It’ Is all ‘Knowing’. See ‘that’ from the unimpeachable ‘Knowing’ that Is ever Present.

All of our five senses plus thought, have ‘Knowing’ characteristically found in every sense and every thought. This ‘Knowing’ cannot be excised from sentience as that would remove all perceptions. “Knowing’ is central to Being or existence. This existence is unconditional.

There is no ‘knower’. It Is all ‘Knowing’. Resonate with ‘that’. ‘That’ Is everything.


We are in control of being out of control. When we are concerned with ‘what’ instead of “What Is”, we invest our Oneness in ‘otherness’. We are controlling the appearance or forms with ‘other’ appearances or forms like concepts and reactions. This type of controlling is at the endpoint of creation and not the aliveness of the immediacy of the ‘Now’.

Having control or not having control is not the imperative Here. We seemingly need to have control in order to modify the illusion we insist in believing in. What need is there to control when there is only the Oneness of Nothing/Everything?!

We are out of control not because We ‘Are’ but because the ‘me’ can never be truly in control despite any belief to make it so. The false self or ‘me’ is always looking for control due to its illusory nature i.e. delusion. There is no ‘me’ except seemingly so through imagination, projection, and a lifetime of conditioning.

Separation from the Oneness into the duality of control/out of control makes sense only when there are two ‘things’ going on i.e. self and other. The duality of control makes no sense when there is just one of ‘Oneness’.

So ‘becoming’ is a conditional controlling utilizing the ‘how’ of techniques and strategies.

What the false self is looking for is ‘conditional’ existence when pure existence is un-conditional. There is not even a ‘holding’ to the relaxed state of existence. It just Is. Who would be ‘holding’ whom? ‘It’ Is un-conditional. Any attempt to add conditions to the ‘unconditional’ would not be possible.

The ‘Oneness’ does not need the complication of ‘how’. Becoming something is clear separation from Reality. Reality ‘Is’ needing no such idea as ‘becoming’. Starting with ‘becoming’ is starting outside of “What Is”. There is no expressway to Being through this gambit. Becoming is clearly outside of the permanence of whom We really Are. And whom we Are never changes nor can change It’s inviolable nature. The ‘how’ of techniques or project-type strategies essentially ignore “What Is”.

Surrendering everything to emptiness certainly includes all the ‘hows’. There is no ‘how’ Here. It just Is.

Even having an interest in becoming and/or losing the ‘me’, is too much. That ‘interest’ is unnecessary to what is always the “What Is”.

Surrendering the ‘hows’ and the interest in becoming, is without the ‘me’ even surrendering. We would have to create a ‘me’ to surrender. Letting go of all structures, concepts, stories, and techniques finds ‘Us’, aka Nothingness.

We Are already all ‘that’ Now. Feel the longing in the heart that has never left. It Is the touchpoint of Beingness. This is not a ‘how’ or a ‘what’. It Is ‘the remembering’. There is nothing to think about here. There is nothing to do. There is no ‘how’ or technique. It is existence Itself.

Surrendering Is constant Beingness. It Is being Being without the obscuration of a ‘doing’ and/or any temporary appearance to invest in. Be ‘That’ effortlessly Now. What needs to be Present is always Present.



The issue of seeking something that we already Are, has already been given a good hearing. Briefly recapping this concept; to ‘seek’ some ‘idea’ by another ‘idea’ called ‘me’, is to embrace limitation while expecting liberation from the prison of limitation (ideas). 

Ain’t gonna happen. Staying with ideas aka endpoints, is locking ourselves in for continued futility and continued suffering. Staying with the idea of ‘me’ of becoming something under the ‘branding of enlightenment’, is to snap the trap the ‘me’ has set to remain ‘me’. ‘Me’ is in survival mode when threatened with extinction and will easily morph to a ‘better’ idea of ‘me’. 

‘Me’ is suffering and seemingly desires to not suffer so it looks at its options. Completely losing the ‘me’ is usually out of the question. We all can concur with that plight. The ‘me’ will certainly try to use spirituality and/or ‘goodness’, to seemingly lose the selfishness of ’me’ while seemingly transforming the ‘me’ into a ‘good me’.   

This is one idea shaping another idea into an ‘acceptable’ and an ’approved’ status. It may be a better idea but it still remains as a blatant limitation on our Vastness. The ‘death of the me’ is normally not our first or second option. The Vastness of nothing/everything can never be diminished but the ‘me’ can. However, losing the ‘me’ completely does not come easily. Plus the ‘me’ is essentially incapable of doing it.

The hard core belief in the ‘me’ as ‘self’ is hardwired into our conditioning. But this belief is only a belief. The ‘me’ is an illusion and an artificial limitation vis-a-vis a ‘belief’.

The clarity of seeing all beliefs as untested hypotheses goes a long way to releasing this self-induced imposition on whom we think we are.

We are not the ‘me’. Seeking the ‘me’ is an attempt to make an object out of The Vastness of Oneness. There is no ‘me’ and the Vastness can have no limits, otherwise it would not be the boundless Vastness. It Is only the Vastness.

However well-intentioned we may be to ‘not’ seek because of the massive contradiction of seeking for what is already present, we then go to ‘not seeking’. 

’Not seeking’ is also a conceptual approach to divining our spirituality. ’Not seeking’ spirituality is the flip side of ’seeking spirituality’. It is the same record, just the ‘B’ side. 

’Not seeking’ is also using the ‘me’ despite the ‘me’ denying it is the ‘me’ behind this effort. And it is an effort. While there is no effort to Being Being there is plenty of effort in ‘not seeking’. ’Not seeking’ is an active ‘pushing’ in the other direction than ’pushing ‘to seek’. 

There is no ‘pushing’ in effortless Being. When we are resting as Awareness, Awareness has no place that it needs to go. There is zero pushing in Awareness as It’s everything-ness Is Awareness.

The ‘me’ is a pusher that needs constant refueling for its sustenance. Our thought-centered existence fuels that voracious need. Being-ness is not dependent on thoughts/ideas/concepts.

No effort is needed to Be. Existence Is. To seek to Be is to ‘not’ Be. To ‘not’ seek to Be is to pretend to be Being. Either option is conceptual and equally not real. Being-ness Is. The ‘me’ is an active pretense of ‘trying’ when any ‘trying’ is an immediate departure from effortless Being.

The end of the ‘me’ is the end of something that never actually happened, except seemingly so. Being-ness was never effected.

The stories of the ‘me’ have no effect on Being-ness. Believing and/or understanding by the ‘me’ does not allow an unfettered access to Being-ness. Authentic ’not knowing’, not believing and ’not understanding’, undermines the ‘me’ allowing the possibility of direct experiencing of Being Being. Letting go of the limitations of thinking, believing, and understanding creates an ‘openness’ to receive Being-ness. The illusory ‘me’ is then clearly seen as illusory.

Being-ness has no position as It Is all open-ness unbridled. There are no stops here. Having a position is having a stop. All views are Being-ness. No ‘one’ view can contain this Vastness. The ‘me’ is a ‘view’. Lose the ‘me’ and it’s little view of doing or not doing. It Is just Being.

What is actually happening is always just happening. There is no one there to stop for ‘in the happening’. There is no one ‘seeking’ or ‘not seeking’. We Are the Oneness freely effortlessly happening.        



Often there is an elemental and artificial adding of delusion into our reality at its very outset. Normally and commonly, we start with a very basic but consequential thought that changes/distorts everything upstream. Do we even recognize what that thought could be?

Even before the content of experience comes online, we begin with the fabrication of an ‘idea’ of self. This ‘idea’ establishes a ’stop’ that is called ‘me’. This ‘me’ is merely an idea into which we press a lot of weight into. 

Despite its artificialness, the ‘me’ puts itself front and center in our seeming reality. One of the very first things of consequence is that life is believed to be happening to ‘me’. When this ‘idea’ shows up, there begins a massive shoveling of ‘happenings’ into the tiny idea called ‘me’. 

The distortion is that Reality is stopped and ‘pushed’ into an artificial un-alive concept (of ‘me’). Unfortunately, there is a lot of substance to Reality for which the manufactured ’me’ is insufficiently prepared to deal with successfully. Life is then recognized as inevitable struggle. Life is then ’seen’ as happening to ‘me’.

The consequences of believing in this elemental idea is truly ‘life changing’. Believing or not believing in the idea of ‘me’ can be imprisonment or can be true freedom. Additionally, there is always a subsequent belief in other ‘ideas’ that only compound suffering and the density of a ‘me’.

Losing the ‘idea’ of ‘me’ cannot be performed by the ‘me’ as the ‘me’ is the judge, jury, and advocate. The bias is built into the ‘me’. But this perspective is merely a perspective. Seeing from the ‘me’ is doomed to always end up as the ‘me’ despite the shallow pretenses.

Going to what is prior to the ‘me’ is going to another perspective that does not include the ‘me’ and its callousness to change. Life is happening to no-one here. Life Is Us happening through our limited bodies. Life Is Us with no stops for the idea of ‘me’. When Life seemingly stops it has an artificial flavor as the frequency changes to a greater density due to an attempt to control Life. Life has no perspective as It Is at It’s highest freedom -“What Is”.

Seeing from the perspective of everything everywhere happening at once with no stops and no time is true freedom. There is no binding or holding here. No-one has to surrender as there is no-one there but the Oneness. Pure Openness receives everything equally as everything is ultimately Pure Openness.

There is no-one to ‘have’ any experience as there is only ‘experiencing’. Nothing can happen to ‘anyone’ as there is no-one there to receive the happening except the ‘happening’. And the ‘happening’ is always receiving Itself as Itself. There is no ‘other’ unless we ‘believe’ there is. Thought is an endpoint not a beginning.

What ‘happened’ has nothing to do with “What Is”.  The ‘me’ as believed to be in control is out of control.  Person is a construct. See through the concepts. Aliveness Is Being. And there is no control in Being Being.

Awareness or Being-ness is not an object to be had. There’s no-one to have anything. The ‘me’ cannot have Awareness. There is no Awareness in the ‘me’. Awareness never leaves nor can leave as It always Is Us. What Is always happening Is Us, that is Awareness (Being Being). Be the happening. Be the experiencing. Be the effortlessness of no doing or doer-ship. The happening never stops for anyone.



The idea of a person is just an idea. Ideas come and go just as the ‘person’ that shows up arriving and departing. There are times when we witness no ideas or ‘persons’ coming or going.

The ‘idea’ of a ‘person’ is merely an idea. When the person or idea is not present then where are we and who are we? When we are immersed in the person then that ’idea’ is what we identify with and act from. 

Seemingly, we reengage as the ‘person’ just like we would reengage with any other ‘idea’. That is, all this happens from the stability of ‘where’? Both the person and the idea do not occupy the space of where all this takes place 100 % of the time. Yes? The question then becomes where is the ‘where’ where everything (person/ideas) move in and out of?

It cannot be the person or idea since these moving objects have no sustenance. They show up when they show up. But they do not sustain. Where is the sustenance or the platform for their arising/falling?

Believing an idea and/or believing in personhood is mere belief untested. There is no ‘real’ person or any permanent idea with any permanence. These concepts are manufactured things. There is no life here. The life that is witnessed is formless animating form. To consider ‘form’ a person is to erringly overlook the movement that is animating the form. Drugging ourselves with beliefs does not make personhood more important than the reality animating it.

The person/form has life animating it. The person/form is not life itself. This distinction is commonly overlooked and distorted resulting in the ‘form’ having more significance than the substantive formless-ness that is life Itself.   

As far as ‘experiencing’ is concerned, we err here as well, vaunting the static-ness of experience over experiencing. Experience belongs to the temporal nature of a ‘person’. Experiencing belongs to no-one as there is no-one ‘experiencing’ except ‘experiencing’.

Life does not need an ‘experiencer’. It is too much of a stop. Life is happening without a need for a stop or ‘what happened’. The perfection of life living has no need to Monday morning quarterback to figure out improvements. Perfection is without a need to correct. Additionally It Is always Now, a timeless Now. When would you go back when there is no time in the Vastness of “What Is”? 

The ‘person’ is analogous to ‘experience’.  Nothingness is analogous to ‘experiencing’. Ideas are things with built-in limitations. What is ‘real’ and what is ‘life’ has no limitations. ’That’ formless-ness experiencing is formless-ness. The appearances are formless-ness appearing as form. 

Ultimately there is nothing but formless-ness. Ultimately there is no where to stop despite the appearance of a person or an idea. There is no experience to be had. It is only experiencing experiencing ad infinitum. 

Love all and serve all. There is no ‘other’ experience.  



The polarities of of choosing ‘to do’ and/or ‘not to do’ are part of the same structure. So when we suggest that we now choose to ‘not be’ the ‘doer’, we essentially have a tendency to go to the other polarity of doing ‘not doing’, so we can become the ‘non-doer’. 

The question then becomes “Are we the same ‘doer’ but now ‘doing’ nothing?” Is ‘doing’ now formatted into a more subtler ‘doer’?  

The ‘me’, for survival reasons, will attempt to slip into this new goal of ‘not doing’. As long as the ‘me’ can be the ‘doer’ in a new format, the ‘me’ will seemingly exist with all the previous associated limitations of the ‘me’.

Lifelong patterns of behavior are problematically deterministic in outcomes that do not address the fallacy of ‘me’. Being the center of attention for a lifetime is not something easily and/or consciously dropped. The tendencies of ‘me’ generally need to unwind as opposed to being dropped in one fell swoop.

Losing everything and getting nothing for the ‘me’ in one moment is often what is desired. This desire is usually identified as coming from the ‘me’, unfortunately making the ‘me’ more seemingly present. This example is another form of ‘doing’ non-doing.

True Nature happens with ‘no doing/doer’ and/or ‘non-doing/non-doer’.

An aspect of ‘Oneness’ is no limitation and/or definition. To define or limit ‘Oneness’ is to divide and separate ‘Oneness’ into some thing. Oneness can never not be ‘Oneness’ as everything is its expression.

There are no instructions for the ‘me’. The ‘me’ is illusion. To give instructions to an illusion is insanity. And the ‘me’ can’t/won’t let go. Ergo, to let go of the ‘me’ cannot be ‘done’. The ‘doing’ is the ‘me’.

Being has no meaning (or limited goals). To have meaning is to try to confirm with the mind or ‘me’. Being needs no confirmation. And there is no choice anyway. When there is a choice, there is a ‘me’. Being is complete Being. And, It Is all Being.

Dropping all the mind additives leaves nothing. And Being doesn’t even need ‘dropping’ as Being always Is Now the ’Nothing’ that Is Everything.

Accepting our True Nature is not in time. It Is Now, Now, and Now. Looking for an experience is separation to a ‘future’ time.

Relaxing into Being Is Being Being Now with nothing added and nothing needed. Nothing, to include no conceptual knowing, reveals formless-ness expressing formless-ness with no stops, ever.

Just Be. There is not even an ‘un-doing’. 



Is existence here right now?  Do we need access to this existence? Is existence an effort?  Do we have to have an understanding to have existence?  Can we NOT have existence? How do we know there is existence?  Does thought tell us we are existing?  Or does existence Itself inform us?  Does existence communicate with us?  How does existence inform us? Does silence feel like existence? Is existence a thing? Does everyone have existence? Do animals have existence?  Is existence universal?  Is our existence effortless?  Have we ever made an effort to exist? What is this existence?  Can we hang a form on existence?  Does our existence age and fade over time? Does anyone have more or less existence?  Are there different kinds of existence?  Is existence permanent?  Does existence ever die? Does existence change ever? Is existence time-based? Does existence interfere with our life?  Do I have to think about existence to know it?  Is there anything I have to learn about existence?    How does existence differ from life?  Is existence prior to life? Does the so-called ‘me’ exist? Does existence require belief?

Existence Is period. The existence of the singularity of awareness tells us that we are Us. Everything after ‘that’ is after ‘that’. What Is prior is the formless substrate that can only be known by the unacquired ‘Knowing’ knowing Itself. ‘Subsequently’ is in time. If there is a ‘subsequent’ life it is but a dream. So ‘subsequently’ is the dreaming of the dream by the eternal. Eternity never slips out of eternity. ‘Subsequently’ is an illusion called time.

Remaining as ‘Eternity’ is ‘Eternity’ never leaving eternity. Time just ‘appeared’ to be ‘subsequently’ so.

The screen never lost identity with the movie playing on it and never was in ’time’ to leave ‘time’.

There is no-one trapped in the movie. It is just a movie. A real movie whose nature is unreal. Life in the movie will often get compelling -but deliberately so. When ‘it’ gets overwhelming, the character loses all sense of control resulting in really not knowing anything anymore. ’That’ is the opening to the character to see that there is nothing to the character. At that point, there is only the screen. The character has vanished, leaving only the reality of the screen.  The character never really existed.

See the eternity of Being-ness first and last.



A conclusion is a stopping point. The ‘me’ is a stopping point. Here, we collect and drop off ’things’ that we think we will need later. It is a constant receiving of this ‘stuff’ that continually defines and limits this idea that we call ‘me’. The specific defining and reinforcing of this ‘me’ occurs through a devotion to getting more things for this ‘me’. We need ‘more’ because it is never enough to just be the ‘me’. Satiation is elusive when separation from true Self is a key characteristic of ‘me’. Pervasive thoughts about ‘me’ keep this separation secured from our true Self.

The manufacturing of this ‘me’ has a clear neediness of ‘never enough’. When we add ‘my’ to it all, identity and ownership vigorously show up. And subsequently there are defensive and protective reactions to preserving and to maintaining all this ‘stuff’ of self. The ‘my’ of self and ‘my’ thoughts lock us in conclusively to the failed idea called ‘me’. 

What do we do with all these ‘things’ after they are seemingly secured?  The question really is what does it do to us?

All these things accumulated, to include the stories, become the essential ‘me’. The ‘me’ is not even alive as it is just ’stuff’. Our identity is woven into this ’stuff’. This identity with things and concepts has no valid aliveness. It is inert from the very beginning. The ideas about ‘me’ are merely fictional and limited. We become mere products with a label of ‘me’ unconsciously slapped on.

What is interesting about ‘me’ is that the ‘me’ ends up as a mere conclusion. It is an endpoint, a finish. In other words, it is pretty much dead from the get go. We may try to enliven the dead-ness though because it just doesn’t give real nourishment. Real sustenance comes from the aliveness that is not manufactured but just ‘Is’.

The common solution to this dilemma is to get more ’stuff’ to include experiences, which is just another form of ’stuff’. The ‘me’ cannot be remediated. The solution is only losing this conclusion.

Alas, the ‘me’ is merely a vapid idea with a built-in finality. Conversely, there are no conclusions to being Being-ness. Being-ness is not in a construct of time nor is it an idea or some form of ’stuff’. Being-ness is the formless-ness that enlivens all forms. 

Moreover, there is no time to end anything in Being-ness. Being-ness is the eternal aliveness that we really Are without the dross of a finality. Being-ness is never finished Being. Conclusions typify qualities of finite-ness.

Oneness cannot step outside of Itself. Divinity is not an idea. The boundless spacious-ness of who We Are, allows the ‘me’. Freedom is ‘from’ the ‘me’ and it’s conclusions. Freedom is never ‘for’ the ‘me’ nor any conclusions. Freedom is always available as It Is Now and prior to all things. We Are the freedom that Is undefinable and unlimited.

Being-ness is the totality before ideas with no stops. It Is Us free, open, and uncluttered spaciousness. This is the only identity. Everything Is Here. Love makes no conclusions. Love Loves unconditionally.        


Give up. Give up having to know ‘this’ or having to not know ‘that’. Give up ‘getting it’ or ‘not getting it’. All ‘that’ is a stopping at a stop with no movement or satisfaction. Moving past a sticking point involves movement out of a worn down pattern into an alternative view. The problem cannot be solved at the level it was created. Only when there is movement ‘outside’ the tightness of a sticky contraction, can a solution be realized.

Giving up really involves giving up on a failed system. Giving up may offend some people. Usually, the ones that are offended are the ones that resist changing the paradigm. One’s previous investment, coupled with the long-term commitments already institutionalized, plus the personal struggles made by many individuals, will find a need to resist. All these people will vehemently argue in favor of less radical tweaks to the system.

Resistance to change is essentially staying at stopping point and arguing for more time. Arguing for time is investing in illusion that uses time to ‘stop’ the fluid movement of non-attachment to any ‘thing’. On the other hand, giving up ‘time’ is showing up immediately for the Is-ness of Now and more Now ad infinitum. There is no seeming comfort or stop in this timeless-ness.

Falling freely into the space-less space means that there are no crashes because there is no place to hold or land. Security is the falling. Falling perpetually is the freedom.

There is nothing to find Here. But that nothing is everything because it is nothing first. The space shows up before the content. The content is always temporary/secondary. The space, metaphorically is where everything happens. The stability of the backdrop does not change, ever. It Is primary.

Perpetually surrendering to ‘this’ is a clear acknowledgement of our true identity. And Here there is no ‘thing’ nor is there an ‘other’. This is the nothingness that is everything. This is the Source that dresses Itself in the seeming everything that Is Itself. And Here there is no difference between outer/inner, everything/nothing, and/or knowing/not knowing.

The Oneness knows no duality. Being the ‘me’ is never enough as it is only the clothing covering the substance of Being. The ‘me’ has edges that required maintenance/sustenance. There are no edges or limits to being Being. Being aware of being aware reveals an immediate openness that does not vacillate.

The cycling of joy/sorrow is indigenous to a failed system that cannot be relieved of a built-in bias to ultimately fail the remediation of inevitable suffering. Giviing up on finding a solution to a problem-based existence is to see the limits of the system that cannot never not fail. The solution is outside the failed system, period.

The solution has always been Here and Now. The construct of ‘time’ is never an impediment to ‘What Is’. Conversely, identifying and engaging in a failed system is reliable failure. Seeing and witnessing the failed system from the openness of Nothingness is the ticket to ride into the immediacy of Nothngness.

Nothing added, ever, is everything. Stopping nowhere is going everywhere. The movement is Stillness. The substance is Nothingness. Only add what cannot be added. Know ‘this’.