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Causeless happiness/love Is. There is nothing to wait for because nothing is coming. It has arrived forever ago. It Is Now. 

To suggest that the fleeting phenomena will empty its riches into our proverbial wallet is pulp fiction. Phenomena by its limited nature has no duration to keep us sated. The future at best, is only Presence arriving in the Now. To expect anything outside of Now is to live boldly in illusion. The recognition of the nature of phenomena is to see the unreal story of my so-called life.

0020The Now-ness of being Being cannot be located in the presumed past/future picture book. To chase the ’story’ is to chase our tail endlessly. There is nothing to find but the story of a fantasy of ‘me’.

0017.jpeg’That’ story is only a binding of the mind into a conceptual prison if/when we limit the unlimited. The story is superficial to “What Is”. The “What Is” is what is essential to everything. The Nowness and Nothingness are the structures of stability that allow the seemingly compelling dramas to occur. It is ‘there’ where substance abides and phenomena is allowed to arise and fall.0013

“There is a humility to be grateful for all of life and to let go of the habitual tendency to go toward the ego that wants more, because it always thinks there’s something missing.” -Purna Clare Blanchflower

0018.jpegThe goldmine is found by staying in the backdrop of spaceless space within. ‘Within’ meaning ‘staying in’ what is prior to and after the phenomena has arisen and fallen, without interruption. Our True Nature is there and everywhere in this eternal Now. This placeless place of timelessness Is Now.

0011.jpegWhat is ‘Real’ is Now. It Is the permanent background that is commonly overlooked for the gloss of transient glitter aka the ‘unreal’. The fragility of the life lived in an unstable reality of past/future is exposed by the unconditional-ness of Now.

0012.jpeg0016.jpegSeeing and breathing every moment of the Now liberates Us from a prison-like environment into a permanent freedom. Nothingness never looked so good. See It from the ‘no view’ of causeless-ness. The permanence of happiness and love abide with no events needed.

Love Loves Everything as It Is Everything. Daddy’O 

0000“Suffering points to the sufferer, which then points to the illusion, which then points back to nothing. What is left is Nothingness. Nothingness cannot be touched by suffering.”

0022.jpeg“The undefended heart has no cause to fight for. It’s marker is effortless acceptance of all.”0021.jpeg“Remembering there is no one to awaken.”

0004“The movie we are in is a real movie. The characters we play are only characters in the movie i.e. fictional. The story is NOT reality. It is a compelling story for the characters. The screen is NEVER touched by the histrionics of the movie. In the “Matrix”, Morpheus suffers greatly. Laurence Fishburne is untouched. To suggest that L.F. could be helped by Morpheus in his path, would be delusional. Enjoy the movie but see the Reality of the unchanging screen.”GP2C3438.jpeg

We are ‘not’ added to. We are more zero than one. More nothing than something. More everything than just anything that could be pointed to. Holding on to something limits the unlimited. Holding on to nothing allows realization of everything.

Enlightenment is not an experience as ‘experience’ then becomes a stop. Something then has to have an experience thereby creating ‘self’. A false self cannot become enlightened. Too many stops. Being Is Being ad infinitum.

The emptiness of not holding anything is true emptiness. It is the blank screen that allows any movie to play or not play. It Is never leaving the fullness of emptiness despite the passing phenomena of leela. Everything is divine, even the ‘play’. But it is the emptiness that allows the transformation to rise and fall.


Be Love beyond concepts and limitation. Love Is without conditions or restrictions. Open the spiritual heart without thinking or doing. The felt sense is Present Now and forever. Directly ‘feel’ this Love as Love. Live Love wildly and free.  Daddy’O


GP2C3391.jpegLove Is. Unconditionality immediately shows up, as there is no preference for anything. All ‘things’ are in Love and ultimately are Love. The ‘Everything’ Is Love.

The ‘love’ that is practiced is ‘practiced’. Trying to Love is not Love as there is no ’trying’ in Love. To suggest that we ‘practice’ Love is to not Know Love. There is nothing that can be practiced. Again, Love Is. To practice Love is to pretend that we know who we are. To pretend our ‘existence’ is a very harsh interpretation of the directness and simplicity of existence.

Love Is existence in its prior-ness to everything else. Existence as Love is just that. There is nothing that can be added to the prior-ness. Adding to the prior-ness does not change the prior-ness or Love. But adding and conditioning things is not existence or Love.

Things will be added to the starting point but then that is no longer the starting point. The Formless is no longer the Formless.

GP2C3389Who we Are is not the idolatry of self, globbing attachments, reinforcements, and protections to preserve the glaring illusion of ‘me’. For the ’me’ to practice Love is to underscore the illusion that becomes the ‘me’. The presence of the ‘me’ obscures Love due to the implicit separateness that ‘me’ is.

Reality is that there is only ‘Oneness’. The ‘me’ does not agree with that supposition as the ‘me’ could not exist conceptually without the lie that iterates constantly affirming a false self. There cannot be the ‘Oneness’ and ‘me’. Saying and iterating that ‘me’ exists does not make it exist.

Knowing Love Is Being Love, unconditionally. Anything less is manufactured pretense. Existence is not thing-based. It Is. Formless-ness is part of form. Existence lies in Formless-ness. When Formless-ness leaves form, life leaves and carries on in other forms as Formless unconditional Love. The permanence Is Love, Is existence. The Love Is Us, effortlessly.

GP2C3401Know ‘this’ in the Knowing that Is present before and after nouns and things. Know ‘this’ in the prior-ness that Is existence and pure Love.

Love has no story of ‘me’ or seeking of love. Love Is Us. Love is Nothingness. Nothingness has nothing for the needy ‘me’. Love Is clothed only in Nothingness.

GP2C3395.jpegNothingness is drawing no lines. To draw one line is too much, as one line results in this and that (duality). Oneness has no duality.

“To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good, or bad.” -Eckhart Tolle

Nothingness clothes Oneness, Love, and causeless existence.

Be Love, be nothing, as there Is no other. Daddy’OGP2C3389


To suggest that we wait, is to suggest that we don’t want the present. To not want the present is to push against “What Is”. To push against the “What Is” is to refuse to be Present.

This pushing creates resistance and stress because the flow of Life is stopped by a blockage in our ‘self’. To say ‘no’ is to become the dictator of Life itself. Life does not need a little dictator to show up and take over the monumental task of Being Life. That is always what Life Is and gives us; perfectly and effortlessly putting everything together in a coherent way. No little dictator has that capacity.

Waiting seems like an innocuous activity. Waiting is more so an undermining activity of suspended activity. When we wait, we essentially ‘want’ what is present to pass so we can go to some future that is more palatable than what is showing up in this very moment. Waiting is a seeming stop to seemingly wait for something better to happen. Illusion shows up.

Waiting can never be in the Now as there is no waiting in the Now. To wait in the Now is to have the mutual exclusivity of not being in the Now. Any movement away from the Now is precisely that.

Waiting is not neutral. Waiting is a seemingly soft argument with what is happening in this moment. ‘Accepting’ certainly cannot be said to have been occurring while waiting, can it?

The connection to the Now is not extant when not Being in the Now. It is a disconnect from the Now as we have removed our home of Awareness outside of ‘Being’ Awareness, to being the phenomena of time-based existence.

The Now is not in time. Time is a derivative of timelessness aka the Now. Time has a past and future suggesting a doer, thinker, haver, meditator, et al. Oneness is not in time. Oneness cannot be in time as time is a creation that cannot hold Oneness. Time is ideal for a false self.

The Now is Oneness as there is no birth or death nor beginning or end of Oneness. The timelessness of Now is a characteristic of Oneness. Duality is only present in time. Duality is the dreaming of time within timelessness.

Waiting is also what is NOT happening. Since ‘waiting’ is a form of pushing then it means that we push away what is happening and create illusion of what is not happening. We remove ourselves from reality and distort our time and space.

When we let Life happen, Life clearly happens with no distortion and no need to bracket or check in with our likes and/or dislikes. It Is just happening, nothing added.

The felt sense of existence is in the Now. There is no time where the Now is not nor our existence, our essential nature, is ever not Present. The appearance of not Being Present is just a fleeting appearance. Now is never really in time. It Is only Now.

Do not wait for anything. ’That’ is movement away from Presence Itself. Be free in the timelessness of this Moment by fully accepting “What Is”.

“When you make the present moment the focal point of your life instead of past and future, your ability to enjoy what you do, and with it the quality of your life, increases dramatically.” -Eckhart Tolle 

It Is all We have Now. Loving Now Is Loving always.  Daddy’O



0003.jpegWhen we say that we are ‘this’ or ‘that’, what we do is add to the ‘I Am’.
The ‘I Am’ does not need anything added to it. It is sufficient to itself.
However, its sufficiency gains seeming insufficiency when we add any ‘thing’ to it (in a hard way).

The major point, most often glossed over continually, is that adding anything to the ‘I Am’ is the problem. What is accomplished by adding a noun, is that the noun is what is remembered. What is immediately forgotten is the significance of the ‘I Am’.

The ‘I Am’ is a verb, both linguistically and synergistically. The ‘I Am’ is aliveness that is ‘still’ yet the center of all movement. There is no place where the ‘I Am’ is not. Where isn’t existence?

0002When we add to ‘I Am’ we add an idea or concept that separates into dockets of stuff that have no real substance. This is a conceptual outcome that is miles from the pith. It is the pith that gives everything substance. Without the ‘I Am’ there is nothing. With the ‘I Am’ there can be nothingness/everything.

So, in our day-to-day introductions we say we are ‘this’ and ‘that’. These nouns are meaningful only when ‘I Am’ is prefaced. We almost never just say engineer, doctor, president, lawyer.  That would be insufficient in most cases. The ‘I Am’ owns everything. Sufficiency arises.

However, we engage in glaring insufficiency when we get stuck in the noun of who we seemingly are. Arriving at the noun stops the freedom of the verb-ing of life that ‘I Am’ is. Life never stops no matter how much we try to stop it. Locking unto the noun of who we think we are, is an anathema to Being.

0004We are not concepts. We are before concepts. That is the ‘I Am’ with no need to be anything but Beingness.

Casual misidentification with nouns takes us out of the Nowness of Being and throws us into the orbit of trying and becoming with help from the illusion of future. There is no trying and there is no becoming when we are eternally effortlessly Being Now.

The ‘I Am’ is both the doorway to heaven or the doorway to hell. The heaven of effortless Love loving Love or the dead end struggle of false self trying to get out of false self, are options available to us.

The ‘I Am’ does not start in a cognitive place. We cannot think our way there. However, we can think our way away from the ’I Am’ . The spiritual heart space versus the head space, is where the felt sense of Self arises. The heart does not calculate, it resonates Love effortlessly.

0000.jpegThere are no ideas in Being. Existence is life. Life is living us. The ‘I Am’ is life unrestrained and free. To force ‘life’ into a noun is to inhibit Ourselves as life itself.

Love the ‘I Am’ as there is no other. Add only nothing to Nothingness.0001



The gift of Now is already Here. Looking for it, refuses it. Making an effort to find it, is certainly the wrong call. Effortlessness is ‘Its’ hallmark. Presence never leaves the Now. 

The ’Nowness’ demands only the Now. Going into the future betrays Its immediacy. 

‘Looking’, combined with future, is doubling down on ‘other’ than the ‘Now’. Investing in future, is another multiplication of separation. Future, aggravates separation and invites desperation. This artificial distance becomes another layer of illusion to transcend. Distance aids and abets separate self. The Oneness is obscured by these clouds of ignorance, yet still is ever Present.

Unwrapping all the add-ons we constantly apply,is the key. One trap is that we ‘think’ we can find it. ‘It’ can never be found as it was never lost. Presence always abides despite obfuscation. 

So, the starting point we begin with is imperative. If we start from a deficit, we retain deficit-ness. If we start from future we miss the Now. If we want to ‘get it’ for ourselves, we can’t because there is no-one to get it. If we ‘push’ for it, we ‘push’ right past It. Efforts must be questioned.

GP2C3355.jpegAwareness unequivocally has no pushing, no starting, no future, and cannot be found. ‘It’ Is formless-ness  perceiving, that has no ‘other’. No subject/object. It Is a zero, not even a one. Nothingness Is in the ‘no form’ of spaciousness, absolute silence, and stillness that Is alive with Love, and cannot be found, as It’s Presence Is everywhere.

‘Presence everywhere’ can be translated to Being the background to everything, every form, as Seen by Nothing-ness. Being the background to all that arises and falls has no illusions. Only acceptance. Only acceptance, as what is there to resist when You Are everything?

Acceptance is also key for unwrapping the Present. Acceptance has no waiting. Waiting has too much density and is a refusal of Now. Waiting is jumping out of the Now. 

Acceptance is so vast that it allows everything, even our worst fears and narcissistic attitudes to arise. There is nothing that can overcome Acceptance. Absolutely nothing is dismissed, as Acceptance  Is everything. And all ‘that’ Is perfect. Accepting ‘perfect’, despite the seeming shenanigans of mind/thought, is allowing Acceptance to be the vastness that it is without question. 

GP2C3359.jpegUnwrapping Presence we find ’Nothing-ness’. This Is the best gift ever. Why? Because It Is everything. Is there more than everything? 

GP2C3346.jpegFinding nothing is the ‘finding’ we were looking for. Who we Are Is the vastness of everything that is the fullness of Formless-ness. This permanence Is the Everything that allows every thing to arise/fall.   

And this Presence can only seemingly be obscured. The offering is letting go of ’stuff’ that marginalizes us into a narrow view. Letting go of holding on to anything, gives space, gives acceptance, to “What Is”. Having ‘no view’ is the most freedom available and is ‘perfect’ for everything to Be.It is your Present unwrapped right Now.

Love Is only Love right Now.    Daddy’OGP2C3349




It Is all Awareness. However, our perseveration on phenomena enhances conditioning to the point of over-looking what Is non-phenomenally present. 

0004.jpegPresence never leaves. It Is in the not ‘never’ always ‘ever’ availability. This of course is in stark contrast to the rising and falling of the dreamscape called our so-called life.  The dreamscape too is contained within the dreaming called Nothingness. Nothingness is dreaming the content called the dream. Nothingness is the undefinable context that allows the definable dream to be played out.

0005.jpegPresence of Self is the focusing of Awareness on Awareness, not phenomena. There of course is no ‘doing’ there, as there is no ‘doer’ nor anything that needs to get done.

0006.jpegSince there is no self,  there is no ‘getting’ for the seeker or another role in the dream. The ‘doing’ and ‘getting’ are illusions that are part of the proverbial and fictional ‘me’. To do or get anything, is playing the ‘me’ and making a solid commitment to the illusory ‘me’. It happens too easily when we lose the reference point of whom we really Are and believe that the dream is real.

0007.jpegWithout the ‘Knowing’ of the reference point of Presence, the consequent behaviors will have a continued separation from effortless Awareness. This ‘Knowing’ is experiential and felt through the portal of  ‘I Am’. 

0008.jpegThe ‘I Am’  is the door that either locks us up in phenomena or the door that liberates Us from the illusory ‘me’. This door represents the butting up of  Presence and illusion.  The ‘I Am’  is neutral in that it is the last and first ‘something’ between Nothingness and everything.

0010.jpegWalking through the ‘I Am’ door leaves the dreamer and the dreamt and reveals the dreaming that is just Being. Being or Presence is formless and un-manifest. This is the space behind the space (metaphorically).

0012.jpegBeing Awareness to the point of Seeing Awareness is to still see phenomena but primarily Seeing the Seeing. The Knowing reveals the Seeing the Seeing as Consciousness playing with form and formlessness. At this point there is no difference between content and context as ‘It’ all Is Consciousness. The ‘separation’ no longer exists nor really ever existed. 

0011.jpegThe view is no view as there is no longer two (advaita).  Everything is Love and nothing but Love. This is Seeing the Seeing as there is nothing but the Seeing. The dream is no longer just the dream. The dreaming is ‘Being’ being phenomena. The difference is really no difference. 

0009It is just an expression of Awareness/consciousness.  Seeing the Seeing is seeing the  formless being the form and then the formless, again and again. It Is all consciousness.

0013.jpegPerceiving the perceived is Perceiving the form while Being the Perceiving and never not the formless nor the illusory form. It Is all Perceiving or Awareness.

0016.jpegEverything Is Love Loving Love. Daddy’O0014.jpeg



And there is no ‘me’. The ‘me’ is most often there as part of the forgetting. But the ‘me’ is more like a sign pointing ‘Us’ to ‘Us’. To suggest that we stop at a sign like ‘me’, is to suggest that the sign is the stopping point versus going to our destination. 

0004.jpegTo make a wrong decision to stop at the ‘me’ for peace and happiness, is to miss our destiny of no stopping anywhere for anything at anytime. The destination is no destination, meaning we are just Being. 

Being Is the destination. The infinite loop of Being Being has no stops as It Is being everything. Being Is being everything because ‘It’ Is everything. Everything Is everything to include the sign pointing i.e. ‘me’. 

0000.jpegThe forgetting of being Everything is the locking down of the perennial movement of the aliveness into a stop called ‘me’. The ‘me’ emphasis and/or exclusivity, commands a parochial and narrow focus of Self to the degree that we stay comfortably yet uncomfortably in the ‘me’. 

The ‘discomfort’ is what we feel when we feel for some relief. The relief never really comes in any permanent way, as the ‘me’ continues to subsist at our pleasure. And we also believe in a big way, that the ‘me’ can have lasting pleasure somewhere down the road. The future never comes as planned and/or pursued, and the discomfort again, never really leaves.

0005.jpegThe ‘me’ is an occupier of space, restricting, constricting, and jailing our Selves in smallness. And the ‘me’ can’t see that. But the ‘me’ is not in charge. But if you ask the ‘me’, which we do all the time, the answer is in the affirmative. It is always about the ‘me’ whether we know it or not, whether we articulate it or not.

The ‘me’ can’t help it because identity is deeply conditioned into this ‘idea’ soon after self- awareness is achieved developmentally. A serial history of false identity and cement boots of belief are put on, making it difficult to un-jail ourselves from the ‘me’. 

‘Me’ can never get out of the ‘me’ when we start and end with ‘me’. The starting point is not the ‘me’.

The starting point is the Priorness prior to the establishment of the ‘me’. This Self has no locatable stopping/starting unlike the ‘me’. It Is the Everything in everything without Being anything (no stops ever). 

0006.jpegThe Priorness is not to be achieved or pushed for, as it has a permanent establishment that has never started and will never end. Everything is the Priorness except ‘It’ has no stops and is verbing constantly with silence and stillness. At one level, what ‘stops’ is the ‘me’ and not the ‘Priorness’. But the Priorness is ‘Everything’ and ultimately everything.

The bandwidth of ‘Everything’ is everything plus. Starting ‘here’ is accepting the “What Is” completely. That is something the ‘me’ cannot do, as acceptance is not a ‘doing’. It is a letting go of the ‘me’ and it’s petty needs, protections, and desires.

Everything Is Everything Is complete, effortless, and perfect. The perfection is the yes, yes, yes of all phenomena arising while Being nothing, creating and giving space to the Everything occurring and not occurring.

0002Peace and happiness are the Priorness, the Everything in everything. This peace/happiness Is. No events can displace It and/or start It. It just Is. The ‘me’ is a point in infinity among other points in infinity, with infinity moving past all points as there is no stopping in timelessness, ever.

Be ‘that’ Moment, the Moment that never stops, starts, or ends. This Is Everything. This Is Love Loving Loving ad infinitum.  Daddy’O0003  


‘No View’ IS THE VIEW0008.jpeg

There is no view in Formless-ness. And we are Formless-ness first.

Awareness is not a view except when we force it on Awareness. Then is it really Awareness? The ‘view’ is then narrow and fixed.

The formless-ness of Awareness is compromised when we say that ‘we’ have Awareness. Who is the ‘we’? When we start with the ‘we’ or ‘me’, we start at a fixed illusion. This starting point immediately provides a limitation to the fullness of Awareness/Formless-ness.

0006.jpegWhen we say that we have to increase our Awareness by striving to be Awareness, we again impose limitations, due to coming from a pretentious and arbitrary starting point, i.e. illusory self.

0007.jpegThe point here is that the Universe did not begin with the ‘idea’ of ‘me’. The ‘me’ is an artificial belief created like any other thing that has characteristics of being a temporal phenomena. It is a mis-identity with structural limitation. It has never been real nor ever will be enduring.  To start here is to go nowhere. To have a ‘view’ from here, is to herald the illusion.

0004.jpegNothingness has no view. Why would it? Nothingness Is everything without Being anything. The emptiness/spaciousness of ’Nothingness’ has no room for a view. Having a ‘view’ Here would be a ‘stop’ or landing. The infinite cannot be the infinite when a ’stop’ is defined as being part of this eternity.

Having ’no view’ is having no ‘stops’. There is ‘nothing’ to land. What is perceiving cannot be perceived. There is no trying in Beingness. It just Is. When Everything Is everything where can the ‘view’ be?

“You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe -an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where  the universe is becoming conscious of itself.” -Eckhart Tolle 

0000.jpegThe first step of Seeing the Seeing is Seeing everything as Awareness. To start with the ‘me’ or the person is to misstep. The extreme limitation of ‘me’ reduces the Fullness into a narrow funnel. Beginning every Moment from ‘Everything’ first, gives a spaciousness  that affirms ‘What Is’ i.e. a full acceptance. Acceptance is a no-argument with what is happening at all times.

Acceptance is more easily found when we See that whatever is happening is ‘perfect’. When our heart ’Sees’ perfect there is no argument and there is an acknowledgement of  ‘no view’, without trying. Acceptance accepts everything as it Is everything. That is perfect. 

0002.jpegThis letting go allows Everything to Be everything effortlessly. When there is ‘no view’ there is no jump to judgment. The openness of Everything never closes. The aliveness is perpetual. The stops never exist. It Is Beingness Being Being.

0001.jpegThe broadness of Beingness Is a constant Seeing of the Seeing everywhere and in every Moment effortlessly. The Fullness is a felt Presence without the need for thinking and/or perseverating on the ‘me’. The Fullness is primary as it Is Everything without limits (no view).

0003.jpegWhen there are no lines drawn in Nothingness; what can be left and felt is but Nothingness and perfection. Be ’That’ effortlessly Here and Now.

The Love Is Love Loving Love, Daddy’O




There is nowhere to land this thing. Understanding that understanding is not a viable methodology for ‘getting it’. Leaving understanding as a place reserved for ‘things’, is understanding that there is a place for understanding. 

0004.jpegThis ‘thing’ called spirituality is still a ‘thing’. That is, spirituality is a concept in search of understanding. If we land ‘here’ we are not ‘there’ because ‘here’ and ‘there’ are fixed places that have lost their essential dynamic of aliveness. Essentially, when we are ‘fixed’ or we have ‘landed’, we make a stop where there are really no stops.

0006.jpegWe are then essentially forms demanding to continue to be forms. Forms are ’stops’ or landings that evoke a completion or end. All that is OK for forms. But are we a form first and last? Forms are landings that when settled on, stop movement and aliveness. ‘We’ are not sticking anywhere as Beings Being.

0003.jpegThe idea of ‘looking’ for a ‘landing’ is an acknowledgement of being stuck in a form for a form, neither of which goes anywhere. Understanding that understanding is a loss leader for being Being, is understanding that understanding is not ‘the way’.

0000.jpegPure Knowing is not ‘understanding’. Pure Knowing is knowing ‘Knowing’ or Awareness, is being aware of Awareness without the necessity of ’thinking’ or ‘understanding’. Conceptual thinking and conceptual understanding are limitations due to their subsequent status indigenous to creation or phenomena.

0002.jpegWhat ‘Is’,  ‘Is’,  with no help from ‘ideas’ to try to state what is prior to concepts. ‘Isness’ is undefinable given conceptual restraints. Defining ‘Isness’ is like trying to land the ‘Formless’ when it should be obvious there is ‘nothing’ to land.

‘Looking for a landing’ is using our Beingness to find Beingness in a ‘thing’ or location. That effort is futile, as there is no location, as Beingness Is all locations and not locatable as a ‘thing’ or concept.

0007.jpegThis is the freedom of Beingness, Being everywhere/nowhere, Being Formless while Being in forms. To try to land ’This’ is to not know the nature of our Nature. Yet, at the same time, the struggle is that we continue to ‘land’ someplace, somewhere with some thing, nonstop.

Being ’Nothingness’ means that there is only room for nothing. Putting ‘something’ in ‘nothing’ ruins ‘nothingness’. This spaciousness is spaciousness because ‘nothing’ sticks to it resulting in no sticking points.

The ‘me’ is always looking for something to buttress its apparent falseness. It will try to land spirituality like it lands everything else. Why wouldn’t it?!

0008.jpegThe intention here is to embrace the ‘Knowing’ as ourselves. Our selves being ‘nothing’ and this ‘nothingness’ having nothing to ‘do’ with the ‘me’.

See the ‘me’ as the phenomena it is. The ‘me’ is what is perceived. What is perceiving cannot be found as a ’thing’. See the phenomena and ‘Be’ the Seeing, effortlessly (without trying).

The ‘me’ is a landing. See the space around the ‘me’ and the mechanism (effort) of landing the ‘me’. Perceiving has no stops, ever. See ‘It’. Pure Knowing has no stops or places to land. It is not a concept. 

0001.jpegTo ‘have’ a concept is for the concept to have you. There is no-one Present to have a concept. The ‘Knowing’ is not conceptual as there is no ‘me’ to have anything and/or to land anywhere. Be ’That’, forever falling free.

Love Loves Loving, Daddy’O image.png