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DSC00526The 50 million dollar moment is increasing due to inflation and entropy. Soon the cost will be even more staggering as the cost of being in the Moment is being carried farther away. Social media is perhaps to blame. We are being saturated by morphings of Facebook, Twitter, Proctor & Gamble, Google, and up-and-coming start-ups and buyouts. Corporate technology has bought into “the moment”.

Reality says that the “Moment” is always the same, constantly changing in real time, all the time, in it’s travel through forever.

GP2C9641The facts on the ground are that the ‘moment’ is the buzzword that currently defines ‘chic’ and relevant. Twitter reviewed the past year of hashtags called “Moments”. Instagram has increased it’s platform to not only include photos but videos and direct messaging, that have “meaningful moments”.
Spotify CEO calls the tune when he says “We’re not in the music space. We’re in the moment space.” Facebook’s new app is, you guessed it, “Moments”.

“Moments” are sometimes truly beyond standardized time especially when we are in the “zone” or “flow” of connecting ourselves with things we love and/or totally involved with, like ‘love’ or work we love. Moments are stretched like a temple bell resounding and resonating from audible to the inaudible. If we are there, and are indistinguishable from what we are experiencing, we not only lose ourselves but we lose our sense of time.

Overuse of our ubiquitous technology is a problem for corporate looking for a share of our time. The more meaningful we ‘make’ the time we spend with their product, the sales pitch says, the more human our connection is to ourselves and everyone else, in relation to ‘that’ redefinition of the ‘moment’.

GP2C9645Even when we “Escape to Wisconsin”, in our tech savvy vehicles, technology follows us like a hawk. Cameras, dash front and camera rear, record our every mile on our digital odometer. “Escape” is becoming more difficult.

Capturing the moment is a form of honoring the past and reliving it, often kicking the present moment out. “We may never get that moment back”, cautions Kevin Systrom of Instagram. The closer truth is that any moment is truly more meaningful when we are fully present in the beat of each one. Marketing seizes the opportunity exploiting and justifying it’s ’take’.

Proctor & Gamble’s 2005 “first moment of truth” and Google’s later (ZMOT) “zero moment of truth” campaigns, codified buying decisions in the currency of ’the moment’. Trending ‘real-time moments”, “everyday moments”, micro-moments”, and other redefinitions of “moment”, make it all mindfully relevant despite the blatant superficiality.

We cannot successfully respond to everything (including text messages) and not be overpowered by ubiquitous media. The ego is being given more opportunities to be relevant when compulsion raises it’s ugly head. What is on the chopping block of the mind is amplified and compounded by media. We get lost in the next big ’thing’ that is ‘supposed’ to make our life easier and more relevant, when we don’t see the traps set for us.

When we can marinate and savor the ‘moment’, in real time, we inculcate circuitry in the brain that over time establishes wiring automating this signal into the effortless zone. A habit like “sitting” can hardwire our brain into creating supportive zones of not reacting to all that stimuli. Being The Moment is not reacting. There is no pushing or trying. Thinking is minimally employed. Beingness does not need thinking for processing connection to Self and others.

The ‘moment’ of eternity is the Now. The moment of our life at any time, is the Now. Life divined by what is really true, is life always being full in the true moment of our Being. There can never be a truer moment than Now. Which means that every moment we exist, we can experience the eternity of our Being. If our ‘Beingness” is eternal then we are always in the eternal Now. It cannot be otherwise. The other ‘times’ we experience can only be distortions of Now (or time).

Release any compulsiveness of attachment to technology and Be The Moment.

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