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There is no method. Methods are for structuring a belief system. Ego is an illusion. The doer or thinker is a mere idea. Most often, we are in our own way with a false doing by a false actor. ‘The method’ is no method.

The underlying truth is that nothing can be separated from ‘Everything’. Ego runs on imperfection. Separation is imperfection amplified. What is separating is only a seeming appearance of Oneness. The actors are only ‘Oneness’ playing the actors. The actors never can become real. That would be an illusion.

What Is fully integrated as Us is Us. This ‘Us’ has no need to look for ‘Us’. Us just Is, effortlessly. To See only ‘Us’ is to not leave any thing behind. It Is all Us. No separation. Totality appears as Us with no ‘other’ unless we believe ‘the big lie’ of ‘other’. ‘This’ Is the dance that Life (Totality) dances with what appears as ‘other’. It Is only Everything Being everything.

There is no ‘what happened’ because there is no time, only Now. It Is always ‘what’s happening’. Anything ‘more’ is ‘less’ or illusion. Even the appearance of ‘time’ is an illusion. What is happening right Now is seeing, tasting, touching, hearing, smelling, thinking, with Awareness Knowing it all. Going to ‘what happened’ as a ‘happening’ is getting lost in the details. ‘What happened’ is no longer real. The ‘aliveness’ is not a finished product. It is never finished. It Is always ‘aliv-ing’. Never stopping to gloat on Itself. Happening is always happening.

To create a character to attach ‘to’, is to create a personal false identity when ‘identity’ is truly an ‘impersonal everything’, playing and dancing every ‘seeming’ other. Leaving personal identity aside, is like an instrument that is played and then set aside. This allows the Totality to flow through unimpeded. Empty of story, desire, and ‘doing’, the ‘you and me’ become ‘Us’. ‘Us’ then dances freely in the heart unfiltered and unbound. Life seemingly Becomes ‘Us’ (as it never wasn’t ‘Us’).

Start from giving space to ’nothing’, then Being becomes everything as It Is everything already. There is no holding anything. Who would hold it?!There is no ‘looking for’. It Is -just Being. Finding Nothing is finding Everything.