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Do Not Listen To Anything I Just Said.

Do not listen to anything I have said.

It means nothing.  It means nothing if it is just something that is said.  It is when we employ what we know (or say) in our lives that meaning has begun to be established.  Test it out.  Direct experience is where it all happens.  The level of thought is only the level of thought.  That is not reality.  Thought is not reality.  Thought is not even the doing.  Action is where the rubber hits the road.  It crystallizes what was thought and actualizes meaning.  This ‘doing’ is important but also has limited meaning  when done without consciousness.  It’s kinda like doing things without thinking or even better, like doing things without mindfulness.  Impulses, archetypes, prejudices, attitudes, habits are all barriers to direct experience.  This conditioning is programming that may as well be done by Microsoft.  And when the programming crashes we wonder where it came from, dah.  Have we not updated our software of our habitual existence?  Or have we mindlessly poked along with dated ideas and limited capacities?  
So it is imperative to listen and hear deeply, other models of being so that we can challenge ourselves to see the glitches in our self-designed interpretation of reality.  Are we getting closer to the direct experience that is beyond the drag of old paradigms and habitual thinking?  Can we see our own barriers to our own progress moment by moment?  Do we understand that even reading this now, it takes more than a shrug of yea or nay to overturn our patterns?  Are we ready to test out with full commitment, an alternate way of being?
Don’t listen to anything I have just wrote.  Test it out, thoroughly with >50% commitment.  Otherwise it is just nice talk.  Nice talk, if I may be so bold, is not the energy that you have been looking for in this life.  Daddy’OImage

You Know What You Don’t Know

You know don’t you?

In my conversations with random people concerning spiritual matters, it has always been intuited to me that others do know.  They know but they forgot.  It sounds like this idea is just being made up to please the other person.  Inwardly, when coursing the Moment, it really is the truth.  And it is verified by one’s own experience.  If we give our higher self a chance, the information really is there, deep within.  IT is hampered by the ego/mind.  And in this pursuit one must know the difference between the energy of the ego/mind and the energy of the Being state.  The quality is marked and pronounced and completely different.  Without going into all the differences, the Being state is nonjudgemental, quiet, and seccure versus all the typical issues of the ego/mind.  Typically the ego/mind wants to dominate and often overshadows the Higher Self with its ostentatiousness and need for control.  The showboating and need to impress reveals the fictitous ego.  When you ‘see’ the difference you can effortlessly lean towards the Self and become who you really are all the time.  “Seeing” must be active to effect this shift in consciousness.  Seeing (awareness)  is consciousness. So this exercise in itself produces the awareness which is the hallmark of wisdom.  Wisdom is never a thing that someone gives you.  It is a built-in characteristic that often is unkempt and repressed.  IT is always there.  So wisdom is like your window being cleaned (maybe by someone else) and you start to see the treasures you have within.  IT was always there.  You just couldn’t see IT.  IT is there now, especially NOW.  Being in the Moment is hanging out in the right conditions of less ego and more awareness.  The Moment is the right time zone for you to communicate and call to Yourself and get the answer You were looking for.  Peter Drucker said managers do the tasks correctly and leaders do the right things.  Similarily, wisdom is not the ‘book’ knowledge but the way to do the right things in conformance with the harmony of the universe.   Daddy’O

Robert Persig

One book that you may not think you will benefit from is a book by Robert Pirsig. It was written in 1974 and is really timeless. There are intellectual treats in there that get your cognitive mind thinking hard. It was a milestone book that helped define the era. Check it out. “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An inquiry into Values.”
You have a soul that is going from infinity to infinity, up and down the forms of the universe. You are the drop that is part of the ocean. Your ingredients are the ocean’s ingredients except you have a particular code/job to do in the universe. The form you take is temporary. It is the role of an actor in a play. You are the actor. And if you remember and connect with the Director you get the cues. Problem is you forgot that this is as temporary as a play. Despite its limited play, it is essential to give your best performance. You have been assigned as an actor to play a specific role. Play the role convincingly. And when you do, people will applaud its authenticity. The best actors have the best times on stage because they fool the audience into believing its real. At the end of the day the audience and the actors leave knowing it was not real but remember the performances that sucked them in. In life we are responsible for putting out our best efforts on this stage. The efforts are our soul’s code. This is assuming we are listening to the Director within. If we are not listening then we cannot give a good performance due to being dysfunctional. Confusion comes in when we listen to the character and not the Director. How can you give a good acting job if you are not in tune with the play and other actors? All the actors should be constantly listening for cues from the Director. 

As to being annihilated at death, we cathect energy all the time. We desire success for ourselves and our children, as an example. Nothing bad about that. However, if death approaches before these desires get fulfilled, we have energized a sort of debt that needs to be remunerated in the next karmic experience we have. If we have no desires or debts, then there is nothing to hold us unless we become bodhisatvas. Our identity, to a certain extent, is both the skillful and unskillful ways we have cathected our energies. It is a seed that will in its own time reach fruition. The law of karma.
When you worry about your legacy and your continuing on, you pronounce your attachment to the temporary phenomenon of the actor’s role. If anything you are the Director (in the egoless sense only). When you absolutely know that this life is impermanent you still attach yourself to the temporary instead of the permanent. You want permanent at the end. Whatever you practice now will show up at the end. Practice Being now, Seeing always. See the Silence. It is there you will find yourself, always. Then act, like you’ve never acted before!

A book to look at.

Just read “the Dude And The Zen Master”.  It is a useful book that does not appear to be useful.  It appears to be entertaining.  It is entertaining but it conveys the message of Buddhism or for those who are locked down in their thinking, the way of the mind.  The book uses the casual but informed Jeff Bridges to articulate the Dude and to articulate himself  vis-a-vis Buddhism.  Anyways, him and Bernie pass on some essential thinking in everyday situations  that we all can understand.  Meaning, this book does not read like a text book with stages laid out.  Those books are useful but can be erudite and irrelevant to “my life”.  For instance, the desire to keep one’s identity can be stronger than one’s sense of connectedness.  (If we cant connect ourselves to the Energy, and the Energy is where others and I connect optimally, then we will always have this feeling of separateness and its consequences.)  No connectedness results in alienation and a loss of community and its mutuality of goals.  //  You can’t use words to taste an apple; you taste it.  //  We are in resonance with the whole universe because we are that universe.  But how do we experience it?  By getting into that space where that’s all we experience; bearing witness ( a full experience of seeing and being).  “Practice, man.  That’s what scratches my itch.”  Jeff Bridges  //  Miles DAvis -“Don’t worry about mistakes, there aren’t any.”  //  Karma -now a western word that speaks to our   interconnectedness.//  Whoever is not here, please stand up.  

Getting a grip on things.

Good thoughts can easily house deep denial and/or clever blind spots.  Who would ever think that I would hide out there?  An example, “If I continue to do these good things for other people then they will not think what I think about myself, that is, that I am not good enough, ever.”  This type of thinking/hiding is often found in the domain of good thoughts.  The advantage of ‘thinking”  good thoughts is that they displace other less desirable thoughts, and that is good.  Except we are still stuck believing we are our thoughts.  Problem is we cannot just jump out and declare ourselves done.  The silent mantra to self technique is good for corralling the mind/thought spiral, especially downward spiral.  It is habit/practice-based and can be quite a lever for wedging out those knotty patterns.   I would choose mantra over thought replacement because you never really, firmly get past the thoughts.  With mantra repetition you can get a little perspective and get peeks of the mind from the witness state.  Use a word (or words) that is absolutely revolutionary for your heart .  Do not be changing the mantra, again and again.  “Love self, love all” can be a mantra.  “See the tiger”, Be The Moment, “I love you”, anything that works for you (not me).  IT is your path, you choose.  I would add to “See”  as much as effortlessly possible when doing this technique.  “Seeing” never stops.  Daddy’O

A reply.

Reply to Good/Bad Thoughts

You do not have to agree with me. As a matter of fact, it is probably best that you don’t. It is best that you thoroughly test out the reality of the hypothesis. At this juncture you need these ‘good’ thoughts. Yes? Without them where would you Be? I pun. Being does not need these thoughts, good or bad. Being just Is. Now that makes sense if you can get your mind out of the way. First, do not fret over this. That is the mind. See the fretting but watch out for the explosive narrative. Keep seeing and you’ll be Being more. Right now we need the ‘good’ thoughts because they are our anchors. We are not ready to pitch them into the darkness. They do give us solace. However, these are thoughts (temporary phenomena). Just ‘know’ this while looking at the background. See the background while experiencing the foreground. No ‘pushing’ feels right. Always go with that and ‘see’. When it doesn’t make sense and falls apart, see that. “Seeing’ never stops. IT is MOST honest. Be That. Daddy’O

Connection over just a thought.

Self-deception is always there to overcome.  It is not enough to give a shrug and say that is not me.  It is always advisable to “see”  constantly and practice vigilance with all the thoughts we harbor.  When we are enjoying things with our thoughts, we think we are ok.  Why wouldn’t we?  We feel good.  This type of situation is where blind spots hangout.  The delusion is often sensory.  Seeing one’s crap is more difficult when we feel right just because of a superficial thought.  The thought is just a thought unless it is grounded in the deeper connection that we all are, always.  The quality of energy is less judgmental and less bound when it is grounded in Being.  We sometimes think we can’t enjoy it as much when we can’t be ‘attached’ to it in a grasping way.  Grasping is needy, and needy is not integrated.   Daddy’O

Are good thoughts good?

The difficulty of ‘thinking’ good thoughts. What could be wrong with thinking good thoughts?! Com’n now! Is nothing sacred? It, on occasion, may be difficult to have thoughts that are quote ‘good’. Really, that is not what the ‘real’ problem is. The real problem is what is “real”. Are the ‘good’ thoughts real? Or are they just thoughts? They certainly are preferred over debilitating thoughts, evil thoughts, and hateful, spiteful thoughts, yes? Of course. What is important is to remember when thinking thoughts that are acceptable, honorable, or whatever positive characteristic we and society put out, they, at the end of the day (i prefer Moment), are just thoughts. Certainly they do normally preclude good acts and speech. And thank (your deity) for that. Bottom line, thoughts that promote good are great! The issue comes in if we think that we are done with our evolvement after issuing all these good and great thoughts. One problem is if we think these thoughts, we may indulge in them where we get lost and disconnected. We lose our Awareness (mindfulness, if you like) and we may lose our connection to who we really are in the Moment. We certainly are never our thoughts (get over it, its true). Thoughts will always be thoughts because that is the limitation that they are, their “Isness”. Certainly we can rank order thoughts, but that still leaves us with thoughts. Thoughts are not the endpoint, are they? They are effective but in a limited finite way. Awareness and Being (connectedness) are the infinite in this paradigm of life forces. Their permanence hails their imperativeness. Thoughts are as fleeting as….well…thoughts. Bubbles waiting to burst and dissipate. Ergo, when we ‘think’ good thoughts we may ‘think’ we are done because we became good. Sorry. Your bubble will have to burst on this one (in this case your thought).
Connectedness to who you really are (Being, Awareness, Bliss) is what matters. Without that a priori connection you dont mean shit to a tree, to be blunt. You are informed with this connection that truly is beyond thought. “Be the ‘Be’, the do the do.” Your thoughts, words, and actions have a ‘basis’ that is sound and integrated before thought. Be ‘that’ always. Even a ‘good’ thought can cause us problems when it causes a disconnect with our true selves. We know that indulging in ‘bad’ thoughtscan disconnect us. But do we realize that the good thoughts have the same hazard? Good thoughts can be worse because we ‘think’ we won’t be disconnected. Wake up and smell the roastaroma mocha spice! Take your spotlight and flood it for a second to get the big picture. Thoughts are products of mind. Thoughts are outcomes using the tool called the mind.  Do not be a tool.  Just ‘Be’, and See, and enjoy the Moment from your deep connection that is far from your parade of dazzling thoughts. Daddy’O