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Pem Chodron -some general advice.

Are we open to the inevitability of change?

Expecting stability is a set up according to Pem Chodron. We try to freeze ourselves and freeze others so we think we can find stability. This insulates us from reality putting us on a bubble. Instead we should show vulnerability and develop strength and fearlessness.

When we open up to life and acknowledge impermanence, we can use our awareness. Awareness, is not hiding out. Getting stability is found in the facilitating of change and movement past out static ideas of self.

Pem Chodron: suffering is not the result of things that happen to us; it’s how we relate to the things that happen to us that causes us to suffer.

Nothing sometimes counts.

As far as a starting point is concerned ask yourself this.  In the Moment, what choice have I made?  Do I choose to believe my thoughts, my patterns of behavior, my reactions?  Or do I choose to ‘see’ all that garbage and choose to Be?  You cannot choose to Be without letting go of all that stuff.  That is the problem, our fascination and presumed ‘need’ to do something. Sometimes the best thing we can do is nothing.  Nothing, because we see the ‘stuff’ but it is too compelling to do anything but watch.  ‘Nothing’ in this case, is better than giving in and acting out the rhythm of the pattern.  To get the right starting point, seeing or awareness (aka mindfulness) is paramount.  ‘Seeing” is optimized in the Moment.  ‘Seeing’ is compromised when we are being artificial and in the unreality of the past (“I hate myself for doing that.”) and in the unreality of the future (“I’m mad as hell about that and I’m going to show him”.)  So, first ground yourself in the Moment by breathing and hooking up with your body.  (Your body is always in the Moment.)  Ask yourself deeply if everything is ‘ok’ right now.  The answer is not cognitive, it “IS” and it is “yes”, everything is ok right now (Because it is).  Feel the connection to the space deep inside you, the quietness.  Choose to be with that and carry that with you every moment (or whenever possible).  This is the choice we are making literally every moment.  Be the Moment.  Daddy’O

Be more.

The more I can Be, the more I Am.

Be Bold!  Awareness is everything.  Awareness is everything or nothing, depending on how we choose in the Moment.  First , Be in in just one of the 86400 moments in a 24 hour period.  Give up your ‘need’ to do that something else which you have been doing for 86399 moments in a day.  Just this one time, do it.  Be it.  See it.  See yourself being driven by irrational patterns and reactivity.  Do not embellish.  Just see.  Really see, just for  MOMENT.  AND THEN relax.  See what you did by ‘seeing’.  See how things changed in that moment.  See the liberty you had in getting beyond the ego/mind for that instance of time.  See that you can do it again, and again, one moment after another.  Become that Awareness, effortlessly.  Daddy’O

Do not waste time.

There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour period. We do not want to give the majority of time to our Selves. Rather we continually sellout to the ego/mind. If we can get into the hundreds of seconds, then shortly we will arrive in Being in the thousands of seconds. The Way becomes clear the closer we come to the destination. Be The Moment!


When life delivers a trauma like cancer, death, betrayal, or loss of our smartphone, we react.  Often we go into a tailspin that is truly out of control.  We think we can never recover.  But what has happened?  We first identify with the event and make it “ours’.  This is in contrast to the 2nd thing that happens almost immediately.  We start to push it away,to resist it and make it go away.  We feel like running and escaping to some place safer.  But where is this going on?  In your mind, all this reaction, idea-making, conclusion and revulsion occurs.  This is NOT to say that we should resist what happened.  Look at what happened, closely.  We put two oppositional ideas together and may begin to see why there is major conflict.  Do we have to choose to own the action?  Yes we have a choice and its NOT denial, as the skillful choice.  The skillful choice is to see, accept, and allow the event to pass through without our obstructions and control ( owning).  There will be no need to push it away if we don’t own it in the first place.  All things do pass and so shall any of these temporary phenomena. See everything in the Moment and let the old Moment go.  It is no longer the Moment when it is no longer now.  Seeing or awareness, is everything we need to do.    Daddy’O

Thoughts coming in and staying. Staying and taking over by dominating Us. This precludes our ability to have “direct experience”. “Direct experience” is in the Presence. Thoughts, those stuck in your head or any other kind, are not in reality. They become the reality, that is, a false reality. The benefits of life and what Presence offers us, is compromised. For example, our happiness is shut down until we get out of this lower consciousness. Our decisions and executive functioning are compromised. For what is happening as a result of non-seeing and attachment, we lose a lot. A thought can perseverate for years, even a lifetime. The advantage of this type of thought is that it can be seen easily because it is such a ‘regular’. So if we see this ‘regular’ guy show up hour after hour, day after day, and we do nothing about is, then are we really putting forth our spiritual path? Are we employing awareness, the most powerful tool available? Are we seeing our “stuck ness “? Are we realizing we are being a slave to the mind?

See the “subtle” and powerful changes will occur.
When you have thoughts coming thru you, the thoughts are best regarded as just thoughts. If we identify them as ” ours”, then we start to own them. This is the beginning of creation of future problems. Subtle effects take place either way, mine or not mine. There will be nothing to fix if we classify correctly in the first contact. You lose nothing by doing this. Just the problems are lost.
Enjoy the freedom.  Daddy’O


You are the background not the foreground.

Be like the blank space I am typing on now makes it available to write anything I want, you have the same basis to be anything you want.  This ‘blank’ space is the basis.   Be the blank space, the open projection screen, the tabula rasa.  This is who you are.  Without it no emails are sent, movies are shown, or cuneiform is written.  Always, say it again, always have that source of infinite ness as your basis, as your starting point for every single moment.  Start right now.  Be the Moment!  Daddy’O


We are not some idea in our mind. We are the depth of the backdrop of your universe and the universe itself.  The artificial constructs we experience are not real.  We believe they are, wrongly.  Know the difference, not so much right and wrong, as the difference from direct experience and the reaction to some idea that crawled into our mind.  Additionally, we are not our mind anyways, despite the ideas there.

 Listen and SEE deeply w out trying and experience the energy and bliss.  It is there. We will find ourselves in the direct experience of life itself when not limited by our limitations.


A la I Pad -See the tiger. Do not ride the tiger.  Daddy’O