There is nothing outside of Self. There is no ‘person’ Be-ing. To add a ‘person’ is to add the ‘unreal’ to the ‘real’. Be-ing does not need or require any noun to Be. Adding any ‘thing’ to the No-thing-ness is akin to adding physicality to non-physicality. The non-physicality of Beingness is already everything without Being anything.

The denser frequencies of creating a physical self is always a temporary manifestation of Life expressing Itself without diminishing Itself. The manifestations underscore Self. They do not in any manner replace Self. Temporary expressions of ‘person’ are expressly not replacements for Self, as Self Is always timelessly Self.

The ‘person’ is never meant to replace Self. That would then be ‘the temporary’ replacing ‘the permanence’ of Being. The ‘person’ ideally is a channel for the Divinity of Life to express Itself through form. The person is merely a form expressing the unlimitedness of Formlessness.

Forms, even apart from the human form, are all expressions of Divinity. How could It ‘Be’ otherwise? When ‘All That Is’ Is ‘All That Is’, what is left?!

The ‘See-ing’ of Being does not need a ‘See-er’. The believing in a ‘see-er’ binds Us out of the elegance of just ‘See-ing’. The ‘see-er’ is merely a character in a story we overplay as being real/personal. This limitation of believing in the construct, robs Us of Being unlimited-ness/form-less Being. Just Being, with no additions Is ‘Us’.

‘This character’ cannot get out of the character because the character is merely a one dimensional construct that has no real volition. The movie this character is in has volition only in the movie. The role of the character in the movie is limited to the character in the movie.

The character never really gets out of the movie (as the character). What Is playing the character is/was never stuck in the movie. ‘That’ You has always been free of the constraints of the movie.

Playing the character does not mean You Are the character. What ‘You’ rests as is always ‘You’ unless You allow Yourself to believe otherwise. And ‘You’ can never really be lost as ‘You’ can never not Be ‘You’ (except seemingly so).

The ‘correction’ of identity is ‘not’ after getting stuck in the character. Using ‘after’ would require the character to be the liberator. The character does not have the bandwidth to ‘Know’ liberation.

The ‘correction’ is ‘before’ the character. This ‘timelessness’ means and refers to what Is always Present. The ‘What Is’ Is never not Present. The holding and attachment to the character seemingly obscures the effortlessness to just Be. The ‘doing’ is always an over-doing because ‘This’ Is always Here.

Holding onto the somethingness of Emptiness and just ‘That’ is enough. Any more is too much. The character cannot get out of the movie to help Us.

Yet We include everything to experience the unseperate nothingness. ‘All That Is’ Is ‘All That Is’. The viewpoint is no viewpoint as ‘That’ Is all viewpoints.

You already Are Now the connection to Everything as the emptiness of nothingness. The character is a ‘someone’. You Are Everyone.


There is no one Here ‘to have’ this thought. ‘That’ would be another thought. There is no person to be Present. That would have to be a costume waking up.

The character in the story is just a character in a story. There is never a ‘somebody’ Being. ‘Somebody’ Being would still be a ‘somebody’ in a story presumably Being.

There is no ‘story’ in Being Being. The ‘need’ is not to become another ‘someone’. The fact is Beingness just ‘Is’ without the drama of a character in a story.

Surrendering all superficiality is surrendering all concepts defining Self. The surfaceness of ideas does not go deep enough to plumb what is prior, i.e. Being Beingness. The nature of ‘superficiality’ is ‘superficiality’. All ‘that’ is indigenous to the surface.

The depth and prior-ness of Being defines Beingness. Here, there is nothing to understand. ‘That’ would have to be conceptual. Holding content and holding a view are constraints causing a seeming separation from a bottomless freedom to Be. Being ‘unbounded’ has no constraints as ‘that’ Is Being All That Is.

Nothing is separate in Nothingness. There is no outside nor inside. There is nothing missing Here. Everything is included in experiencing experiencing. At the same time, there is no one there ‘to have’ an experience. It Is just Experiencing.

Presence Is only ‘Nothingness’ Now. Thoughts are always subsequent to Being. Beingness stays before and after any thought. Being second, thought has no enduring existence. It comes and it always goes. What stays Is Presence. Presence is timelessly always Now lauding It’s emptiness/fullness/everything-ness.

The ‘person’ is real in the dream of waking time-based reality. Timelessly, the person is/was always a secondary character dancing the dance of freedom unquantified. This dance of freedom Is Us unquantified. There is no destination in the dance. The ‘dance’ is just dancing. Unquantified because our true identity Is ‘All That Is’ forever Now just dancing timelessly.

Timelessness is not a reaction nor a creation. It just Is. It has everything and nothing to do with the character we play.

Presence Is Here. Always Here with or without a some-body.


When Self Is ‘everything’ what is everything else? There Is nothing else. ‘Everything else’ is a ‘seeming’ everything else‘. A ‘seeming’ anything is only ‘imaginary’. ‘Imaginary’ does not have an enduring existence. Meaning, there is no permanence to it.

‘Everything else’ is the coming and going of phenomena. ‘Believing’ in phenomena as having a ‘permanence’ cannot give ‘it’ permanence, despite our ‘sincere’ beliefs. Beliefs are very often overrated and under-performing because they are based in a spurious phenomena called ‘thoughts/thinking’.

Making ‘beliefs’ sacred does nothing to ‘make’ beliefs more valid. That would essentially be using another concept to embellish a concept. Additionally, there is often a subtle manipulation here with the ‘sacred’ word, in that ‘we’ shouldn’t question what someone believes in.

There is a freedom in believing whatever you want. But ‘that’ does not mean that ‘it’ is necessarily true, even for ‘that’ person, let alone others. There is an equal right to question all concepts to especially include beliefs, especially our own.

Too often our own beliefs are tragically impaired upon judicious scrutiny. To go from birth to death without testing/retesting, while being given supplemental knowledge, would be ill-advised.

The strength of ‘Knowing’ Self is existentially experiential, so much so that all beliefs are trumped by direct ‘experiencing’. Only Knowing ‘Knowing’ as ultimately Being everything is enough. This ‘experiencing’ is not static where it comes and goes. Experiencing is forever ‘experiencing’ with no stops at some ‘experience’. The ultimate connection is with ‘experiencing’ not ‘experience’ per se.

To supplant ‘experiencing’ for a static ‘experience’ is to clearly choose a lesser vehicle (that has stopped ‘experiencing’) .Experiencing’ can acknowledge an experience without stopping the connection of constantly ‘experiencing’.

Even an ‘experience’ is truly not outside of Self, except ‘seemingly’ so. Unity with Self is never undermined by illusion. However, when we abide in and ‘believe’ in the illusion we create the illusion we ‘believe’ in. ‘That’ reinforces the illusion and underscores our identity with ‘it’. Despite the perseveration of illusion, the Beingness of experiencing Is unimpaired.

Ultimately there Is only Nothingness Being Nothingness. This spaceless space Is everything sine qua non. There Is no ‘other’.

The ‘Experiencing’ Is timelessly Now. ‘It’ never started/stopped. There is nothing to complete because ‘It’ Is always complete. ‘You’ never become someone because You Are the One. That ‘One’ has always been and always will be complete. The idea that a ‘someone’ needs completion is merely an unvetted idea. ‘That’ idea is commonly an enduring belief. Beliefs are clearly unnecessary when there Is only ‘This’.

Experiencing’ Is pure experiencing with no stops to trade ‘experiencing’ for an ‘experience’. Trading ‘experiencing’ for ‘experience’ only reinforces ‘having’ an ‘experience’ over the effortlessness of just ‘experiencing’. There is no one Here to ‘have’ anything.

The naturalness of Being Self is overwhelming effortless. Can It be simpler?!.


Where else could Love be but Here?! There are no conditions for Beingness to Be. Love is integrated neutrality that does not distinguish a ‘this’ and ‘that’. “Why no distinguishing?” you might ask. There is nothing but Nothingness to distinguish ‘another’ as being separate from Oneness -that Is Everything is everything. Love is not a condition. Love Is eternal Beingness, one and the same. Oneness does not have ‘others’ in the wings of some backstage.

Love flows freely without regard to an appearance that may or may not prevail. It Is non-stop Be-ing Itself with and/or without projections. Love is a highly integrated energy frequency that is the least resistant path to absolute Openness. It Is the nature of Beingness to embody the highest frequency of an eternal Oneness. And there is no real ‘path’ to Oneness in that Oneness is everything including some idea of a ‘path’.

Love Is an implicit resonating frequency shining It’s integration in every thing and every one. There is no ‘doing’ Love. There is no ‘having’ Love. There is no ‘getting’ Love. All ‘that’ is unnecessary ‘wanting’ by a belief called a ‘false self’. What Is implicit, is the subtlety of the Presence of Love. Love does not need to push itself on anything/anyone. ‘That’ would ‘not’ Be Love.

Contrarily, the Presence of Love is unmitigated and at the same time, seemingly sublimated into obscurity, when lower frequencies of ideas, wants, and desires, mask It off. Love, the ineffable substance of the Universe, cannot be destroyed. ‘It’ always Is. However, the perseveration of 24/7 content, is allowed to obscure what Is always Here/Now, forcing/suppressing Beingness into the background. Beingness Is existence Itself. It can never leave. What ‘leaves’ is obscuration. Love/Beingness is never not Present. Even during the darkest times, It prevails. Access is the question/answer.

What stories/monologues do we tell ourselves to not be free?! Belief in the stories goes a long, long way. Losing the unsupported belief, loses the obscuration. Keeping and/or retranslating the belief into a ‘better’ person, is the underscoring of separation into a distinct but better ‘person’ still apart from Oneness. Can we see the hamster wheel yet?! It is frustrating because we are unwilling to completely lose the idea and content we call a separate person.

Love is centrally located Here/Now without a story, a person to have a story and/or qualification. There are no standards to add to a pure freedom to Be. That is, unless we ‘believe’ so. Matching the frequency of Openness/Neutrality is essentially Being content-less by holding nothing but unattached Love Itself. ‘Doing’ cannot ‘do’ it. And there is no ‘this’/’that’ in pure Love. Just ‘Oneness’.

There is a naturalness in Beingness Knowing Itself. There is absolutely no struggle Here. Love just Loves Loving while Being nothing but causeless Love. The resting of mind is the resting of stories and content-based desires that would normally have a felt sense of needing to be addressed. ‘That’ does not have a grip on Us when we Know Ourselves as Self -Self that is fully Present and complete Now and forever.

The ‘appearance’ is but the ‘appearance’. Existence Is Always Here Now effortlessly Loving the pure Love behind all appearance. This Is an Absolute. Know ‘this’ through effortless Love coursing effortlessly through the body as Life Itself. ‘Openness’ allows everything to Be without any pushing this way or that way. Love Is central to Us.


Everything is neutral until it isn’t. And it isn’t until we create ‘that’ appearance. And ‘that’ appearance is still in alignment with the ‘Allness’ of it all because the finite form (or preference) is a temporal expression of ‘All That Is’.

All creation always falls back to ‘What Is’ because ‘that’ is what is always central to ‘What Is’. Formlessness going into form and form then going back to formlessness. All the while Being Being Formlessness undiminished. Everything is always everything without being anything but Everything.

Not unlike a nightly dream, that was something that really turned out to be nothing, We just Are. And how much time/space does the dream or appearance really take? How much time/space does this appearance take when considering ‘timelessness’?

The zero point of Nothingness has no attributes including good and bad. To place a form on Nothingness aka neutrality, we have to have a preference where there are no preferences ‘existing’.

Wide Openness cannot Be Wide Openness if there are preferences/appearances with an independent existence. Nothingness Is ultimately Nothingness existing. Nothingness Is Existence Is Us. Existence is an absolute. We cannot even imagine that our existence would ever be non-existent.

Wide Openness Is neutrality, Is Nothingness, Is absolute with nothing added. Ergo, there Is nothing that can bring You to Yourself as You Are already there/here existing forever.

The ‘story’ of separation is but a dream dreamt. The source of whom we Are is before/during/after the dream, relentlessly Present. The Eternal Absolute is never dumbed down to a ‘thing’ (content). It Is content-less. There is never any separation in Reality. The source of all is the same source. How could there be any separation? Feel ‘that’ Now.

Be without a sense of ‘lack’. What could be lacking when You Are Present? ‘Lack’ is temporal. You Are wide-openness without any borders of any kind. How could this abundance be some finite lack!?

Here We Are. The zero point of Nothingness. There is no story and there are no ‘things’ and there is no separation. Effortless-ness cannot be ‘done’. ‘It’ just happens. Let It happen through You. This Is wide-open freedom Now.


‘This’ is not a choice. It Is whom we Are. There is no ‘doing’ or ‘having’ Here. It just Is. ‘It’ cannot be otherwise. And that ‘It’ Is Us.

Often to capture happiness, especially causeless happiness, is to try to engage in some kind of proprietary ownership. But who can own this when there is no ‘who’? If ‘All That Is’ Is ‘All that Is’, there can be no ‘who’ to secure anything. The seeming securing of a ‘who’ to ‘have’ anything is to engage in the robbery of the Oneness of Being only Being.

This identity theft of happiness occurs constantly and in open view and by practically everyone, at least at one time or another. The identity theft itself is bad enough when we believe Ourselves to be owners of happiness. What is compounded is the hostage taking of happiness Itself into some seeming future timeline by some manufactured ‘someone’.

Happiness cannot be flowing freely as a constant movement when it is stopped and jammed into a box called ‘me’. This may sound a bit harsh. But is this situation not unacceptably harsh?! Of course it is. The consequence of having a receipt of faux happiness just does not feel as full or complete or fulfilling.

The so-called happiness we are in receipt of has a shelf-life of about a minute. Is ‘this’ what we have been pining for all this time! Where is the substance and longevity of a true happiness?

Having a cause-based happiness is obviously conditioned on a receipt of some kind of ownership that relies on a temporary ephemeral event and/or physical change. Inherent in any ‘change scale’ is of course the inevitability of the insistence and persistance of change. All ‘that’ goes nowhere as far as any meaningful endurance (a la permanence).

Permanence abides in an eternity of permanence. Otherwise, we would defer to the ‘temporary’ as appropriately ‘fleeting’. Yes? The ‘permanence’ is not knowing a beginning and/or end. This definition is essential. There are no borders Here. Creating borders is indigenous to creating time. ‘This’ happiness abides timelessly.

Timelessly, happiness then becomes an implicit ‘not knowing’ conceptually. This then allows happiness freedom to arise from the borderless-ness of not-knowing and not holding any ‘thing’. Permanence then has a felt-sense and Now is no longer rooted in a concept.

We Are happiness unchained and flowing freely. To suggest otherwise is to be buried in stasis. Being in a frozen state is akin to a river being frozen over and unable to flow in any direction, contrary to ‘rivering’, its most essential ingredient i.e. perennial movement.

Happiness, like a river, flows through turns, highs, and lows, until it celebrates arriving at its destination -the Ocean. Happiness never really stopped or started at any point because it had no cause to start or stop.

Be ‘that’ unmoving movement timelessly Now. Very happy always.


Belief has caused us to lose our ‘sense of reality’. Making ‘the dream’ a reality does not make Reality. And yes, we create our own reality. When we dream, often enough, we believe the dream. When we are awake in in the waking dream we have ultimately created, we believe ‘that’ dream as well.

Compelling as a dream is, ‘it’ is not an eternal existence, rather more a sleeping and/or waking dreaming. Awareness of a dream is awareness of unreality i.e. both the sleeping and waking dreams.

Awareness of any dream is awareness of the very temporary. The discerning factor in Reality is Awareness of Awareness. ‘Looking for’ Awareness from the dream is abiding in the dream, while dreaming about ‘Awareness’. ‘Dreaming’ is ‘seeing’ from the seeming separateness. ‘That’ is not ‘Awareness Being Awareness’.

Awareness never stops Being Awareness. Awareness is always before any identification with thought. ‘That’ Beingness never stops in Awareness. Awareness is never ‘second’ to dreaming and/or thoughts. False identification with dreaming/thoughts is the artificial forgetting of Awareness. Awareness never actually leaves/forgets nor could It.

Like a magician, ‘seeming reality’ points to irrelevant content in order to persuade us with the ‘grossness’ of ‘seeming reality’ so we can play this virtual dream in a time-based container. All the while, Awareness is playing coy, silent and formless, watching everything while being nothing. The headset of ‘seeming reality’ has imaginary content, that everyone generally agrees with, to wit, a compelling belief and response to an imaginary world.

Behind and before the creation of this phenomena, ‘You’ Awareness quietly abides. The constant loading up on the gigabytes of data in our virtual headset, convinces us of the faux importance of gaming the game in favor of the game. The magician of the ‘game’ constantly points us to winning the game. However, taking the game seriously, we always lose the game despite the scoring of this false reality.

The meaningless score in the game of life is always pointing to the ‘end of experience’ of gaming. Moreover the pointing challenges the built-in premise that the game is real. The game is a virtual dream. There is no winning this game except in the narrow context of the game. And ‘that’ is clearly only a game/dream. The ‘experience’ is not the ‘before’ of the non-stop-ness of experiencing. Experiencing experiencing is Awareness of Awareness.

Here Is everywhere. What contains everything Is Everything. The perfection of Everything needs no scoring. Virtual headsets are dreams We Are dreaming as the Everything that Is everything. What doesn’t change is The Everything. What changes is everything we dream. The dream is never the ultimate Reality. What Is dreaming the dream Is Reality.

The content is not the Formlessness that Is. What contains everything Is, and has no temporary form of any kind. Surrendering the waking dream Is Being formless emptiness with nothing needing to be done. This is full freedom. Channel ‘That’ effortlessly Now.


There is no one else present. What ‘Is’ present Is Presence. The ‘one’ to presumably ‘do’ the path is a creation, a temporary creation, that cannot possibly ‘do’ anything meaningful in connectivity, despite ‘meaningful’ intentions. That ‘doer’ is a mere idea.

The connectivity we presumbly seek, is not something ‘created’. ‘It’ just Is. The ‘seeking’ is an immediate undermining of ‘What Is’ already eternally Present. The ‘seeking’ is unnecessary travel down a dead end. But going down a false path does have its utility. All ‘seeking’ tells us that ‘seeking’ is a dead end endeavor.

Dead ends leading nowhere immediately inform us of a futile path. We certainly do not find the ‘connectivity’ to Self we ‘thought’ we could secure. Connectivity just ‘Is’. It cannot be found as it was never lost.

What ‘Is Present’ cannot be found (by seeking). ‘It’ just ‘Is’. What ‘Is Present’ cannot be lost, ever, as ‘It’ always ‘Is’. To suggest that we have to ‘look’ for ‘It’ is to misunderstand connectivity.

Connectivity Is. Connectivity Is Presence Now, eternally Now. ‘This’ is not a cognitive exercise where logic, thoughts, ideas, and paradigms reign. ‘It’ is before/after all that. Connectivity is always occurring in every moment. To get lost in ideas and thoughts about ‘it’ is to deliberately choose to try to lose connectivity. Futility consistently will show up when we mis-state Presence as ‘absence’. The lack of any ‘doing’ immediately can tells us that Presence can never leave ‘Us’ as ‘It’ Is ‘Us’ always.

Being everything, we seemingly can’t find anything. The ‘looking’ needs to stop its seeking. The formless does not need a form. Still, formlessness is in all forms. Forms and/or no forms, is not the issue. There is no outside to surrender to nor is there an inside to distinguish ‘All that Is’ from ‘All that Is’. ‘All that Is’ Is just ‘All that Is’.

To choose the view of getting lost in thoughts, is to choose the temporal path with temporal/limited outcomes. Conversely, the choiceless path of no path, is effortlessly Being Being (sans ‘doing’) with no limits. ‘See-ing’ the ‘no view’ of just effortlessly Being, beyond a thought-based time-limited existence, takes Us off the ‘path’ to Being The ‘path’.

‘No view’ is all ‘views’. Everything is ‘neutral’ until ‘We’ say it isn’t. There are no preferences nor paths Here. It just Is. Surrender surrenders into Itself. There are no ‘others’. The ‘expression’ is an expression. What is ‘expressing’ Is What Is.

Be the pathless path. You Are.


This is not a personal journey. If it was a personal journey then the temporary would become permanent. What is projected by thought is another thought. Thoughts are things that do not have consciousness. What sees the thoughts and other phenomena, is not a thought. Thoughts are phenomenal things that exist ‘in’ consciousness and never as consciousness.

Saying ‘it’ is personal does not make ‘it’ any more real. Existence alone has consciousness. What ‘exists’ always existed. What never existed never will exist. And yet there is consciousness everywhere. Consciousness moves through the temporary/phenomenal e.g. the person, but is not the ‘person’ per se.

This distinction is implicit in Being Being. Being Being is permanent regardless of the presence/absence of a body or incarnation. Making ‘it’ a personal journey is to miss the seemingly less obvious permanence of just Being. Beingness is accessible with or without an incarnation. It Is existence that never stops existing.

There is no path for the non-existing. Having a ‘view’ as a separate person does not make a real existing entity. The absoluteness of ‘existing’ Is absolute. Wanting or desiring something different is not tenable in the least as far as ‘making’ existence. Consciousness Is always Consciousness. Phenomena is the temporary moving through the permanence. It’s nature is as illusory as it is temporary. Check your dreams out.

To suggest a path for phenomena to blossom into existence, that has always been permanent, is to soley depend on concepts without clearly experiencing experiencing just experiencing. In other words, just Being Existing without any need for phenomena of any kind is to ‘Know’ this ‘Knowing’ without any ‘thing’ being added to include ‘time’.

To ‘have’ a path to the Absolute would require a ‘someone’ to transmute into ‘existing’ when there cannot be any more or less of ‘existing’. No one ‘has’ a path because ‘existing’ does not start nor stop. It Is always existing as ‘existing’. ‘Change’ is indigenous to phenomena not ‘existence’. As ‘existence’ there would be no need to ‘have’ anything period. Any ‘to have’ idea would be an absolute downgrade to Being Being aka existence.

Existence cannot ‘have’ a path. It Is existence. There is no path to ‘get’ there because ‘You’ existence, Are always Present. There is no ‘doer’ or ‘getter’. ‘That’ would be phenomena.

A silent mind is not projecting. Silence plus ‘openness’ is even better. Hoarding concepts, ideas, and preferences does not bring clarity. Being the spaceless space requires absolutely nothing. Be ‘that’ effortlessly.

‘You’ cannot get out of what ‘You’ were never in. There Is nothing to control when ‘You’ Are Everything and Everything Is (done). The ‘path’ is an absolute ‘no path’. Lose the ‘beliefs’ and experience the permanence of just experiencing experiencing.


Wanting’ betrays a lack of fullness. When we are full we are sated. We relax. We feel contentment. We are essentially at ease with no need to grasp and/or ‘get’ anything. The ‘pushing’ stops and we just enjoy whatever.

This overt lack of pushing for something, is not an altered state. It Is our essential nature. There is nothing we ‘have to’ do to get there. It Is already Present without any ‘doing’. To ‘do’ to get it, is to miss the point entirely.

Effortless wants nothing. Is there a better definition?! The freedom of effortlessness is the implicit-ness of non-doing. The ‘doing’ becomes a ‘pushing’ with an invalid ‘control’ factor that creates a little dictator. Does all this intrigue us? What is intriguing is our loss of ‘control’ when we sincerely believe we are in ‘control’.

There is no ‘other’ so there can be no ‘other’ controller, unless we believe it so. Do we then see that ‘belief’ has been engendered, thereby giving us a false controller, as we trade-in our effortlessness for imprisonment to content and concepts?

What a deal! Enslavement and unhappiness for a ‘seeming’ control!? And now effortlessness has been sent to the junkyard of the mind for what? For fear of losing a control you never had nor will ever have.

Who benefits? Who loses? Who is this ‘who’? When we ‘need’ to have ‘control’, who is it that needs to have ‘control’? Who needs to have control is the one that believes that control can benefit us better than effortlessness. Based on what?! Based on the instability of beliefs.

Believing in the concept of ‘losing’ control for the character is stepping into some deep doodoo. Giving control to the character we play, is tantamont to giving our nightly dream character control over our life. Does this make any sense? Why would we cede an ‘idea’ of control to a fictional/temporary character, that has no standing apart from a temporary dream? And what type of ‘seeming’ control would we give the dream and/or awake character?

This type of ‘control’ given is at best, illusory. A belief in control is an effort most often sustained by instability and pretense. An evidence-based look at how much control we have is easily illustrated in our steady inability to predict the future in order to direct the future. We cannot even forecast the next minute in weather with 100% accuracy. When we ‘command’ our lives with the illusion of control, do we really then believe in ‘that’ control’? Belief in a false idea can only exacerbate the likelihood of a negative outcome.

We Are before thoughts and beliefs about whom we ‘think’ we are. Thoughts and beliefs are not the ticket to Being Being i.e. effortlessness. Letting go of the adding of false control is accepting the Peace of Being Being effortlessly Now, while adding nothing.

Adding ‘nothing’ to Nothingness leaves nothing disturbed by an ill-fated effort of unnecessary ‘doing’. ‘Effortlessness’ means there is no controlling what is already happening. The peace comes in the acceptance of all ‘that’. Trying to control that which needs no supplemental control is futile and self-destructive.

Peace does not have a belief system. There is no ‘wanting’ Here. ‘It’ just Is effortless Beingness stabilizing a universe that is 13.8 billion years old.