The idea of searching for something that is already Present is difficult to grasp. What Is Present is so Present as not to be noticed. It Is the noticing of the Noticing that finds the ineffable Presence.The knee-jerk response to allowing this energy of Presence to be found, is that doing nothing does nothing to find It. Therein lies the problem -doing. There is no ‘doing’ in finding what is perennially here. 

When we are ‘doing’  identity,  we start by defining ourselves as ‘not this’ but something else that is better.  But what? Implicit is the ‘idea’ that our current status is clearly insufficient and severely limited. But this interpretation is coming from the false premise, which is based on ‘doing’. The false premise is the illusory idea of self (limited self).

GP2C3034.jpegThe god of ‘doing’ is worshipped relentlessly. To not be a supplicant of ‘doing’ is heretical. The false mandate is that ‘doing’, struggling, ‘pushing’, and all the other variants, are a priori. This then becomes  a theoretical versus an experiential basis for conclusion.

To not test reality with anything but theoretical suppositions is to ignore the clarity of “What Is”.

GP2C3025.jpeg‘Experientially’ is what we know from existing as ‘the existing’ we always Are. This ‘existing’ never changes or reacts to changes, which makes it invisible and the perfect witness to even the crime of mis-identity. ‘Existing’ has no dog in the fight. And at the same time, all dogs and all fights, are in ‘Existing’.

GP2C3027.jpegDespite the elemental a priori standing of ‘Existing’, ‘Existing’ is clearly ignored when seeking from a false premise i.e. the doer (doing). The ‘doing’ does occur but not as another identity that would summarily displace the no-thingness of ‘Existing’ . ‘Existing’ never lands on a ‘noun’ to Be. When we identify as a noun we create the false premise of a false self. 

To begin with the false premise of false self is the elemental mistake billions of us make every moment. Seeking from this error of mis-understanding will never result in finding  what is sought.

GP2C3021.jpegWhat is sought can never be found because it was never lost. Believing it was lost complicates the ‘finding’ because there is no ‘finding’. Losing the false premise by seeing it is a false premise reveals the futility of seeking. Presence never left nor ever leaves, period. There is no theoretical in Presence. It just Is. Feel It. Experiential Knowing before narratives and ideas, memories and aspirations, clearly is experienced as experiencing without a stop, ever.

Seeking,when getting the idea that we must seek, is essentially just a thought that we perseverate on. ‘Seeking’ is a thought that is still inherently located in the ‘Everythingness’ of this dream We Are Dreaming. The substance is in Being. Seeking is a doing. Having identity in an activity produces a noun that doesn’t exist, except we think and believe it does exist.

Being needs no nouns to be full and exist as Fullness. All nouns are temporary creations. Seeking also is looking for what can be perceived. What can be perceived can not Be Perceiving.

GP2C3031.jpeg“Just Be” means not adding any ‘thing’ to It. There are no stops in the streaming of Being. Being Is the aliveness that Is as fresh as fresh can be. To stop for the vagaries of the mind is to obfuscate the streaming that Is Us.

GP2C3039.jpegThoughts are seen but seen from the ‘Seeing’ and not given override capabilities over Beingness. Seeing the Seeing Is Being in every Moment. Being Here clearly reveals that there is nothing to seek.

Love Loves Loving, Daddy’O 



GP2C3016I am the dreaming of the dream. The dream is seen through as a dream. All ‘this’ Is a dream. Everything in ‘It’ Is ‘Me’. Everyone in ‘It’ Is ‘Me’. All ‘I’ See is within ‘Me’. And there is only ‘Me’. 

To say ‘no’ to any part of the dream is to not accept ‘Me’ as ‘Me’.

The ‘Openness’ that embodies the dream has no limits or censorship. Pure Openness has full reign to Be.

The ‘Fullness’ of everything and everyone as it is, reflects this ‘Openness’.

GP2C3003The dream is always about Love. Love for Loving/Being ’this’ form in situ. What is dreamt is not so essential as it is temporary content. Temporary content cannot upend the timelessness of ’Dreaming’. The ’Dreaming’ can stop, change, and/or deliver any message that ‘It’ deems. Love is the ultimate message. This Formlessness of Love gives meaning and structure to the life dreamed. Love Is Being ‘the Dreaming’ loving Itself without stopping to be any ‘appearance’ or ‘thing’ (content).

The ‘Dreaming’ in sleep or waking states is the same ‘Dreaming’ as there can be no other. The content in waking or sleeping is always after the ‘Priorness’ of existential Being.

GP2C3012What is important is to not get lost in any dream. The dreams instruct us how not to be manipulated by the content, as the content is not primary but rather constantly informed by what is primary.  Dreaming informs content. Content does not inform Dreaming.

Not getting lost, is actualized by ‘Seeing’ we are the ‘Dreaming’.

GP2C3010The eternal footing of the ’Dreaming’ never changes while the dream is inherently unstable and often fickle.  The ‘changing of the dream’ has an inherent instability. Ergo, it reveals the obviousness of ‘changelessness’ or “ What Is”,  by change’s  instability.

There is only one ‘Dreaming’ of all dreams. All dreams are in one ‘Dreaming’.  Being one ‘Wholeness’ clearly disregards any seeming imposters posing as the doer, thinker, feeler, haver, experiencer or any such noun-ing. Accepting the core Reality of Being the ‘Dreaming’ first, does not allow any second to have validity.  The ‘pretenders’ are revealed in a glaring light that undermines any thought to suggest otherwise.

GP2C3009Knowing the ‘Knowing’ that is the Priorness to all creation, Is Knowing the temporary to be unambiguously temporary.

The Dreaming is the Leela (Divine play of content). Loving the Dreaming is Loving the Leela. Be the eternal Dreaming.

Stepping out of ‘change’ and dropping back to ‘changelessness’ is the movement to Pure Being. Seeing the difference can ferry us to Us.

Loving Loving, Daddy’Oimage


GP2C2979Only ‘paradise’ as a concept can be looked for and found or not found. Concepts look for concepts or other objects. Concepts are clearly analogues and not reality/existence.

Objects, like thoughts, compose the idea of the mind. These are endpoints that can direct us in a certain direction. Alone, they are insufficient to give us the pointing we seemingly need. Alone with only thoughts, without a proper reference, we would be misguided in following their direction/directive. And additionally, not all thoughts are created equal as far as utility is concerned.

The utility of thoughts is useful when we see thoughts as being an endpoint. The question is, the endpoint of what? The Prior-ness of Us is prior to all things to include the objects called thoughts. Without a reference to the ‘Cause’, we are just dealing with effects. Dealing with effects (thoughts) alone engenders cluelessness.

GP2C2980.jpegThe eternal Prior-ness Is the steadfastness , the silent backdrop, the still unwavering Knowing, that informs everything forward. Without abiding in this formless venue, we are doomed to die trying to find this proverbial paradise we long for in every Moment.

GP2C2983.jpegThe point is that the Prior-ness is the paradise we really Are and too often, the paradise we continue to search for. The ‘aliveness’ is not found in thoughts (ideas) or objects. The ‘aliveness’ Is Us and independent of all thoughts.

GP2C2976.jpegThoughts are used properly in the service of Our Prior-ness and improperly used in the regeneration and perseveration of abidance in more thoughts/thinking.
Following this line of ‘thinking only’ is indulging in ‘un-aliveness’.

There is no point in living in an artificial dead zone. Abidance in the ‘Alive-ness’ Is Life Itself. Abidance in thoughts (objects) is missing the implicit structure of whom We Are.

The ‘longing’ for Paradise is the ‘effect’. Paradise Is the ‘Cause’. Using the effect (longing) to trace back to the Prior-ness, is making the ‘effect’ a useful tool for connecting to the Paradise that Is always Present . The ‘longing’ alone, without the clear reference to Prior-ness, is just an eviscerated ‘effect’ with no standing.

Understanding the necessity of always acknowledging ‘Prior-ness’ in every Moment, is understanding the futility of not acknowledging “What Is”. The importance of the mechanics of this relationship to thoughts cannot be exaggerated.

GP2C2982.jpegParadise Is Now and forever the formless-ness and Cause we truly Are. Thoughts about ‘Paradise’ are a step away from Being Paradise. Paradise Is, with or without thoughts. Paradise Is Prior-ness Is Cause Is Formless-ness, Is IS

“The Knowing with which the mind seems to know objects, others and the world, belongs to our Self, ever-present, unlimited Awareness, just as the light with which the moon illuminates the earth belongs to the sun.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2981Effortlessly Being ’That’ Is. Love the Loving, Daddy’O


GP2C2975Trying to understand, the impossible to understand, is inherently flawed. Flawed by design. There is no path to the ‘Knowing’ via ‘understanding’.

Spiritual paths attempt to illuminate the “What Is” with teachings that promote understandings, which are relatively true. The final understanding that arrives, is one that is clearly preceded by giving up on trying to understand. To understand before the ‘understanding’ comes, is a compulsion to mix up the sequence of when ‘understanding’ truly arrives. That is, ‘understanding’ comes after ‘Knowing’ that ‘It’ cannot be understood.

The ‘Knowing’ or “Seeing’, is often blocked by a premature understanding of self that ‘thinks’ it knows. This manufactured self is forever looking for what is inherently false, limited and illusory, through the perspective (view) of it-self, which is false, limited, and illusory. As more information is culled, more conclusive understandings are prematurely secured but by this wrong view (vis-a-vis false self). The accumulated understandings themselves, become an impediment to true understanding, that has ’no view’.

There is no-one ‘Here’ to understand or misunderstand any thing or concept. No-one Present means the business and busy-ness of being an illusory self, is clearly seen as an artificial mis-identification with the incessant activity of creating/maintaining a very narrow view. This pejorative view is significantly substandard to the ‘everything’ and ‘wholeness’ of whom we really are.

The low ceiling of the mind cannot establish a pay grade high enough to process inherent systemic ambiguity and paradoxical views of ‘no view’.

GP2C2973To establish understandings in the illusory venue of self, is to ignore the Nothingness of Everything. Once the ‘no view’ is Seen, it is Seen as never being otherwise. This is the timelessness of no yesterday and no tomorrow. Time has a distorting effect on view.

‘Now’ there is no view because all views are only the ‘One’ wholeness. There is nothing else to recognize the ‘Wholeness’ except the ‘Wholeness’.

GP2C2970The finite cannot hold the in-finite. It is a recognition of ‘Wholeness’ by ‘Wholeness’.

“. . . all that is ever known is Knowing, and it is Knowing that knows Knowing.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2969There is no-one there to not understand. Knowing the ‘Knowing’ is Knowing. Anything else is too much. Know ‘That’.

Knowing the Knowing Is Love- Daddy’O


‘This’ obviously is the effect.  This ‘effect’ is not the Cause nor can ever Be the Cause. The Cause is clearly prior to the consequent ‘effect’. Thus the ‘effect’ is not ‘It’, that is, the Reality that contains every thing and every effect.

GP2C2956The ‘Cause’ is causeless. Effects can never affect the ‘Cause’.  The ‘Cause’ is the formless source engendering temporary phenomena (forms).

The human form is a form that is an ‘effect’. There is no ‘Cause’ in this form when speaking of body/mind. The Causeless Cause, however, is ever-present in every thing and every body/mind structure. In other words, the Formless is present in the human form as it is present in all forms.

GP2C2958.jpegThe issue that plagues us is the identification with thinking/believing we are the effect. Consequently, the resources of Being the Formless are misrepresented as form/effect. Although this ‘effect’ is seemingly a ‘noun’, we are enticed into investing into nothing but an illusion. The illusion is so complete that ’Seeing’ the illusion is being ’Seen’ from the seeming noun (false self).

GP2C2965.jpegTo escape from the illusion, from the seeming noun, from the effect; our perspective of where we See ‘from’, must be acknowledged as flawed.

To not change our ‘view’ is to continue to See from the same old view and expect substantive change in our life. The view is key to proper alignment with “What Is”. Viewing from the ‘effect’ is a fatal error that compounds mis-identification and the mis-appropriation of valuable resources.  A virtual cyber prison is created that we thereby abide in 24/7. We lock ourselves up in it securely with no chance of escape until we See this egregious view.

GP2C2959.jpegIn ‘this’ view, the effect is being seen as the cause. And gosh darn it, it’s a birth to death belief. Everything we ‘think’ we know, cannot remedy this situation. Thinking and the thinker are just more thoughts. There is nothing there except illusion and the false perspective of effect.

Belief in the thinker, the doer, the feeler, the noun, cannot ever find the real Cause. Illusion can never find its way out of illusion. Belief is a lost cause. Belief in believing is Santa Claus stuff. No belief, is much healthier on Seeing.

GP2C2963.jpegWhen we create an idea and a belief that it is ‘this’ character running the movie we are seemingly in, we underscore absurdity. The character was made up for the movie and is now directing the movie?! The character is illusory and an effect created by the Ineffable director/writer.

Move the Seeing from the temporary character to the spaciousness of Causeless Cause that authors the entire universe of ideas like this or that character.

Getting stuck in turning over one phenomena over another phenomena is not the view that can See everything. Over-playing the character is a bad performance. Being free of the burden of being the character, is the ticket. 

The character is certainly in the performance but is being played by the Ineffable, not the circumstances of the character. The best performance is allowed when the character has ‘nothing’ blocking Everything. The ‘effects’ are then perfection in alignment with Causeless Cause.

A ‘flow’ of yes, yes, and yes is then effortlessly created because there are no artificial blockages to impair “What Is”. Likes/dislikes, comments, value judgments, and other ’stops’ are found to be unnecessary where once they were imperatives. The needs of the character are pure fiction. The Cause Is Our true identity and has no needs and is un-effected.

“The entire adventure of the separate self takes place in a little bubble of thought and feeling within Awareness, but Awareness itself never takes the adventure.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2966.jpegSee from the Cause that is all perspectives and no perspective. That view is prior to a view. It just Is.

Loving the Loving, Daddy’O




GP2C2954It Is just ‘looking’.  Why do we ‘think’ we have to land? This thought then gives rise to a religiosity of thinking in order to manufacture a ‘landing place’. This ‘landing’ then becomes central to identity. What gets displaced by the sheer quantity of justification for the landing spot, is Being. 

The distinction between ‘looking’ and ‘looking for a place to land’ is monumental. 

The mind is constantly looking to fill the space, consequently displacing the Silence. Silence is looking for nothing but being Itself. Silence has no need to fill Itself, as It Is Fullness. To fill the ‘space’ with stuff is the signature of the mind. Hoarding is dysfunctional and hoarding is what the mind accomplishes, left to its own illusory devices.

There is a constant looking for placement in a category (typology). Is ‘it’, ’this’ kind of a thing or ‘that’ kind of a thing? When in reality ‘it’ is just the seeming reality of the temporariness of things. There is no real need to categorize and/or conceptualize, unless we ‘think’ there is a need. There is no historical data base in Being, despite the rise and fall of phenomena. ‘It’ just ‘Is’. Timelessness has no history.

GP2C2950There are no monuments to make as there is just the making. Monuments are for time-based reality. Reality has no time. Or more correctly the appearance of time is in Reality, the Reality of timelessness. Temporary structures have no permanent place in the streaming of Satchitananda (Being/Awareness/Bliss).

The steady question of “Where to put this?”, does not have a need to be completed in the Prior-ness. That question stops being answered. It is moot due to its obvious irrelevance. Sorting the ephemeral becomes pointless. Being the verb stream non-stop, all of a sudden makes total sense. The illusion is exposed.

‘Looking’ or ‘noticing the noticing’, has no deficits that need plugging. It is only an erroneous belief that ‘Looking’ has to have an ‘idea’ of completion. ‘It’ Is complete. To add a noun is to deface the completeness. The nouns that are present, are present as temporary expressions of Being-ness. These nouns are ultimately just like verbs as their temporariness, as forms, are limited. Just as verbs have no permanence, nouns too, have no permanence. Both ultimately have the permanence of nothing-ness. The appearance of movement is the permanence abiding.

Ergo, the need for sorting is superfluous. Sorting is superficial organization with a consequent superstructure, that does not overtly recognize it’s unimportance relative to holistic Being. The Prior-ness of Being is all the sorting that needs to be accomplished. Staying directly with the Divine intelligence of unacquired knowledge, is enough to ingratiate everything subsequent.

GP2C2949Formless-ness is going into Form going into Formless-ness ad infinitum. The inherent flexibility in this process is impermanence. Is there any ‘real’ thing Present?

 Practically speaking, discernment of what approach we are utilizing can be divined by the Present situation. In life there is only one event happening, i.e. ‘what’s happening’. The distortion that veils the ‘happening’ is the appearance of ‘what’s not happening’ vis a vis distorted thinking.

‘What’s not happening’ is an occlusion and distortion of ‘What’s happening’. The essential difference is there is no objective or object to secure in ‘What’s happening’. ‘What’s happening’ is not ‘looking’ past its immediate verb-ing. ‘It’ just verbs without landing any noun.

GP2C2952The habitual pattern and conditioned behavior of ‘looking for a landing’ on a noun, enslaves and limits us to superficiality. The ‘aliveness’ of the Moment is killed in order to seemingly create a bogus event. Proper alignment with the ‘Prior-ness’ is vacated for cheap thrills that have no substance.

‘What’s happening’ is aliveness that is not something that can be claimed by the mind. Making a ‘noun’ out of life is viable fodder for un-reality and dead-end outcomes.

‘What’s happening’ cannot truly be noun-ed without an immediate and apparent   discounting of its Truth. Freedom cannot be locked down. Freedom is falling without a net anywhere in sight. ‘What’s happening’ is truly never looking for any noun as ‘that’ would stop the verb-ing.

An on-site analysis of how we posit ‘What’s happening’ versus ‘what’s not happening’, is an immediate diagnostic on what we are culling. See the Truth with the freedom of ‘What’s happening’ without any stops for nouns waiting.

“I, Awareness, am aware of thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions but am not made out of any of these. All these come, go, move and change, whilst I remain as I am, without birth, death, movement or change – eternal and infinite.” -Rupert Spira

There is no place to land. Enjoy only the flight. It’s ‘What’s happening’. It Is ‘just looking’.image.png

Loving Loving, Daddy’O 



GP2C2938.jpegTo make a cognitive experience of existence is to miss the most salient part of existence. As much as it may be cognitive, the experience is much more a natural alignment with completeness. Completeness Is Everything, to include even the cognitive.

Relaxing into Self, is the being of existence. Self is the true heart in our individual heart. This heart of all hearts is at the center of all experience and experiencing.

GP2C2933.jpegExperience arrives and departs and arrives and departs, again and again, never ending. We Are the Experiencing of everything and the Knowing of everything. The Experiencing and the Knowing are essentially the same thing, at least in the world view. Each is the non-stop of Being. Being without any stops. Being with the Fullness of emptiness. Emptiness with the Fullness of Nothingness.

GP2C2943Whatever arises falls. Whatever arises, arises from Stillness/Silence. Whatever falls, falls into Stillness/Silence. This Reality is steadfastly held in the heart, living it and loving it. Loving the Existence Is loving Love. 

The connection to Existence is made with Loving Loving from the heart space. The connection is built to outlast any breech by fickle phenomena or any grasp by the play of the mind. 

Holding the Reality in our heart in ‘this’ moment (aka every moment) surrenders the separation of illusion and grants the wisdom of knowing the perennial existence, first/last. Expansion in the heart of Being everything, by ’Seeing’ everything as Being, is meeting Existence as Self, whole and un-separate. 

Living experientially is Knowing the Knowing. It Is Reality held by the heart.

How we hold moment-to-moment Reality is how we really live our lives. And we do not live our life. Life lives Us. We essentially are not defined by what happens. We ultimately create what happens when the limitations are seen and freedom is allowed to arise.

This Moment is clearly a reflection of Me. Reality is the only substance that can be Reality or reality imagined. Reality is necessary in both cases. We Are beyond reality while contemporaneously embracing it at the same time.

Freedom is realizing We Are not bound by impermanence. Impermanence is superficiality, a temporary expression of Oneness.

GP2C2932.jpegPresence is the constant abiding in the Formless-ness of Being Present in the heart of eternity. There is no binding the Causeless. 

A felt knowing of existence Itself in the openness of heart allows the expansion into everybody and everything as Our Oneness with no other. Out-growing the awkwardness of selfishness allows the automatic embrace of everyone and everything, naturally. Life lives as our natural state of Oneness already. Can we embrace that fully?

All that is known is experience, but there is no independent self that experiences and no independent object, other or world that is experienced. There is just the experiencing of experience.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2935.jpegThe silent mind is now understood. Seeking has found home -the heart.

Loving Loves Loving, Daddy’O 


Like we really left!? Everything Is Nothing. Nothing Is It. Is ‘It’ too much to handle? Would we really prefer the shallowness of some ‘thing’?

The realm of -can’t be seen, touched, smelled, heard, or tasted, appears vacant. This appearance of vacancy is only an appearance of vacancy. Vacancy is what the mind interprets, and not what Is. “What Is” Is fullness that houses and Is everything phenomenal/transcendental.

GP2C2917The Source cannot be found. Ergo the problem or view of using the overused tool of the mind. Everything is not a nail to be hammered by the mind.

The Source Is Us. Notice the noticing versus noticing the ’stuff’ that usually gets noticed. The ’stuff’ is pure distraction when given ridiculous attention. The ’stuff’ is very secondary. Primary Is ‘Is-ness’. Still, the distraction is part and parcel of Everything/Nothing.

There is nothing to resist or push against. When it all is ‘Allness’ what is there to push against?

The mere reallocation of resources from pushing, trying, doing to accepting, opening, Being; is a reframing of faulty vision and deep conditioning. This reframing changes nothing in particular except ‘everything’. Changing the mere appearance of appearance to the vastness of no location, no preference, no desire, and no effort, is addressing context over content.

Same universe different view of ‘no view’. No view is no location. No location is no noun-ing. No noun-ing Is Being without landing on any thing.

’Stuck-ness’ is being stuck on the compulsion to ‘noun’ the temporariness of things. It is asking for a time-based existence over the freedom of timelessness.

Timelessness has no edges, no limitations, no un-aliveness. Structuring in ‘time’ slows the ‘aliveness’ down due to a less viable conditioning of space (content). ‘No conditions’ yields the least resistance to the agenda of ‘no agenda’.

No agenda is ’Seeing’ that there is no doer, thinker, experiencer to accomplish anything. The letting go of the constriction of an imaginary self is the opening to Being nothing/everything. Can we be more free than to be free of the limitation of selfishness and tireless neediness?

Life is just Life living life.

Do we will our blood to flow? Do we breathe when we don’t overtly remember to breathe? Is it really our life or is Life living through the body/mind?

There is no argument in experiencing the existential. Our starting point of just existing is argument enough to overcome cerebral fealty to nonsense.

The return to Nothingness is never having left Nothingness, except seemingly so. The test is no test. “Isness” just Is. Nothing added or subtracted.

It Is all perfect right now despite our globbing on to pleas for ‘seeming perfection’. When we start with the perfection of ‘real perfection’ of “What Is” we don’t decry the seeming imperfection. The seeming imperfection is ’seeming’. The real perfection is everything as it is.

”To begin with I, Awareness, seem to be in the world, then the world seems to be in Me and finally the distinction between Myself and the world dissolves.” -Rupert Spira

All Is in the Is-ness. The Is-ness is Nothingness, our true nature.GP2C2925

Love Loves Love, Daddy’O


Why would it be something? Making a thing out of it would be counter-productive, yes? Making an object out of something that is not conceptual, is making it conceptual. An idea cannot get You to where You Are Now.

An idea actually cannot get You out of the here and now that You are present in, either. Except seemingly so, which is then engaging in illusion. Can we differentiate illusion from unmitigated reality?

GP2C2908Illusion can repeat its influence on Us by employing the illusion to attempt escape from the illusion. The result is 100% illusion because the illusion is the basis for change. Staying in the illusion and expecting substantive change, is to clearly be deluded by the illusion (once again).

What would be the difference, the substantive difference, between illusion and Reality?

GP2C2913Reality Is existentially Present perennially with no change. It Is the metaphoric ‘space’ that cannot be used to divide Itself, as It Is Everything without being any ‘thing’. Phenomena happens in some thing, which in this case (all cases) is ‘nothingness’.

Illusion is some ‘thing’ that appears and disappears given the construct called time. Reality is the timelessness in which Nothingness Is Everything including the phenomenal everything.

GP2C2906.jpegThe phenomenal, the illusory, is not where to look or where to start to look from, to find non-illusion. In meditation, to start from illusion is to miss the point of not really Being illusion.

The prior-ness of Being just Is. There is nothing to add to nothing-ness. Meditation Is Being with nothingness. Nothing can be added to nothing-ness to make meditation better. Adding would in effect be subtraction from the effortlessness of Being.

GP2C2905In other words, adding stuff to the space-less space will not yield more space. Contrarily, a separate self would be produced when the ‘stuff’ of thoughts, feelings, and mental activity are given priority in this field-less field. Cluttering the field or space is not pure space.

Meditation is what we Are always with no activity necessary. ‘Be’ and meditation spontaneously arises. ‘Do’ meditation, and activity is birthed. Activity is based in the phenomenal. Activity is clearly not necessary for Being. Existence is primary and sufficient to Itself. Something coming later has no impact on pure existence. Meditation Is ‘that’.

“A separate self doesn’t have a point of view; it is a point of view.” -Rupert Spira

The ‘doer’, the ‘thinker’, the ‘meditator’ are hindrances to meditation as these liaisons are occlusions and unnecessary additions to Being.

Being is not being someone. Being Is Being everyone and everything without stopping for anything. Be ’That’ and meditation is constant.

Love Is Loving Love eternally, Daddy’OGP2C2911


There is nothing to get. There is nothing to do. And there is nothing to Be. Meaning there is no future in Being.  

Essential Being is as simple as simple could be without being simpler. There is no value added by adding anything to Being. Adding ‘things’ to Being is in effect, a transaction that pulls away from the effortless-ness of Being. All ‘things’ can have no effect on Being anyway. ’Things’ are clearly ephemeral and empty of anything lasting or permanent. Being is complete with an impossibility of improvement. Only ‘things’ can be improved.

Being-ness is a strive- less fulfillment of Self. When It Is ‘nothing’ It Is ‘everything’. That ‘everything’ is the effect of the cause called ‘nothing’. These characteristics are bound to each other in the duality of ‘things’. There is no point about hankering about ‘this’ phenomena as it ‘noun-ed’. 

When ‘things’ go to becoming creation, like all nouns, they also invariably fall to destruction and back to ‘nothingness’. It is their fate. This is their nature. 

Nouns or ‘things’ are products of the universe that have a finite shelf life. Tears are not needed for their apparent inevitable conclusion. That is, unless we invest in nouns. And that would be an unskillful investment given this flash in the pan of the universe.

The point being, is that all nouns, to certainly include the self-manufactured noun of identity made through the cooperation of linear time,  are vaporous and essentially without any aliveness that is true and enduring. Our false self is an illusion that is dead on arrival. All illusions of identity can never have any life despite a lifetime of support and belief in them.

What is not created, is whom we really Are. ’That’, being no birth or death in the perennial verb-ing called ‘I’. This ‘verb-ing’ never really stops streaming It’s life force as It Is not noun-based.  Nouns or ‘things’ have shelf life. The streaming of Being, Seeing, Noticing, Loving, Happening is just life never landing on a ‘noun’.

Nouns are present but cannot entangle a verb that Is ‘I-ing’ true identity. It is only by ’seemingly’ forgetting Itself, does Being appear to Be a noun. This appearance is as transitory as any other noun. This noun becomes ‘content’  while ‘context’ never gets touched or effected by any transitory appearance. Context remains context without interruption. Context holds everything together as it Is the groundless ground.

The subtler point here is, that when we see the ‘tornado of me’  creating  turbulence in our so-called life, we see ’nouns’ being created to represent whom we ‘think’ we are. We have this hardened opinion about ‘things’ being a certain way. We draw lines that are more like welded lines, that no-one should cross. We worship ideas like gods that must be given obeisance. There are lines drawn that should never be drawn .

It is not that we will vaporize if we stop worshipping concepts or stop creating staid viewpoints of how things ‘should’ be. There is no spaciousness in drawing hard and fast lines. ’These’ nouns can never have the freedom of verbs. Once a verb claims a noun, it is finished as verb. True Being (verb-ing) never stops Being. Being is as complete as complete can be. Nouns would do nothing/could do nothing, to the verb-ing of Being. Being needs no ground to land on. Being Is complete.IMG_0284.jpeg

Enjoy the fun of ‘nouns’ without the seriousness of attachment that often binds suffering upon their demise. ’Nouns’ are content that must be clearly seen as ‘content’ versus the ‘context’ that We really Are.  The context should always inform our true identity as perennial verbs, with no stops necessary.

“I am the Knowing with which all experience is known and I am the Being in all that exists.” -Rupert Spira

Be the ‘aliveness’ that cannot be mistaken for any ‘thing’ or noun. This ‘aliveness’ is our existence and Presence that gives contextual meaning to life itself.   

Loving Loves Loving, Daddy’O