Love I Am. You know that I Love You. In other words, I Am You unconditionally. 

When ‘It’ Is all Causeless-ness, what is the effect?

The seeming ‘cause’ has a seeming ‘effect’. Causeless-ness just Is. What more can it Be? The ‘dreaming’ is not the ‘dreamt’. The ‘character’ is an extremely limited player in the dream which itself is extremely limited. It Is the ‘Dreaming’ that is most real and that is the play of life in both the awake state and dreamt state of the play. ‘What’ is dreamt is insignificant relative to the ‘Dreaming’. The ‘dreamt’ has absolutely no effect on the causeless ‘Dreaming’.

Love Is the source of everything and nothing. Love is insistent on loving everything because it is everything. Love Loves Love. This ‘Love’ is causeless and un-conditioned. Because this Love Is everything, then everything Is always unmistakably Love.

This ‘Love’ Is completely, top to bottom, Us, relative and absolute. There is nothing outside of ‘this’ Love. Love infuses Itself into everything, micro to macro, with absolutely nothing left out. ‘It’ Is completely Us as ‘It’ Is completely Us. There Is no ‘other’.

There is ‘nothing’ about being ‘something’. ‘That’ is an ignoring of ‘What Is’ in ‘Seeing’, when we get stuck in some seemingly vogue status of being ‘someone’. Being someone is akin to getting lost in the character in a Netflix movie.

GP2C2313Looking for ‘Love’ while Being ‘Love’ is ignoring the most obvious. ‘This’ view is a view from conditioned love. Starting from what we aren’t and searching from this faux status can never result in actualization of Self. Self does not need to be actuated, as It Is causeless and endless Love and integration without a gap (to especially include Now).

The ‘You’ needs no definition as It Is all. Characteristics and definition, likes and dislikes, desires and needs, all are limitations of Self. Everything that defines us limits us as ‘Everything’ is then limited to some ‘things’. This separation is not Love. There is no ‘this’ or ‘that’ in Love. Love just Is.

“Thinking imagines that I, Awareness, share the limits and the destiny of the mind and body. With this belief a limited, temporary self comes into apparent existence on whose behalf most subsequent thoughts, feelings, activities and relationships are undertaken.” -Rupert Spira

IMG_0270Meet it all with Love. Stay effortlessly in the heart where the sublime unconditioned Self is always found. See from the everything first and then acknowledge, if needed, the character in this flic called life. Our feet are always imbedded in the deepest part of Ourselves eternally. Staying in this effortlessness is home sweet home. Welcome home Love. I Am completely Yours.

Loving The Loving, Daddy’O


Nothing has no predilection and really no location. It has nowhere to go and yet is everywhere to be found. The utility of nothing is that it Is something that is empty as far as concepts can take it. There is no materialism left in nothing. It is less than ash.

Nothing rules over nothing and that is an advantage for everyone. Nothing never interferes. Being nothing allows everything to prosper. Nothing doesn’t even step back because nothing is never in the way. It is the ultimate convenience. And yet, it never gets any real respect or recognition despite its success rate of 100%.

If ‘nothing’ defines you, then the ‘you’ is essentially ‘nothing’, yes? If the ‘tornado of me’ comes in and demands attention and obeisance, then what happens? We lose nothing-ness. When we were completely identified with ‘nothing’ then nothing mattered. Now that we think we are ‘something’ then everything seems to matter.

IMG_0238The question that arises is, what changed and how significant was the change? What seemingly happened was that we gave up ‘nothing’ for ‘something’. And the significance of ‘that’ was everything. When we deal with nothing-ness we deal with everything.

There is freedom with ’nothing’ while there is imprisonment with the act of trading down to ‘something-ness. Where does our identity lie? In ‘something-ness’ or in ‘nothing-ness’?

In the state of ‘something-ness’, we erroneously maintain this ‘something-ness’ while continuing to possibly ’be’ this goal of ‘nothing-ness’. In actuality, Being ‘nothing’ means we See that we are everything without the interpretation and identification with any one body, thing, or character. ’Nothing’ by It’s nature, is the virtual space for everything, so there is nothing to have or be, as ‘having’ and be-ing is redundant. The presumed ‘you’ is subsumed in the ‘everything-ness’ of ‘nothing-ness’. ‘Nothing-ness’ Is permanently the space for every thing, all the time (changelessly) anyway.

Starting with ‘nothing-ness’ rather than starting with being something, is radically and powerfully optimal or dismal, contingent on this preliminary step. Said another way, drawing a line for an imaginary self begins the departure from wholeness. The line of self divides the ‘nothing-ness’ into this or that. This or that are ‘things’. ‘Things’ cannot ever be ‘nothing-ness’. However, ‘nothing-ness’ always make room for every ‘thing’.

’Nothing-ness’ cannot be bound. ‘Something-ness’ is binding to things. ’Nothing-ness has no limitations and cannot be defined. Personhood or ‘something-ness’ is bound by some type of definition. It has boundaries and limits. This separation is separation because of boundaries and limits. ’Nothing-ness’ is free to be everything everywhere unbounded.

Lastly, ask two questions? What is real? What is unreal? Using the measures of permanence and ubiquity, we tease out the answers. What is temporary, fleeting, and limited is ‘something-ness’? And what is permanent, stable, and unlimited is ‘nothing-ness’?

GP2C2251.jpeg“The separate inside self always has a point of view. In fact, the separate inside self is a point of view. I, Awareness, however, have no point of view. I am the viewing.” -Rupert Spira

Be whom you Are now. Limitation is indigenous to things. Meet yourself in the ’Nothing-ness’ you already are now. Start with ‘nothing’ and Be ‘everything’.

I Awareness am Love in Love with Love. Daddy’O


Everything sources from the endless fountain called ‘Love’.

How so? 

Experientially we ‘know’ that ‘Love’ is our starting point. When we feel ‘Love’ we ‘see’ that it is complete and fulfilling, before going to any ‘thing’ or idea. The ‘thing’ or idea, is always second. Love is prior to any ‘thing’.

GP2C2386If we love motorcycles or if we love knitting, it Is the Love that is abiding before, during, and after any ‘thing’. Is it not?

GP2C2388Love is timeless and ergo forever Present. It has never started or stopped. It Is available in all the linear time we seemingly have. The Love incarnate Is Us.

The expression of Love in the ephemeral does not make Love ephemeral. The ephemeral will arise and fall while Love Is witnessing it all, all the time.

The ‘Love’ is not conditional even when we make it conditional. Conditional love is not ‘Love’. ‘Love’ remains untouched despite the manipulation.  The manipulation is ephemeral and therefore cannot Be ‘Love’. Adding manipulation to Love is separating ‘Love’ into conditions.  ‘Conditions’ cannot rule Love. 

Again, ‘Love’ is before all conditions and complete to the degree that It cannot be improved. The ‘Fullness of Love’ is never not full. It cannot be diminished by any temporal condition.

Given that we often take ‘Love’ with Us to journeys of self-gratification, the question must be asked, ”When does Love stop Being Love”?

The distinguishing, is in who is carrying the water, so to speak. When we add desire and the tornado of me to ‘Love’, then only ‘Love’ remains. ‘Love’ remains as ‘Love’. The downgrade remains as the downgrade. The separate self serving its illusory existence, cannot force ‘Love’ into this servitude. ‘Love’ Is only ‘Love’, yet again. ‘Love’ Is nothing carrying everything, even water, with no conditions. The downgrade is what is conditional/temporal.

Love is the natural condition of all experience before thought has divided it into a multiplicity and diversity of objects, selves and others.” -Rupert Spira

Know ‘Love’ as the seamless-ness of everything. It Is the awakened stability that allows the conditional and transitory to temporarily abide without explicit interference. But not only not interfering, but also ’Love’ Is delightfully Present to ingratiate any open contact, to thrive with beautiful aliveness.

‘Love’ is first. And last.

GP2C2562You Are Love. Love Loves Love, Daddy’O


Appearances arise and fall as temporary objects. There is no permanance to objects to include concepts. More importantly, is the permanence of perception, that sees the arising and falling of the temporary. Perceiving just perceives with no objects or concepts to facilitate. Perceiving never stops. Perceiving has no location where it happens. Perceiving just perceives. There is nothing added.

Freedom is facilitated by perceiving the perceiving, by seeing the seeing, by noticing the noticing. There are no sticking points unless we insert objects into the freeness of perceiving.

Perceiving is sufficient to Itself. When we stop and perseverate for objects, we limit perceiving. Freedom is then limited. Allowing objects to come and go is the nature of freedom.

Be free. Be in no location and see the Seeing. It Is You, everywhere.

Love the Love, Daddy’O




image.pngDo we see a driver? There is no driver. The driver is just a thought. Perceiving only perceives perceiving.

GP2C2361To put a driver in the vehicle would take an illusion to enact the noun called ‘driver’. Even then, it, the driver, is only there in perception not reality. And what perception experientially concludes, is the perception or perceiving of the driver, which ultimately is the ‘knowing’.

GP2C2352However, there is no distance created, even when seemingly created, between the driver and the driving. Making a ‘noun’ out of the driver is the false separation of duality. Only when perception and experiencing are replaced by conceptual constraints, does the driver appear more real than validated perception. The driver then appears conceptually not experientially.

GP2C2357The concepts do not have the backing of Reality to assist in a proper conclusion. Our experiencing, without the need for conceptually framing something into a ‘thing’, is what we know deeply as truth. Truth cannot be funneled into a limited conceptual base. That base is too small for the enormity of formless-ness masquerading as form and back to formless-ness.

GP2C2356The prior-ness of existence needs existence Itself to discern Itself. Thoughts or concepts do not make the cut as they are severely truncated temporary limited objects. All there is is the knowing of thoughts, perceptions, and experience. Without the ‘knowing’, there would be no perception of things masquerading as things. The ‘knowing’ is most essential.

GP2C2345GP2C2347The ‘knowing’ precludes the ‘known’. The ‘known’ is artificial, a noun per se. There is no need for the ‘known’ as It all is just ‘knowing’. There is only the ‘knowing’ of seeing, tasting, touching, hearing and smelling. The experience is one with the ‘knowing’ as the seeming ‘two’ of ‘knowing’ and ‘experience’ are the same ‘knowing’.

GP2C2345Hence, there is no driver. Only the perceiving of perceiving. What perceives the so-called driver, is the perceiving and knowing of formless-ness in form. The formless-ness never departs. The forms manifest and un-manifest as do all phenomena. The driver is truly formless-ness as seen by the Seeing.

GP2C2350GP2C2349Seeing things clearly requires no belief system. Not seeing things clearly involves employing a belief system i.e. believing in separation when experientially all that is found is ‘knowing’ knowing ‘knowing’. Belief in separation results in a massive illusion engendering suffering and alienation.

Dependence on thought alone is wholly insufficient to ‘divine’ Reality. Knowing thoughts is knowing limitation and form. Knowing Self is knowing the unlimited and formless-ness.

“It is only an activity of thinking and feeling that makes it seem that we are something other than open, empty, unlimited Awareness but even this activity takes place in and is made out of Awareness alone.” -Rupert Spira

It Is all connected but the unity can be most clearly seen through the ‘knowing’ of every thing and nothing. Everything is everything first and last with no ‘not knowing’. And ‘nothing’ is a part of that ‘everything’.

imageLove Loves Love always, Daddy’O


GP2C2327‘Nobody’ is not a threat to ‘somebody’. ‘Somebody’ already has made a statement about being some ‘thing’ or idea. ‘Nobody’ has no investment in things, as ‘things’ are worthless from this viewpoint. The freedom of ‘nobody’ is unsurpassed. 

GP2C2328‘Nobody’ doesn’t care while contemporaneously caring greatly. Being ‘nobody’ allows infinite expression and fullness to appear. There is no one to prefer this or that. ‘All’, is all in, all the time.

GP2C2326Having no preference, allows full freedom from personal conflicts and self-interest to not molest Love Itself. ‘Nobody’ Loves everyone equally as ‘nobody’, as Love is never divided up or parcelled out. ‘Nobody’ can ‘Be’ Love effortlessly as there are no distinctions. There is ‘no one’ to ‘nobody’. 


‘Nobody’ understands ‘Existence’ .  ‘Existence’ too, has no preferences. ‘Nobody’ and ‘Existence’ come first before any masquerading of identity and separation into phenomena. There are no limitations in ‘nobody’ and/or ‘Existence’, as they are all things before things were things. 

GP2C2305We are always ‘nobody’ before/after a presumed ‘somebody’. ‘Existence’ too has ‘that’ prior-ness that has us all, first and last. ’Nobody’ and ‘Existence’ are essentially ’Oneness’ culled into the diversity of everyone and everything. Despite everyone and everything appearing, the ‘Oneness’ of ‘nobody’ and ‘Existence’ is unchanged, maintaining the singularity of ‘Oneness’, despite seeming duality.

GP2C2299’Nobody’ has a clear view of True Nature as there is no ‘somebody’ to pretend otherwise. ’Somebody’ often morphs into a limited character with complimentary limitations. There is no ‘somebody’ in ‘nobody’, which disallows believing in a separate existing True Self. Not being in separation automatically disallows believing in separation and separate identity.

GP2C2307True Self aka ‘nobody’ is never believing. It just Is.

GP2C2309Nobody’ is free. ‘Nobody’ needs to be liberated. ‘Somebody’ needs to be freed. ’Somebody’ needs to be liberated. Ergo, there is no ‘somebody’.

GP2C2311’Nobody’ is not even a seeming noun in this sentence. A noun would defy being ‘nobody’. ’Nobody’ is less than a noun. ’Nobody’ is more like ‘no-body-ing’, a verb. 

Being, Knowing, experiencing with no stops finds ‘nobody’ Present. Just Presence abiding in Presence.

GP2C2320“Devotion is love directed towards an ‘other’. Divested of the ‘other’ our devotion finds nothing to turn towards, and, as a result, vacillates for a moment, flows back to its source, and stands revealed as pure love.We are the light of pure Knowing that runs through all experience. Stay with that, as that. Be and know only that.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2336Being ‘nobody’ allows a maximum of ‘Openness’ to fill the emptiness available. Being ‘somebody’ limits the ‘unlimited’. ’Nobody’ cannot be imprisoned as It Is everywhere being found nowhere.

Love the Love, Daddy’O




GP2C2256The “knowing” is not knowledge-based. The “knowing” of an experience is not the experience. The “knowing” never stops “knowing”. It Is. It Is behind everything.

There is no rest for “knowing” as It Is eternally ‘nothing’ and that ‘nothing’ needs nothing. Rest is not needed when in the “knowing”, in contrast to ‘outside’  the “knowing”, in the phenomenal, where rest may be needed.

GP2C2277.jpgWhat is outside the “knowing”? Seemingly, there is the appearance of illusion, appearing to be outside of the “knowing”.  The constant iteration of a false self made up of a streaming affirmation of thoughts, appears to be separate. This is an unnatural field having ‘dis-unity’ as a principle for integration. There is never any real calm in this construct as it is blatantly artificial and unreal. The sheer quantity of affirmations of the conceptual self make the demand for a faux reality (for the conceptual self).

GP2C2269.jpegThis is the ‘no one’. The ‘no one’ is handicapped in that it is missing significant pieces of Reality in its construction. The ‘Fullness’ cannot be accessed due to the obscuration constantly present 24/7 in this compromised state. The ‘no one’ is desperately seeking that mysterious ‘something’, which is a ‘thing’. ‘No one’ can ever find such a ‘thing’ because it does not exist as a ‘thing’. The seeking, however, continues, often until death, without much substantive success.

GP2C2274.jpegThe ‘no one’ does not really exist. It exists only as a character. The character of ‘no one’ believes itself to be real. That is what characters generally do. They ‘do’ this without the essential element of ‘being’ or ‘feeling of existence’. The ‘feeling of existence’ is there, but is not accessed as an essential starting point for every Moment, by this character, generally called ‘no one’.

GP2C2275.jpeg“Thoughts’ rule. Usually thoughts about ‘no one’ rule at the rate of about 70,000 per day. With that much energy devoted to ‘no one’, the ‘no one’ feels real. Conditioning and adaptation accommodate the fraud. Fraudulence can never get relief as it is based on a tornado of unreality.

GP2C2270.jpegThoughts are useful when they are used as tools. When thoughts dominate our identity, then thoughts have become the monster we created -the ‘no one’ being some thing.

GP2C2273.jpegFor the ‘no one’ to ‘have’ or not to ‘have’ an experience, what is essentially presented is a further affirmation of unreality. How could ‘no one’ have or not have any thing?! Can an illusion have an illusion? 

GP2C2264.jpegWe are dreaming the dream and the dream has an experience that ‘no one’ feels is real. Is the experience real? Is there anyone there to experience anything? The ‘Real’ Is the dreaming. There is no other. ‘No one’ cannot be found except as an illusion, in the dream. We can believe that ‘no one’ is real. But then that ‘belief’ does not test out.

When we applaud ourselves for ‘having’ a profound experience, we are basically applauding ‘no one’. And ‘no one’ is a certified illusion.  Applauding here, is affirming the illusory idea of what we ‘think’ we are. Existence is before any thought or illusion to include ‘no one’. Losing the ‘knowing’ of existence is losing the clear starting point of whom we really Are.

When we feel we have ‘not’ had the experience we should have had, then we clearly indulge in more of the affirming of ‘no one’.

There is no loss or gain, ever. There Is only the ‘Fullness’ of whom We Are constantly beyond even time. The seeking establishes and re-establishes the ‘no one’ who thinks it is ‘someone’. Seeing the process of the creation and supplication to ‘no one’ is what liberates Us from ‘no one’.

GP2C2244.jpegBe ‘that’, effortlessly. Be only the experiencing not the experience. Experiencing is the verb that never stops. Experience is the noun that stops and ends. All ‘this’ Is effortless

“Pure Knowing, without a subject that knows or an object that is known, is what we are, not what we do. Thus, for our Self, to know is to be, and to be is to know.” -RUPERT SPIRA 

Know the ‘knowing’. Be the ‘dreaming’. See the Seeing seeing. We Are the Seeing of everything.

Love Loves Love, Daddy’O 


There is no Reality in unreality. Future never comes. And when it appears to arrive, it is never the same imagined future we thought it was.

‘Future’ is a concept necessary for linear time. It is functional only when it is not dysfunctional.

Functionality predisposes us to using the legitimate operating principles of planning and experiencing, while “in the Moment”. It is not that we stop using or denying the concept of ‘future’. It is more that we don’t allow the concept to use Us and thereby invite distortion of identity, confusion, illusion, and false premises.

Illustratively, dysfunction abides boldly in the open when we ‘seek’ the presumed ‘good’ in the future, as a presumed necessary step in our evolution. The mass illusion we participate in, is justifying living for an illusion (future) and not Being Present to what is always present i.e. what we are looking for in the future.

Looking to the future to ‘get’ what we are not getting in the Present is to overtly deny the problem we are having with the ‘present’. The ‘present’ is not a problem. The ‘present’ is ultimately the ’Now’ unbound by time.

The ‘present’ as ‘problem’ is very problematic. The resistance to the ‘present’ is the real problem. The ‘present’ is never a problem unless we distort it.

The resistance to the ‘present’, is what we are afraid of ’seeing’. Our resistance to “What Is” is based on some idea that “What Is” is not Us.

The duality of concepts and the preference for one pole versus another, is the checking in of constant separation (from the Whole). Literally grabbing on to this is ‘right’ and this is ‘wrong’, is the bipolar disorder of much of humanity. There is no freedom or openness in this ‘grabbing’ and ‘holding’ of imaginary lines.

‘Both/and’ is much closer to full acceptance and the freedom of movement away from the single line of ‘my idea/position’. Freedom draws no lines through the infinite circle of possible lines that can be drawn. Freedom/acceptance is all lines in the circle, drawing (holding) none.

Ergo, Being Present is drawing no lines ever. Future draws us in the illusion from the ‘present’. Conversely, Reality experienced is only Presence. The idea of ‘future’, owning ‘this’ or ‘that’, is the idea of future lying to us about its false promise. Integration can never be achieved in a distorted state e.g. future. Drawing lines is arguing with Presence.

The ‘pushing’ for the future is a vaunted characteristic of success. ‘Pushing’ always results in distortion as ‘pushing’ is never found in Awareness. ‘Pushing’ also throws us into the vagaries of thought/mind and the loss of clarity.

Being Present is full. There is no ’need’ to supplant ‘fullness’. ‘Fullness’ Is contentment. Contentment is inherently acceptance of the optimal balance of ‘Being’ without neediness of anything. It Is a self-fulfilling existence as ‘this’ existence is inherently always ‘full’ in Its Presence. Presence has no self-interest as a consequence of Its ‘fullness’.

Seeking or resistance to “What Is” is the formula for suffering. Waiting for the future is suffering in the present.

In the awakeness and clarity of Now, we are alive with ‘fullness’. There is no future to go to as it all Is as It Is. Is ‘pushing’ (aka resistance) more fun than effortlessness? More can get accomplished without ‘pushing’ or giving away our Presence to a mythical future. Timelessness never has the limitation of ‘future’.

“Thought has taken the ever-present reality that properly belongs to Me, Awareness, and superimposed it upon the mind, body and world. Give back to Me what properly belongs to Me, and everything will fall into place.” -Rupert Spira

Draw no lines or distinctions or borders. That would be unnecessary arbitrariness. Freedom to be Presence and fullness is only available Now. When we accept everything, then there is nothing to be done (accomplished). This Is freedom, to Be everything.IMG_0215

Love the Love, Daddy’O

image.pngBE YOUR TRUTH

Thoughts and thinking are often problematic. They have issues of neediness and over-valuing despite their feudal position in the scheme of things. Thoughts and thinking are clearly subsequent to our most obvious experience i.e. existing. img_0203

Thoughts and thinking do not/cannot come before the ‘knowing’ of our own existence. Our existence is primary. Our existence, historically, was there at birth. And at birth there were no thoughts or thinking. The thoughts came later after we individuated from our mother. 

img_0197We then retrospectively figured out that we were existing at an early age but without the high value objects, now called thoughts. Subsequently, after this realization, we went on to ‘know’ that we are still continuing to exist, without stopping for personal development, milestones, birthdays, and rites of passage. All this, is bringing ‘us’ to this Moment in time, that is, we still are existing, first/always.

img_0200When we go to our ‘existing’ now, we go to where ‘thought’ or thinking is clearly not necessary. We just know we ‘are existing’ first, and then, reading the words and thinking coming in second. 

The ‘existing’ that we ‘know’ is the same ‘existing’ that we had available when we were 5 years old. Nothing improved, nothing deteriorated, and nothing was really there except ‘existing’. In any case, if thoughts were used to divine ‘existing’, thoughts would not be able to give a compelling enough description to ‘existing’, that just ‘existing’, would do on its own.

img_0193In other words, ‘existing’ exits solely on its own merits without thought or thinking.  Experientially experiencing ‘existing’ directly, perhaps in this Moment, will lend the same experience of consistency, despite the many years of growth we may have had since the age of 5. Our ‘existing’ is our most stable knowledge we have. That ‘unacquired knowledge’ was never acquired nor even sought. ‘It’ just ‘Is’, with not even a past tense. 

Thoughts and thinking are feudal, in that these objects have severe limitation due to their being merely objects. Objects are fleeting and essentially lifeless. Objects are dead nouns that never really had any verb-ing going for themselves. They were finished at birth and left the premises essentially in the same condition -dead on arrival and departure.   

img_0192Existence never makes demands about ‘existing’. There is never any doubt about the aliveness of ‘existing’. Contrarily, ‘existing’ is a verb that is always moving without moving. What is moving in ‘existing’ is the phenomenological, to include thoughts and thinking.

What this means is that ‘existing’ includes everything phenomenological and temporary, as ‘It’ ‘Is’ everything. The phenomenological is the appearance or in other words, the dreaming of the dream. It all occurs in ‘existing’, the unchanging field.

img_0194‘Existing’ also has the quality of effortlessness (although that is not pure truth, as ‘qualities’ have a similar limited stability, like an object).  At any rate ‘effortlessness’, viewed from our limited vocabulary, and/or ‘existing’, burns zero calories in ‘Being’.  

Conversely, thoughts and thinking typify their existence in the human condition as paramount. The ‘normal’ process followed, in order to presumably survive, is that we must exploit ‘thinking’ as the best vehicle for our continuation/survival/success. This ‘thinking’ appears as an antidote to the unstable false self. Ergo, the question of  survival for whom?  ‘Existing’ is a priori. It is before. What is ‘after’ is the only thing that presumably needs to survive.

Mis-identity with the phenomenological, causes efforts to be placed in buttressing the implacable false self. There is a constant neediness and over-valuing of this conceptual false self due to life-long conditioning, through the perseveration of thinking. 

As this is being written, the conditioned root justification for needing ‘thinking’ appears to have direct relevance. However, that is a specious demand, that upon inspection is meritless. 

Thinking is limited to finite consideration, while ‘existing’ Is infinite in possibility/potentiality. Furthermore, the ‘pushing’ of a thought, identifies it as a thought. Effortlessness and ‘existing’ are by definition, free and unlimited and all-inclusive.

This all leads to the supposition of “Be Your Truth”. What Is permanent and unchanging, consistent and beautiful, effortless and everything, nothing and nobody? Being Your Truth is Being the ‘Openness’ of infinite possibility/acceptance. 

“Being Your Truth” does not demand anything from anybody as there is no distinguishing anything from everything. This Is Love. Love knows no other than Love Itself.

Thinking is relevant as a second tier of consideration for living life. Primarily, the a priori is always the Presence of Being. Getting the horse in front of the cart, makes life naturally effortless. Being is structured with objects to follow.

img_0211“Ask yourself what has never been, and could never be, parted from you, and remain with that, as that.”-Rupert Spira

Be Your Truth. Love Is First, last, and everything that appears. Thinking about Truth will not get us there. Being Truth Is there.

Love Loves Love,  Daddy’O



The spicing of objects, thoughts, sensations, and perceptions is intoxicating, if we let ourselves be taken in with no regard for Truth. The Truth is all ‘that other stuff’ is illusory and unfulfilling. Belief, aka bravo sierra, has cemented even more ideas and commitments, to following this trend of unnecessary attachment.

This is certainly not to say we can not enjoy frivolities. Frivolities are just that. They are not long-term investments. They are absolutely transitory and ephemeral.

When we experientially understand the tendency to over-invest in something that is unfulfilling and unyielding of satiation, we stop investing in that plunging stock.

However, the certain outcome of allegiance to the temporal, is clearly bankruptcy in a time-based world. Any length of time added to the attachment to temporal objects, yields a negative outcome. The ’Now’ is lost to stuff.

The problem is hanging on to something that is moving back to ’nothing-ness’. ’That’ ‘something’ is always going back to ’nothing’ and ‘no time’, as ‘time’ is a subset of timeless-ness.

It is funny that then we resist the ‘nothing’ that really is ‘everything’, made obvious through ‘time’. Why not start at ‘nothing’ and ‘nowhere’ and end up at ‘everything’ and ‘everywhere’ without any ‘doing’? Do we really need ‘that’ something to get what eventually goes to ‘nothing-ness’ effortlessly?

Who we are is ‘nobody’ doing ‘anything’, except when we believe we are the doer. But what is really abiding in all ‘that’, just ‘Is’. The ‘Is-ness’ always ‘Is’ before, during, and after all phenomena and change. The ‘Is-ness’ is the featureless permanence of nothing being everything.

Life is living through us as ‘Us’. ‘Us’ Is not bound by any ‘thing’ as any ‘thing’ is sheer transitoriness. When We are ‘Us’, we are the ‘Is-ness’ without time, space, or effort.GP2C2231.jpeg

To enjoy and enjoin in life, the transitory must be dealt with, not worshipped. It is imperative to enjoy while not denying the transitoriness of the temporal. Enjoying means we never get bound and lost in the sauce of ’stuff’ that basically yields nothing.

When we have fun with objects just as objects, we glide past any faux commitment to compulsion and obsession, which are characteristic of extremes. Extremes are not balanced and not full of contentment. They yield stress and suffering as they are conditional and illusory. Having fun is being free enough to see the ridiculous-ness of holding on to something that is not meant to have any endurance. This freedom and Seeing, yields the proper use of available ’stuff’.

Who we Are Is the ‘Oneness’ that Is everyone, everywhere, and everything, first and last. ‘It’ all occurs in this ‘Oneness’. There is no ‘Oneness’ plus the little ‘me’. It just Is ‘this’.

“Love is the natural condition of all experience before thought has divided it into a multiplicity and diversity of objects, selves and others.” -RUPERT SPIRA

We are the ‘stuff’ we presumably want and strive for in the typical life lived. Contrarily, ’we’ do not have Awareness (as the me). Awareness has us. We do not have a life, life has us. We Are the Formless in form. And there is no difference as ‘it’ all is the ‘Oneness’ that can never be found or lost.GP2C2234.jpeg

Pass the sauce.

Love the Love, Daddy’O