‘This’ Is It. To go ‘out there’ is to deny the reality that we have created. We Are the reality we see, feel, hear, taste, and touch. All of ‘It’ is experiencing experiencing.

There is no ‘other’ place or person to cohabitate the space, that is only and truly a metaphoric space. We all Are, always. This ’emptiness’ just Is as It Is and not even the idea of ‘space’ can capture It.

The ‘experiencing’ is just experiencing what ‘experiencing’ has written down in the location-less place and the timeless Now of just ‘experiencing’. ‘We’ create the reality that is reflected back to Us.

To reject this Reality is to misperceive Reality as being separate and impositional on Us. There is no imposing anything on Nothingness (Our true nature). We cannot reject what we have had a direct hand in creating. ‘That’ would be missing the whole enchilada of whom We really Are. We could then continue to have ‘our way’ of ‘thinking’ how it ‘should be‘. Then conclusively and sadly, we would default back to a certain seemingly comfortable picture of what the false self ‘thinks’ it wanted.

‘That’ belief and definition of reality may be seemingly evoking a comfortableness, but really, that is a clear limitation on the ineffable greatness we all Are always ad infinitum. Lose the belief that limits the unlimited.

Misdefinition of Self is often characterized by an insistence of a ‘clear’ definition. Cognitive clarity, in this case, is missing everything in order to have a ‘something’, when all the while, there Is Nothingness. Emptiness cannot be defined by something.

When We create ‘something’, we create for the immediacy of Now (not later). ‘This’ Is not to be held on to by a fictional person. ‘Holding’ what is created, is missing experiencing experiencing for ‘an experience’ that is stopped and over. Experiencing never stops experiencing. Pulling over for an experience is not within the movement of experiencing.

Who We Are is not an interpretive event. Everything Is neutral until we say It isn’t. Reality Is reality with no real need for interpretation (by a ‘me’). We can create an imagined reality but ‘that’ is an imagined reality. Reality Is before imagination and/or additions.

The false self that attains a definitional reality attains an imaginary place/status. The problem then becomes the attempt to leave the imaginary place that really does not provide the succour and relief we thought it would. Cognitive interpretative reality is a misdirection of resources.

There Is no place to go as ‘places’ come and go. There Is nothing to ‘do’ as ‘doing’ never stops ‘doing’. Being Is the only real ‘doing’ as there are no stops or finishes in timeless eternal Beingness. Nothing Is before or after ‘All That Is’.

We Are the reality We Are in. What is reflected to Us Is Us. The reality that is reflected to Us is directly from Us. Love ‘That’.


We create reality. We create reality not from the character in the real movie but from the ‘All that Is’, and ‘that’ Is Us.

The movie is a creation. It Is ‘Our’ movie. This ‘Our’ is not plural, as It Is ‘All that Is’ aka ‘The Oneness’. The ‘movie’ does not create the movie. The director/producer of the movie is ‘Us’ creating the movie. In other words, we create our our own reality.

Timelessness is not created. It Is. Time, on the other hand, is created. We create time every day. First, we are in the unchanging timelessness. From the permanence of timelessness, we create the ‘reality’ of time. Timelessness still remains when ‘time’ appears but in the seeming backdrop.

Timelessness does not age. Time on the other hand, is bound and ages us especially so, if we are bound by time. When we lose track of time, for example, we do not really entertain the binding aspect of time, and fall back to the unchanging permanent timelessness of Now. The default position of not being fully in time is what? Timelessness of course.

The advantages to time is that the change that invariably occurs, prompts us to examine any possible polarizing views. When we change our monocentric view, we can open our perception of Self to a wider more vast openness that can liberate monotheistic perspectives.

This advantage of the contraction called ‘time’, thus liberates us from the proverbial ‘stuck’ position of being a prisoner in a movie. We begin to see the movie as a movie and then realize we really are the producer/director of the movie. The ‘movie’ comes out of the permanence of timelessness. Our realization of timelessness is realization of Our true nature.

The movie allows pathos/suffering to be present for the sake of the movie and not for the suffering of the actors. Timeless Beingness is who we Are. There is no suffering or drama Here.

We create physical reality and are physical reality. The personal construct or body, is in the ultimate default position of timelessness, always. Soul is not in the body. The body is in soul.

Living in the only Moment that ‘Is’, is living agelessly in the Now. The ‘now’ does not look for the ‘next’. There is no ‘next’ in the Now as it is all Now. Timelessness does not have a past nor future. Everything, to especially include time, Is Now.


No one’ means that the ‘one’ that is looking for something ‘to be more of’ cannot be present because ‘no one’ has ever existed nor will ever get true ‘existence’. ‘No one’ is an add-on concept that appears without a true existence, while ‘Being’ Is already eternally present and always existing as a non-thing.

In order for the conceptual self to ‘get it’, it goes and travels in the imagined distortion called ‘future’. The ‘future’, then becomes a manufactured place in ‘time’ that does not have a core existence. Finding Self in the future is always a dead end.

The ‘one’ that wants to be liberated does not exist. Existence Itself does not need the false gods of ‘need’. Awareness is always Present. A glimpse or flash more accurately represents the absence in our circuitry of the continuity of Presence. It is not that Presence shows up for a glimpsing second. Presence has eternal stability not instability.

The instability of ‘self’ represents the stickiness of a belief system that supports the nonsense of deferring to ideas to represent eternal Reality. To let go of ideas as the arbiter of Reality, may soften their impact and allow a ‘glimpse’ to sneak in and challenge this temporary false reality.

Belief systems are hard-wired into neurological circuits in the brain. Thinking and feeling are subsequent to believing, as are feelings. The beliefs we ‘own’ own us until they don’t. When we change our beliefs, we change our circuitry prompting thoughts and feelings registered to a belief, to drop/arise.

The most consequential of beliefs are beliefs that support the separate self. ‘That’ reality is a non-reality in the sense that ‘it’ is a temporary support system for an illusion. Our hard and permanent reality does not flinch, ever. ‘It’ Is effortlessly abiding as Itself without thoughts, feelings, and/ideas. Consequently, there are no beliefs or circuits necessary to hold and/or structure eternal Presence.

No one, meaning there is ‘no thing’ Present to glimpse anything at any time. The Presence of Presence is always in timelessness. Ergo, most beliefs most often are misdirections in finding Self. There is no real separation of Self except seemingly in the established circuitry of limitation we established through belief and repetition.

Believing some’one’ is there to ‘get it’ is the beginning of separation from real Self. Challenge all beliefs.


Nothing has more value than anything else unless we assert that it does. The addition to this essential neutrality, is the evoking of ‘a position’ apart from neutrality, ‘that’ is clearly an addition to neutrality. That addition is the weight we give it, in intensity and importance, based on our assessments pro and con. We put a great deal of value on whether or not the subject of our scrutiny is ultimately ‘good’ and/or ‘bad’.

The apparent fact that the debated ‘point’ of good/bad was once at the starting point of neutrality, is seemingly lost almost immediately. The debate begins, or more accurately resumes, as to whether said subject has some complexity of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Discussion continues, often not even acknowledging, that the basic starting point was always of neutrality.

Polarization of position begins to condemn neutrality as unacceptable, despite neutrality not having a position. The polarization of right and wrong decapitate the true nature of ‘no position’ of anything/everything as purely neutral and non-binding, to a stratified position of good versus bad.

‘No position’ does not have a preference or a side. ‘It’ is free. When we bind ourselves to an issue, we tend to lose sight of neutrality and go ‘birth to death’ on it. Our freedom to not see the big picture is compromised and alienated, so much so that conflict arises.

When all positions and non-positions are given equal status, nothing/noone is left behind. The vibration of real equality is engendered rather than the evoking of separation and ‘less than’ assessments.

Everyone is welcome when everyone is welcomed. When we manifest neutrality we manifest openness. Truth is alive in the openness not in a lockdown. A choice is always a choice unless it isn’t.

This movie called our life, could not be made without the drama, the pathos, and conflict, all of which are the full palette of neutral and shades of black, white and grey. The director (Us) looks at the tools and options equally and uses them accordingly. There will always be a need for originality and meaning. Ergo, nothing is disposed of, least of all neutrality. Neutrality gives a clear rendering of ‘What Is’.

All is welcomed. No one is left behind. Be free. It Is Our nature.


There is nothing in the physicality of Here to be dependent upon -least of all, thoughts. Thoughts are not arbiters of reality.

Thoughts argue for a way, a method, a means to some goal. There is no goal in Being existence. We Are the Reality we seemingly are looking for. Looking from the seeming physical structure of reality is the obstruction. We Are ‘the Looking’ Itself which has no structure. Any structure cannot be ‘the Looking’.

Due to It’s openness, No-thing-ness is freedom from all structures both physical and mental. No-thing-ness gives consciousness to the body. Meaning the body is in consciousness and not the other way around. Matter appears to be a hard state but scientifically matter is energy. Energy only seemingly becomes matter. Physicality is essentially a more dense representation of energy. No-thing-ness is more akin to formlessness than form.

Thoughts are not stable existing entities. They cannot define existence as they are representations of Reality and do not exist in and of themselves. They appear, they point, and they always disappear. 

Just Being the receiving of thoughts, feelings, situations, changes, beliefs, and other ‘things’ Is the Fullness, which is always precluding not-enough-ness. Just Being the receiving is everything, even with no dog in the race. This total detachment is essentially attachment, but to everything. 

Thoughts cannot change our journey as We Are always going from Here to Here timelessly regardless of anyone presumably keeping time. What can change in the Change-less?

Thoughts seemingly have an inner reality and other things seemingly have an outer reality. Are these realities really separate? Or are they the One reality? Reality that exists does not separate into 2 different realms except seemingly. There Is only one reality to include thoughts, ideas, and other external constructs. Awareness Is Awareness regardless of seemingly separate realities, i.e. inside the head versus outside the head.

Thoughts do not define reality. Thoughts are not what is happening Now. Thoughts do not ‘Know’. Thoughts do monday-morning quarterbacking about ‘what happened’. Thoughts are appearances/disappearances in the binding of time.

Only the Knowing Is Knowing. And the Knowing is timelessly Present and always happening. Thoughts always come after the Knowing, to make a conclusion about the ‘known’. The Knowing never stops Knowing and never stops.

The ‘me’ is a thought and ‘It’ is not about the ‘me’ Knowing. That would be equivalent to another thought ‘Knowing’. Thoughts cannot ‘Know’ the ‘Knowing’. Only the Knowing can Know the Knowing. Perennial existence Knows Itself. Thoughts are seriously fleeting entities. It never is the ‘me’ Knowing. It Is Life Knowing Life as Life.

Life is not defined by thoughts. No definitions can define Us. Life Is Us. And that is the open unbound field of nothingness receiving everything always as Itself. There is no binding to anything Here, to include any thoughts that will invariably pass. Be free as emptiness experiencing only Emptiness.


There is no you or me. Just Isness. You and me were never anything but ideas. We can only stand as the Oneness. There is no ‘doing’ it. There is no limitation called ‘you and me’ in the unlimited. Feel ‘It’.

Thought cannot get to where You already Are. Before thought, before doing, after nothing, there Is only Nothingness. ‘You’ Are the backdrop to every thing. Everything Is ‘Your’ reflection. ‘Your’ reflection is feedback personified. That is, the reflected energy changes relative to what ‘We’ put out in the personification of pure energy.

There are no blind spots of ‘me’ in ‘no view’. All views Are ‘Your’ view. Any view has built-in blind spots. Perseverating on ‘no view’ is seeing all views. Having a view is tantamount to ‘someone’ there to ‘have a view. ‘That’ someone does not exist (except someone being a character in a movie). There is noone there to have the ‘right’ view or the ‘wrong’ view. There is noone there to get centered and/or to get it right.

What Is implicit ‘Is’. Implicitness does not have to assert what is abundantly apparent. It Is the most obvious of obvious-ness when we put down the mantle of ‘me’ as being the centrality of Life. A fictional being called ‘me’ is only supplanted and supported by a constant feeding of a bottomless created fictional seeming need. That is pure delusion. There is no ‘real’ need of something so fake as this delusionary concept (called ‘me’). The ‘me’ is a very limited concept looking for a non-concept. The deadend becomes ever so clear.

Falling out of the seat of ‘me’, is essentially giving up on the ‘me’. There is no place to ‘sit’, as there is noone there that needs to sit. ‘Not sitting’ meaning that there are no more ‘stops’ necessary for Being to Be Being. There never were any stops to Being. When we seemingly ‘stopped’ Being we routinely defaulted into the manufactured ‘me’. Now, there is no need to sit as the ‘me’. Now Life moves through everything, as Everything stops for nothing.

The Now Is Now timelessly Present. Future is illusion begetting illusion; e.g. hoping is despairing. Past is entertaining the dead, i.e. trying to retrieve the irretrievable. Every moment we recreate ourselves. There is no secret to just Being ‘You’ Now. Nothing added ever (especially the weight referred to as the ‘me’) always leaves Nothingness.

‘Implicit’ implies, so subtly, our True Nature. There is absolutely nothing required of ‘Us’ to Be ‘Us’. If in doubt, drop everything and the backdrop of Nothingness catches the Nothingness that Is You. There Is nothing that can be added to ‘That’.


‘What Is’, is that ‘this’ Is unprovoked Love. Love Is always loving. ‘That’ Is always happening.

There is never a change in the quantity/ quality/resonance of Love. This is the stability of the universe seen/unseen. Without this harmony and effortless coherence, the universe, from atoms and quarcks to gross manifestations of the physical cosmos, would be disabled because of the fundamentality and essentiality of this unconditional Love. This Is the essence of everything.

Know ‘this’ in the depths of heart. Everything Is Love. Love Living Love unprovoked and unconditional.

Conditional love is an energetic contraction, that is, an activity of the so-called ego. The ego is an ongoing activity based in fear, causing a contraction/resistance called self. Additionally in the activity of seeking, there results a direct movement away from our existential presence. The false ego self that is seemingly created, subsists soley of repetitive movements towards supporting the conditionality of a manufactured illusion.

The energetic contraction/movement called the ego, is, uncanningly, what wants the contraction to end. The imposition of this limitation of consciousness is the virtual prison cell we cannot get out of. An imaginary place binding us, is imaginary. And there is no salvation ever, for an imaginary self.

There is no see-er nor a ‘seen’, just see-ing
(Being). The ‘thingness’ of being a thing is not tenable for the transparency of the transcendental i.e. Us. There is no looking for what we Are. We Are what is looking, what is seeing, and/or what is being. There are no stops for any ‘thing’, ever.

The activity of losing the idea of self (fear) and the activity of seeking past what we ‘Are’, these activites are the manifestation of the unfound ego. It is ‘unfound’ because it is an activity. There is nothing ‘to do’ because It (Self) Is.

Unprovoked Love is unconditional, period. It’s presence Is timeless. There is no seeking necessary nor is there a wait time for it to come or go (as in fear). The attempt ‘to do’ Love is to lose (seemingly)
Love effortlessly. This Is Our true nature.


What demands to get ‘out’ was never really ‘in’. In order to get out of the suffering, we petition the suffer-er. But where is the suffer-er? Is the suffer-er an idea more than a hard reality?

Asking the suffer-er, aka ‘a concept’, doesn’t seem like a good idea. Nonetheless, we carry on carrying the concept as if it was a golden calf. The ‘suffer-er’ has bulked up on the faux nutrition of ‘me’ for decades. And it will not stop. To stop would be to upend major societal conclusions about ‘self’. That would be treasonous and unreasonable, yes?! So don’t ask the ‘me’ about the veracity of the ‘me’!

Yes and no. Yes, the appearance of ‘me’ does not sound more radical than the actual implementation of no ‘me’. Society pushes the pushing of the ‘me’, seemingly to make a successful life for self/others. This is, on the face of it, is a laudable goal except it is a downgrade to limitation and suffering versus the vastness of no limitations and no true suffering. What always suffers is the faux ‘me’.

There is no truth called the ‘me’. The constant calling of the ‘me’ reinforces falsehood for lifetimes. The ‘me’ is a standard issue idea that demands ‘to get’ that ineffable ‘something’ that is nothing.

The starting point of ‘me’ is an attempt to escape from a non-existing thing, the ‘suffering me’. Good luck on all that. There is a body ‘Here’ but no person to fall away. There never was. Making ‘me’ fall away is just another incarnation of ‘me’. Separateness cannot make the world a better place. True nature is object-less and ‘One’.

There is ‘nothing to get’ Here. Noone is ‘doing’ the character. Dismissing ‘me’ cannot be achieved because there is no ‘me’. There is no ‘me’ to be conscious. There Is just Consciousness. The ‘me’ is a temporary appearance with a ‘seeming’ reality and yet not separate from an unchanging Consciousness. (It is the movie on the screen metaphor.)

Nothingness is transparent, object-less, not a noun and more verb. The ‘me’, as an illusory charachter, cannot stand with Nothingness. Nothingness is timeless and unbound. While the ‘me’ is in time and illusion.

To get ‘Nothing’ it appears that one must escape from a non-existing concept i.e. the ‘me’. In order to escape there must be time to do it. Timelessness leaves no time to escape. This idea of escape is illusion chasing illusion. There is no suffer-er.

There is Nothing to get because there Is nothing to get. Be the Nothingness stopping for nothing -just Being Being. There Is no more Fullness.


Reality just Is. ‘Separation’ outcomes will appear when we ‘believe’ we are ‘making’ and ‘doing’ all the decisions in life. Believing itself is not a hard fact-based reality. Beliefs often are tethered more on hope than the acceptance of ‘not knowing’.

‘Not knowing’ is a letting go of finding any current and relevant facts/ideas to solve the so-called problem of defining Reality. What is often revealed is that the reality we reference, is a mis-definition of Reality. Facts/ideas are often a limitation to Reality given timeless infinity. ‘Not knowing’ is an admission to the limitation of facts and data points.

Reality from the view of a fictional self, is a conclusion also not supported by a broader definition of the universe, both seen and unseen. When the facts available do not support our definition of self, we meander to ‘beliefs’. Beliefs and unsupported facts do not give us Reality. Mapping Self is supported by letting go of limited definitions and pre-suppositions about our true nature.

Starting from the emptiness of ‘nothing’ and the allowance of ‘not knowing’, we render an openness that truly is based on a pure and immediate ‘Isness’ being present. Less is more Here. The bottomless knowledge of Self opens to Itself. At this juncture there is no ‘other’ appearance to distract from the Isness of Self. At this juncture, even the ‘starting’ never really started or stopped.

Separation from Self is itself only an appearance in time and place. Choiceless Reality never stops or starts. It just Is. ‘Choice’ would mean ‘we’ would have power over ‘Choicelessness’ Itself. Ultimately ‘everything’ Is Choicelessness, as what else could It Be?

Often, who we ‘think’ we are is defined only by ‘thinking’. ‘Thinking’ alone, is tantamount to using a limited platform to divine the unlimited. To define Self soley through ‘thinking’, is analogous to trying to give a very limited and shallow performance a higher pay grade. And that is clearly not warranted. This results in only more separation from Self.

Life is happening but not to ‘me’. Adding a ‘me’ is an attempt to upend Choiceless Reality. The un-reality of the ‘me’ can never make this happen. The ‘me’ wants the ‘experience’ when there is only the ‘experiencing’. Having life and/or having an experience, is a stop. Life/experiencing, by It’s nature, has no stops.

This Is Choiceless Reality Being Choiceless Reality. Ignorance is finite. Appearances in Awareness cannot tell Us about Awareness. The ‘me’ is a finite appearance seemingly having a separate life appearing to it. On the other hand, Life is Us appearing to Us with no stops for a fictional ‘me’. There is no ‘doer’ nor hope for a ‘doer’. This Is Choiceless. This Is effortless. This Is Us.


And why would that matter? Is the future happening now? If we constantly bank on the future do we more thoroughly neglect the Now? Does the future, as we imagine it, really come on line as we dreamed it would be?

This is not to say that planning/preparation for the future is abandoned. Managing the future is markedly different than moving the functionality of presence into the future.

‘Hoping’ is not planning/preparing the future. It is more emotion and cheer-leading than a substantive plan. Buying hope is buying time called ‘the future’. Future, when viewed from Now, is an unreality. Hope is a wish for something different. Wishing for plans to happen has an implicit bias for and by ‘self’.

This ‘self’ cannot see through the illusion of separation because it is not really there (except seemingly). Hope is the morphine for ‘self’ that cannot get past itself and it’s aggravations of instability. Even the imagined ‘self’ cannot find a permanence of self in ‘self’.

Using time (i.e. future) to awaken Self, is a direct contradiction to the nature of timeless Self. Hope is asking separation to continue. What is ‘free’ has always been ‘free’. Effort, to include hope, to be free of ‘self’, is a direct effort for the future of ‘better’ to continue the imprisonment of ‘self’ by ‘self’.

Reality is then taking Itself to be some ‘thing’ else. The insistence of ‘finding’ Self keeps Us from Seeing the ‘Seeing-ness’ of Self. There is no ‘object’ in the transparency of Self.

The ‘self’ often says that it cannot get it. This statement can be an understanding that proves that ‘self’ cannot get it. ‘Who’ we Are is clearly not in what demands to get out.

‘Time’ is in the movie. Time is abstracted out of the Eternal. ‘Hope’ is in time in the character in the movie. There is no need for a conceptual hope that is future-based in the timeless Eternal.

Life Is happening but not to the ‘me’. There is no separation into a ‘me’. The one that has ‘hope’ is the ‘me’ that is in the movie. That ‘me’ is as fictional as the idea of the movie. Life allows the appearance and disappearance of the me and the hope of a good movie.

Enjoy the show, Now. Life Is You effortlessly Being.