GP2C3659.jpgTo say “That I am the body”, is bringing identity into the very temporal grounds of extreme limitation. Our identity is often a false conclusion of a concept i.e. “I am this or that“. It is not a matter of changing the location of a false identity. It is a matter of seeing that what we ‘think’ identity is, is the limitation.

Identity transferring is not the point. The point is losing the ‘idea’ and limitation on what we ‘think’ identity (ours) is. To suggest that when we spiritually progress, we change our identity into something more subtle or benign, is to not see. We do not carry over, in any profound way, whom we think we are.

“When we really start to take a look at who we think we are… we start to see that while we may have various thoughts, beliefs, and identities, they do not individually or collectively tell us who we are. [And yet] it is astounding how completely we humans define ourselves by the content of our minds, feelings, and history.” Adyashanti

Whom we think we are, is the limitation on us. It binds us to the prison of little self. In our minds, letting ‘that’ go is akin to suicide. However, what is let go, is only a concept that pushes itself into so-called existence. The binders of belief, conditioning, and mass delusion, keeps us locked up. To suggest that we change our identity is basically going into a different prison cell. This is not the freedom we are looking for, is it?

GP2C3675.jpgBreaking out is not limiting the self to physical location but liberating whom we ‘think’ we are into whom we really Are, i.e. open-hearted expansive awareness, that is parked in our personal vehicle as well as everywhere else, seen and unseen, at the same time (Now). Separation is the illusion that dies because a full identity investment is made into the Formless beyond just the vehicle we are in. We are the ocean first and the wave second. The wave comes and goes. The ocean remains full.

GP2C3680.jpgWhat does that mean in practical terms? It means that we source the effortless, nonjudgmental, spacious, loving Presence that bestows allowance on everything and everyone without limit.That, versus our struggling agenda to do our schtick exclusively and primarily without regard to a natural selflessness. “Selfies” and selfish viewpoints, appear to be very strong now in this zeitgeist.

There are no real limits even when location ‘appears’ to be in one body. The ‘body’ is in the Formless, but then these boundaries are very arbitrary.The ‘body’ is not the center of the Universe, while the center of the Universe is everywhere. Identity is not dissimilar, due to no difference in whom we really Are.

“Everything I see is within me” is the Cause. Normally our viewpoint is not so. If whom we Are is not whom we ‘think’ we Are, then Beingness is the Cause that is permanence personified, regardless of vehicle.

GP2C3677.jpgThe ‘body’ is certainly a temporary vehicle. The parade is temporary. Getting lost in the parade with the temporary structure called the body, is delusion. The backdrop of Everything is often lost in the struggle to live our life. Losing connection to “What Is”, is the greatest loss we can possibly suffer. We do not get the grace of the éclat of the Now, when we over-achieve our little goals and shallow accomplishments.

See the unity and generosity of the ’Space’ first. Secondarily and consciously, see our lives as opportunities for transferring this generousness into the canvas that represents us, artfully and skillfully.

GP2C3673.jpgThe ‘painting’ that results becomes a classic.

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