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GP2C0314A point of resistance that we may not be overtly aware of, may be the genesis of conditions under which we have entered this world of space and time. We may feel that we may have done better for ourselves if our particular circumstances were more meritorious than the current or past conditions challenging us at this particular time. We may feel that others have had an enormous hand up in the way their world was laid out for them and/or continues to be laid out.GP2C0375What is interesting is, that despite our subtle jealousies concerning others, we probably most likely feel that we would not want to be this ‘other’ person. The trials and tribulations that we have had to go through are generally not trade-able en masse. A particular tweak here or there, is usually an insignificant thing and would not change the substance and/or content of our parade.


GP2C0349The residue that lives on in our present condition, from a distant or not so distant past, can echo it’s idea of failure, to the resonance of Now. Because of ‘it’s’ presence, it is no longer just ‘past’ but a false start in the Presence of our Moment. Hiding in the backdrop of whom we ’think’ we are, the compromised energy makes it’s presence known by it’s deteriorating and undermining toxicity. Awareness of ‘it’ has a conditioning that hides it’s presence in plain sight. Unloading these ideas is to See them informing us, especially in the hostility of refusing the Moment, that is, “What Is”.

GP2C0354When we suggest to ourselves, that perhaps if we had better parenting, opportunities, spouses, children, jobs, etcetera; we would then be empowered to meet our higher destiny, because we would have taken these advantages and assumed the greatness that we think we are or could be, in this world.

GP2C0350This is not to say that advantages don’t matter. This is to say that ’thinking’ that they do matter, can be problematic.

Problematic, in that ’thinking’ and concluding can become a barrier for future progress. If we ’think’ and believe that the deficits we were given or ran into, have an oppressive effect on our movement in consciousness or parade, is to ask for a deficit that really has no existence except in our silly mind.

GP2C0351“The Tao does nothing, but leaves nothing undone.”
37th verse of the Tao Te Ching

The ‘doing’ that we ‘do’ to ourselves, in a constant steady manner of drafting “what could have been” into our identity of who we ‘think’ we are, is unnecessary and a complete misuse of energy. Seeing ‘it’, is the big deal. Not Seeing ‘it’, is the status quo of quiet desperation. When we use the arbiter of complete acceptance of “ What It Is”, we, in the Silence of Spaciousness, can tease out the false redefinition of self, past or present.

GP2C0352Thinking and believing that our current conditions are not sufficient to sustain any happiness, is not true. Certainly, optimal environmental and kind energy beckons us to less stressful situations. Victor E. Frankl, Man’s Search For Meaning, makes the case of optimizing the Moment under the worst of conditions. His take is not the sustenance of a bad environment but the decision to not have our humanity be reduced by the bad environment. Of course, it is better to opt for a more supportive life situation. That is a given.

Spaciousness by it’s definition, is not a little box we reflexively react to when our ‘ideas’ are shocked, challenged, or unconsciously manipulated by conditioning and other ideas and beliefs. Spaciousness is allowance and acceptance of ‘whatever’ circumstances that arrive on our plate, at the deepest levels of our Being. Acceptance is not agreement with the so-called negative aspects of our life. It is an understanding that not accepting these ‘ undesirables’, has consequences that undermine Our perception of the Present. Additionally, (and repeating), this of course does not preclude life improvements.’

GP2C0337As always, the question comes down to what energies are we sourcing? Sourcing reaction is not Being. Beingness is connection first. When we ‘do’
without first effortlessly connecting, we bypass the circuit of Spaciousness and infinite potential, bypassing the wisdom of the ages and our un-acquired knowledge base. Conditioning, unchallenged, will vet old groundless data that should of been purged long ago by the light of Awareness. Looking for our own ‘stops’ that we have taken for granted for so long, is to examine our most basic assumptions.

GP2C0359When we have enough Space, by giving ourselves as much as we can take, we can start to appreciate where we ‘are not’. To acknowledge that we are ’stuck’ is to liberate the weights we have carried and put upon ourselves for too long of a time.

GP2C0367The advantages of Being whom we currently are, is to fully accept without regret, the past and it’s educating role in our personal development. The Universe has set us all up with the most optimal conditions for our particular journey in this particular life. How could it be otherwise? The challenges are there to un-grasp our diehard conclusions of how we ’think’ things should be. The mother of the Universe knows best.

GP2C0326The constant bad breath of vasanas (negative aspects of conditioning)
following us around constantly and are the constant reminder of whom we are not. This is not something to bury and look past upon it’s regular arrival. It is something that is to be Seen and processed with Awareness, Acceptance of presence, and a temporary reminder of whom we are not.

GP2C0355The allowance of Space to see this ‘badboy’, is the acknowledgement of Space within us that accepts everything always. The point is We Are this Space, first and always. The ‘stuff’ in the Space is limited form. Go with the “Unlimited”. ‘Space’ allows infinite room. Be that generous. It Is Whom we Are.

GP2C0317This Iz Daddy’O