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There is nothing to do or not do. There is nowhere to go or not go. It Is all Here and Now and complete. To add to ‘that’ is to subtract into limitation. Nothing can be added to ‘It’. Adding anything would strongly suggest an ‘incomplete’ Awareness.

Awareness is the complete picture.  Viewing the complete picture can only be accomplished through Awareness Itself viewing Itself. And the view is limitless as there is no point of view. A ‘point of view’ would limit Awareness. Everything Being Everything Is Everything Being Nothing. Nothingness Is Everything and Everything Is Nothingness. There is no difference. There is no ‘point of view’ per se.

Fundamental hopelessness is believing there is a point of view called ‘me’. This belief is a pawing at an imaginary structure that has no independent existence. What is creating this self of ‘me’ is none other than an imagined idea that is buttressed through repetition and belief.

This ‘me’ is then given jobs and goals that affirm a false self trying to be a ‘better’ false self. Higher Self does not need affirmation. It just Is. The affirming is undermining ‘me’ from Seeing the ‘me’. And there is no ‘me’.

The ‘me’ can seemingly only be ‘doing the doing’. ‘Being’ is not in the me’s wheelhouse. Imagination is not existence.  Because the ‘me’ has no separate existence it has no real independence to act. The ‘doing’ cannot be prescribed to the ‘me’. But the ‘me’ asserts ownership of the ‘doing’ regardless. What the ‘me’ really does is make a claim of ownership after what is ‘done’ is accomplished.

Life Itself does everything but claims nothing. The ‘doer’ is pure fiction.

This is the fundamental hopelessness indigenous to a ‘doer’ aka a ‘me’.

The ‘me’ has no independent nature and thereby has zero control over anything.

Given a deeply felt realization of the hopelessness of ‘me’, we can stop the claiming and doing by the ‘me’. When that activity stops, then the ‘me’ no longer has a false identity that perpetuates misrepresentation and misperception. What is left is what has always been. If there is no thought, who are we?

When there is no point of view of ‘me’ there is nothing to (presumably) stop the flow of Beingness. Any point of view has to be the ‘me’. All points of view and/or no points of view, Is Beingness unobscured.

The un-manifest is also the manifest. The manifest comes from the un-manifest. And not the other way around.

Surrendering the hopelessness of the ‘me’ is the only ‘doing’ that can be done by the ‘me’.

Awareness Is always present in every situation. Surrendering to Awareness is letting go of false identity and an egregious misrepresentation of having any separate view. There is no point of view except Awareness.

There is no hope in Awareness. That would be time-bound. Hope and hopelessness are creations that come and go. What is boundless, timeless, and effortlessly Being Is Us. We Are the Beingness with no stops. Boundlessness abides effortlessly with everything getting done perfectly.

See this Love Loving Loving always Now,  Daddy’O