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https://edwardleinartas.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/awareness-is-always-on.mp3solar a la NASAAWARENESS IS ALWAYS ON

It is Quiet.  Tranquil.  Awareness is Present.  And then it happens; a thought comes, a desires steps out of the darkness of the mind.  It is like a neon sign.  Flashing and demanding attention.  We deserve this, it says.  It is strong, unwavering, and steadfast.  It has come before.  It will probably come again.

And it obliterates the silence with its cancerous demands.  We switch allegiances in a snap of a moment.  We show allegiance like a trained dog, panting at the desire, with a commensurate loss of consciousness.

All the while, Awareness is still on.  But we have lost any major contact with it. We still don’t believe it is as real as it gets.  We more firmly believe that the desire is more real and that our pattern of behavior has to have the stage of life. Longstanding that it is, we feel that it is real. 


We have been burnt again.

Compromises, include our brain which has put in a specific circuit for this thought, this vasana, this idea which is only an idea at its heart.  This thought has a linear history with us.  We cannot really, clearly remember when it wasn’t.

Our body has also suffered.  It has suffered the stress of housing this thought (or pattern of thoughts). Cortisol has been generated because it is stressful.  We feel like do-do.  But we persist in giving a platform for this pattern to take place, day after day.

Our life has been affected.  Our decisions have degenerated because of this thought and thinking around it. We failed ourselves in so many ways.

All the while, awareness was, is and will be ON.  Awareness IS.  It has been blocked and tackled to the point of us not knowing and not allowing the revelatory qualities to shine out.

We have chosen poorly in this moment and in this life, up to this point.

What’s up with that?!

Each moment is our life.  Or don’t we really believe that?  Are we waiting for some other ‘next moment’ that cannot exist except in our distorted mind?

What does it take for our Awareness to Be?!  Our preferences, which we transact always in the moment of time, each moment, are always the beginning.  We begin here, each Moment, always.  Where else is there?

We ‘know’ that this regular visitor, our pesky thought, is not real.  But we react as if it is real.  The critical difference in changing this field of consciousness is awareness.  It is already on.  There is no turning it on.

We shift to the strength of the Moment where the mind is the weakest. We practice that constantly and effortlessly.  Know that ‘seeing’ is where its at because it Is.  The quality of the energy tells us this unabashedly.

Awareness first, then thoughts can be seen clearly.  Even thoughts with strong domination over who we think we are, can succumb to the light and be revealed for their speciousness.

It is quiet.  Awareness is Present. Suddenly a familiar thought flashes neon green.  It is a dessert we have had before.  We know its taste and succumbed to its temporary trance.  It is different now.  We see the trap.  It is like any other thought.  It is just a thought.

Awareness, through constant honing, has now not diminished.  We choose Awareness and permanence of Being by allowing this energy to abide. The roller coaster of thought is not where we have fun.  It is where we have perjured ourselves.

Awareness broadcasts openness. There is no hiding out.  There cannot be in Awareness.  Thoughts do have utility but they are not our masters.  In Awareness there is no need for a master.  It just Is.  Be that, always in the Moment.  See, constantly.  Awareness is always on.  It Is Quiet.

This Iz Daddy’O . . .