GP2C8293Where is it that we place our emphasis? It is thought as given by the tool of the mind, is it not?
Thought is not the Source, the backdrop and space that makes the parade possible. Ergo, thought is reactive and bound by space and time. It is phenomena in that it is synthesized reality. Really more of a false reality because thought can never be as complete as experience. And experience, well experience comes, goes, and is varied.

GP2C8272 GP2C8271 GP2C8284 GP2C8281 GP2C8282“Experience, however sublime, is not the real thing. By its very nature it comes and goes. Self-realization is not an acquisition. It is more in the nature of understanding. Once arrived at it cannot be lost…”
Nisargadatta Maharaj

Mind, thought, experience are all mediated through our perception. Perception itself can be overrun and hijacked by the mind due to us believing in the solidity of only temporal form versus the solidity of the fullness of nothingness.

Limited perception or limited awareness, is deceived into thinking that the leela (Divine play) of subject/object is separate. The formless is the beginning and the end. It is not reduced upon its diversification. It is only through the contraction of the mind (or false reality) that we don’t ’see’ the true nature i.e. the Tao has both the yin and yang and continues to be the Tao. Form and formless are part of the same whole.

The cells of our body may be separate but they compose major organs and perform major functions relative to the optimal functioning of the whole body. There is a dynamic that is in situ. Each separate component is codependent upon the other regardless of it’s perceived separateness. Larger or smaller, it is one systemic interplay of connectedness; much like our consciousness.

To suggest to ourselves that we are the content called thoughts, is to suggest that we are only what is perceived. How limiting. Believing our thoughts, reacting constantly to our thoughts, and giving prominence to our thoughts, is delusional. The content is what is perceived. What perceived the phenomena? It certainly wasn’t the thoughts. Where is awareness in this dysfunctional conclusion? Is awareness a lesser vehicle undeserving of any significant consideration?

Awareness or perception never leaves. Conditioned content is always changing. “Change” is the permanent feature of the Universe as every dyed-in-the-wool Buddhist knows.

“I am nowhere to be found! I am not a thing to be given a place among other things. All things are in me, but I am not among things. You are telling me about the superstructures while I am concerned with the foundations. The superstructures rise and fall, but the foundations last. I am not interested in the transient, while you talk of nothing else.”
Nisargadatta Maharaj

We invariably struggle with the content, supplanting the effortlessness of the Universe. We expose ourselves to the predations of supporting an unsupportable content that eventually crashes as all other content to follow. The struggle to keep the false reality viable is the supreme misplacement of energy.
The idea of self demands protection and causes struggle to manifest. The contraction of the uncomfortable ‘I’ separates from ‘Being’ causing this incessant struggle.

To liberate ourselves from our own attachments to ideas and structures is to ‘see’ first and always who we Are. No thing. No name. No form. No definition. No point of view. No judgment. The stillness, the silence, the awareness of Being effortlessly right Now without qualification, Is. The attempt to define, is the desire to remain in the parade and have it ‘our’ way.

Awareness is before thoughts. Awareness is after thoughts. Awareness is the space where the “Big Bang” of what is perceived takes place. The “I Am” perceives without form.

The endpoints of ‘Being’ are different from ‘doing’. “Being’ is it’s own endpoint. It is enough. ‘Doing’ by itself, is vacuous. It is playing the game without knowing the rules. We focus on ‘doing’ without ‘Being’ first. The mind is errant and fickle without the stability of ‘Being’. ‘Being’ connects with ‘doing’ bringing the entire Universe into an unattached focus. Connecting means there is no resistance to what is. The flow is unimpeded.

The presupposition of thought is the direct realization of Reality.

This Iz Daddy’O



DSC00082 DSC00083 DSC00084 DSC00087_2 DSC00089“People resort to vows and rites, hoping to ward off the evil that stars may bring about! But no effort is made to win the grace of God. Let the pomp and the paraphernalia of worship not be merely superficial, if they are, they will not confer lasting benefits; at best, they prevent you from using that much of time and money in harmful ways! It is the ‘why’ of these rites that matters, not so much the ‘how’. The ‘why’ has to be the realisation of the reality of the individual, which is also the reality of the Universal! So be devoted to the Universal; be eager to become ‘That’. When you pray to God for a job, or a son, or a prize, you are devoted, not to God, but to the job, to the son or to the prize. Pray to God for God; love, because it is your nature to love. Expand your Self, take in all! Grow in Love.” Sai Baba (Underlining emphasis is the author’s.)

DSC00083Robert Zemeckis is the progenitor of the film series, “Back To The Future”. He conceived and began to develop the idea when he was at Northern Illinois University, 12th floor Stevenson South. At that time period, he was known as “Can Man”. And it wasn’t because he had an 8mm movie camera. It was because he was a slight fellow who was once unceremoniously discarded in a garbage can, head first, legs dangling above. Robert Zemeckis had the idea to create a motion picture that used technology to time travel (not unlike “The Time Machine”). Time being an awful constraint to overcome, it was a successful adventure in ‘what if’.

DSC00084Going into the past and back to the future where we came from would/could play havoc with cause and effect. That speculation played out in the movie as well. The other novelty that showed up on the screen was the conditioned responses we would have and our struggles with them, whether we were in the past, present, or the future. These patterns of behavior were most difficult to upend. The story could have ended in so many different directions, even if just one of the characters would have not responded to the loading of predictable patterns.

DSC00082We all have some degree of commitment to the future. In many of our lives, there is a profound over-commitment to ‘things to come’. So much so, we push ourselves (and others) incessantly. This particular struggle forward creates a lot of unnecessary turbulence in our lives.

It is always the Eternal Now, now. To think that it is just a concept, that ‘It’ is now, is not Now, when ‘It’ is just a concept. Conceptual thinking is unable to capture the location. That is, other than the location being what you ‘think’. To understand that the Eternal Now is present now, is to understand that It was present during the reading of the last sentence. And It will be present in the reading of the next sentence. But It is not there because we think It is. IT is Present because we can actually feel it. IT has a Presence.

If we look at the parade of life we are in, as foreground, and we look at the permanent part of us that is always present, as the backdrop to all that pomp and circumstance, we can better understand that this perennial timezone is in the perennial background, always. So when we are truly in the Moment, we are accessing all that cool jive called ‘connectivity’. This means we are directly, without intermediary, connected to the ‘What Is’. And connecting to this graciousness, is connecting to ‘It’ all. ‘All’ meaning timezone, Being, Awareness, and Bliss. It is not to be divided, although that is what the mind fishes for to understand the ineffable, hence the division. The mind separates us from Ourselves because that is what it does to dumb-down to the conceptual level. This effort is only an unsuccessful attempt to secure a specious understanding a la ‘the mind’.

Understanding that the Now is “unchangeably Present”, is the knowledge of the changeless emptiness/fullness Being always there. The ‘there’ is where everything is born, every idea it’s source, all creativity and change originating from that emptiness/fullness. To just ‘say’, that that, is the Eternal Now, is only to ‘say’ it without knowing it deeply. When we ‘feel’ the embeddedness of the entire phenomenol world as clearly being the Beginning (with no beginning) we ‘are’ IT. It can Be no other way.

To acknowledge the un-separateness, is to acknowledge everyone’s connection to “The Energy”. The timezone of ’Now’ does not need the mechanism of time to construct itself. In other words, the “timeless Now” would certainly be a synonym for the “Eternal Now”. Names are nothing anyway, except more forms. The names are there as guideposts but can easily serve as distractions, given the nature of delusion.

Perfunctorily knowing that it is always the “Eternal Now” is cliche-like. Experientially living in that field is something else. The base of one’s existence is headquartered there and not in the so-called ‘parade’. The quality of the energy from these two locations are infinitely apart. Streaming “The Energy” versus the instability of the ‘parade’ as our source, feels compellingly different.

Knowing the above, when we regularly leave the field of energy that is our source, by migrating through our struggling, to the future, and migrating, through our regrets to the past, we court unreality. We define our experience with the elements of this unreality, supplanting Being with belief systems, to maintain the distortions.

The so-called ‘future’, is problematic for the seeker because this is where we store our hope. If we did not have a future, what could we hope for in life?! Where could we ‘find’ the change we are so desperately looking for? Is there a need for unreality? It is back to the future, again and again. What is always displaced under these circumstances is the Present.

IT is always The Now.

Revisiting the future is what we do when we struggle ‘trying’ to Be. We are not good enough, not smart enough, and gosh darn it, people don’t like us enough, to Be as we are. It would be a comedy if we did not make so many egregious errors in the Way of effortlessness.

“Can Man” can make another movie about time travel, but we create time travel not only every day but practically every moment. The entertainment value of ’this’ time travel is not entertaining. A hamster’s wheel may be making more progress than the one we are spinning on, unfortunately.

To showcase our work on our path we can demonstrate that our character in the play of life has actually learned something different about herself/himself, that begins to completely change the story. Or, we can predictably become cast in the role we continue to replay day after day.

It would help us immensely if we, for once, can listen to the Director within. Oh, and we must be sure to understand ‘listening’ better. The direction is solid gold Oscar material. The “Best Director” Is the one within.

Be The Moment.

This Iz Daddy’O



https://edwardleinartas.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/the-vicar.mp3GP2C7905People suffer because they have all kinds of unreasonable desires and they pine to fulfil them and they fail. They attach too much value to the objective world. It is only when attachment increases that you suffer pain and grief. If you look upon Nature and all created objects with the insight derived from the Inner Vision, then attachment will slide away, though effort will remain; you will also see everything much clearer and with a glow suffused with Divinity and splendour. Close your external eyes and open your inner eyes – What a grand picture of essential unity you get? Attachment to Nature has limits, but the attachment you develop to the Lord when your inner eye opens, has no limit. Enjoy that reality, not this false picture. Sai Baba February 2nd, 1958

GP2C7900It is a whole lot of nothing. There is nothing to do. Everything is already done, coded, and cooked. What’s the big deal?

In our lives we speciously have strived to achieve and to be somebody. We even have acclaimed in chant, “Be somebody” ! We push to make a name for ourselves, to leave a mark. And we implore ourselves to always be defined by what is left behind us. We look ahead and tire at the thought of how much work needs to be done.

But what is ‘behind’, ‘now’, and always in front of us? Where should we cast our anchor, that is, in terms of consistently depositing our energy? Who are we when we ‘push’ and perseverate, and who are we when we ‘flow’ ?

GP2C7913If we invest/reinvest constantly throughout our days, in the ‘temporary’ rather than the ‘permanent’, where does that take us? It makes us the vicar of nothing, cheese-n-rice!

Awareness is the big cheese in the room. Ego/mind is the spec of meaningless dust. The sustenance and contentment of Being is in the Now. The Now is the perennial timezone where Awareness can be fully evoked. Contextually, Awareness is always the context. Awareness is big enough for everything to be in context no matter how many terra-bytes there are in the media of parade. It is the backdrop of the entire infinite universe.

The Pale Blue Dot is a reference to the Earth in relationship to Voyager I space probe billions of miles out. Carl Sagan has a beautiful rendering of this perspective in a u tube video. Point being, that in reference to the enormity of the physical space of the physical universe, we are truly infinitesimal. If we were to assign a number, it would be slightly above zero. This parallel to the unimaginable inner space, is provoking in that our importance has gotten the better of us.

We have evoked ‘pushing’ instead of ‘Being’. We cannot Be ourselves because we left that cause with the daily invocations of “gotta do this” or “no time left, gotta go”. We have buried our connections to the unlimited space by our protracted selves. It is hard to be present for others when we have lost our deepest connection. The most important work of Becoming has been relegated to somewhere outside of ourselves. Are we waiting for someone to save us from ourselves? Really?!

Our conditioned mind drives us to spend our energies in belief systems based on the basic idea that thoughts are real. Our opinions, ideals, images and judgments are vicars of cheese-n-rice. They are constructs of the matrix that conclude a false reality. Can we let them go? Can we see all that conditioning and conclusion, away?

What is left? Emptiness, Stillness, Fullness, Being, Oneness, Everything. External vision will not be lost. Inner vision is the vista that opens all doors and possibilities. Inner vision is where the loading of the majority of our deposits of our conscious direction can yield the ’stuff’ we are trying to grasp in the external parade. Directing our energies here un-attaches us from the vagaries of futile investment of the false self. There is no need to continue to grasp when we know we already have what we were looking for, Now.

Grasping from a state of emptiness and discomfort is unnecessary. Choose the stream of constant flow and alignment with the entire universe, inside and outside. See our Context. Be ‘that’ Awareness, effortlessly. Be with the Always, always, every Moment. Start and end there. We Are this Moment. Nothing else exists, certainly not past or future.

This Iz Daddy’O




“What Brahman is cannot be described. All things in the world — the Vedas, the Puranas, the Tantras, the six systems of philosophy — have been defiled, like food that has been touched by the tongue, for they have been read or uttered by the tongue. Only one thing has not been defiled in this way, and that is Brahman. No one has ever been able to say what Brahman is.”
― Ramakrishna


What is happening right now? What is already there in this very moment, let us go and find it. ‘See’ that it is there without trying/not trying. The Moment is the facilitator because it is the ‘right’ timezone for reality to occur without our unnecessary disruption. Any other timezone, to especially include past or future, represents unnecessary interruption.

The business of “Isness” is self-evident. IT does not need any introduction, unless of course we feel it does. Then, of course, the ’we’, must be precluded (seen) because of its disruptive nature. When nothing can be added to the Fullness, then our ’thinking’ we must do something or embellish it in some way, is our nonsense. It (the above idea), in all of it’s big-headedness, is superfluous to Being.

The fanciest and most predominant delusion we own, in our continuous disruption of Being, is the ‘idea’ that we are our thoughts. This delusion is layers deep in our development as a society. It is a delusion primarily being reinforced by the fact we refuse to see it because we believe the delusion is real. The delusion has collusion and a steadfast resistance to acknowledgement. The lynchpin is the belief system of making thoughts real.

At the Burning Man festival in Nevada, I had numerous conversations with hundreds of temporary residents that I had just met over the course of the 7 day event. Often enough, when we got going, we went into an altered state of consciousness. This is where the ‘we’ was transformed to the point of the “uncomfortable I” no longer being active in the interaction. Our differences (the ‘I’s’) were muted and our respective “The Energy” (no ownership/control of space) were accessed. It was here in this space, where the Moment, was most viable.

One observer of this connection remarked that perhaps I was putting people in some type of trance. If there was an object and subject before we started, there was hardly a discernible difference between us upon departure. If there was any control and ownership, it had left the confines of our interaction.

GP2C7886The reason for the flow of energy, between seemingly two separate parties, is the natural tendency for “The Energy” to flow as it was meant to Be, unimpeded by our ‘littleness’. If there was anyone in a hypnotic state, it was the parties not experiencing this ‘flow’.

The ego is a highly simplified model of restricted thinking generating separation and isolation. ‘Thinking’ has no reality in it. It is just ideas, beliefs, and conditioned programming that constructs the ego/mind from past history. Our confinement in our “ego prison” is our trance-like delusion. Who is stopping our liberation?!

When we go to sleep, we enter into the delusion of dreams. And when we awake we reenter into our delusion of seeming wakefulness. The reality of either state is fleetingly dependent upon delusion. The delusion of either state of mind is when we see we were dreaming.

In one recent dream I had, I was going through industrial streets and strange unfamiliar pathways, getting deeper into some unknown area. It became clear to me that I would not be able to find my way back to where I started. It was at this point the solution was to stop dreaming and then getting back would not be an issue. Whereupon I left the dream to wakeful consciousness. Getting back was an illusion.

There is complicity in dreaming as there is in the so-called waking state. When we do not see we have the capacity to see more, we of course restrict our seeing to less. Operating in the ego/mind delusion restricts our thinking to thinking and ideas, where thinking and ideas, ideals, beliefs are the knots that bind us to who we think we are.
Question is, do we want to untie these knots and be free. But to be free is to not have the binding. Not having the binding is the illusion that we need the binding. The binding is our reassurance. Boy, what a trance.

“Isness” is a threat to the business of ego manufacturing. The present Moment is optimally the ideal ground for Being and the bane of ego/mind. The body is always present in the Now, reminding us of our real timezone. What It Is, is. No sweeteners added or necessary.

The rapture of the Moment is enough, always. Abide effortlessly. There is nothing to do or to think or to  try. It is the letting go of all that, that reveals the conspiracy we have made against ourselves. In the deep Silence, the infinite Spaciousness, in the timelessness of Now, we Are. The power of choice is Now present to ‘let’ go of the artificial prescriptions and the side effects of unnecessary suffering and delusion.

What It Is, is wassup.

This iz Daddy’O



https://edwardleinartas.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/ecstasy.mp3GP2C7621“To overcome the anxieties and depressions of contemporary life, individuals must become independent of the social environment to the degree that they no longer respond exclusively in terms of its rewards and punishments. To achieve such autonomy, a person has to learn to provide rewards to herself. She has to develop the ability to find enjoyment and purpose regardless of external circumstances.”
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi from: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

God is inscrutable. He cannot be realised in the outer objective world; He is in the very heart of every being. You extol God as omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, but ignore His presence in you! Who can affirm that God is this or that? Who can confirm that God is not of this form or with this attribute? Each one can acquire from the vast expanse of the ocean only as much as can be contained in the vessel one carries to its shore. From that quantity, they can grasp but little of that immensity. Gemstones have to be sought deep underground; they do not float in mid-air. Seek God in the depths of yourself, not in the tantalizing, kaleidoscopic Nature. The body is granted to you for this high purpose; but you are now misusing it, like the person who used the gem studded gold vase that came into his hands as an heirloom for cooking his daily food.”- Sai Baba on June 19, 1974

GP2C7626Ecstasy Is part of the deep potential in us all, all the time. There is no assembly of parts of ourselves to secure it, for it is already secured. It is only necessary to disassemble the distractions and opaqueness of the ‘manufactured self’, for it is to be revealed and discarded.

GP2C7628Ecstasy is not a drug we imbibe and rave about. That is all ’so’ temporary. ‘It’ Is there to be divined directly, and not so much through the mind. The mind is a misplaced tool that is great in covering up the ‘Reality’, ‘The Ecstasy’. The mind though, has utility and excellent attributes for steering us through reality.

The ‘manufactured self’ lives in the prefrontal cortex, where we all are capable of synthesizing reality. The prefrontal cortex has facilitated brain development from 1.25 to 3 pounds of grey matter in the space of 2 million years. Commonly, the prefrontal cortex is great for imagining and experiencing the potential of an idea. For example, what something would taste like without always engaging in its production and performance, like brewers yeast and liver-flavored potato chips. This probably does not sound so appetizing to our guest at the romantic and lovely dinner we have thrown. This would be practical information. Simulations of imagining solutions to difficult problems have resourced progress and innovation vis-a-vis the prefrontal cortex.

Our simulations often compound the false and imagined reality as being worse than it usually turns out to be. However, our resilience and ability to convert seemingly impossible realities to an acceptable level, is also a utilization of simulation. This is all very ‘tool-like’, because it is.

The brain is adaptable in that the different parts are specialized for different tasks. The brain can wire up neurons in circuits for some jobs and then rewire and configure circuits as the situational tasks differ. In the brain, the front part of the frontal lobes, is where it is hypothesized, the witnessing of the self occurs. Injury to this part of our prefrontal cortex would inhibit the ability to monitor oneself successfully. Developing self-observation is a key asset in the engagement process of becoming our full potential.

Academic research (per researcher Matt Killingsworth) into happiness, has quantified that the “wandering mind” is a consequence of not being so-called “happy” with our current situation. The “wandering mind” is an escape from our immediate situation. It is the prefrontal cortex synthesizing another scenario to compete with the less desired reality right in front of us. Most of us have “wandering mind” estimated at 30% of our waking life. When working our jobs we are at 50%. When we are having sex, we are at 10%.

GP2C0148We are always happier when we are fully engaged in whatever activity is at hand. In other words, the Moment is key to happiness. “Wandering mind” is consistently undesirable for our well-being. Unnecessary syntheses of reality is problematic, despite it’s escaping prowess a’la the “wandering mind”.

The “flow” experience (Mihely) asserts the presence of now, an altering of time perception, and a merging of action/experience, as well as a couple of other characteristics that make “flow” a desirable experience for anyone.

Looking closer at the similarities of characteristics of brain research, happiness equations, and flow work, a thematic consistency is evolving with an underscoring of “The Moment” as quintessential. There is specifically an ‘idea’ of oneness versus an ‘experience’ of oneness. This is profound. The ‘idea’ is analogous to the prefrontal cortex synthesizing experience versus the immersion of activity to the degree where the ‘ego’ is not to be found in the experience. Talk about the fictitious ego!

If we process the following with any degree of awareness, we can see that the Moment is one of the most valuable things we can receive. The ‘next moment’ is an opportunity for anything and everything to occur. Without the ’next moment’, we cannot transact anything, period. In each and every moment there is a complete fullness. This ‘fullness’ is in it’s emptiness. The emptiness allows all possibility to come into this brave new world. The ’next moment’ is everything coming, e.g. forgiveness, love, joy, transformation, consciousness, oneness, ad infinitum.

Not unlike ’space’, the ’next moment’ is the spaciousness that is greater than the span of the universe. Each Moment, the ’next moment’, is the infinite renewal of us and everything always.

The disassembly of the false self is the realization of the Self as not some idea. It Is. The false self is the ‘manufactured self’, the self that disappears when we “flow” and when we ’see’ the mind away. The Moment is where it all happens versus running away and hiding in some synthesized drug or reality we manufactured. The manufacturing can stop at any time, lest the fear of losing who we think we are is more attractive than who we really Are. Question is, are we living in a fear-based moment or in a full-trust of the fullness of the Universe Moment?

Morpheus asked Neo if he wanted to take the red pill or the blue pill. We are being asked the same question every Moment. Do we want to synthesize reality or Be reality? Do we want to wander around in our escape to nowhere or do we choose to See where we are right now? And the next Moment? When is it going to be the right time?

When we abide in the Moment of consciousness of Now, there is no need to go anywhere because there is really nowhere else to go unless we want to fake it. The past and the future can never exist in the Now. When we displace the Moment with our past and future ideas we live in a synthetic unreality that can never “ flow”. The Universe flows and is effortlessly renewed in every Moment. We Are the Ecstasy. Be that. There is nothing else anyways.

This Iz Daddy’O.



GP2C5224“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” The Dalai Lama

IMG_1101“In the silence of the heart God speaks. If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak with you. Then you will know you are nothing. It is only when you realize your nothingness, your emptiness, that God can fill you with Himself. Souls of prayer are souls of great silence.”
Mother Theresa

GP2C5995Timelessness/eternity -can we find it? Can we define it?

The contrast is stark when we see the temporal world, which we know and love, in contrast to when we see the Eternal Absolute. Both worlds are occurring in the same time zone, The Now. When we are in the proverbial ‘zone’, we are feeling wonderfully there.

This is the place where everything can meet-up. The unrealities of past and future do not have enough real ‘stuff’ to warrant admission. It is only when we let go of all of the so-called “us”, that we can travel to this ‘present’.

It is said that those that say that they know, do not know. And those that say that they do not know, know. The issue is ‘emptiness’ of what we ‘think’ of ourselves, our presuppositions, and predilections.

What we think of ourselves is an image or idea that is an infinitesimal subset of who we really are always. The idea of who we ‘think’ we are, does not even describe a trillionth of who we really Are. It is comparable to describing “The Godhead” as some stone idol. The tool called ‘working memory’ can hold up to 9 things max. Our minds do not have the structure or capacity to handle all that non-dualism.

Experience is not the same as understanding. Being is not thinking. Thinking is a tool properly used when wielded in the ‘Being’ state. To use ‘thinking’ without ‘Being’ first, is to miss the point of life. We are not here to create separateness, suffering and delusion. The ‘script’ we are running is only another tool. It is not who we really Are.

Thinking alone, is not enough to sustain us. Ergo, we go looking outward to find “more”. We often do not know what this ”more” is, except that we need more than the other guy and more than what we had before, and more than we actually deserve. This IS what we do. It does not cut it, it is nebulous, and it cannot ever fulfill. We are so much more than this meager allowance of crumbs the ego/mind gives us to sate the greater desire of liberation from this hot mess.

In the Moment, we can be freer if we ‘let’ go of these little ideas we have of ourselves. Feeling safe from what the mind does not know is falseness personified. What the mind doesn’t know about reality, it can’t know. Know that. If we take the risk of going past the mind we take the risk of going past the temporal and into the eternity that existed before and will continue to exist after all that other jazz.

Jean-Claude Killy was an accomplished skier in the 1960’s, notably a gold medal winner in the 1968 Winter Olympics. He won gold medals in the downhill, the slalom, and the giant slalom to become only the 2nd skier ever to accomplish this feat, that is gold in 3 skiing events.

His speed was legendary and descriptions often used the words risky and reckless. During a practice warm-up for the downhill, he lost all the wax on his skis. He still won the next race on the compromised skis.

During the Olympic coverage on ABC TV, the announcers were talking about how Killy himself described his skiing. They stated that he felt that he was always bordering on just about falling down and crashing. He would push the envelope throughout his run with wanton abandon. And he was very successful, during his skiing tenure, as well as his life subsequent.

When we are riding The Moment with the wind of reality hitting us in the face, we act from that precise Moment and then immediately let go, to go to the next Moment. It is not really all that planned. It is more so Being and Seeing without sanitizing and editing. The Energy is leading us, the little ‘we’ has let go. We trust completely the higher intelligence that is coursing us through the slaloms of life itself. “The Energy” opens doors where there were no doors before. The words we speak are authentic and directly reflect the innocence and spontaneity of “The Energy”. The connection with Self and others flows as if there were no barriers. Us/them is not happening.

And yet there is danger everywhere. We can crash in a heartbeat. It is risk-taking that some may even call reckless. But it is ‘free’ and fast. We feel the liberation from the self-imposed prison. We are champions in The Moment. And everyone else we contact is feeling the glory of Being because we cut through the traditional BSing we are ’supposed to do’.

Eternity/Timelessness is beyond the bonds of time. In The Moment, ‘time’ is an illusion because what exists is timelessness where everything is occurring at once. Time is there to sort it out for our little minds.

The edge of eternity begins and ends in The Moment. There is no other timezone, except in our mind. Abiding in The Moment means giving up expectations, biases, patterns of what we should do, and primarily, attachment to how things should be or should turn out to be. It Is the freedom of radical self-transformation in this Moment, because it is the only moment we have.

What have we got to lose except dross?

This Iz Daddy’O




GP2C5481“1. ( in transcendental logic) the study of the fallacious attribution of objective reality to the perceptions by the mind of external objects.”
Random House, Inc. 2014

“There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. How you play this game usually makes the difference between success and failure.” W. Timothy Gallwey

What is real? How are we determining this answer? The knowledge base in our hard sciences is evolving and changing relative to research and our collective intelligence. The fact that theories that were expounded even 20 years ago, are now radically revised, is astonishing, e.g. nutrition, GMO’s, electric cars, the human microbiome, the commercialization of space, et al. We are so much past the thought of an end point of knowledge.

In the 19th century there was an unfounded rumor of the patent office closing due to “everything that could be invented has been invented.” Based on a report from the Patent Officer Commissioner Henry Ellsworth to Congress, was quoted as predicting a period when “improvement must end.”

The rumor was not real. The permutation of ideas and ingenuity of humans has no reason to logically stop. The fact that is that ideas evolve and we adapt to each moment. Each new day is completely different from all previous days. Nothing really stays the same. There is no permanence as reflected in measurable reality.

How sure were we just 20 years or 30 years ago about certain conditions and directions and our so-called concrete grasp of things? I recall getting a loan for our house in 1980 and having questions about the interest rate dropping, when talking to a mortgage broker. I questioned the assumption she had about interests rates going down from the current 13%. She was adamant that they would never go down, citing no history of rates doing anything but going up. And she was offended that I would think otherwise. She got very upset when the paperwork wasn’t signed. How many of us are so locked down on things that no one can put a piece of paper between us and our opinions?

Our ideas of things are just that, ideas. Ideas have a their own shelf-life. They are not Truths, no matter how much we buttress them. Bernie Glassman, notable Buddhist, likes to use the term “opinions”. Opinions are our interpretation of realities, often with associated reactions.

Which leads us to, what is real? The mind, which is in most of us, is ‘in a reaction’, and is not real when in the false reality of the past or future. The mind is a tool that is used to ‘doing’ our life. This ‘doing’ is a reaction either from the act of ‘Being’ or a reaction from the external phenomena. When the mind is ‘reacting’, it is creating ‘a’ reality. It is not “Being” “The Reality” nor can it be. It is re -acting and re -creating.

If we put our vectors of energy into ‘a reality’, then does it make it real or real-er? Or are we kidding ourselves?

When we look at who we ‘think’ we are, we are probably more comfortable with the idea, we are ‘this’ or ‘that’ idea. And not what we really are. But what is real?

What is real, is really what we can ‘see’. If we can only ‘see’ our part that is the ‘selective’ part that is reactive, then is that the only thing that is real? This then becomes the validity of not “Being”. Does this limited ‘seeing’ with the limited result of reaction and ‘not’ “Being”, valid? It certainly is convincing.

‘Seeing’ the validity of “Being”is difficult (to see) given our practice of embracing the false self and the corresponding reality we manufacture. Does that difficulty in ‘seeing’ “The Reality” make “The Reality” less valid?

We are truly convinced when we experience the shift of meaningfulness from the ‘outside’ the Self to ‘inside’ the Self, with a greater emphasis on ‘inside’ the ‘space’. Correspondingly, there is a shift from a constant state of ‘reaction’ to a constancy of “Beingness”. The connection, a most vital consideration, becomes the stream of consciousness versus the streamed connection of vacillating change. Our anchors are anchored to the stability of emptiness and “Being” versus the impermanence of mind, ideas, and reaction.

Some may dispose of this choice by classifying it as a running away from reality. But where are we being overpowered? We are overrun with the struggle and suffering of our current way of processing things. Our normality is full of illusion and quiet desperation, to put it mildly. To suggest that dumping the reactive paradigm is an escape from reality, is to give the insane the keys to the institution called ‘human suffering’.

To push away from the solution is to make a full sprint into the illusion that is created by mind. It too, is unstable. Divest by seeing the mind and its distinctions from the permanence of consciousness (Being).

Be “The Reality” first by ‘seeing’ the Silence and the Space where it all Is always. When we feel the ‘overrunness’ of it all, it is an alert that signals the vacuuousness of attachment to the “parade” of life that gives only appearances of reality. The ‘real’ stuff is not in the subject/object dualistic separate reality we give so much deference to in our lives. It just IS, effortlessly. As effortless as the entire universe, both seen and unseen. Be that, always.

This Iz Daddy’O.