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There is noone Here to say anything about anything. The character expresses from the character being played. What is said by the character is said often only from a truncated view of self. The view from the character is not meant to be comprehensive and global. There is a distinct limitation to any character. It is a built-in ceiling that is meant to indicate the need to transcend the ‘idea’ of self.

The ceiling of self is an artifical ceiling that only limits the character and does not limit the Self, which is before any temporary manifestation. The essential point is to not so much to improve the character but rather to transcend the character.

There is no ‘I’ to wake up. Awakeness has never been asleep. There is only one ‘I’ and it doesn’t belong to the idea of a character. The ‘I’ of a character is separate view with a belief system that attempts to steal Consciousness from Consciousness.

The ‘character’ is oppositional when the character’s view is saying ‘no’ to ‘What Is’. Saying ‘no’ to anything is saying no to ‘Everything’. ‘Everything’ Is everything. And ‘that’ Is Nothingness Being all ‘that’.

To suggest that the character is separate and beyond the ‘allness’ of Beingness, is a functionally untenable and unstable gambit. The character, with this untenable belief, then would choose suffering and a very limited view, especially when over-identifying with ‘this’ self. Supporting the character’s belief as separate, is essentially supporting a failed system.

The character, with the above handicap, cannot be free enough to say ‘yes’ to the everything of Everything. The falseness of this character, overplaying it’s role, can only field for itself because of the direct opposition it has to securing what it seemingly needs to be content and ‘happy’. What ‘it’ needs to be satisfied is always at the expense of ‘others’. ‘Dealing’ with ‘others’ is not unity consciousness. The consequence of ideas of separation, have a resounding ‘no’ echoing in this kind of truncated existence.

No experience in a seeming future can end our suffering Now. A flawed character cannot reach into an illusion of future to remedy what is happening Now. Only ‘before’ the overplaying of the character can any remedy have viability.

Moreover, there is absolutely no evidence that timeless Consciousness is separate from the character. The binding of the character by time e.g. future, is also an illusion. Observing the character is not in time. Consciousness/Awareness Is not in time.

There is nowhere to go to. Ultimately there is nothing Here to go to. When You Are Everything where can You go?

Saying ‘yes’ constantly, is playing the character brilliantly. ‘What’ is playing the character Is playing (leela). ‘What’ is playing the character cannot say ‘no’. There is only ‘yes’. When there is only ‘yes’, is it really a ‘yes’?!

Beingness is just Beingness. Yes.